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June 04, 2018

At SCOTUS, a Make or Bake Moment

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I sat down with CBS’s “Face the Nation” and told a very surprised Bob Schieffer about the battle for religious freedom that was raging. Like many people, he seemed astonished to hear that any American — let alone the wedding industry — would be punished for their mainstream views on marriage.

Black to Basics on School Shootings

There isn’t a good person alive who wouldn’t do everything in their power to stop the horror story that keeps playing out in our nation’s schools. It shouldn’t matter what political party you subscribe to, how much money you make, or where you’re from, everyone wants the shootings that have snuffed out hundreds of innocent lives to end.


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Trump’s ‘pardon’ storm grows deeper

President Trump and his legal team are doubling down on their assertion of nearly unconfined presidential powers when it comes to the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the 2016 presidential election.

Critics, both in politics and the media, have accused Trump and his team of asserting a Nixonian defense that in essence posits that the president is above the law. They argue the Trump team’s approach could trigger a constitutional crisis, if the president follows through on the war of words.

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The Hill’s Overnight Defense | View in your browser

Happy Monday and welcome to Overnight Defense. I’m Rebecca Kheel, and here’s your nightly guide to the latest developments at the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill and beyond.
 THE TOPLINE: With President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s summit back on, Senate Democrats are staking out their ground on any deal that may come out of the meeting.  In a letter to Trump and a conference call with reporters Monday, top Democrats laid out the five principles they want a deal to meet and vowed to prevent Trump from lifting sanctions should the agreement not be up to snuff.   “We’re all hoping the president will succeed and rooting for peace,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on the call. “If he tries to reach a deal with Kim Jong Un just for the sake of reaching a deal, and the agreement fails to live up the principles we’ve laid out, then he’ll have been bested at the negotiating table yet again.”
Democrats defined a good deal as meeting five pillars:
(1) the dismantlement or relinquishing of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;
(2) the end to uranium and plutonium enrichment and the dismantlement of nuclear infrastructure;
(3) the continued suspension of ballistic missile tests;
(4) the ability to conduct inspections for nuclear and missile activity anytime anywhere in North Korea, as well as the ability to snap back sanctions if illicit activity is found; and
(5) the assurance that the deal would be permanent.
 Expert take: In a briefing to reporters later Monday, a panel of experts cautioned that including areas such as chemical and biological weapons with the nuclear issue could make it impossible to reach any deal.
  • “Democrats are sort of staking out the Republican view of the past,” said Joel Wit, founder of 38 North. “What I would say is, quite frankly, is that this is a historic opportunity… and in trying to pull it off, we need to be measured and careful about what our standards are for success. If you’re going to set a standard for success in terms of an agreement that somehow deals with chemical and biological weapons, you’re not going to have a success because they’re not going to be dealt with right away.”
  • Added Suzanne DiMaggio, director and senior fellow at New America: “The Democrats’ message must be careful because if they put in place a situation where the demands for a deal are outside the realm of possibility then that would undermine their own position. On the issue of chemical and biological weapons, in my discussions with North Korean officials over the past two years, they have been very consistent on the idea of tackling these issues fairly early if negotiations were to come up quickly. Not solving the issue, but trying to find ways at least of not– providing assurances that they will not transfer chemical and biological weapons, which I think is a great worry for some people. So I think that would be a logical start.”
 What about U.S. troops?: Defense Secretary James Mattis sought to make clear over the weekend that U.S. troops stationed on the Korean peninsula are not on the table for the negotiations with the North.   Mattis on Sunday said the roughly 28,000 U.S. troops based in South Korea are “not going anywhere.”   “It’s not even a subject of the discussions,” Mattis told reporters aboard his plane while returning to Washington from the Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore.  
Pencil it in: White House press secretary Huckabee Sanders said Monday that the first meeting of the summit would start at 9 a.m. June 12 Singapore time. That’s 9 p.m. on June 11 Washington time.





Mueller says Manafort tried to tamper with a potential witness

Special counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing on Monday that President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort attempted to tamper with a potential witness while on pretrial release.

Mueller’s team has asked the court to revoke or revise Manafort’s release conditions, including his bond and house arrest.

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GOP, Trump at odds on pardon power

Republican lawmakers on Monday pushed back at President’s Trump’s claim that he has the power to pardon himself.

Trump’s assertion sparked a new round of Republican angst with the White House.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) when asked about Trump’s statements. “I certainly don’t think it would be a welcome strategy.” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) told CNN, “If I were president of the United States and I had a lawyer that told me I could pardon myself, I think I would hire a new lawyer.”

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Creating a Culture of Involvement

We conservatives have been fighting for ten years to change the face of a corrupt and overreaching government.  For us it took almost having our nation and our freedoms torn away from us.  We would never have gotten to that point had we been vigilant as citizens over the last several decades.  A pound of prevention, so to speak, could have saved us a decade of serious hard work, fighting tooth and nail for our rights, witnessing the near destruction of our nation at every level.
We now have a president who is actively working to bring America back to a true Republic, shrink overreaching government, reduce thousands upon thousands of burdensome/useless regulations, and take down a corrupt bureaucracy.  We have a Congress that is Republican controlled, a judiciary that is slowly being replaced with actual judges, not corrupted political/leftists and new rules being created that actually favor the citizen, not the governmentWe have achieved the goal of defeating the immediate threat but we don’t yet have our nation back.  Our work is only just begun.
We MUST NOT repeat the mistake we made over the twentieth century while we pursued our personal goals, ignored/trusted government and allowed socialists to slowly take over our lives.  We must go beyond the assumption that we have fixed or are on our way to fixing the problem….we must create a culture of involvement.
If we are to keep the Republic we are slowly recreating, we must become involved and stay involved.  We must teach our children and grandchildren to get involved and stay involved and pass that tradition down through generations from this point forward.
If we fail to become and stay actively involved we will soon find ourselves in the same boat we were in 2009 with a Socialist President bent on destroying the Constitution a Democrat/socialist controlled Congress that is taken over by radicals who have the same goal and our freedoms being eroded away while we work, pay our bills and live our lives.
Ongoing activism is the BEST defense against allowing socialists to begin to gain ground again.  A free capitalistic/ economic society is one of the many blessing we have as Americans but we cannot make prosperity our first priority.  God must be first, taking care of our families is of course second and defending the nation is third.  The fact that we are not military doesn’t mean we mustn’t always be actively engaged in defending our nation and our way of life. Prosperity will come as a natural consequence when we keep our priorities in their proper places.
If we fail to put God in His proper place and honor Him we will soon find our nation where it was 10 years ago.  If we fail to actively engage on a consistent basis in our government and keep it in check, we will soon find our nation where it was 10 years ago.  We have complained, talked and worked for change and we have achieved change.
We were well on the way to being completely kicked out of our participatory status in our unique government.  Because of our efforts over the last decade, we are once again becoming an active part of the government as we were meant to be.  We must not waste this opportunity.  It is time now for us to recreate America as she was meant to be…citizens managing the government, not vice versa.  We can finish the work of turning our government around and reclaiming our nation by getting actively involved, staying actively involved and creating a culture of involvement.
Children from an early age must be taught first to love and honor God, second the importance of family and third how our government works, our true history and a great pride in being American.
With that pride must come active involvement from a young age and a life built on actively engaging with our government at every level.  A lifetime of guardians of the nation should become a way of life.  I believe our founding fathers assumed this would be the case.
If we fail to become involved we will not win this war….if future generations are to take on the fight we are now fighting we must pave the way for them and teach them not only to prosper but to be involved at every level from a young age until they day they die.  America is unique.  By becoming involved and managing our government we can once again spread the uniquely American brand of freedom around the world.
It’s time to do more than talk/complain.  It is time to get and stay active if we are to finish the work of taking our nation back.  Volunteerism can involve as little or as much time as you wish to put into it and does not have to take over your life.  If you are not actively engaged with volunteerism at this time I urge you to choose a cause and get busy. There are opportunities everywhere we turn.  The time is upon us and I urge all who see this to get involved.
For info on any number of activist opportunities across a wide spectrum of interests, please contact me. There are dozens of well established conservative, God Loving, Patriotic organizations available and all of them need your help and involvement.


CHECK US OUT – JOIN US  Our Agenda is on the front of our web page,

The Highlands Tea Party: www.thehighlandsteaparty.com



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Supreme Court sides with Colorado baker
who refused to make wedding cake for
same-sex couple





The Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, in one of the most closely watched cases of the term.In a 7-2 decision, the justices set aside a Colorado court ruling against the baker — while stopping short of deciding the broader issue of whether a business can refuse to serve gay and lesbian people. The opinion was penned by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is often the swing justice in tight cases.
The narrow ruling here focused on what the court described as anti-religious bias on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission when it ruled against baker Jack Phillips.
“The Commission’s hostility was inconsistent with the First Amendment’s guarantee that our laws be applied in a manner that is neutral toward religion,” Kennedy wrote in his majority opinion.
The court said the broader issue, though, “must await further elaboration.”
Baker Jack Phillips
Baker Jack Phillips had refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.  (Alliance Defending Freedom)
“The reason and motive for the baker’s refusal were based on his sincere religious beliefs and convictions. The Court’s precedents make clear that the baker, in his capacity as the owner of a business serving the public, might have his right to the free exercise of religion limited by generally applicable laws,” Kenney wrote. “Still, the delicate question of when the free exercise of his religion must yield to an otherwise valid exercise of state power needed to be determined in an adjudication in which religious hostility on the part of the State itself would not be a factor in the balance the State sought to reach.”
At issue was a July 2012 encounter. At the time, Charlie Craig and David Mullins of Denver visited Masterpiece Cakeshop to buy a custom-made wedding cake. Phillips refused his services when told it was for a same-sex couple. The state civil rights commission sanctioned Phillips after a formal complaint from the gay couple.
Mullins has described their case as symbolizing “the rights of gay people to receive equal service in business … about basic access to public life.”
But the Trump administration backed Phillips, who was represented in court by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit. He had lost at every step in the legal appeals process, bringing the case down to the Supreme Court’s decision Monday.  Phillips has said he lost business and had to let employees go because of the controversy.
And he has maintained that it’s his choice: “It’s not about turning away these customers, it’s about doing a cake for an event — a religious sacred event — that conflicts with my conscience,” he said last year.  The court in December specifically examined whether applying Colorado’s public accommodations law to compel the local baker to create commercial “expression” violated his constitutionally protected Christian beliefs about marriage.  By wading again into the culture wars, the justices had to confront recent decisions on both gay rights and religious liberty: a 2015 landmark opinion legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide and a separate 2014 decision affirming the right of some companies to act on their owner’s faith by refusing to provide contraception to its workers.
The Trump administration agreed with Phillips’ legal claims to a large extent. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in October issued broad guidance to executive branch agencies, reiterating the government should respect religious freedom, which in the Justice Department’s eyes extends to people, businesses and organizations.   But civil rights groups were concerned the conservative majority on the court may be ready to peel back protections for groups with a history of enduring discrimination – and predicted that giving businesses the right to refuse service to certain customers would undermine non-discrimination laws and hurt minorities.
When the justices heard arguments in December, Kennedy was plainly bothered by certain comments by a commission member. The commissioner seemed “neither tolerant nor respectful of Mr. Phillips’ religious beliefs,” Kennedy said in December.  Liberal justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan joined the conservative justices in the outcome. Kagan wrote separately to emphasize the limited ruling.  But Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented.
“I see no reason why the comments of one or two Commissioners should be taken to overcome Phillips’ refusal to sell a wedding cake to Craig and Mullins,” Ginsburg wrote.
The Associated Press contributed to this report. 


Antifa and Patriot Prayer protesters faced off in
downtown Portland, Oregon
on Sunday. Police
in riot gear tried to separate the dueling protests.

These are Leftists trying to intimidate those who believe in the rule of Law
and Liberties in our Country. They ate an attack on our system and way of Life





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