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Archive for October 11th, 2017

America’s next alt-left holiday assault comes on Thanksgiving

And should it come to pass – this alt-left Turkey Day
protest – remember Saul’s Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s
most potent weapon.”

By –October 11, 2017


The next holiday targeted by America’s alt-left will be Thanksgiving, November 23.
October 19th passed with only minor damage to the latest target of the social warriors – Christopher Columbus – as Bob Lee statues across the U.S. welcomed the temporary reprieve.A few cities in the Lower 48 got deep into the spirit of anti-Columbus Day (CD) with a substitution: Indigenous Peoples’ Day (IDP).
In 2019, Los Angeles County will officially celebrate IDP as the alternative to CD.  But they’ll need to call it Dia de los Pueblos Indigenas.  It’s not known if the town name for Columbus, Ohio will be changed. Or, if the Columbus-derivative name for Washington, District of Columbia will become something else, besides “The Swamp”.
Columbia University is unlikely to entertain a move to change its derivative name. But you can’t blame them since Columbia University is proudly displayed in wood-framed diplomas on a host of paneled office walls across the world. Indigenous Peoples’ University would be…well, inaccurate. Only 3% of the Columbia U. 2021 graduating class is identified as “Native American.”
The 19 members of the Human Rights Faculty at Columbia U. don’t seem to include a single, overtly, indigenous person. Perhaps, like Massachusetts’ U.S. Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren, one or two of the profs claim a bit of Indigenous DNA. Or, at least, have read a book once about American Indians, or seen a John Wayne western. But there’s still time to hire an Indigenous Faculty person before next…Columbus-Indigenous Day…in the hyphenated spirit of diversity.


Vengeance: A Warning About a Dangerous World

Originally published at Fox News.

We are living in an incredibly dangerous world. In fact, this may be the most dangerous period since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Think about these two real-life situations:
The North Koreans reportedly stole hundreds of gigabytes of important military information in a cyberattack on South Korea last September – including information about potential U.S.-South Korean wartime plans. At the same time, the rogue nation appears to be moving forward with its nuclear weapons program – even celebrating the anniversary of its first nuclear weapon test on Monday.
In the Middle East, Iran has aggressively worked to bolster and spread its influence, all the while reportedly supporting North Korea’s nuclear program as well as radical Islamic terrorist groups across the globe. According to the State Department, Iran remains the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.  Now, imagine what a fully nuclear-armed North Korea would mean for the world. The rogue nation already reportedly has intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach its traditional foes in the region, and possibly a U.S. city. This alone puts millions of lives at risk, but even more would be at risk if the North Koreans are able to build a nuclear-armed ICBM and nuclear conflict breaks out.
Setting aside North Korea’s launch capabilities, consider how perilous things could get if Pyongyang started to more actively work with terrorists and the nations that support them. Nuclear weapons, or even nuclear material, in the hands of international terrorists creates an entirely new, very different threat.




NBC Catching Flack From Both Trump and Mattis Over Phony Nuke Report

By Andrew West October 11, 2017

The mainstream media continues to dig its own grave this week as NBC published a completely false story about the nuclear ambitions of the United States.

While President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that updating the U.S. nuclear arsenal must be a priority in our modern age, at no time did the Commander in Chief ever insinuate that he was hoping to increase the number of atomic devices at his disposal.  Seeing as the world, and the U.S. in particular, maintains more than enough of these weapons to eliminate any threat on the entire planet, the President’s push for preventative maintenance seems like a perfectly acceptable concern.
NBC, however, in hopes of stoking the fires of the liberal “resistance” to the President, reported days ago that Donald Trump was looking to increase the size, scope, and destructive capability of the nation’s nuclear arsenal – a piece of fake news that has reverberated around the nation and the globe at a time in which the United States faces a number of unique and unprecedented threats.
Now, both President Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis cleared the air today, blasting NBC for their dangerous and delusional story.
“President Trump and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis on Wednesday publicly refuted an NBC News report that claimed the commander-in-chief wanted to drastically increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal, with Trump calling the press ‘disgusting.’
“On the sidelines of a meeting in the Oval Office with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump slammed the NBC report that said he sought a ‘nearly tenfold increase’ in the nuclear arsenal during a summer meeting.



The Memo: Who’s winning Trump’s war with media?

President Trump has opened up a new front in his war against the media, this time with NBC News in his sights. But is the conflict taming the press or simply making it stronger?
Trump has used attacks on the media to fire up his base since his campaign began. There are few more reliable applause lines at his rallies than his attacks on the “fake news media.”
Yet at the same time, news organizations have reaped journalistic and commercial rewards from a White House that is unparalleled in its drama and volatility.
Read the full story here




–TRUMP NOMINATES KRISTJEN NIELSEN TO HEAD DHS: President Trump plans to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen, a top aide to White House chief of staff John Kelly, to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the White House announced Wednesday. Nielsen served as Kelly’s top aide during his stint as DHS secretary earlier this year and continued to work as his deputy chief of staff after he moved to the West Wing. She has extensive experience in homeland security policy, cybersecurity and emergency management, the White House noted in its announcement. Nielsen previously worked at DHS as senior legislative policy director for the Transportation and Security Administration under President George W. Bush and served on the White House Homeland Security Council under Bush.
To read the rest of our piece, click here.
–…A CYBERSECURITY READY PICK: Nielsen was formerly the president of Sunesis Consulting, which focused on critical infrastructure resiliency and security, including cybersecurity.

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