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Archive for May 13th, 2017


The Hill Tipsheet

President Trump is escalating his public feud with former FBI director James Comey.  Under siege in the media and on Capitol Hill, Trump on Friday morning lobbed a direct threat at the former director, tweeting that Comey “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”
Trump has gotten little support as he has ramped up the fight.
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Trump’s warning to Comey deepens White House crisis
By Jordan Fabian
President Trump added fuel to the fire engulfing his White House on Friday by warning now-fired FBI Director James Comey not to reveal anything about their conversations.
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Four candidates interviewing for FBI director job Saturday
By Mark Hensch
Acting FBI Director James McCabe and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) are among four candidates interviewing Saturday to serve as the FBI’s permanent director, a source told The Hill.
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 Trump: ‘I don’t think it’s inappropriate’ asking for FBI chief’s loyalty
By Mark Hensch
President Trump argued Friday that there is nothing “inappropriate” about asking for the FBI director’s loyalty, while denying that he made such a demand before firing former director James Comey.
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Treasury Dept. to share Trump-Russia info for Senate probeBy Brandon Carter
The Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit will share information requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its investigation into potential ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russia, according to multiple reports Friday.
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Gates on Comey: Trump should’ve had his ‘ducks in a row’
By Mark Hensch
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says in an interview airing this weekend that President Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey was “not terribly well done.”
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 Feinstein: Deputy AG should name special prosecutor or resign
By Jordain Carney
A second key Senate Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), is calling on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to resign if he does not name a special prosecutor to handle the investigation into Russia’s election interference.
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Deputy AG sees no need for special prosecutor on Russia: report
By Mark Hensch
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein doesn’t find it necessary at this point to appoint a special prosecutor to probe Russia’s interference in the presidential election, CNN reported Friday, citing sources familiar with his thinking.
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Warren rips Trump in commencement speech: No one is above the law
By Jordain Carney
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took multiple swipes at President Trump during a commencement address Friday, days after he fired FBI Director James Comey. “Fireball is a nickname Donald Trump uses on Twitter, not a beverage to be consumed by distinguished college graduates,” she said.
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 Global ransomware attack using stolen NSA tool hits 74 countries
By Joe Uchill
A massive international ransomware campaign apparently using hacking tools stolen from the NSA struck computers across the world Friday, shuttering British hospitals and hobbling a Spanish telecom.
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 The New York Times: ‘Looking like a liar or a fool’: What it means to work for Trump
By Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman
President Trump has never shown any reluctance to sacrifice a surrogate to serve a short-term political need, so he apparently did not think twice this week about exposing a series of staff members to ridicule as he repeatedly shifted his explanation for firing James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director.
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Reuters: After tough week, Trump looks for a lift at Liberty University
By Roberta Rampton
President Donald Trump on Saturday is set to deliver the commencement address – his first as president – to Liberty University, the nation’s largest Christian college, where he is expected to find to a friendly audience after a week of turmoil in Washington.
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The Washington Post: Trump has a long history of secretly recording calls, according to former associates
By Marc Fisher
Throughout Donald Trump’s business career, some executives who came to work for him were taken aside by colleagues and warned to assume that their discussions with the boss were being recorded
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 The Associated Press: After Comey firing, Trump’s frustrations boiled over
By Julie Pace and Jonathan Lemire
After four months in office, President Donald Trump has become distrustful of some of his White House staff, heavily reliant on a handful of family members and longtime aides, and furious that the White House’s attempts to quell the firestorm over the FBI and congressional Russia investigations only seem to add more fuel.
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The Wall Street Journal: U.S.-China trade plan marks key first step
By William Mauldin
An initial trade framework between the U.S. and China shows that President Donald Trump is willing to put aside his tough rhetoric and accept a limited deal with Beijing in a bid for more substantial agreements down the road.
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