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Archive for June 9th, 2018


Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii

The subject of stopping the Hawaiian volcano has come up, and those folks are looking for a solution to the havoc and destruction it has caused on the island.

According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to APPEASE PELE and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires.  And according to tradition, the human sacrifice needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii and held a position of power for 8 years.

After an inquiry was made, Obama quickly announced that he was actually born in Kenya, and “has the Birth Certificate to prove it”!



Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ after reporter asks him question at G-7


President Trump slammed CNN as “fake news” after a reporter with the news organization asked him a question during a press briefing at the Group of Seven (G-7) summit.  After the reporter asked Trump a question about tensions between him and other leaders at the G-7 summit, the president asked what network he was from.
“Who are you with out of curiosity?” Trump asked the reporter, who replied that he was from CNN.  “I figured,” Trump said. “Fake News CNN. The worst.”
Trump then began to say that he “could tell by the question,” before clarifying that he did not previously know the reporter’s affiliation.   “I have no idea you’re with CNN,” he said. “After the question I was just curious as to who you’re with, you’re with CNN.”    He then answered the reporter’s question, defending his relationship with the other leaders of top industrialized nations present at the summit in Canada.
“I would say that the level of the relationship is a 10. We have a great relationship — Angela [Merkel] and Emmanuel [Macron] and Justin [Trudeau]. I would say the relationship is a 10,” he said, referring to leaders from Germany, France and Canada, respectively.   Trump blasted leaders ahead of the summit over the intensifying trade battles, after he imposed steep tariffs on steel and aluminum affecting allies Canada, Mexico and the European Union.
He has also faced criticism over his calls to reinstate Russia into the group. Russia was suspended from the then-Group of Eight over the 2014 annexation of Crimea.    The president is planning to leave the G-7 summit early to depart for Singapore, where he will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday.    The president has been highly critical of CNN throughout his presidency, pushing back on negative coverage and referring to the network as “fake news.”

Congressman Vern Buchanan

June 9, 2018


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Nancy Pelosi responding to President Trump’s criticism of the criminal gang known as MS-13: “respect the dignity and worth of every person.”

The U.S. House this week passed legislation with my strong support cracking down on violent gangs like MS-13. See the article below and let me know your thoughts.


House Passes Bill Authorizing $50M To Fight MS-13, Organized Crime
Legislation to fight the nation’s most notorious street gangs is heading to President Trump’s desk for his signature.
House lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act Wednesday.
The measure seeks to fight MS-13 and other gangs by improving partnerships between federal, state and local agencies.
The Justice Department will authorize $50 million to be allocated to gang task forces.

Representative Bob Goodlatte said the bill specifically operates under four key principles, which include partnerships, strategic planning, training and outreach.

“Strategic planning is the foundation of the Project Neighborhoods Safer Program,” he stated. “Moreover, HR 3249 promotes the robust enforcement of existing criminal laws, and the development of intervention and prevention programs, such as juvenile justice projects and activities including street-level outreach conflict mediation and social services.”

Goodlatte went on to say, the legislation will serve as a key force in combating gang violence.


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