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Archive for April 8th, 2018

Report from Winter Haven 912 on the Rep. Darren Soto (D) Town Hall on Gun Control, 4/ 7/2018

Report by Royal Brown,

According to Darren Soto’s staff a Video of the meeting is forthcoming on his facebook page, not there at the time of this publication.

There were FIREWORKS at US Rep. Darren Soto’s (Dem-FL 9) Town Hall yesterday in St. Cloud (deep blue Osceola County FL) which he advertised as follows:

Join Democrat Congressman Darren Soto to discuss gun safety, address mental health issues, and the sensible legislative action needed to prevent further gun violence in America.   As it turned out, the Town Hall was more about gun control than gun safety and solutions for school safety including calling for another  ban of the AR-15 and high capacity magazines.

Soto announced near end of Town Hall that the entire 2 hours was filmed and would be posted on his Facebook site. I would implore you to watch it and see the true hypocrisy, double standard and out and out lying of those there supporting not so much school safety but gun control.   Of course, Soto’s 4 hand-picked guest speakers, including Osceola County (Democrat) Sheriff Russ Gibson (see pic attached) were all for gun control and against training and arming volunteer school employees as the solution to school shootings.

However, they had plenty of pro-2A competition not afraid to speak up in the audience including 9 Winter Haven 912ers 4 of whom are also Heritage Sentinels and members of the Lake Ashton Republican Club.  Most of the pro-2nd Amendment people there were most likely from Osceola County.  Also present was Soto’s Republican opponent for Dist 9 -2018- Wayne Liebnitzky who was not invited to speak.

Of the estimated 125-50 people present it was a consensus estimate of our group that the crowd was split about 60-40 in favor of the 2A and arming school teachers which I doubt Soto expected.  To his and his staff’s credit, they did allow anyone who submitted a Question Card to address the crowd.  At his last Town Hall at Lake Ashton sponsored by the Democrat Women’s Club, attendees against gun control were not called on to speak.

I will be sending out a more complete report later including the questions we asked and answers we heard but for now the biggest lie told by Rep Soto was his definition of “assault rifles” which I paraphrase -“Assault rifles are military style rifles that will hold high capacity magazines” and he referenced the now non-existent/defunct Assault Weapons Ban Law of 1994-2004 sponsored by Sen. Diane Feinstein of CA.  He used the flyer handout (see attached) – source FAKE NEWS ABC (all Barrak Channel) as evidence along with 7 mass shooting incidents, 3 of which didn’t even involve rifles.

He was confronted about this disingenuous reference in statements by his guest speakers that AR 15s were “weapons of war” and “military grade”  by several retired military (including myself) and/or LE officers.  One retired LE officer asked him if he had ever fired and AR 15 to which he replied NO but as a lawyer,he knew what the law stated.

I then asked him what law – the law you are quoting no longer exists.   Besides that criminals don’t obey laws and will get any kind of guns they want including real assault rifles.  He stuck to his argument about the previous law.  I then told the uninformed or wrong minded that AR stands for Armalite, the original manufacturer of the AR 15, and that the military version later developed to fire fully  automatic was the M-16 which first went to war in Vietnam.  No one in his right mind would take an AR-15 to war against an enemy with fully automatic weapons.

Another gentleman brought up that he has a Ruger Mini-14 which fires the same ammunition and can handle the same high capacity mags as the AR 15 but was not on Feinstein’s list of “Assault Rifles” probably because it was not black or green and asked Soto to comment on that.  He replied he was not familiar with this rifle.

Another telling moment was when I asked Rep. Soto  “How will you and your speakers who are all gun control advocates gong to protect my family against criminals w guns when you legislate away my 2A rights?”  His answer was that we could have handguns, shotguns and non-semiautomatic rifles.  My reply was this would not apply to criminals since they don’t obey laws and can obtain any kind of gun they want.

I further stated that the framers of our Constitution wrote the 2nd Amendment to allow “we the (law abiding) people” to possess weapons of parity with the military in order to defend against potential TYRANNY of our own govt.  Soto’s sarcastic reply was that he didn’t see much chance of the people having to fight against the military and the govt. This evoked an outburst of condescending laughter from several leftists who obviously disavow this meaning of the 2A. If you recall,Obama also mocked this concept of 2A allowing defense against TYRANNY after the Sandy Hook shootings.  .

I plan to collect more complete notes from other WH 912ers  present including their questions and Soto answers and provide a more detailed report to follow.. Most of the leftists questions were actually very long anti-gun, anti-2A statements most bordering on laughable if they weren’t so absurd & dangerous in their thinking.

Near the end of the Town Hall OCSO Sheriff Gibson was asked to speak again about what his Dept was doing to promote school safety and his response included “we are problem solvers” “we teach first aid” and “use of heart defibrillators.”  He did advocate for an armed SRO in every school. This prompted more questions including the last one I was able to ask which was this – “Have you considered looking at Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s or Brevard County’s Jeff Ivey’s Active Shooter Programs” – this made him obviously angry and his reply was that these were both fine men but he would do things the Osceola County way (to which the leftists in room applauded).  Two St Cloud Police officers in back of room told me after the meeting that I had really “pissed off Sheriff Gibson with this comment.

Those of you who are Darren Soto’s constituents and did not attend this Town Hall missed a great opportunity to be heard and to see first hand how the left is using this Parkland school shooting issue as a rally to take away our 2A rights.  Please consider watching the Town Hall on Soto’s Facebook site.  Whether you are a constituent of his or not – you will see his and his leftist allies true colors.


Royal A. Brown III



John Nelson - jenkan04@gmail.com
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