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Archive for October 7th, 2017

Middle East Refugee Resettlements Plummet Under Trump

(LifeZette) Although the federal courts blocked President Donald Trump from formally lowering the cap on refugee admissions to 50,000, he largely achieved the goal in practice, statistics released Thursday show.
50K Refugee Cap Reached; Only Those w/ Family Relationships Now Allowed

50K Refugee Cap Reached; Only Those w/ Family Relationships Now Allowed

According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, the United States resettled 53,716 refugees in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That is a 36.8 percent reduction from fiscal year 2016 and the lowest number since 2007.
The Trump administration has established a cap of 45,000 for the current fiscal year. That is the lowest number since the program was created in 1980 and a dramatic departure from a ramp-up as part of a campaign to take in more refugees from the 6-year-old Syrian civil war.
Obama had set the fiscal year 2017 refugee cap at 110,000. Trump ordered that reduced to 50,000 as part of an executive order temporarily blocking travelers from seven — and then six in a revised order — terrorism-compromised countries. But the courts blocked the entire executive order.
Even with uncertainty over the official number, however, refugee resettlements in the United States plummeted each month Trump has been in office until an uptick last month. Relocations dropped from 6,777 in January to just 913 in August, before rebounding 324 last month. The country resettled more people during the first four months — when Obama was still president — than it did in the final eight.
 PREVIOUSLY: Supreme Court Agrees w/ Trump; Some Refugees Can Be Banned for Now
“Most of them came before [Trump took office], and then a little bit came after that,” said Nayla Rush, a senior researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies.


Schumer to Trump: Obamacare Repeal ‘Off the Table’

Image: Schumer to Trump: Obamacare Repeal 'Off the Table'
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

By Wanda Carruthers   |   Saturday, 07 Oct 2017 11:25 AM
“The president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and I told the president that’s off the table,” Schumer said in a statement about a phone call he had with Trump on Friday.  “If he wants to work together to improve the existing health care system, we Democrats are open to his suggestions. A good place to start might be the Alexander-Murray negotiations that would stabilize the system and lower costs,” Schumer added.
Trump confirmed earlier Saturday morning what sources had reported Friday that the president called Schumer about working to fix the nation’s healthcare system.
 “I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums. Who knows!” Trump tweeted early Saturday.  Republican efforts have fallen short to fulfill what many lawmakers had made as campaign promises to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Trump is once again signaling to Democrats he’s open to working with them to enact legislation after GOP efforts failed.


Final Farewell Posting from John Casey

This is my final statement addressing why I am ending my participation
in the climate change debate and is in follow-up to my email a month
ago announcing my stroke.

Best Regards,
John Casey

Image result for john casey climate change picture

Dear Friends,

Effective today, October 7, 2017,  I have decided to end my aggressive, demanding, ten year long effort to warn my fellow citizens to prepare for a coming cold climate and associated historic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

This decision is based on the extent of my disability from a stroke I had a little over a month ago and two medical emergencies from stroke related internal organ problems I have experienced in the past two weeks while still in the hospital.

Realistically, I must now devote 100% of my time to a lengthy recovery and end any potentially stressful work that may cause yet another stroke.

Please continue to rely on the many online videos that exist of my public presentations or interviews and my books, “Dark Winter,” and “Upheaval!” to provide you information on how to prepare for what I believe will be a challenging future.

 It has been my great honor to have served you during the past decade. Further, I want to say that I have been humbled by the outpouring of support I have received from thousands of Americans who have come to my side over the years – extending their friendship and appreciation for my crusade for truth in climate science.

I wish you all the best as we enter the next predicted cold climate and associated historic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Good bye and Best Wishes,

John  Casey

Disney and its properties, from ESPN to Marvel, obsessively push left-wing politics while alienating their own customers

By BombThrowers——Previous Articles–October 6, 2017

Disney CEO: we’ve given ESPN license to push left-wing politics

A fish rots from the head. So does Disney.
If you want to understand why Disney and its properties, from ESPN to Marvel, obsessively push left-wing politics while alienating their own customers, there are worse places to start than with Disney’s Darth Vader, CEO Bob Iger.

Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company has said he stands behind ESPN’s politically-vocal employee Jamele Hill, and has empathy for those NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem…

Iger also revealed that he intervened in support of Jamele Hill.

“I’ve not ever experienced prejudice and certainly not racism,” Iger went on, “so it’s hard for me to understand what they’re feeling about this, what it feel like to experience racism, so I felt that we need to take into account what Jemele and other people at ESPN were feeling at this time. That resulted in us not taking action on the Tweet that she put out.”

Iger also acknowledged the NFL athletes who have lately not been standing for the national anthem, and those other ESPN employees who feel strongly on the subject, saying, “I think athletes in many cases feel that they have an obligation. Having earned the voice that they’ve earned as successful athletes, to speak out on various issues that are meaningful to them, so we’ve given ESPN license to do it.”

License is indeed a good word.
Meanwhile, Iger would also like to push for gun control.



Victory! Department of Defense purges SPLC information from its training material

By October 7, 2017
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Under the Obama administration, DEOMI officers used SPLC data to identify high-profile Christian ministries as domestic hate groups at briefings

The Department of Defense (DOD) has recently removed all its material related to extremist groups that came from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The DOD infamously used the discredited SPLC’s data, which led it compare Catholic and Protestant Christians to al Qaeda, as examples of religious extremism. CRC has extensively covered the left-wing bent of the SPLC that has prompted it to include mainstream, conservative nonprofits with legitimate hate groups with histories of violence.
The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained an email from the Department of Justice in which Brian J. Field, assistant U.S. attorney for the DOD Civil Division, confirmed that the DOD Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity has removed “any and all references to the SPLC in training materials used by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).”
The DOD founded the DEOMI in 1971 (then called the Defense Race Relations Institute) after an inter-service task force examined the causes and potential cures of racial turbulence within the military. Today, the institute provides race relations education to the members of the Armed Forces.
Under the Obama administration, DEOMI officers used SPLC data to
high-profile Christian ministries as domestic hate groups at briefings. In the spring of 2013, a United States Army Reserve presentation included a slide, which lectured the servicemen and women that “religious extremism is not limited to any single religion, ethnic group, or region of the world.” Another slide, drawing on the SPLC’s definition of ‘”ate,” included Evangelical Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Catholicism, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the same category with al Qaeda, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and the Ku Klux Klan.



Hillary Clinton is embarrassingly wrong. Surely Democrats must be tired of her attempts to remain in the political spotlight.


Jeff Crouere imageBy October 7, 2017

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Hillary Clinton refuses to accept reality and is desperately trying to cling to political relevance. She has enjoyed a lifetime of political privilege as a First Lady, a United States Senator, a Secretary of State and a presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Sadly, she was awarded all of these prestigious positions because
 of her husband, not due to her own merit.
On her own, Hillary Clinton is a disastrous loser. In fact, she is the most famous two-time presidential loser in U.S. history who should have received a clear message from the American people. The voters of this country do not want her to be President of the United States

Hillary Clinton cannot move past her election loss and will not “go quietly into that good night.”

In 2008, she lost the Democratic Party nomination to an unknown and unproven United States Senator. In 2016, as the infamous email disclosure proved, Clinton was the beneficiary of a corrupt Democratic Party nomination process. Despite having a Democratic National Committee giving her every advantage, and CNN giving her advance notice of debate questions, Hillary Clinton barely defeated an elderly socialist Senator for her party’s nomination. In the general election, she lost the presidency to a political novice, Donald Trump, who was facing incredible disadvantages.
Clearly, Hillary Clinton cannot move past her election loss and will not “go quietly into that good night.” She is a bitter loser, who is mad at the world and especially livid at the American people. As part of her media tour promoting her new book, “What Happened,” Hillary was recently interviewed for the Irish television program, “Late, Late Show.” Hillary claimed that the loss was “excruciating.” She admitted that she did not even prepare a concession speech and that the loss left her in a “state of shock.”
Obviously, Hillary and her campaign team were overconfident. They believed the phony polls and the false praise from the leftist media. They were facing a candidate, who was derided as a former reality television star and was being destroyed on a daily basis by a hostile media.
While Clinton had a united Democratic Party supporting her, Trump had to deal with a divided Republican Party. In the campaign, Hillary spent almost twice as much money as Donald Trump and was advised by an experienced team of professionals, as well as her husband, who was elected President of the United States twice.

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