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Archive for June 7th, 2019

Foolish policies like the Green New Deal and 100% renewable mandates would harm our economy and significantly raise the cost of electricity for American households.

Study Finds Wind and Solar 2 to 3 Times More
Expensive Than Existing Generation Resources

WASHINGTON—Today the Institute for Energy Research and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy released a new study evaluating the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) from new and existing generation resources.

Levelized Cost of Electricity

By relying upon data reported by energy generators themselves to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the innovative study takes into account several important considerations that other reports do not when calculating LCOE.

These include the imposed costs of wind and solar generation (i.e. the costs imposed when dispatchable generation resources are required to remain in service but are forced to operate less in combination with wind and solar generation), as well as the costs of operating existing generation sources in addition to those of building and operating new plants. Including these considerations presents a fuller picture of the operating costs of wind, solar, coal, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric sources.

The following chart shows the stark contrast between the cost of electricity from existing and new sources:

Levelized Cost of Electricity

As the chart shows: the average LCOEs from existing coal ($41), cc gas ($36), nuclear ($33), and hydro ($38) resources are less than half the cost of new wind resources ($90) or new PV solar resources ($88.7) with imposed costs included.
Tom Pyle, President of the Institute for Energy Research stated:
“This study illustrates why foolish policies like the Green New Deal and 100% renewable mandates would harm our economy and significantly raise the cost of electricity for American households. Shifting our electricity generation away from existing affordable and reliable plants to expensive and intermittent wind and solar would substantially increase energy costs for businesses and families. This study provides a necessary reality check for anyone making decisions about America’s electricity policy.”
Michelle Bloodworth, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy (ACCCE) said:
“This new study is unique because it provides an apples-to-apples comparison of existing and new electricity sources. The study shows that policymakers should carefully consider levelized costs when decisions are being made to retire coal-fired power plants because replacing them with gas, wind or solar could be a bad economic decision.”
Read the full study here.
Download the one pager here.


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Trump is making a huge mistake by leading the LGBT parade

Click to enlargeBryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer is the host of the daily ‘Focal Point’ radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. ‘Focal Point’ airs live from 1-3 pm Central Time, and is also simulcast on the AFA Channel, which can be seen on the Sky Angel network.
June 3, 2019
Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at “Focal Point”
Host of “Focal Point” on American Family Radio, 1:05 pm CT, M-F www.afr.net

Donald Trump is getting some bad advice from somebody. That’s on the “somebody,” whoever that is, but the president has taken their advice, and that’s on him.

Trump is already running for reelection, although the formal announcement won’t come for a couple of weeks. But somebody (Javanka?) has convinced him that it will help him in 2020 to launch a global campaign for homosexuality today.

Here’s how the president put it over the weekend:

    • As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!
If the president’s advisers think this is going to cut any ice with LGBT activists, they haven’t been paying attention. Gay activists are hostile, implacable, and vengeful toward their political adversaries. Thus the president will pick up virtually no LGBT support with this move, but he could lose a lot of evangelical support along the way. Purely from a political standpoint, it’s a bad move.

Perhaps the president has lost sight of the fact that 81% of evangelicals voted for him in 2016, and they’re the reason he’s in the White House. It is a fact beyond dispute that 81% of evangelicals are not going to be down with President Trump using the power of his office to promote sexually abnormal behavior around the world.

If he sticks to this position – despite counsel to the contrary from folks like Tony Perkins, Robert Jeffress, Rev. Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell, Jr. – it will erode his base, not expand it. A significant percentage of evangelicals, to be sure, will continue to support the president and will vote for him in 2020. But it will dampen, diminish, and perhaps even extinguish the enthusiastic support he has enjoyed from his evangelical base. At a minimum, it will rattle and confuse them all.

Evangelicals have enthusiastically embraced this president for three reasons: his embrace of religious liberty, his defense of the sanctity of human life, and his appointment of federal judges who apply the Constitution instead of rewriting it.

Such judges know that the free exercise of religion is embedded in the Constitution as the first right enshrined in the First Amendment. On the other hand, they also know that no right to engage in sodomy – or similar behavior clearly condemned by the Bible – is articulated anywhere in the Constitution, which means that religious liberty should prevail in any legal conflict.

But the stubborn reality is that the homosexual agenda, which the president just enthusiastically embraced, is the single greatest threat to religious liberty in the history of the Republic.

The president, naively in my view, seems to believe that gays can have their “rights” and Christians can have theirs and nothing bad will happen. But as we have seen repeatedly with wedding vendors, adoption agencies, bathroom policies, employment policies, and the like, the two – religious liberty and the gay agenda – come into repeated conflict. In those showdowns, one side of the other has to win. Either constitutionally protected rights of religious liberty will win or purely manufactured “rights” will. On this issue, it is simply impossible for everybody to get what they want.

President Trump, just like everybody else, is going to have to pick a side.

Every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. Where the LGBT agenda advances, religious liberty retreats. The two things are locked in mortal combat, and one side or the other must in the end prevail.

We’ve seen this with Christian bakers, who have been given the grim choice between adhering to conscience or getting punished. As Tammy Bruce observed, to be forced to work against your will is slavery, and to be forced to violate your conscience is tyranny.

Evangelical voters believe sincerely in a Bible which teaches that homosexual conduct is an “abomination” in the eyes of God, is contrary to nature, and has lasting and even lethal consequences for those who practice it. Those who engage in it “receive in themselves the due penalty for their error” (Romans 1:27). The worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic is just one example.

The Roman Catholic Church has always correctly taught that homosexual acts, because they deviate so far from God’s design for human sexuality, are “acts of grave depravity” which go not only against Scripture but “against natural law.”

Because homosexuality is immoral, unnatural, and unhealthy, it is a practice that no rational society should ever embrace, subsidize, or celebrate.

On the other hand, even among those who believe homosexuality should be contrary to public policy, I do not know a single one who advocates the death penalty for it. There are plenty of alternatives to the death penalty if we are looking for appropriate sanctions. Our first commander-in-chief, for example, did not execute a homosexual soldier who was found in his ranks; he simply dismissed him from the army.

Outside of Muslim countries, the death penalty for homosexuality is largely a myth. For instance, there is not even one confirmed example of a homosexual being put to death in Victorian England – not one.

We don’t want to hurt homosexuals, we want to help them, just as we do with those trapped in other pathologies. We don’t, for example, put drug addicts to death in America; we try to help them by putting them in treatment programs. That’s what drug courts are all about.

President Trump is simply and badly wrong to grab the rainbow flag and cheerlead the global LGBT parade. He certainly has plenty of people around him who will give him good counsel on this matter. Here’s hoping and praying he takes it.

© Bryan Fischer

Democrats, in alliance with environmental billionaires, the Church, technocrats, and the United Nations have figured out how to stay in power in perpetuity by flooding America with illegal aliens from third world countries inimical to our interests

Psychological Dependence on Communism

Psychological Dependence on Communism

This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically.” – Trevor Loudon, expert on communism

My adult daughter asked me one day what had driven me to leave behind my family in my home country, abandoning everything I’ve ever known and loved, to come to America, knowing that I may never return to see any of my family again, and how did I cope with such uprooting psychologically.
I am not sure that I had dealt well at all, for the longest time, with the abrupt separation, the anxiety, the forced loss of my Romanian citizenship, becoming an American legal alien, with my painful displacement, and the utter despair of finding myself in a foreign land, alone. It felt as if I had gone to outer space, landed safely on another populated planet, but everything around me seemed inhospitable and strange.
How did you know, she asked, if America was truly better? What if you were lied to by the western media? How could you have trusted their description of capitalism when today the mainstream media engages in constant lies and gross distortions of the truth?  Surely not everyone in America lived so well like the Texan oil tycoons that Hollywood had portrayed on television at the time. But the truth was, I left on faith, I just “knew” deep down that even the poorest Americans lived far better than we did and had a much better life, not just an existence.
The answer to her questions was more difficult than one could fathom. But a simplistic and superficial response would be that it was a mixture of foolish teenage courage, blind trust, naïve anticipation for a better future than the hopeless one we had, and desperation.
I just “knew” in my gut that things could not possibly be any worse than they already were. After all, America was the land of opportunity and freedom if one was willing to work hard to succeed and assimilate into the new culture. Little did I know how difficult and long drawn out this assimilation would be. And it was not for the lack of trying relentlessly to fit into the American southern culture where I was treated with suspicion and mostly rejected for being a foreigner.

Dreamers of our worst nightmare, the demanding global citizens with rights given to them by the United Nations to occupy and inhabit any land they wish

She asked me if I would you do it again, if I was given the opportunity to come to America of today. I am not so sure. Who would want to exchange one form of totalitarian communism for a western version of global communism?
Decades after immigrating legally, going through the tedious and expensive paperwork process of becoming a naturalized American citizen, being criticized for my patriotism and my anti-communism stance, the awful attacks I receive daily from anti-American Democrats, leftists who call themselves “progressives” and other assorted online stalkers and trolls, who dislike my message and my writing, who attack everything I stand for, who I am, my education, my career, my family, my honor, my very being, my husband, it saddens me that America has educated so many generations of self-loathing citizens who would prefer to live under the oppression and tyranny of socialism and communism. They are sure that THEY can do it better.
Today economic refugees hailing from Central America and other third world countries claim political asylum and walk across the southern border by the thousands each day and nobody stops them. The lights are on, but nobody is home.  These migrants demand that America supports them and their extended families, pay for their children’s education, welfare, health care, and housing, and give them the same rights as any American citizen. Why wait to work hard and earn anything? They are the Dreamers of our worst nightmare, the demanding global citizens with rights given to them by the United Nations to occupy and inhabit any land they wish.

America’s youth are gripped by the ardent desire to live under socialism and communism

Could it be possible that the current batch of immigrants, legal and illegal, fall under the rubric of those who subscribe to the notion of the devil they know and that is ALL they know, sometimes being illiterate in their own language but voting here where they don’t speak English or understand the culture and the country’s history but they know that if they do vote Democrat, the generous welfare they receive is assured?  If someone would have told me that forty years later communism, as much as I had feared it, would have followed me in America, I would have probably advised that person to go to an insane asylum. Who would want to live under such an oppressive form of government, ideology, and economy?
Yet America’s youth are gripped by the ardent desire to live under socialism and communism and they view it quite favorably, probably because they have no clue what it is and neither do their western parents and teachers.  Parents who had escaped repressive socialist and communist regimes do know differently. Some teach their children; but others think, they are teaching their offspring to hate that form of government, but subliminally they are not, and are living their lives as if they are still dwelling in those countries they’ve left.  Take for instance my mom’s hoarding. When my children were small, she used to hide bags of potato chips and cans of coke in the Maytag dishwasher that was broken. She still thought, we would starve if she did not have a stash of food even if it was junk food.

Living under Communism

She lived in fear of the American government knocking on our door and taking our things just like she experienced under communism when they did confiscate all her personal possessions and bank accounts.
There was no tangible evidence that the American government would take things away from her, but her frame of mind was psychologically shaped by what she saw and experienced. Such parents would certainly create false narratives in their households because they would be unable to recognize the communist indoctrination that had altered their behavior subconsciously.
I did not behave like my mom because I lived 20 years under communism and she 48. I was able to reject the status quo of communism that was forcing us to live our lives by their ideological design. Mom, on the other hand, accepted everything and anything she was told, never questioned anything, so the false narrative communism forced upon her became her reality.  Older Romanians today are so damaged psychologically that they are nostalgic for communism, for Ceausescu’s brutal regime. They were satisfied with the meager communist welfare and rations because it was a dependable constant in an otherwise destitute life.
My older cousin said, “we got a salary every month, whether we tried hard or not, we could bribe doctors with a chicken, a pat of butter, a liter of cooking oil or fresh milk, a bar of soap, extra rationing coupons, for fake medical excuses, and we stayed home to rest for weeks on bogus medical diagnoses. The salary kept coming, and we still had a job when we returned. When we got pregnant, we stayed home for years to care for the newborn and the subsistence salary never stopped.”

There is the physical communism and the psychological communism that one experiences

There is the physical communism and the psychological communism that one experiences. People can flee the physical communism but are they able to erase their psychological and welfare dependence created by communist indoctrinators?
Why is it that some who escaped tyranny and poverty, despite living in a free nation, fail to denounce that tyranny and the poverty they had escaped from and instead criticize the free country and its citizens who took them in? Such is the case of Rep. Omar, who escaped Somalia, yet criticizes America, Christians, and those who took her in and gave her an education, freedom, and even a lawmaker’s seat in the House of Representatives.  Do oppressed/tortured people from a tyrannical society ever feel a sense of calm and welcome when they are given refuge in a freer society? Do they get better psychologically, or do they always remain in that dependent/oppressed state of mind no matter where they are? Do they tend to bite the hand that feeds them?  Are immigrant parents from communist countries somewhat subliminally responsible for their millennial children’s utopian ideas of socialism and communism? Were they raised in a manner that promoted those collectivist ideals?
Many immigrants, legal and illegal, fight very hard to leave oppression behind, yet they live in ghettos of their own making in the free country, dress in clothing that represents subjugation, away from the mainstream society, never learning English, as if they were still in their former countries or cultures.  Secrecy and hoarding of food and other necessary items like toilet paper, medicine, diapers, soap, food, become a problem. It is done to make sure that there is a steady supply in the future, just in case rationing ensues. One Romanian woman I met years ago had enough canned goods and toilet paper in her huge pantry to last her small family a decade.
My mom has been free in this country to do what she wants, when she wants, does not have to worry about her personal belongings being taken, confiscated, or seized by the government. But her years of living under socialism and communism became so oppressive psychologically that she transferred that reality to her life in America today, where she hoards everything imaginable, useful or not, in her room and the drawers of her dresser.
Rationing dictated by scarcity are alien concepts to many generations today who have never had to do without anything and who do not understand that, by any measure, Americans live the most privileged, worry-free, and want-free life than anybody else in the world. By any standards, we are wealthy beyond comparison and live a very good and advantaged life with the best healthcare in the world.  The communist country in which I was born and where I spent my formative years, has struggled with its ability to escape the metastasis of communism, a form of psychological dependence that is hard to erase even after thirty years since its declared “demise” in 1989.
There is still a steady daily diet of propaganda from the Social Democrat Party (PSD), from the socialist indoctrination centers called schools, with revisionist history written in textbooks by NGOs with generous funds from the Soros foundations, from the main stream media with the same globalist talking points, and from television programming which bombards people with false information and misdirection.  An IT person earns the same salary as a McDonald’s cashier or a LIDL grocery store chain employee while large crony EU corporations take advantage of the cheap and well-educated labor in Romania in a proverbial race to the bottom.
The elder Romanians, who are bombarded daily by false information in the news, truly believe that they are being robbed by inequality and unfair wages. Their collectivist victim mentality is still in the gutters of communism when the proletariat was told that communist wages were the only fair ones – everyone was equal, equally paid, and equally miserable. And the common enemy was capitalism and entrepreneurship. 
Today people can express their opinions and complaints ad nauseam, without fear of retribution, but nobody listens to their gripes. During the Soviet style communist rule, they would have been sent to hard labor camps and prisons.
Since we are back to square one of communism, this time on a global scale, both here in America and in the former Soviet satellite countries, the simple answer to my daughter’s initial question would be, I would probably not leave my family behind again and embark upon a voyage to another world that used to value freedom and opposed communism with all its might but now embraces it with vivacity and determination because life has been so good in America, the brainwashed generations need a mindless and robotic “hope and change.”
We cannot convince a population of entitled privileged millennials that communism is not a good way to live; their teachers and parents did not do a good job of illustrating just how horrible communism was and how many millions have died under communism tortured and imprisoned for their divergent thoughts and ideas.
Young Americans may have understood the horrors of the Holocaust but not the horrors of Stalinism, Marxism, Castroism, and their sanctioned genocides such as Holodomor during the Soviet regime. Holodomor (Голодомор) means “murder by hunger.” It was a man-made famine, a genocide perpetrated by Joseph Stalin’s communist goons on the Ukrainian people in 1933. About 4.5 million people were starved to death in Holodomor.
Most teachers who have bought into the Common Core sub-standards of education, have agreed to dumb down American children’s education to conform to the globalist world view of collectivism and worship of Islam to the detriment of Christianity.  Those students who have escaped psychologically the clutches of indoctrination in public schools or their parents’ inability to teach them how tyrannical communism was, will be subjugated by other means such as:
  • Social credit scores (where they can and cannot travel, whether they can keep their jobs, use social media, practice their Christian faith, and tracking their world view)
  • National I.D. cards with a strip and computer chip with private data, tracking them everywhere
  • Collectivism
  • Social Marxism
  • Moral relativism
  • Environmentalism
America will undergo a merging of labor and education, modeling the dictates of U.N. Agenda 2030, tracking a student’s attitudes, values, feelings, and beliefs. Will preferential treatment be given to those who comply? What will happen to those who won’t comply?
Ultimately it will not matter how many Americans will buy into cultural Marxism and how many will wake up and refuse to give up their country, private property, civilization, wealth, and our country’s sovereignty.
Democrats, in alliance with environmental billionaires, the Church, technocrats, and the United Nations have figured out how to stay in power in perpetuity by flooding America with illegal aliens from third world countries inimical to our interests, thus acquiring future Democrat voters and church pew occupants. A single party rule, the Democrats, will be able to confiscate all guns and dissolve our borders, eliminating our sovereign nation.


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Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh — Bio and Archives | 15 Comments
Listen to Dr. Paugh on Butler on Business,  every Wednesday to Thursday at 10:49 AM EST
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Romanian Conservative is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
Her commentaries reflect American Exceptionalism, the economy, immigration, and education.Visit her website, ileanajohnson.com

The Framers designed a system of government limited in scope and shackled by the Constitution

An Arrow Aimed at America’s Heartland

Are you ready to get down into the weeds and look at a current attack on our Federal System through the lenses of American Constitutional History to gain an understanding of something which is nothing less than an arrow aimed at America’s Heartland?

This is a wakeup call to citizens of Middle America of a plot to strip us of our electoral importance by the entrenched elites of the Deep State.

National Popular Vote vs. Electoral College

Recently, Nevada became the 15th state to pass a measure granting its Electoral College votes to the candidate winning the nationwide popular vote regardless of how the citizens of their own State voted.  This movement is being led by an organization called National Popular Vote. The founders of the 501(c)(4) Are election law expert and attorney Barry Fadem and John Kaza (co-inventor of the scratch off lottery ticket). 

Fadem and Kaza both have impressive careers filled with professional achievement.  However, it’s easy for anyone with even a smattering of knowledge of civics to discount their efforts by assuming though they may be intelligent and accomplished they don’t know much about how our government is designed to work.  In reality the exact opposite might be the case.  These two and their organization aim to disrupt the balance between the States and have intentionally launched this arrow aimed at America’s Heartland.

America’s Heartland

Their objective is to influence a group of States whose electoral votes total 270, which is the number needed to win the presidency, into an alliance binding them to follow a majority vote attainable by a combination of New York, New England, and the Left Coast without regard to how the citizens of the States voted.  During the Constitutional Convention the Framers vigorously debated how the government they were designing should operate.  When looking at the election of the chief executive they rejected direct democracy because they believed it was too prone to result in a majority that would act as a tyrant.

Looking back across time this collection of largely homeschooled patriots drew upon their knowledge of history and philosophy.  Specifically they looked to the writings of Plato who wrote in the Republic that the people or the demos, as they were called in Greek,  could not be trusted because they would inevitably vote for whoever promised to meet their desires of the moment even if that meant taking from others or from the national treasury.  In other words they would vote for a Santa Claus over a Washington or a Jefferson.  A lesson well learned and applied by the pitiful politicians promising paradise who make up the best Congress money can buy. 

Plato thought the majority would lack the knowledge and wisdom to make sound choices. Of course he didn’t know about our enlightened American education system that spends more time indoctrinating the young skulls full of mush about Al Gore’s Climate hoax religion than it does about the founding of this country.  A federally controlled union infected system spends more energy turning our children into good little socialists than teaching them that capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other system ever devised.

Electoral college was created to prevent the United States from becoming a place where the majority subjugated the minority

Instead of echoing the platitudes of Comrade Sanders and AOC as if they had any chance of working in the real world our government indoctrinators could teach about how the Connecticut Compromise led to the structure of our bicameral legislature and the executive branch.  They could teach that the electoral college was created to prevent the United States from becoming a place where the majority subjugated the minority.
Hamilton and Madison, two of the key strategists in devising our government focused on factions or combinations of likeminded people who work together to advance their own interests.  Mainly they spoke of majorities and minorities.  Madison especially thought that government must be structured in such a way as to fragment the power of the majority so that it could not become tyrannical.
When you read Federalist 9 (Hamilton), Federalist 10, and Federalist 51 (Madison), these deep thinking political theorists identified three key elements they felt existed to help give the new United States a chance for success: its population size, geographic size, and the differing interests of the independent States. Back in those days before smartphones, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and 24-hour cable news, these factors made it difficult if not impossible for minority factions to combine into a coalition large enough to do any real damage to our system.  But today with near instantaneous communication people can be rallied quickly which means emotions can easily out run reflection.
In America today intolerant minority factions can be whipped up into tyrannical majorities in a way the Framers never imagined. At the very time in our history when we are more vulnerable than ever to manipulated majority rule,  the National Popular Vote movement wants us to embrace direct democracy at the presidential level.

If this arrow finds its mark a bicoastal electoral juggernaut will trample the voice of the Heartland into the dust of History

The Framers designed a system of government limited in scope and shackled by the Constitution.  A system designed to do little as opposed to doing too much. They attempted to build a system based on the nature of man.  A system of divided power able to control humanity’s less desirable tendencies.
As Madison said in Federalist #51, “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”
This identifies the basic problem perfectly.  We aren’t angels.
Because of this we need controls designed to prevent unfettered majority dominance. The Electoral College is the tool given to us by the Framers to make sure all of the States have a voice that is heard. However, if enough States adopt the National Popular Vote this safeguard will be neutralized, not through amending the Constitution but instead by doing an end-run around it.  If this happens we’ll take a long step towards the dystopian vision our Framers sought to avoid: the tyranny of the majority.
One question I have is, “How do these political manipulators convince people to vote to make their future votes irrelevant?”  To paraphrase Lincoln, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  But you can probably fool enough people to convince a majority to vote themselves onto the sidelines of History.”  If this arrow finds its mark a bicoastal electoral juggernaut will trample the voice of the Heartland into the dust of History.


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