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Archive for August 1st, 2017

Trump can alter the Employer Mandate in ObamaCare by Executive Order




By —— Bio and Archives August 1, 2017

So, just by changing back the definition of what constitutes full time employment, President Trump can essentially eradicate, as in destroy, the employer mandate portion of ObamaCare –and there’s not much Congress can do about it.

Unlike Republican members of Congress, Trump can use his pen to fundamentally transform ObamaCare.  The Affordable Health Care for America Act (ObamaCare) forces businesses to provide health insurance largely via the employer mandate.
The Obama regime had the IRS define a full time employee as follows:

An employee is considered full-time if he or she has sufficient hours of service. In particular, for purposes of the employer shared responsibility provisions, an employee is a full-time employee for a calendar month if he or she averages at least 30 hours of service per week or has 130 hours of service in the month (130 hours of service in a month is treated as the monthly equivalent of at least 30 hours of service per week).

Since its passage, the employer mandate has been a major drag on the U.S. economy.

Firms with 50 or more full time employees are required to provide health insurance to their employees. Consequently, many small firms are afraid to expand to 50 full time employees because of the cost they’d incur of providing healthcare.

Their hesitancy to grow their businesses has made the economy less competitive, enabling larger firms to face less competition.

If you ask many U.S. employers, they’ll quietly tell you ObamaCare is a major reason they are not expanding headcount.

There is nothing to stop President Trump from signing an Executive Order that defines a “full time employee” as the Department of Labor did before the Affordable Health Care for America Act went into effect—40 hours of work a week.

For much of the 20th Century, this was the standard definition of a full time job in America. And, most Americans still consider a 40 hour work week as the standard measure of full time employment.

The Obama regime dialed down the definition of full time employment to 30 hours because they knew many employers, particularly smaller firms, did not want to provide health insurance at work.

But, and this is the crucial point, there’s absolutely nothing in the ObamaCare law that prevents President Trump from changing back the definition of full time employment to 40 hours as week.

Oh, there would be howls of protest from Democrat Senators like Dick Durbin (IL) and Chuck Schumer (NY), but, in response, President Trump can remind them that he could, if he wished, define a full time employee as someone working 168 hours a week. There are, after all, 168 hours in a week.


Trent Franks: Mueller must resign from Russia probe because of long friendship with Comey

Federal law prevents the special counsel from
serving if the person has a conflict of interest

In this Sept. 4, 2013, file photo, then-incoming FBI Director James Comey talks with outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller before Comey was officially sworn in at the Justice Department in Washington. On May 17, 2017, the Justice Department said it is appointing Mueller as special counsel to oversee investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)Photo by: Susan Walsh
In this Sept. 4, 2013, file photo, then-incoming FBI Director James Comey talks with outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller before Comey was officially sworn in at the Justice Department in Washington. On May 17, 2017, the Justice Department said it is appointing Mueller as special counsel to oversee investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
By Andrea Noble – The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 1, 2017
A Republican congressman is calling on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign from his role leading the Russia investigation, citing the investigator’s friendship with former FBI Director James B. Comey.
Rep. Trent Franks said Mr. Mueller’s relationship with Mr. Comey should make him ineligible to lead a probe of Russian interference in the presidential election and any possible coordination with the Trump campaign — the investigation includes whether the president fired the FBI director in an effort to undermine the investigation.
“Those who worked under them have attested he and Jim Comey possess a close friendship, and they have delivered on-the-record statements effusing praise of one another,” Mr. Franks, Arizona Republican, said in a statement issued Tuesday. “No one knows Mr. Mueller’s true intentions, but neither can anyone dispute that he now clearly appears to be a partisan arbiter of justice.”    Mr. Franks, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, cited federal law that prevents the special counsel from serving in the role if the person has a conflict of interest. In Mr. Mueller’s case, the lawmaker said that conflict is “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation.”
Mr. Mueller was appointed to lead the FBI by President George W. Bush. He headed the bureau for 12 years before Mr. Comey was appointed in 2013, but the two men worked together for a time when Mr. Comey served as deputy attorney general.   The decision to appoint Mr. Mueller as special counsel fell to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all investigations related to the presidential campaign. The appointment was made a week after Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey.
    Mr. Franks’ call for Mr. Mueller’s resignation comes as other lawmakers have expressed concern that the president may be looking to fire his attorney general as a vehicle for removing the special counsel or curtailing his investigation.   Mr. Trump has expressed disappointment over the fact Mr. Sessions recused himself from the investigation, meanwhile members of his administration have been critical of some of the attorneys Mr. Mueller has selected for his special counsel team and the widening scope of the investigation.
At least five members of the team have given donations to Democratic candidates. Mr. Mueller is a registered Republican


Three Congressional Representatives Absolute Betrayal to their constituents -John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins

Mike Huckabee Newsletter

Obamacare betrayal

Well, it’s official: what happened to Julius Caesar is no longer the most nefarious backstabbing ever performed by Senators. After seven years of voting for repeals of Obamacare that they knew would be blocked by a Democratic Senate or vetoed by Obama, Republicans promised voters that they would undo this terrible law that was rammed down our throats if they only had the power. So voters gave them first the House…then the Senate…then the White House. More than any other issue, getting rid of Obamacare fueled the rise of the Tea Party and propelled the Republicans into absolute power. Now, their voters must be wondering why they even bothered.

Last night, in the dead of night, three Republicans (John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins) voted against the last-ditch bill to repeal and replace, leaving the massive Obamacare boondoggle in place. Proving that somehow, some Republicans are always able to find a way to capitulate to the left even when losing is virtually impossible.

It’s certainly arguable that the bill before them wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t going to be the final bill. Whatever they passed would have then gone into negotiations with the House. Now, one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed will stand as the “law of the land” (it only edged above 50% support after months of Democrats falsely claiming that any replacement would make millions of people die – meaning that about half of Americans think it’s slightly preferable to mass death.)

After the deep-night betrayal, Senate “Majority” Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s now time to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats to see what they can contribute. We already know their plan: pour more tax money down the rat hole of the unsustainable Obamacare system until it collapses and we all get Charlie Gard-style national health care. Not that they’ll admit it: an amendment endorsing single payer was put up last night and got not a single vote because Democrats thought it was a trap. Most just voted “present.” They know better than to go on record as being in favor of things they’re actually in favor of.

W. James Antell III put it perfectly in the Washington Examiner when he wrote that last night, Senate Republicans repealed the Tea Party. But I have a feeling the Tea Party won’t take being repealed lying down. Expect some noodle-kneed Republican Senators to face major primary challenges. Also look for petitions to repeal the 17th amendment and let state legislatures go back to electing Senators, the way the Founders intended. I’m disgusted enough that I might sign one of those myself.

The tale of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Mike Huckabee – Newsletter

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Today’s Commentary:  Democrat IT scandal  — Still repeal — Tax reform please — Sam Shepard RIP — Sheriff Joe goes to jail  — News Bits 



The tale of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Congressional Democrats’ runaway IT guy just keeps getting weirder. Pakistani-born Imran Awan was arrested by the FBI last week as he was allegedly trying to flee the US, where he’s under investigation for bank fraud. He had reportedly wired over $280,000 to Pakistan, and his wife had $12,000 cash hidden in her suitcase. He and his family had been on the Congressional payroll, taking care of multiple House Democrats’ computers, and had been paid over $4 million since 2009, a staggering sum compared to what Republicans pay for such part time contract work.

The Awans had access to Democratic Congress members’ devices and could have also accessed classified and private files, creating opportunities for espionage and extortion. Several House IT workers told the Daily Caller that they were baffled by the Democrats’ inexplicable loyalty to the Awans and suspected they were being blackmailed. Most did drop them after the criminal investigation was announced in February, but strangely enough, Rep. Wasserman Schultz not only refused to fire Awan and his wife, she seemed prepared to keep paying him even after he went to Pakistan and couldn’t possibly be performing any IT services for her. She only cut him off after he was arrested. And then there was that angry outburst at the Capitol Police, where she threatened “consequences” if her laptop wasn’t returned, presumably without anyone looking at what was on it.

House Republicans are demanding an explanation and a watchdog group called the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) has filed an ethics complaint against Wasserman Schultz. Raising suspicions even higher, the mainstream media are desperately trying to avoid covering the story and a lawyer for the DNC accused anyone who asks questions of Islamophobia for attacking a hardworking Muslim immigrant family. They must have been awfully hardworking: Awan managed to get himself, his wife, his brother, his brother’s wife and his youngest brother all on staff at fat salaries, with the youngest, 20-year-old brother Jamal, pulling down $160,000 a year of your tax money. That’s four times the typical Congressional staff salary.

It’s not yet clear what’s going on here, but if it’s true that “where there’s smokescreen, there’s fire,” then something’s burning in the House of Representatives.


Mike Huckabee


Facebook, Twitter and all social media organizations need to put the brakes on ANTIFA; they are an anarchist group proposing the overthrow of our Government, akin to the NAZI’s of past.

This is an Anti-American Government terror group, First amendment rights do not protect actions that threaten to destroy property, injure people, or overthrow the Government, they are not doing peaceful demonstrations when they arrive in black uniforms, carry Knives, Bricks, clubs, Concrete etc. These people are promoting anarchy(Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people, or a single person that rejects hierarchy)  Their goal is to overthrow the installed Government.  They should be dealt with the same way you would a gang of hoodlums or a terrorist organization round them up and arrest, imprison.
Webmaster JEN.
  New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

Anarchist Extremists: Antifa

Anti-fascist groups, or “Antifa,” are a subset of the anarchist movement and focus on issues involving racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism, as well as other perceived injustices.
  • Self-described Antifa groups have been established across the United States and in several major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. A majority of New Jersey-based anarchist groups are affiliated with the Antifa movement and are opposed to “fascism,” racism, and law enforcement. Antifa groups coordinate regionally and have participated in protests in New York City and Philadelphia. There are three loosely organized chapters in New Jersey, known as the North Jersey Antifa, the South Jersey Antifa, and the HubCity Antifa New Brunswick (Middlesex County).
  • In December 2016, a group known as the Antifascist Action-Nebraska engaged in a doxing campaign against a prominent member of American Vanguard, a white supremacist organization. The group published his personal information on several social media platforms and posted fliers on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus, calling for his expulsion.
  • On March 28, a small fight occurred between Antifa members and supporters of the US President during a rally in Seaside Heights (Ocean County).  Because of advance publicity about the event on social media, local and state law enforcement officers were able to keep altercations to a minimum.
Violent confrontations between Antifa members and white supremacists—as well as militia groups—will likely continue because of ideological differences and Antifa’s ability to organize on social media. In the past year, Antifa groups have become active across the United States, employing a variety of methods to disrupt demonstrations.
  • On April 18, following the Patriots Day Free Speech Rally in Berkeley, California—which turned violent—an Antifa member wrote, “Every Nazi that gets punched is a victory. . . . We must realize that these days are going to become more and more common, unless we put a nail in this coffin once and for all.”  On March 29, as a response to an Antifa post on social media, a national militia group wrote in an online article, “Whenever their kind [Antifa] assumes power, individual freedom, including of speech and worship, is brutally suppressed.”
  • Beginning in March, the Philadelphia Antifa Chapter used Facebook to encourage followers to disrupt a “Make America Great Again” event in Philadelphia, resulting in over 300 participants. Antifa’s presence resulted in law enforcement shutting down the event early for safety concerns. As of May, a manual on how to form an Antifa group—posted on a well-known Anarchist website in February—had approximately 13,500 views.
  • On February 1, the University of California Berkeley canceled a controversial speaker’s appearance following a protest by approximately 100 Antifa members. In response, far-right extremists assembled at a free-speech rally, which Antifa members disrupted, resulting in 10 arrests and seven injuries. Additionally, on April 15, Antifa and far-right extremists clashed at a demonstration, leading to 23 arrests and 11 injuries.


  • On February 11, members of the 211 Crew/211 Bootboys, a white supremacist gang, allegedly attacked two brothers at a New York City bar after seeing a “New York City anti-fascist sticker” on the back of one of the victim’s cellphones, according to New York authorities.
  • In June 2016, 300 counter-protesters, including anarchist extremists, attacked 25 members of the white supremacist Traditionalist Worker Party with knives, bottles, bricks, and concrete from a construction site while rallying at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, injuring 10.

For more information, please contact NJOHSP’s Analysis Bureau at or 609-584-4000.


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