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Archive for August 3rd, 2019

But with Progressives, truth doesn’t matter; it’s merely an inconvenient bump in the road to socialist paradise.

When it comes to accusations of racism, truth is no defense

TRUMP, MEDIA, RACISMThere isn’t a day goes by without the Progressive Left branding someone with whom they disagree politically as “racist.” Someone please tell me what’s racist about pointing out that the city of Baltimore, or Chicago, or Detroit or any other large urban center in America, is a disgraceful dump, rife with poverty, crime and violence because corrupt politicians have made it so. The fact that the overwhelming majority of these cities are run by Democrats doesn’t logically translate into racism, unless it’s also that a large number of politicians governing these jurisdictions are black.

Donald Trump’s observation that Baltimore is a disgrace to America

Then “racism” becomes a horse of a different color.
Such is the case currently with the twitter war between the President and Congressman Elijah Cummings. Donald Trump’s observation that Baltimore is a disgrace to America has nothing to do with the color of those running the city or even a congressional district, but has everything to do with the scandalous conditions under which so many citizens of American cities are forced to live. In short, Trump’s observation is true.
It’s also true for cities like New York, Chicago, LA and San Francisco, not to mention Portland Oregon and its lawless streets.
What do all these cities have in common? They’re all run by Democrats. So, let’s take a look at some of the various and sundry problems currently plaguing some of these communities.
Detroit, once one of America’s wealthiest and most fabled cities, has been mugged, raped and plundered into bankruptcy. When Coleman Young won Detroit’s mayoralty in 1974, the city was well under way into economic oblivion. Twenty years later, at the end of his tenure, Young left Detroit a lot poorer, losing some 400,000 population in the process. Oh, and Young was a Democrat.

Los Angeles, home of the glitter, glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood and of course, the epicenter of a vast array of dysfunction disguised as virtue

Another amazing piece of work was Kwame Kilpatrick, who presided over Detroit as mayor from 2002 to 2008 and defrauded the city of over $200,000 for personal expenses. He also served in prison for obstruction of justice and perjury. Kilpatrick was also a Democrat.
Oh, and both men are of African American origin. So you see, it’s racist to criticize them.
Los Angeles, home of the glitter, glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood and of course, the epicenter of a vast array of dysfunction disguised as virtue, has over 60,000 homeless people. Recently the New York Times, bastion of the Progressive Covenant, excoriated Los Angeles and its politicians for its homeless crisis. Never mind people sleeping outdoors; what about their biological functions?
By the way, did I mention that LA is run by Democrats? And the people of LA have so lost faith in their government that the last election for mayor, held in May 2013, saw Eric Garcetti get elected with a 19% voter turnout, defeating his closest rival with 54% of the vote, meaning only about 10% of voters voted for Garcetti.

San Francisco’s homeless problem appears to be worse, as the Titans of Technology have made living in that city unaffordable

But wait, there’s more: San Francisco’s homeless problem appears to be worse, as the Titans of Technology have made living in that city unaffordable. People making $60k per year working on the various tech campuses in and around the Valley simply can’t afford $3500 a month for a one bedroom, so they wind up living in their car. And San Francisco’s sanitation problem is every bit as bad as LA’s, as daily media reports advise citizens of streets that have an overabundance of fresh human excrement to avoid.
In point of fact, roughly one in four homeless Americans live in California and California is run by—you guessed it: DEMOCRATS!
Chicago, Carl Sandberg’s once proud hog-butcher of America, has degenerated into a nightmare, where routinely dozens of people are shot to death in a single weekend as a result of internecine gang wars. A typical resolution to gun violence in Chicago entails the nation’s most restrictive guns laws, laws so bad that they have repeatedly been struck down by the Supreme Court.
Yet Chicago’s gangbangers, many of whom are Americans of African descent seem to have little or no problem getting their hands on prohibited ordinance to do each other in. This is not a racist statement, but a statement of fact, empirical truth that’s verifiable through public records.
Racism, sexism, homophobia and all the assorted isms with which we assassinate characters nowadays are merely much more novel ways to tell people to keep their opinions to themselves
Again, Chicago is run by Democrats and they tend to look after their own interests before the interests of the people. Even St. Barack Obama’s record isn’t as lily-white as the Progressive media would have you think, when you factor in the Rev Jeremiah Wright, Weather Underground revolutionaries Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn and of course the ever-popular Tony Rezko, currently nearing the end of a 10.5 year prison sentence for corruption/extortion.
The point of all this is that very often President Trump isn’t as far off the mark as media types and Democrats would like to have you believe. Racism, sexism, homophobia and all the assorted isms with which we assassinate characters nowadays are merely much more novel ways to tell people to keep their opinions to themselves.
I think one of the telling indicators that’s what’s being said is really close to the truth, is the amount of vitriol raised at the statement. The President’s critique of Baltimore was bang-on and Elijah Cummings’s role in creating that state of affairs is significant, given the length of time he’s been in office.
But with Progressives, truth doesn’t matter; it’s merely an inconvenient bump in the road to socialist paradise.



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Conservative parents have learned the hard way that how your kids turn out depends on a host of factors

When the Left Snatches our Kids

By Sally Zelikovsky

I am skeptical that our efforts as conservative parents to produce conservative offspring will materialize.  Even with the best of intentions, the odds are not in our favor to successfully counter the Democrat-Media Complex, the educational system, and pop culture. That doesn’t mean there aren’t success stories (some in my own family), but I hear more about the failure and the disaffection it engenders in conservative families.

Conservative parents have learned the hard way that how your kids turn out depends on a host of factors that, at some point during the maturation process, are way beyond our control — friends, personal experiences, a particular book or documentary, brain chemistry, friends, a teacher/professor/boss, personality, a romantic relationship, college activities, pop culture, hobbies, and…friends.  Usually, it’s not one but an amalgamation of several factors and presto chango!  The kid who was once the lone conservative arguing at the lunch table, now thinks David Hogg and AOC are bitchin’.
We see them everywhere — the emaciated college-age vegans working at Starbucks, hysterical young girls pounding on Supreme Court doors, attractive anti-Semites leading the charge in Congress.  I’m sure some of them had conservative upbringings — you cannot assume they were all raised by liberals.  Yet, in her reporting about out-of-control liberal college students some time ago, I heard Laura Ingraham link their behavior to their upbringing.  Only a parent whose children hadn’t yet attended high school could make such an absurd connection.  We can try but we cannot guarantee what our children will believe.
Once again, I find myself referencing Red Scare movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It resonates.  We have to be vigilant, stay informed, understand the arguments of the other side and how to combat them.  If we don’t, eventually the pods take us over.  I graduated high school a Reagan Republican whose political arguments were admittedly my Dad’s.  When I arrived at a competitive college filled with smart, often private-school educated Merit scholars, I lost every political debate. I just didn’t have the breadth of information and understanding of history to counter their arguments.  Thus, I graduated college…a Democrat.  In time, I fell back on those critical thinking skills my parents instilled in me.  A desire to understand more as I graduated from law school and entered the work force, led me to self-educate and, eventually, return to my conservative roots.
That was also in the ‘80s and early ‘90s when life was simpler and more balanced: when “gay marriage” was still an oxymoron; before triggers and safe spaces, the internet, social media, doom and gloom “climate change,” and legalized pot; before we had an alphabet of sexualities to choose from and the ability to change sexes; before blended families became the norm; before hatred became the quintessential reason for all of society’s ills.
Not all teachers and professors were proselytizing progressives, the media was less corrupt, and your politics were not a factor in getting or retaining a job.  Because of the deep societal changes since then, not every Millennial or Gen Xer has the wherewithal, the background, or the backbone to recognize and then punch back against the forces of propaganda, fess up to and toil with their own ignorance, or simply engage in respectful debate with those who have another point of view — no matter how steeped in conservatism their childhood.
I am not suggesting we stop lecturing our children about competing points of view, stop teaching them to be skeptical about what they learn in school or from their peers, or stop challenging the false orthodoxies they are barraged with on virtually every topic from sexuality to climate, energy to food, and national security to border security.  We should continue to bang the drum.  We must.  And we must remain hopeful that someday those we lost will return to the conservative fold because they see the wisdom of conservative principles.  But for all of you young parents out there who think you’ll do better than those before you, be prepared for disappointment.
The conservative path is littered with the bodies of well-intentioned parents who are devastated when their formerly straight kids come out of imaginary closets, transition to the opposite sex, or demand to be called “they”; when their Jewish Day School educated children announce their support for the BDS movement; when their evangelical  children support blatant infanticide; when their happy, well-adjusted kids go off to college and return believing weed is innocuous, struggling with drug addiction, or suffering from mental illness.
These cultural maladies affect liberals and conservatives alike, but are unusually bitter pills for conservatives to swallow because they are packaged in a lifestyle and value system antithetical to everything we teach our children — resilience, pride, integrity, honesty, open-mindedness, self-reliance, individuality, taking responsibility for our actions, doing right when we screw up, and teaching a man to fish.  Liberals cast us as hypocrites whose principles clash with reality, but what they don’t understand is that we believe in taking responsibility for and learning from our missteps so we constantly evolve into better beings (and don’t get mired in unbridled, misplaced hatred and lifelong victimhood).
Secondly, conservative parents are treated by their children with a level of hostility that doesn’t seem to afflict liberal parents with conservative children.  Loving, nurturing conservative parents find themselves catapulted to Holocaust-denier status and demoted to homophobic, intolerant, racist, privileged, religious zealots.  Relics of an oppressive past. It is painful when your kids reject everything you raised them to value. Despise you. Scoff at you. Turn against you. Align with your political foes. Resent you for brainwashing them with yourhateful, 1950‘s agenda.
Now, some of that is typical teenage/young adult angst and rebellion.  When frontal lobes are soothed by the right combination of hormones and our insecure little monsters segue into more confident adults, those nasty side effects often dissipate. But much of the antipathy they are exposed to is encouraged by “the man” in the liberal camp — we’ll call him “the burning man.”  He instructs us to hate authority, hate anything established, hate tradition, hate the moral code you grew up with, hate anyone who is white or successful, and hate those who embrace any of this. Hence, hate your parents.  Hate your old neighborhood.  They are the problem.  And while today all you have to do is oppose them, someday you might have to actively go against them, even “turn them in.” The burning man says this is okay because you are right and the end justifies the means. I’m not being paranoid. Our entire educational system is based on appropriating the minds of our children and undoing all they have learned at home, turning them into weapons of mass societal destruction in the burning man’s toolbox.
We have all participated in holiday dinners and family vacations ruined by dissension and door-slamming.  Family harmony devolves into family discord, function into dysfunction, and closeness morphs into estrangement.  Parents are instructed to just shut up already! Politics and religion are off the table.  Dinner conversations revolve around silly cat videos and trivial drivel.  Soon there is little left to discuss.  After all, everything is political now — from your sneakers to your bus commute during Pride Month.
Once upon a time, we could fall back on cultural interests like music, movies, theater, travel, and sports to avoid potentially explosive conversations at family gatherings about politics and religion.  Now, virtue signaling is so ubiquitous that everything seems to fall into the Realm of the verboten.  It becomes more and more difficult to find common ground.  Constructive input I like your haircut and simple questions Did you decide on a major?  What are you doing for break? How do you like your job? are potential triggers.  Family get togethers are so contentious there is an increasing tendency to minimize interactions.  Even life’s big “hatching, matching, and dispatching” events are often fraught with tension — relatives who couldn’t be seated together because of some family squabble are now separated because one has a worldview the other finds detestable.
Some parents give in. They don’t want politics or values to stand in the way of their relationships with their kids, so they re-visit their Weltanschauung.  Constant pressure from your 20-year-old bubelah goes a long way towards re-educating Mom and Dad. Senator Rob Portman was against gay marriage until his son came out and then… he evolved.  I’d rather fight than switch is a paean to another time.
This is nothing new.  Many parents drank the Kool-Aid and became part of the 60s counterculture their children brought home.  Ironically, many of their hippie children became yuppies and did the unthinkable — morphed into their conservative parents.  Hmm.  I suppose we can be clear-eyed about the transformative societal and political forces pulling our children away from conservatism, at the same time we cling to the hope that our liberal progeny will switch and fight for conservative principles and maybe even cling to their bibles and the Constitution, too.


The Democrats’ Disingenuous Impeachment Plans

According to Politico, after Robert Mueller’s testimony in two televised hearings, 37% of Americans still wanted impeachment proceedings to begin, while 46% still wanted the inquiry to stop and their legislators to refocus on the critical issues of the day: immigration, crime, health care, drug addiction, cyberterrorism and global trade.  Still, Committee Chairmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff were undeterred.  They insisted that Mueller’s halting testimony was a triumph of substance over style but assured us that they’ll have something even better — a real game-changer — if we can just hold on until after their six-week vacation is over.
It’s the televised testimony of former White House Counsel Don McGahn — the John Dean of the Mueller Report — if he shows up, that is.  If he doesn’t, maybe James Earl Jones could read the unredacted grand jury material in a sweater in a lodge in front of a glowing fireplace.  And don’t forget the Fawn Hall of the Mueller Report — the lovely Hope Hicks — who might be able to finally get the eyeballs that the Democrats so desperately need to advance their case with the American people.
Okay, enough.
At this point, the Democrats’ duplicitous strategy for impeachment is failing. No one but a few prosecutors, pundits and professors have actually read the Mueller Report, and they know that, without hard “smoking gun” evidence, Trump’s alleged obstruction will come down to a “he said, he said,” which may not even be sufficient to generate articles of impeachment in the House.
Democrats also know that dragging out the process into 2020 risks drawing the ire of their constituents and getting swept out of office for running a fool’s errand — considering that there would be no chance of convicting Trump in the Republican-controlled Senate — and for not attending to the “kitchen table” issues that brought them to power in the 2018 midterms.
That’s why they’re following the Watergate playbook.
In the impeachment saga of Richard Nixon, it was the hearings themselves that, over time, generated enough groundswell of outrage to move the needle of public opinion.  In June of 1973, one month after the inquiry began, only 19% of Americans were in favor of impeachment. It took 14 months, weeks of televised Senate hearings, the revelation of audio tape evidence of constitutional malfeasance by Nixon, and a House Judiciary Committee vote to convince 58% percent of the population that the president should be removed from office.
Democrats are hoping that their own hearings — the future ones at least — can do the same: spike the public appetite for impeachment enough to give House liberals the cover they need to continue gathering the “underlying evidence” that will “make the strongest case possible” against the president — even though they have no intention of proceeding on impeachment.  It will give them the patina of noble progressives who put conscience before political calculation, without jeopardizing their reelection chances.
Enter House speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose conscience is only interested in maintaining power by retaining a majority in the House of Representatives in 2020.  That’s why she’s stalling for “not enough time,” while Nadler and Schiff continue their exit strategy: sanctimoniously slow-walking their impeachment inquiry procession through the House, virtually guaranteeing that it will not lead to formal impeachment proceedings by year’s end.
That’s good news, of course, for the 100-plus Democratic House members who have publicly called for impeachment.  They can have it both ways.  They can look like heroes to constituents in their royal blue districts for standing up in favor of it, and look like pragmatic champions of everyday Americans by getting back to work on bread-and-butter issues this Fall when Pelosi announces an official Democratic decision to “impeach Trump at the ballot box” and “not allow him to cast himself as a political martyr.”
Not only won’t this gambit win her the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, it could actually end up backfiring. After all, who knows what provocative recordings Republican operatives might be able to find in the trunk of Omarosa Manigault’s car — or what damaging-but-not-damning memos might be dropped off in Rachel Maddow’s in-box — potential evidence that could reignite the tender consciences of House Democrats and pressure them to proceed with their impeachment inquiry into 2020?
Whether that happens or not, the Democratic leadership’s one small, disingenuous step toward impeachment — like so many other unsuccessful forays they’ve tried — will end up being one giant leap for a president who will continue to defy political gravity, while he relishes every chance to touch down in “Oceanus Procellarum” — the Sea of Storms — or, as it’s known in the Trump White House: home sweet home!
Graphic credit: Blue Diamond Gallery

Timothy Philen is an opinion writer and author of You CAN Run Away From It!, a satirical indictment of American pop psychology.


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