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Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional seat Karen Handel speaks at an election night watch party in Roswell, Ga., Tuesday, April 18, 2017. (AP Photo/David Goldman) ** FILE **

Dear Friend:

Today, more than ever, we need to come together for one goal, help President Trump to have the right people around him. The opposition is strong and play dirty. It is our job as US Citizens to get involved and make sure they don’t succeed.

The last poll shows Democrat Jon Ossoff leads Republican Karen Handel 47%-45%

We need to be proactive and act when we can. The election for Georgia Congressional District 6 is very close. We are running against a Democratic machine with an unlimited budget and we need your contribution to compete.

Help Karen Handel win to keep Atlanta from falling into the Liberals hands. Chip in $25, $50, $100 or more Today.

Karen Handel served the people of Georgia as the Secretary of State and is Pro Life, Pro Second Amendment and Pro School Choice but most of all, Karen Handel is Pro Trump and that is why we need her in Washington.  How much Fake News can Atlanta take?  Fake Jon Ossoff can not even vote in this election yet Karen Handel is forced to campaign against a person with no Accomplishments.  BlakPac does the best job explaining that Jon Ossoff is an empty suit. We make it clear to everyone, Black and White, that he says he is a documentary filmmaker but can barely work a camera. Tyler Perry is a filmmaker with many movies and television shows to his credit. Jon Ossoff experience as a filmmaker is FAKE.

We need to match  and outperform the opponent on resources so we are asking for the largest donation you can to make sure no vote goes unchallenged for Karen Handel.

Only BlakPac has the messaging and the experience to reach and educate minorities to vote Republican. We have done it before when we launched the largest minority engagement program in history to elect Donald. J. Trump. But we need today more resources to succeed.

Let’s help President Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!

God Bless You!


Sen. Elbert Guillory

BlakPac Spokesperson

The Koch brothers launch campaign to pass President Trump’s tax cuts

WASHINGTON — In a major jolt of support for President Trump, the powerful political network overseen by conservative billionaire Charles Koch is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign to drive Trump’s tax plan through Congress.
Koch, who viewed Trump’s candidacy warily, now is racing to build public and congressional support for plans to overhaul the tax code. Trump’s one-page tax blueprint, released last month, includes plans to slash the corporate tax rate, reduce taxes for high-income earners and abolish the federal estate tax.
The group plans to throw “the full weight of the network” behind the campaign with the goal of passing a tax overhaul this year, said James Davis, a top official in Koch’s Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce. Davis would not disclose a specific dollar amount but said the effort would include advertising and mobilizing grassroots activists.
The campaign is expected to last into the fall.
The chaos and controversy engulfing Trump’s White House threatens to imperil his legislative agenda on everything from taxes to a plan to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. But network officials see a window to push the tax plan this year, well in advance of the midterm elections that could risk Republican control of Congress.
“If you don’t do it now, it becomes increasingly difficult,” Davis said.
The network ranks among the most influential players in conservative politics with operations in 36 states and its own grassroots arm and for-profit data and marketing branches. In all, about 550 ultra-wealthy donors help finance the constellation of political and nonprofit groups associated with Koch and his brother David Koch.
Those groups plan to spend $300 million to $400 million on policy and political campaigns ahead on the 2018 elections.
Although Koch opposes Trump’s travel bans and questions the president’s skepticism of free-trade policies, the head of one the country’s largest industrial conglomerates has praised Trump for several actions since taking office, including his move to dismantle “unnecessary” federal regulations.

GOP senator: Flynn ‘not cooperating’ in Russia probe

GOP senator: Flynn ‘not cooperating’ in Russia probe

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn is not cooperating with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian election interference, Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said Thursday.  Burr initially said Flynn was not complying with a subpoena issued by the committee before quickly walking back his remarks to reporters.
While Flynn “is not cooperating” so far, Burr said, he hasn’t gotten a “definitive” answer from Flynn’s lawyers.  “I may have been premature,” Burr said. “There may be a day or two left.”  Flynn’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment or confirmation.  The demand is for documents related to the committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.
Flynn — the former intelligence officer who was fired in February for misleading Vice President Pence and other White House officials about the contents of a December phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak — has been under scrutiny for accepting payments from Russia and Turkey and allegedly misleading the government about them.



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