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Archive for October 7th, 2018

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO MORALITY IN AMERICA? Where are these teachers getting instructions to teach this garbage in our schools?

Six-Year-Old School Children
Instructed to Write Gay Love
Letters to Make Them
‘Accepting of Diversity’

By Jack Montgomery

A video published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) showing 6-year-old school children being instructed to write gay love letters has been causing a stir on social media.

The video, originally uploaded to BBC Radio Manchester’s Facebook page, shows young children at Bewsey Lodge Primary School being instructed to write love letters from “Prince Henry” to his manservant, “Thomas”, with the teacher instructing her pupils: “You’re going to tell Thomas why it’s a brilliant idea for him to marry you.”
“This school teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age,” enthuses the BBC’s subtitled commentary.
“This class of six-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairytale, the Prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter.”
The teacher, named as Sarah Hopson, tells the BBC that the children “are going to go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that at a young age as well”.
She explains that “the more they can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them.”
Many  social media users were highly critical of Hopson and Bewsey Lodge, however, accusing them of pushing lessons which are not age-appropriate.
Responding to the BBC Facebook post, users left objecting remarks about sexualising children at such a young age, and forcing children to write love letters as school work.
One poster, claiming to be the headmistress of Bewsey school replied to some of the remarks, saying: “…so very proud of my school, the children and their families. I don’t normally comment on social media however I feel compelled to share some thoughts. It is interesting to read how many people have sexualised the content of our curriculum.”
“We also teach about racism, extremism and religion and the same philosophy filters through it all. I would challenge anyone who doubts the power of what we are trying to do around lgbt+ to come and talk to some of our little people. They could tell you about respect and how, if you want to wear a skirt for school and you’re a boy, it’s fine, if you have 2 mums or 2 dads as long as you’re loved it’s cool and there’s no such thing as boy’s and girl’s stuff it’s just – whatever!”
The school, which also operates a gender-neutral uniform system, appears to put a great deal of emphasis on cultural, ethnic, religious, and sexual differences, with its website advertising a video in which young pupils read from a script about equality, gender identity, and other social justice issues prominently.
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Utah Man Confesses to Ricin Poisoning Plot Targeting Trump, Pentagon

Portriat of potential assassin

William Clyde Allen has been arrested for allegedly sending envelopes suspected of containing ricin to President Donald Trump and the Pentagon. (Davis County Sheriff’s Office)William Clyde Allen has been arrested for allegedly sending envelopes suspected of containing ricin to President Donald Trump and the Pentagon.
By Chris Agee
October 4, 2018 at 12:53pm
Federal investigators in Utah say a Logan man has admitted to authorities that he sent letters containing a toxic substance to individuals at the Pentagon and to President Donald Trump at the White House.
According to KSTU-TV in Salt Lake City, FBI Special Agent Doug Davis confirmed that William Clyde Allen had been arrested on suspicion of sending the packages.  Authorities wearing protective garments were at his home searching for evidence shortly after he was taken into custody.

“We had indication that he may possess dangerous chemicals in the house,” Davis said. “I can’t comment further.” Police say those living in the vicinity of Allen’s home are not in danger.

The FBI has compiled a complaint on the matter, which states that Allen confessed on Wednesday to the plot to send Ricin to U.S. officials. According to the probable cause statement, the suspect “confessed to having purchased castor beans and having sent letters” to the Pentagon and White House
“All four letters tested positive for Ricin poison,” the court document added.
If extracted correctly from castor beans, Ricin can be a fatal toxin that attacks a body’s circulatory system.  The residue found in the letters allegedly sent by Allen, however, did not contain a finished Ricin poison, according to NBC News.
“According to our preliminary analysis, the substance was castor seeds, from which Ricin is derived,” said Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White. “The FBI is still investigating.”   Authorities believe Allen sent the letters late last month through the U.S. Postal Service “to the President of the United States, the FBI Director, the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Naval Operations.”
Allen has been identified as a former member of the U.S. Navy. He has also faced previous criminal charges, including driving under the influence, attempted aggravated assault and child abuse or neglect.   As The Western Journal previously reported, the potentially harmful substances were detected before any of the letters reached their intended destinations.
Army Col. Rob Manning issued a statement earlier this week confirming that “all USPS mail received at the Pentagon mail screening facility” on the day of the alert was “under quarantine” and posed “no threat to Pentagon personnel.”   Those who knew the suspect say they were surprised to hear of his alleged involvement. Some of his neighbors described him as a nice man who helped out in his community.

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As you know, now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the SCOTUS 50-48 yesterday. Every Republican but one, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), voted for him.  Every Democrat but one, Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), voted against him.  This will backfire on the Democrats in the mid-term elections.
 The vote would have been 51-49, but Murkowski, whose vote will be recorded as “no,” agreed to vote “present” during the actual vote as a favor to Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), who supports Kavanaugh but was away at his daughter’s wedding. By voting “present,” and with Daines out, the final tally was 50-48. Their paired vote, as it’s called, maintains the same two-vote margin and does not change the outcome.
Most of the fake news headlines today have some variation of the theme that Republicans voted against the MeToo movement which is nonsense except in the context that Kavanaugh was unfairly and falsely accused without evidence and therefore the FemiNazis in the MeToo movement were out for his head.   They tried to ruin him and his family just because Ford accused him and not because there was any proof of her accusations.
The truth was just the opposite.  There is a great deal of evidence that  Senate Democrats and leftist operative allies colluded to spin lies against Kavanaugh. Their motive was not to help Ford but to try to insure Kavanaugh didn’t get confirmed and to thwart President Trump. Kavanaugh’s innocence didn’t matter.   Chuck U Schumer demonstrated their hate and vitriol towards this confirmation in stating the presumption of innocence until proven guilty e.g. Due Process did not apply in this case because it wasn’t a trial.  Apparently the truth didn’t matter to the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee either – Feinstein, Blumenthal, Durbin, Harris, Booker, Leahy, Hirono, Coons, Klobucher & Whitehouse should all be ashamed of their conduct and complicity.
Here’s what I have to say to you Schumer and your whole gang of Democrat thugs on the Senate Judiciary Committee – we WON, you LOST and now be prepared to lose under the red wave in the mid-terms.  You sure as hell will NOT be the new Senate Majority Leader nor new Chairperson of Senate Judiciary Committee nor will the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi, become the Speaker of the House again.
If you missed President Trump’s great rally speech in Topeka, Kansas last night, I highly commend you watch it.  It was truly excellent !

Royal A. Brown III



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