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Archive for January 4th, 2019

Muslims believe the U.S Constitution is manmade document of ignorance and must submit to Sharia Law. AMERICA DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

The following two documents I researched and put together were sent to @namcyPelosi, @chuckSchumer, @POTUS,
@TheRealDonaldTrump, @Gregsteube, @marcorubio, @senatemajldr, @whitehouse

I personally do not believe that a Muslim can serve in the U.S Government, if you read the data below , for one Muslims believe the U.S Constitution is manmade document of ignorance and must submit to Sharia Law.

This one Muslim Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib,  and probably other just took the oath of office swearing to the oath on the Koran,

she also let out a statement of four letter profanity in front of children and everyone on camera Stgataing “we are going to in and impeach this M””””””ker, and Pelosi made a stupid statement about generational gap and stated she was not in the censorship business. To allow any elected official to talk like this is unacceptable in the halls of our congress or anywhere.

How many more of these Muslims feel this way? They are all on the DEMOCRATIC platform, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bad couple years coming up it has already started and it is only the 4th of January!

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Et Tu, Mitt?

Today the roles of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake will be played by the freshman Senator from Utah, Willard Mitt Romney. Romney is previously known for playing the role of Brutus in the play Julius Caesar
Perhaps President Trump should be as wary of entering the Senate chambers as Julius Caesar should have been that fateful day in the Roman Senate. While Trump’s physical safety is assured, character assassins like Romney await.  Romney, the 2012 loser, has trashed Trump, the 2016 winner, in a Washington Post Op-ed, President Trump’s stability and competence, in the process demonstrating Romney’s lack of both:
It is well known that Donald Trump was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination. After he became the nominee, I hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name-calling. It did not. When he won the election, I hoped he would rise to the occasion. His early appointments of Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis were encouraging. But, on balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.
Somehow Willard forget appointments like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, appointments to the Supreme Court that will affect the course of this nation and our democracy for generations, not just until the next election. Romney forgets that the first duty of a statesman is to get elected. Running your campaign like you are running for class president is a losing strategy for presidential politics. Running one like you are in a bar fight for the future of this nation as Trump did is a winner. I want Trump on my side in a bar fight. If I need to figure out which fork to use at dinner, I’ll ask Mitt Romney.
Romney must have missed the last election where Donald Trump, despite Hillary Clinton’s $1.2 billion war chest and the support of a sitting president mobilized a grassroots army that broke the Democrats’ vaunted “blue wall” against all predictions. That by itself shows that Trump does understand the character of a nation which is tired of career politicians more interested in keeping their job rather than doing their job. Trump’s business career demonstrates an ability to cut through bureaucratic BS and red tape in the proud tradition of Larry the Cable Guy’s mantra of “get ‘er done!”

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