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Archive for March 6th, 2018

Local Police Continue to Follow Normative Practices & Work with Jihadis

A lot of information has been revealed about Broward County Sheriff Israel in Florida in recent weeks.  Most noteworthy is the fact he hired, supported, and defends Hamas leader Nezar Hamze.  Hamze served as the Executive Director of Hamas doing business as CAIR-Florida, and currently serves as CAIR-Florida’s second in command.  Hamze is also a Deputy with Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
In light of this, UTT believes it is important to bring to light a few anecdotal red-flags inside local law enforcement highlighting the utter lack of understanding local police have of the jihadi threat.   To be fair, many state and local police agencies and sheriff’s departments assume the FBI is actually doing it’s job and adequately informing them of “terrorism” matters.  These assumptions are incorrect.
In January 2016, Duke University’s Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security
Sanford School of Public Policy produced a report sponsored by the Department of Justice entitled “The Challenge and Promise of Using Community Policing Strategies to Prevent Violent Extremism.”   The very title of the Duke study reveals it is a failure from the beginning.
Has anyone heard someone on television claim to be a “Violent Extremist” fighting for “Violent Extremism?”  100% of those waging war against the West identify themselves as “muslims waging jihad in the cause of Allah to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic Law).”  This Grand Canyon size disconnect from reality should help citizens understand why many local police departments do not Understand the Threat.
Near the beginning of the Executive Summary the Duke report states:  “Policing agencies are unlikely to be successful in creating partnerships to address violent extremism until they establish trusting relationships with the communities they serve.”
And herein lies the problem.  America’s leaders have been convinced we cannot defeat the jihadi threat in our communities unless we work with the communities producing the jihadi threat.  Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, and evidence in the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history – US v Holy Land foundation for Relief and Development, Northern District of Texas (Dallas) 2008 – all reveal, Islamic organizations in the United States and their personnel work inside government entities, with Jewish and Christian organizations, with the media, in education, and with security organizations (military, police, et al) to (1) influence them and (2) gather intelligence.
Yet around the nation, we see police working at the ground level with jihadis and jihadi organizations.  Police leadership in Prince George’s County, Maryland conducts their Command/Staff training at the Diyanet Center of America in Lanham, Maryland which is owned by the Turkish government.
Influence operation anyone?
Sources in one police department in the Chicago suburbs alert UTT that sharia-adherent muslims (aka jihadis) give input as to who gets hired.  The source also noted the department works with the local Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Center.

Jihadi leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic
Center of Charlotte (NC) meeting with the
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief
regarding the shooting of a muslim

Lt. Sasha Larkin (center front) of the Las Vegas
Metro PD attends the Islamic Association of Las Vegas
In Arlington, Texas police applied for a Homeland Security grant to improve relations with the growing muslim community.  Modeling the Department of Homeland Security’s “muslim outreach” is probably not something for which Texas should strive.  Yet, do the Arlington Police know the Islamic Society of Arlington (TX) is a Muslim Brotherhood mosque which funds terrorism?  The answer is getting the truth about the threat of the Islamic Movement to your local police department, sheriffs, and other local officials.  That is the job of well-informed citizens.
UTT stands ready to help.
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“The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been spending resources on firearms training at radical area mosques with attendees being taught how to protect themselves,” reported Canada Free Press, which uncovered an original report from WTVTin Tampa from 2015. “Broward County Deputy & CAIR FL employee Nezar Hamze found time to instruct mosque attendees to arm themselves against active shooters, but Sheriff opposes arming teachers,” pointed out terrorism analyst Kyle Shideler. “Why the double standard?”

Sheriff Israel’s Deputy Trained Mosque Members on How to Deal With Shooter

MARCH 2, 2018 AT 11:28AM

Encourage concealed handguns to protect Muslim mosques, but not American schools.  That’s the contradictory message that a Florida law enforcement agency is sending after a buried “Islamic protection” program came to light.
Sheriff Scott Israel and all of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office are under extreme scrutiny in the fallout of the Parkland, Florida school shooting… and now a piece of information from several years ago is raising even more questions about double standards and priorities.  As the infamous school tragedy unfolded two weeks ago, not one but four Broward County deputies stood outside the building and did nothing to stop seventeen murders from taking place inside. This appalling failure came after the sheriff’s office and the FBI failed to follow up on warnings from tipsters and threats from the suspect.
Excuses provided by the sheriff for this inaction have ranged from “we didn’t know” to “we were told to wait” — but while defending a school seemed to be a shockingly low priority, it turns out that the sheriff’s department took a very different tone when it came to protecting Islamic mosques.   “The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been spending resources on firearms training at radical area mosques with attendees being taught how to protect themselves,” reported Canada Free Press, which uncovered an original report from WTVTin Tampa from 2015.

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Heads up, liberals! Jeff Sessions has THIS ace up his sleeve

Heads up, liberals! Jeff Sessions
has THIS ace up his sleeve

MARCH 2, 2018

The Trump administration is looking for ways to deal with a recurring frustration: liberal federal judges who have gone rogue and put the brakes on one major administration policy after another.

But Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a plan.
The administration is telling the Supreme Court in a case about President Donald Trump’s travel ban that judges are increasingly using what are called nationwide injunctions to stop “a federal policy everywhere.”   The Justice Department says the high court should “reject the deeply misguided practice,” which has also been used against the administration’s crackdown on “sanctuary cities,” President Donald Trump’s announced ban on transgender military service members and, most recently, the effort to end legal protections for illegal immigrants.
Sessions has become the administration’s leading critic of the injunctions. Sessions said Tuesday they have been used 20 times in Trump’s first year in office, “as many as President Obama had in eight years.”   Legal scholars have attributed the rise of these broad judicial orders to a corresponding increase in executive action. In 2014, Obama acted to protect illegal immigrant parents of U.S. children after Congress refused to grant amnesty. Similarly, Trump unilaterally sought to impose travel restrictions on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, identified by the Obama admnistration as Islamic “terror hot spots,” a week after taking offic
The issue has a decidedly partisan tinge. Since Trump has been president, Democrats and liberal interests have filed lawsuits in places where they think federal judges will be receptive, like California, Hawaii and Washington.   “It does run the risk of politicizing the judiciary,” said Amanda Frost, a law professor at American University, who has nonetheless defended the practice. “In an executive branch that often engages in unilateral, sweeping actions that are often implemented without notice, it’s vital to have a check on its authority.”
But Sessions has taken a dim view of the judges who ruled against the administration. Speaking of that matter, Sessions said this week that “one judge blocked the entire federal government from carrying out its lawful duty.” Last year, he referred to a federal judge in Hawaii who prevented the enforcement of the travel restrictions as a “judge sitting on an island in the Pacific.”  Trump himself reacted to an early court ruling against the travel policy by tweeting his criticism of the “so-called judge” who issued it.  Some legal scholars said the administration is on firm ground in complaining about judicial overreach. “The judge doesn’t have authority to do that,” said Samuel Bray, a UCLA law professor who is moving to the Notre Dame Law School. “Judges decide cases. The cases are brought by parties and the judges are supposed to give remedies to those parties.”
The limits on a judge’s power remain even in the face of a potentially unconstitutional policy, Bray said. “There’s not an immediate solution to everything,” he said, “but our system is set up for deciding one case at a time.”  Cases typically reach the Supreme Court after lower courts disagree about an important issue and the justices step in to set a uniform nationwide legal rule.
The orders judges have been issuing that apply everywhere have the effect of short-circuiting the legal process, forcing the high court to step in sometimes before the issues are fleshed out.  The travel ban case is the first time the administration has raised the injunction issue at the Supreme Court, but it’s no sure thing that the justices will address it when they rule. They would first have to find that Trump overstepped federal immigration law or violated the Constitution when he imposed the travel restrictions. Only then would the appropriate remedy be at issue.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said at a hearing in November that he raised the issue with Chief Justice John Roberts and other judges. “There may be some hope they’ll do something,” Goodlatte said.






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