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Archive for February 1st, 2019

Why Trump Hates Amerika


Why Trump Hates Amerika

A few days ago, an ignorant or ill-intentioned political analyst published an article in which he compares President Trump to Russia’s previous leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.[1] According to this analyst, “Like a reverse image of Gorbachev, Trump is a political leader who has lost faith in the efficacy of his country’s governing philosophy,” and added: “Trump doesn’t think our defense of democratic values really works for America anymore.”
What this analyst apparently ignores is that it was the Soviet Union, not Russia, the country in which Gorbachev lost faith. To understand this, we need to know what the Soviet Union really was.
The “spontaneous” Russian “revolution,” which changed Russia into the aberration known as the Soviet Union, was actually a covert operation planned and carried out by international bankers and oil magnates. It would have been impossible for the revolutionaries to succeed without the money supplied by some of the most notable millionaires at that time.
Though initially he favored his father’s autocratic ideas, eventually Tsar Nicholas II had initiated the implementation of a series of reforms directed to change Russia from a medieval into a modern society, which included the emancipation of the serfs, the creation of a Duma —a national assembly— and rural communes. These reforms would have encouraged the Russian people to think about the possibility of a benign government in which the people would democratically participate.
But some influential Wall Street bankers and oil magnates were not happy with these changes in Russia, and conceived another plan. In order to proceed with their plan, John D. Rockefeller, together with fellow conspirators, such as bankers Mellon and Morgan and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, plus several of America’s robber barons, combined their resources for up to $50 million (an enormous sum at the time), and created the American International Corporation (AIC), a powerful cartel allegedly devoted to stimulate world trade. The truth, however, is that the AIC was created to fund the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II by a small group of professional revolutionaries: the Bolsheviks.
The main problem the conspirators had with Russia, however, was not its efforts to become an industrialized and modern nation, but that a large amount of oil had been discovered in Baku, nears the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. At the time, the Baku oil field was considered the largest known oil deposit in the world. By the early 1880s, Russian crude production had reached almost a third of U.S. production.
As expected, Rockefeller and his criminal associates of the AIC, Andrew Mellon, J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, were deeply alarmed about the Russians challenging their ambitions of controlling the world oil supply, and they began conspiring to develop a plan to stop the Russians in their tracks. They concluded that the only way to achieve their goal was to depose Czar Nicholas II, and the only way to accomplish that was through a “revolution.”
To this effect, between 1907 and 1910 the conspirators met several times with Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, already living in exile in New York, and with Vladimir I. Lenin, another Russian revolutionary living in exile in Zurich. Eventually the arch-capitalists struck a deal with the arch-anti-capitalists: in exchange for financing their “revolution,” the capitalists would be allowed to have a hidden hand in designing the disastrous economic system of what was soon to become the Soviet Union —allegedly the staunchest anti-capitalist nation in the world.
With the help of the conspirators, Lenin returned to Russia with plenty of gold in his famous “sealed” train, and, soon after Trotsky, under the protection of President Wilson and Colonel House, followed Lenin’s path with more gold. This gold made possible the Russian “revolution” that plunged Russia for more than sixty years into the dark night of totalitarianism.
But some people knew of Lenin’s activities and his true masters. In a speech to the House of Commons on November 5, 1919, Winston Churchill exposed in a few words the whole conspiracy:
“. . . Lenin was sent into Russia . . . in the same way that you might send a vial containing a culture of typhoid or of cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy. No sooner did Lenin arrive than he began beckoning a finger here and a finger there to obscure persons in sheltered retreats in New York, Glasgow, in Bern and other countries, and he gathered together the leading spirits of a formidable sect, the most formidable sect in the world . . . With these spirits around him he set to work with demoniacal ability to tear to pieces every institution on which the Russian State depended.”
What Churchill failed to mention, though, was that the ones who had disseminated the Communist plague were bankers from England, Europe and the U.S., among them the Rothschilds, Sir George Buchanan and Lord Alfred Milner (members of the Round Table, who had been instrumental in the creation of the CFR), the Warburgs, the Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan. With their investment, the conspirators had created a pseudo-enemy they controlled —to some extent. Soon after, the Soviet Union became the bogeyman the conspirators used for many years as a credible threat to manipulate and control the U.S. and other Western countries. The rest is history.
In the same fashion, it is not that President Trump, together with a large majority of Americans, has lost faith in their country. Actually, they have lost faith in communo-fascist Amerika, the aberration the same people who destroyed Russia have been slowly but surely imposing upon the American people.
The main reason why the globalist conspirators didn’t like America was because America, a land of free people, had become the main obstacle in their plans to create a communo-fascist New World Order with just two classes: the super rich and the hyper poor — a sort of modern medieval society. The reason why today they hate Trump so much is because he has become the greatest obstacle in carrying out their evil plans.
But Trump is not anti-American for the same reason that Gorbachev was not anti-Russian. Actually, both of them hated the aberrations imposed upon their countries by the globalist conspirators, and opposed it. President Trump, like many Americas, has lost faith in what current Amerika stands for, because current Amerika is a political, social, economic and moral aberration, and the country badly needs to be brought back to its true origins.
Today’s communo-fascist Amerika has not much to do with the American Republic conceived by our Founding Fathers. Trump doesn’t think our defense of democratic values really works for America anymore because, like many Americans, he has realized that the so-called “defense of democratic values” —the word “democracy” is not mentioned in any of the three documents on which this Republic was founded: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights— has actually been a smoke-screen to hide military interventions in foreign countries to steal their natural resources for the sole benefit of the very same people who created the Soviet Union to prevent the Russian people from exploiting their country’s natural resources.
They didn’t work in the shadows to overthrow Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Sukarno in Indonesia, Diem in Vietnam, Allende in Chile or ordered the assassination of President Kennedy, to defend democratic values, but to defend the narrow interests of a few transnational corporations.[2] They didn’t push the U.S. into a long war in Vietnam or invade Iraq to protect democratic values.[3] They didn’t create the European Union to protect democratic values. Fortunately, the people are awakening, and the conspirators’ house of cards is crumbling.
Like many Americans, President Trump has realized that the so-called “free trade” is nothing but a gimmick to turn America into a Third World country. He is fully aware that the open borders policy is a trick to destroy the country’s integrity and sovereignty. He knows that multiculturalism is a hoax to destroy our values and moral principles. As a true American patriot, he opposes those changes, and the communo-fascist globalist conspirators hate him for this.
Currently, the communo-fascist conspirators are openly talking about their plans to overthrow President Trump by any means necessary. In the alternate reality they have created inside their twisted minds they apparently ignore that overthrowing or assassinating President Trump will surely open a Pandora’s box nobody wants to experience.
My only hope is that cooler heads prevail and the globalist conspirators of both the Left and the Right think twice before provoking the onset of drastic, irreversible events.
© 2019  – All Rights Reserved
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  1. Matt Bai, “Trump, like Gorbachev, has lost faith in what his country stands for,” Yahoo News.
  2. Read General Smedley Butler’s speech, “War is a Racket.”
  3. Not even the conspirators’ role in WWII was solely to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. There is overwhelming evidence showing that several of the largest U.S. corporations, including IBM and the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil and Chase Bank, were in league with Nazi corporations before and after Pearl Harbor. See, Charles Highan, Trading With the Enemy: An Exposé of the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949.


Oklahoma: Hamas-linked CAIR enraged as
judge dismisses Muslima’s lawsuit over
having to take off hijab at courthouse

Jihad Watch reported on this story several days ago, but this Tulsa World article has much more detail about the case. This looks as if it is yet another instance of Hamas-linked CAIR trying to trump up “Islamophobia” and fabricate an “anti-Muslim hate crime” where none exists; actual such cases are so thin on the ground that they have to resort to these fabrications in order to buttress their ridiculous claim that Muslims in the U.S. are subjected to routine discrimination and harassment.
What does Hamas-linked CAIR want in this case? It likely wants hijabbed Muslimas to be able to pass through security searches without removing their hijabs. They could have weapons concealed underneath, but that’s just too bad: Hamas-linked CAIR at every opportunity tries to reinforce the principle that where Islamic law and American practices conflict, it is American practices that must be set aside.
“Suit dismissed: Judge says Muslim woman didn’t show that her constitutional rights were violated,” by Curtis Killman, Tulsa World, January 23, 2019 (thanks to Doc):
A judge has dismissed a Muslim woman’s civil rights lawsuit after finding that her complaint failed to meet the legal burden to show that Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies violated her constitutional rights when they refused to let her enter the courthouse because she wouldn’t remove her hijab in public when she set off a metal detector.
U.S. District Judge Claire Eagan, in an opinion and order released Tuesday, dismissed claims against four sheriff’s deputies sued in their personal capacities….
Keith Wilkes, a private attorney representing the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, issued the following statement Wednesday when asked to comment on the ruling:
“The decision by the ACLU and CAIR attorneys to hold a self-serving press conference last year in which they made substantive misstatements and gross exaggerations regarding the incident while failing to disclose pertinent facts, led to a national media story that wasn’t. Once the actual truth was exposed and applied to federal law, the Court dismissed Ms. Elqutt’s lawsuit at the earliest possible stage because she failed to establish there was any violation of her constitutional rights.
“The men and women of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department did their jobs. This was not a case of a person being targeted for her faith. It was a person required to go through a security checkpoint, like all others, who was permitted to walk through the metal detector with her hijab in-place. Unfortunately, she then set off two different metal detectors, four different times, because she had an unknown metal object under her hijab. Once female deputies were able to look under the hijab—outside the view of any men — Ms. Elqutt was cleared and allowed to proceed. There was no violation of her constitutional rights.
“Hundreds of people of all different walks of life, race, faith and ethnicity access the Tulsa County Courthouse each day, and this is the first time the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has been accused of violating anyone’s constitutional rights while going through security. In fact, court records reveal that Ms. Elqutt herself went through security 8 times in 5 months before this incident, and two times since, all without incident. The Court made the right decision by dismissing this lawsuit.”
Elqutt filed the civil rights lawsuit after she was stopped by deputies after she set off a metal detector when she tried to enter the Tulsa County Courthouse April 10 while wearing a hijab.


Governor DeSantis Announces Executive Order to End Common Core in Florida Schools.

 Governor DeSantis Ends Common Core in Florida Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Ida Baker High School in Cape Coral Thursday
to announce the creation of an executive order to eliminate Common Core and come
up with different standards for Florida students.

For Immediate Release. Feb 1, 2019
Subject: FLCA Statement Responding to Governor Ron DeSantis’ Executive Order Number 19-32

Florida’s long Common Core nightmare is coming to an end.

For years students, parents and teachers suffered under the pressure and misguided effects of Common Core. Thanks to Executive Order Number 19-32 issued by Governor DeSantis, Common Core will be eliminated, and the burden lifted from Florida’s students.  By January 1, 2020 the Commissioner of Education must provide recommendations to the Governor that will eliminate Common Core standards, increase the quality of the instructional curriculum and streamline testing.
When we first started fighting to improve K-12 education in Florida, Florida Citizens’ Alliance identified Common Core as standards, curriculum and testing.  Four years ago, we actually were successful in getting a bill filed to address all of these elements. Sadly, many legislators ignored parent concerns and the damage being done by Common Core.
Two years ago, we convinced the legislature to pass and the governor to sign a bill giving parents and residents of Florida a louder voice in the discussion. Now the governor has listened to the people and provided a framework for permanently solving each of these interlocking pieces of the Common Core puzzle.
We commend the governor for his insight and courage in addressing these vital issues. He is actually listening to the people and putting our children first.
We also commend Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran for his contribution and leadership to this bold initiative. Commissioner Corcoran has an established track record of putting Florida’s children first as well. We look forward to supporting his innovative efforts to find solutions that improve student learning.
This is truly a day to celebrate. When we started this fight, no one would listen. Common Core was a toxic topic. Legislators and educators closed ranks and told all of us that they knew what was best for our children. Now our Governor and Commissioner of Education are listening. Now Common Core is evaporating before our eyes.
We at Florida Citizen’s Alliance also want to thank our many partners in this fight all across Florida. You did not grow weary in well doing. You did not give up in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You did not and would not remain silent when our children needed advocates.
You endured. You persevered. You overcame. You refused to surrender your children to Common Core.
You are the champions for our children. You earned this victory.
There is much work to be done. We will do our part to help carry the load.
There will be many people trying to sidetrack what the governor has started.
Of that there is little doubt.
Let there also be no doubt that Florida Citizens’ Alliance and our partners across Florida will continue to work and, when necessary fight, for our children. We will never quit. Our work will not be finished until every parent in Florida is satisfied with the educational options available for their children. We will press on until every child has every opportunity to achieve his or her highest aspirations.
Today we celebrate and celebrate and celebrate.
Tomorrow we start fresh. Our continuing mission: real solutions that improve student learning. Because Florida Kids Deserve Better!

Executive Order 19-32: https://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/EO-19-32.pdf

Note: Florida Citizens’ Alliance, Inc. (FLCA) is a 501c (3) grassroots coalition of over 50,000 Floridians working to educate parents, families, and community influencers regarding current activities of great concern in Florida public schools.  These efforts include pursuing legislative policies that promote universal school choice, supporting knowledge-based learning, encouraging the best K-12 standards and curriculum, stopping political, religious and pornographic indoctrination and encouraging financial transparency/best practices to improve student learning.  www.GOFLCA.com

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