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Archive for October 21st, 2019


Facebook takes down Russian, Iranian
accounts trying to interfere in 2020
Facebook takes down Russian, Iranian accounts trying to interfere in 2020

Facebook on Monday announced it had taken down networks belonging to Russian and Iranian actors on both Facebook and Instagram, part of a new effort to secure the platforms from foreign interference ahead of the 2020 election.
The networks comprised pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram that were “engaging in inauthentic behavior” regarding elections. They were targeting the U.S., North Africa and Latin America. Three of the networks were Iranian, while one was Russian.
Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, told reporters that the Russian network had the “hallmarks of a well-resourced operation” with potential links to the Russian Internet Research Agency, a group that carried out interference campaigns during the 2016 U.S. elections.
Facebook emphasized in its announcement that the accounts were taken down “based on their behavior, not the content they posted.”
As part of the crackdown, Facebook is updating its “inauthentic behavior policy” to improve its ability to identify “bad actors,” including taking down accounts that are working together to spread disinformation, along with other major changes.
In a press call on Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed the company’s work to prevent disinformation and voter suppression in 2020.
Zuckerberg told reporters he is “confident we are a lot more prepared” than in the 2016 cycle, while also acknowledging the need to stay vigilant.
“We’re in a much better place in dealing with this, but this isn’t an area where we can take our eye off the ball, or where you ever fully solve the problem,” Zuckerberg said. “You refer to this as an arms race, I think that is probably the right analogy, we’re getting better, they’re getting better, I think right now we’re doing quite well, but this is certainly an area that we all need to be focused on.”
Around 126 million people may have seen content from a Facebook page associated with the Internet Research Agency, according to testimony given by Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch on Capitol Hill in 2017. Former special counsel Robert Mueller found in his report that the group was involved in a sophisticated and sweeping campaign that was meant to sway the 2016 election in favor of President Trump.
Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report on Russian disinformation campaigns launched around the 2016 elections that found the campaigns were created at the direction of the Kremlin. The bipartisan report recommended an “integrated approach” involving both the public and private sectors to address disinformation, an assessment Zuckerberg supports.
“It’s clear that everyone needs to work together,” Zuckerberg said Monday.
Zuckerberg also unveiled a set of new set of policy changes and tools for election security.
The platform unveiled “Facebook Protect,” a service for campaigns to help secure them against hacking. Campaigns that opt in to the service will have to “turn on two-factor authentication, and their accounts will be monitored for hacking, such as login attempts from unusual locations or unverified devices,” according to Facebook.
The social media giant is also adding a tab to all pages with information about their operators, including location, legal name or website.
“People are still going to be able to post and follow the content that they want, but for example if a page is about a domestic policy issue, people are now going to be able to see a prominent label that it’s coming from another country,” Zuckerberg said on the call.
Facebook will also identify content coming from state-controlled media, which it defines as outlets “that are wholly or partially under the editorial control of their government,” starting next month.
The policy change is likely to affect outlets like Russia Today, which reportedly was used by the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election.
In the next month, Facebook will also begin labeling content that has been rated false or partly false by third-party fact-checkers. That change will also be made on Instagram.
Zuckerberg defended a recent policy to not remove political ads featuring misinformation, unless they could potentially incite violence or lead to voter suppression.
“In general we give very broad deference to political speech — we believe that in a democracy people should be able to see for themselves what politicians are saying,” Zuckerberg said.
“Facebook has been the defender of a lot of the debate, but I do think that our policies are broadly in line with what a lot of other internet companies do, and a lot of TV folks.”
Zuckerberg also said that Facebook’s rules on preventing voter suppression would take precedence over political speech.
“The voter suppression rules would be paramount in that case,” he said when asked how Facebook would deal with a candidate posting content that could stop citizens from voting. “There have to be exceptions when there is an overwhelming risk. … Voter suppression is calling to remove another’s voice.”
Facebook also announced a separate commitment Monday of $2 million for media literacy efforts.
“These projects range from training programs to help ensure the largest Instagram accounts have the resources they need to reduce the spread of misinformation, to expanding a pilot program that brings together senior citizens and high school students to learn about online safety and media literacy, to public events in local venues like bookstores, community centers and libraries in cities across the country,” the company said

Article 88 of the UCMJ criminalizes “contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State.”

The United West

McRaven is an Obama butt kisser & Democrat – re the book “Betrayed” by Billie Vaughn about his Seal Team 6 son, Aaron Vaughn being killed along with 29 others (15 additional SEALS) in an Aug 06, 2011 mission called Operation Extortion 17 (see attached).
McRaven was Cdr of Special Operation Command that SEALS come under.  He went to Vaughn’s home and lied to them about what happened while defending Obama and his terrible Rules of Engagement.  Ultimately, McRaven is responsible for allowing 30 warfighters to get into one CH 47 helicopter and fly into a hot area where some Rangers were pinned down and without any air or artillery cover – why?  
Because Obama ROE, which McRaven enforced, would not allow this type of coverage to suppress the enemy within 5 miles of any Afghan village to insure no civilians were killed – there was a village close by the Landing Zone which chopper flew over.  The chopper was descending while approaching the LZ & a Taliban standing on top of a 3 story building fired an RPG 7 and got a lucky hit on tail rotors causing the CH 47 to crash and explode killing all aboard on impact. 
Aaron Vaughn and his fellow SEALS should not have been killed in this operation.

An Open Letter to Admiral William McRaven

Source: US Defense WatchBY , August 17, 2018
Dear Admiral McRaven:
Your OPED yesterday, which was picked up by every liberal media outlet in the country, was sadly indicative of the current state of mind of many of our nation’s recently retired and active duty senior military leaders.
You stated that former CIA director John Brennan, “is one of the finest public servants I have ever known. Few Americans have done more to protect this country than John. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.”
The man whom you describe as being a cross between George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa is a deep state hack; who, along with other Obama holdouts, is openly and aggressively pursuing a coup d’etat against the current President of the United States, for one reason and one reason only – his side lost the election.
Frankly, I can’t think of any actions that are more un-American, and against the values that Americans hold dear and that which so many Americans died for in the past.
What you call unparalleled integrity, I call honest to goodness treason.
Former CIA director Brennan, whom you state has honesty and character authorized the CIA to spy on American citizens, tried to rig a Presidential election and then lied to Congress about that spying. A man you claim has unparalleled integrity was caught fabricating stories about attacks on US personnel in Libya and providing weapons to ISIS backed militias in Syria.
Mr. Brennan also voted once for a communist candidate. How Mr. Brennan was hired as DCI after voting for a communist and why you support a man who once did, is a mystery to everyone but you and God.
Former members of the special operations community do not share your adoration for Mr. Brennan. Kris “Tanto” Paronto, a former Army Ranger and private security contractor who was part of the CIA team that fought back during the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, accused Brennan of putting his “politics” before those in the field.
On Twitter, Paronto stated: “My principles are greater than clearances too John Brennan, especially when you and the @CIA kool-aid drinkers punishes us for not going along with the Benghazi cover-up story in order to protect you, @HillaryClinton’s & @BarackObama’s failures. You put your politics before us.” 
Mr. Brennan was recently referred to by retired Army Brigadier General Anthony Tata as a ‘clear and present danger’ to the nation.
No doubt John Brennan’s complete absence of integrity and his erratic behavior are what convinced the President to revoke his clearance. Mr. Brennan stated that “Trump’s … performance in Helsinki, exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was … treasonous.”
In a recent article, Pat Buchanan stated that had Brennan made the same accusations of treason against former President Andrew Jackson, ‘he would have been challenged to a duel and shot.’
As you know sir, on the security clearance form, Question 29 reads, ‘have you ever supported overthrowing the U.S. Government?’
I think it’s more than apparent, from his nightly rantings on CNN to his Twitter expletives that John Brennan supports over-throwing the President and the current cabinet members of the US government.
You also wrote, sir, in reference to the President, “Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation,”
Actually, Admiral, the only person who has humiliated the US on the world stage in the last decade is Barack Hussein Obama. During the eight years of the Obama administrations, the world watched as the US cow-towed to Iranian thugs, let the Chinese run rings around us in the Pacific, while ISIS murdered tens of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East. Believe me, Admiral, the children of Syria and Iraq are rejoicing in their liberation from ISIS mass murderers. And, the people of the Middle East and across the world are sleeping soundly tonight, knowing that an incompetent, narcissistic maniac like Hillary Clinton isn’t sitting in the Oval Office.
As far as the nation’s current political schism, you need only look at your fellow liberals who are inciting violence and propagating hatred on a daily basis.
You then dared the Commander in Chief to revoke your security clearance.
I’m sure you’re aware of the following regulation in the UCMJ. Retired military officers are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) under Article 2 of the UCMJ, which extends the jurisdiction of military law to “Retired members of a regular component of the armed forces who are entitled to pay.” “Retirees are subject to the UCMJ and may be tried by court-martial for violations … that occurred … while in a retired status.”
Article 88 of the UCMJ criminalizes “contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State.”
Something to ponder, sir.
No doubt your OPED was designed to whip up some more anti-Trump hysteria and to usher you into the political arena. No doubt you are a serving member of the ‘resistance.’ No doubt, you have your eyes on some office space in the capitol building or in the White House. No doubt, you have your eyes on the prize, all at the expense of the nation you once served.
When I read your OPED, sir, I wondered where and when and why you went wrong. How does someone from a military family, a SEAL, who came of age in the Reagan years; someone who understands what it’s like to be on a team; the camaraderie, the toughness mentally and physically required; someone who grew up reading about people like Patton, MacArthur, Lee, Grant, Teddy Roosevelt and Hal Moore- How does a guy like that end up aligning himself with the party of Pelosi, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, and slime like Hillary who was chanting baby killer back at Wellesley, and “too gutless to serve, I hate the military” Bill…?
How does a guy like you still support the destructive policies of Obama, and furthermore, how does a guy like you support Brennan, when you know damned well Brennan was a communist, and that he perjured himself in front of Congress, how does that happen?
You, sir, are representative of what is, in my opinion, as a former Army Captain and combat veteran of the 7th Cavalry, the worst generation of senior leaders this nation has ever fielded. Bar None. The majority of you, were and are what the late Colonel David Hackworth so eloquently described as ‘perfumed princes.’
It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have; how many combat tours you did and how much fruit salad you earned. It doesn’t matter that you have the SEAL Trident.
Your generation of senior leaders sold and is selling out the nation’s defense to the highest bidder and that bidder is social engineering and leftist ideology. You and your generation of leftist senior leaders have allowed our military to be destroyed for the greater glory of pensions, Tricare and political power, national security be damned. Now, that you’ve overseen the decimation of our military, you are determined to overthrow a sitting President because he represents everything anathema to the left – America First and the fact that the USA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.
You are all nothing more than political hacks; Obama leftists fighting some kind of insurgent anti-Trump campaign like a division of crazed left-wing fanatics holed up in the Beltway National Redoubt, waiting for a last op order from der Fuehrer, Barack Hussein Obama.
I believe sir, that you need to examine your conscience and ask yourself one very important question – what in the name of God Almighty would Hillary Clinton have done for anyone in this country?
The answer is nothing.
Ray Starmann
Editor in Chief
US Defense Watch




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