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Exclusive Video – Jackie Mason to Paul Ryan: If You Want to Save the Country, ‘Get Another Job’

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie weighs in on the GOP’s failed healthcare bill, explaining that Republicans in Washington were focused on “repealing and replacing” the wrong thing.   “When they were talking about ‘repeal and replace,’ they were stupid,” Jackie says. “They were talking about healthcare, they should have been talking about [House Speaker Paul] Ryan. If Ryan was repealed and replaced we would have had no problem today.”
Jackie — who was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in Ryan’s home state  — says he finds it odd that a Speaker of the House who is supposed to be some kind of “genius” can’t count correctly.  “You know what Ryan should do if he wanted to save this whole country? Get another job,” he says. “Find out something that you actually know. If there’s nothing like that, sit in the House and don’t bother anybody. Mind your own business, you’ll save the country.”
Meanwhile, Jackie says the old Republican excuse about not being able to get things done until they control all the branches of government is getting stale, and quickly. Watch Jackie’s latest clip above, and find the rest of his weekly clips for Breitbart News here.


Perez: ‘Trump Didn’t Win The Election’ — Republicans
‘Don’t Give A S**t About People’ [VIDEO]

New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Friday night said President Trump “didn’t win the election” and suggested his Republican Party doesn’t care about voters.  The comments by Perez, Labor secretary under President Obama, appear to leave little doubt about the direction in which he will try to take the struggling committee.
“Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values. You didn’t win this election,” Perez said at the rally hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, according to a video posted by The Daily Caller.  Washington Democrats have since 2010 lost control of the House, then the Senate and the White House in 2016.  FOXNEWS – IF YOU CAN STAND ANYMORE CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF THE STORY>>>>>

The Bill To Fix Health Care – Permanently

Let’s lay out the parameters for a bill, a fairly-modest update to my two previous missives on this point here and here (note the dates) and which can be easily turned into formal legislative language:
  • All providers must post, in their offices and on a public web site without any requirement to sign in or otherwise identify oneself to access it, a full and complete price list which shall apply to every person.  This instantly allows customers to compare pricing between providers for services and products in the medical realm.
  • All customers must be billed for actual charges at the same price on a direct basis at the time the service or product is rendered to them.  This immediately and permanently decouples “insurance” from the provision of care.  The current system of an “explanation of benefits” that often features a “negotiated discount” of some 90% is nothing other than an extortion racket and is arguably felonious — threatening to bankrupt someone if they don’t buy your “insurance” through a threat to charge them ten times as much certainly appears to be a criminal enterprise and, given that more than one entity is involved, looks like it meets the definition of Racketeering.  Insurance coverage may well cover some, part or none of a given bill, and nothing prevents an insurer from telling you in advance of your visit how much they will pay (if anything) for a given procedure or drug.  Indeed you should demand that information from them and use it as part of choosing where to obtain treatment but the bill still has to be rendered to you, you have to be the one to file the claim and everyone must pay the same price to the same provider for the same kind and quantity of product or service.
  • For a bill to be valid and collectible it must be affirmatively consented to in writing, with a disclosure of the actual price to be charged from the above schedule for each item to be provided whether good or service, prior to the service being performed or the good furnished, subject only to the emergency exception below.  A bill that is increased, has items added to it after consent is obtained, which contains any open-ended promise to pay without an actual price listed for each service or good prior to customer consent or is issued with no consent at all is deemed fraudulent and void. This instantly stops “drive-by” doctor charges in hospitals as just one example.  It also prevents charging $20 for an aspirin; nobody would tolerate being billed by the square for toilet paper in a hotel!  Hospitals will of course squawk that they cannot operate like this as they “can’t” figure out what is required until after-the-fact but that’s false; nothing prevents them from advertising “Appendectomy: $2,000” and that being the soup-to-nuts price.  In fact that’s exactly what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does today so quite-clearly it both can and does work.  In addition this change will permanently and immediately put a stop to the ridiculous practice of defensive medicine (read below for the explanation.)  You would never accept a gas station that only displays the cost of your gasoline after you pumped it and varied that price based on who your car insurance was bought from or a grocery store that had no prices posted at all and only gave you a total after your groceries were taken out of the store and the transaction could not be refused.

  • No event caused by or a consequence of treatment can be billed to the customer.  This instantly aligns the interest of the customer in not having such an adverse complication (e.g. MRSA, etc) with the medical provider.  As it stands right now hospitals actually have an incentive for you to have a complication since they make more money if you do.  If you call me to fix your roof and I drop my ladder causing it to crash through your picture window I get to pay for the glass I broke through my ineptness.  The same must apply to medical providers.  For those who claim hospitals and similar can’t adopt such a model I point to the OKC surgery center, which does exactly this — and has a lower complication rate (gee, I wonder why when they have to eat it if they cause it….)


A Health Care Plan So Simple, Even A Republican Can Understand


It’s always impossible to repeal laws that require Ann to pay for greedy people, because the greedy run out on the streets wailing that the Republicans are murdering them.  Obamacare is uniquely awful because the free stuff isn’t paid for through income taxes: It’s paid for through MY health insurance premiums. This is unfortunate because I wanted to buy health insurance.
 Perhaps you’re not aware — SINCE YOU EXEMPTED YOURSELVES FROM OBAMACARE, CONGRESS — but buying or selling health insurance is illegal in America.
Right now, there’s no free market because insurance is insanely regulated not only by Obamacare, but also by the most corrupt organizations in America: state insurance commissions. (I’m talking to you, New York!)   Federal and state laws make it illegal to sell health insurance that doesn’t cover a laughable array of supposedly vital services based on bureaucrats’ medical opinions of which providers have the best lobbyists.
As a result, it’s illegal to sell health insurance that covers any of the medical problems I’d like to insure against. Why can’t the GOP keep Obamacare for the greedy — but make it legal for Ann to buy health insurance?
This is how it works today:
ME: I’m perfectly healthy, but I’d like to buy health insurance for heart disease, broken bones, cancer, and everything else that a normal person would ever need, but no more.
INSURANCE COMPANY: That will be $700 a month, the deductible is $35,000, no decent hospital will take it, and you have to pay for doctor’s visits yourself. But your plan covers shrinks, infertility treatments, sex change operations, autism spectrum disorder treatment, drug rehab and 67 other things you will never need.
INSURANCE COMPANY UNDER ANN’S PLAN: That will be $50 a month, the deductible is $1,000, you can see any doctor you’d like, and you have full coverage for any important medical problems you could conceivably have in a million years.
Mine is a two-step plan (and you don’t have to do the second step, so it’s really a one-step plan).
STEP 1: Congress doesn’t repeal Obamacare! Instead, Congress passes a law, pursuant to its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce, that says: “In America, it shall be legal to sell health insurance on the free market. This law supersedes all other laws, taxes, mandates, coverage requirements, regulations or prohibitions, state or federal.”
The end. Love, Ann.
There will be no whining single mothers storming Congress with their pre-printed placards. People who want to stay on Obamacare can. No one is taking away anything. They can still have health insurance with free pony rides. It just won’t be paid for with Ann’s premiums anymore, because Ann will now be allowed to buy health insurance on the free market.   Americans will be free to choose among a variety of health insurance plans offered by willing sellers, competing with one another to provide the best plans at the lowest price. A nationwide market in health insurance will drive down costs and improve access — just like everything else we buy here in America!
Within a year, most Americans will be buying health insurance on the free market (and half of the rest will be illegal aliens). We’ll have TV ads with cute little geckos hawking amazing plans and young couples bragging about their broad coverage and great prices from this or that insurance company.   HUMANEVENTS -CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY>>>>>


Noah’s Ark
In the year 2016, the Lord came unto Noah,
who was now living in America and said:
“Once again, the earth has become wicked and over
-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.”
“Build another ark and save 2 of every living thing
along with a few good humans.”
He gave Noah the blueprints, saying:
“You have 6 months to build the ark before I will
start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.”
Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah
weeping in his yard – but no ark.
“Noah!,” He roared, “I’m about to start the rain!
Where is the ark?”
“Forgive me, Lord,” begged Noah, “but things have changed.”
“I needed a building permit.”
“I’ve been arguing with the boat inspector
about the need for a sprinkler system.”
“My neighbors claim that I’ve violated the
neighborhood by-laws by building the ark in my
back yard and exceeding the height limitations. We had to
go to the local Planning Committee for a decision.”
“Then the local Council and the electric company demanded
shed load of money for the future costs of moving power

lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the
passage for the ark’s move to the sea. I told them
that the sea would be coming to us, but they would

hear none of it.
“Getting the wood was another problem. There’s a ban
on cutting local trees in order to save the Greater Spotted Barn Owl.”
“I tried to convince the environmentalists that I
needed the wood to save the owls – but no go!”
“When I started gathering the animals the ASPCA took me to court. 
They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They
argued the accommodations were too restrictive and
it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in
a confined space.”

“Then the Environmental Protection Agency  
ruled that I couldn’t build the ark until they’d conducted an environmental impact study on your proposed flood.”   “I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the
Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I’m
supposed to hire for my building crew.”
“The Immigration Dept. is checking the
visa status of most of the people who want to work.”
“The trade unions say I can’t use my sons. They
insist I have to hire only Union workers with
ark-building experience.”
“To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I’m
trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.”
“So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10
years for me to finish this ark.”
“Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine,
and a rainbow stretched across the sky.”

Noah looked up in wonder and asked,
“You mean you’re not going to destroy the world?”
“No,” said the Lord.
“The Government beat me to it.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi Weekly Briefing 04/01/2017


Weekly Briefing
Attorney General Bondi’s Weekly Briefing

I have spent my entire career fighting drug trafficking and abuse—locally as a state prosecutor and statewide as Florida’s Attorney General. This week, President Donald J. Trump appointed me to the newly formed Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis to help combat drug abuse nationwide.
Our nation is in the grip of a deadly opioid epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2015 more than 33,000 people in the United States died from opioid overdoses. More than 3,000 of those deaths occurred in Florida.
We have made great strides in the fight against drug abuse in Florida, shutting down pill mills, outlawing synthetic drugs and dismantling drug trafficking rings. Since 2014, my Office of Statewide Prosecution charged 148 people with charges related to trafficking heroin.
This session, I am supporting legislation to add Fentanyl to Florida’s drug trafficking statute. Drug dealers now commonly mix Fentanyl with heroin—and users are unaware of what they are taking and sometimes think they are buying a Xanax or an over-the-counter pill—often resulting in death.
While all these actions are saving lives—Florida and our nation face an unprecedented threat from opioids flooding into our communities.
Florida law enforcement alone cannot stop this national epidemic and I am deeply encouraged by President Trump’s creation of the Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. The commission is chaired by Governor Chris Christie and includes other leaders who will fight to reduce drug abuse.
I am honored to work alongside these experts to help improve our nation’s fight against drug abuse and trafficking, save lives and heal broken people.
Pam Bondi
In The News

Fighting national opioid epidemic will take united front | Opinion, Sun Sentinel
Naples couple charged with trafficking prescription drugs, NBC 2
Collier couple accused of trafficking nearly $4 million in prescription drugs, Naples Daily News
Bondi to serve on new Trump lead Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission, News Talk Florida
President Trump Appoints Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi To Drug Panel, WFSU
Pam Bondi hosts Women’s Empowerment Panel at White House, Tampa Bay Times
Protecting Floridians

Florida Couple Arrested in Drug Diversion Scheme

Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced the arrest of a Naples couple in connection with a drug diversion scheme fueled by Medicaid fraud. According to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and FDLE investigation, Francisco Calderon, 53, and his wife Zulima Calderon, 51, trafficked more than $3.9 million of contraband prescription drugs between 2005 and 2013.
“This massive scheme to sell millions of dollars’ worth of contraband prescription drugs and exploit our Medicaid program has been shut down thanks to the great work of my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, my Office of Statewide Prosecution and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,” said Attorney General Bondi.    More.

President Donald J. Trump meeting with Attorney General Pam Bondi, Coach Tony Dungy, Derrick Brooks and President of Family First Mark Merrill in the Oval Office this week.
Attorney General Bondi moderating President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s Women’s Empowerment Panel at the White House on. Panelists included U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma. To watch remarks from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the panel, click here.

Attorney General Bondi visiting with Vice President Mike Pence, Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma, Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at the Women’s Empowerment Panel.
Attorney General Bondi joining the President, Governor Chris Christie and others in the White House Cabinet Room for an opioid and drug abuse listening session. Attorney General Bondi is honored to be appointed to the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. To view the Presidential Executive Order establishing the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, click here. To listen to the opioid and drug abuse listening session, click here.
Attorney General Bondi speaking to attendees at the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute training in Orlando. The training focused on protecting service members and veterans from scams and other unfair business practices.
Attorney General Bondi throwing the first pitch at the Yankees Spring Training game at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.
Red Swirl

First They Came for Judge Napolitano

by Cliff Kincaid

An admitted CIA mouthpiece writing for The Washington Post receives classified information and publishes it. He remains in good standing at the paper. Yet the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News offers his informed opinion that the British helped conduct surveillance on President Trump and is suspended for several days from on-air appearances.   This action by Fox News reflects disrespect for someone who has worked for the channel since 1998. It sends a message that the intelligence community, here and abroad, cannot be investigated.  Since the British NSA, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had issued a denial of what Napolitano had said, the feeling of most of the media (and the management of Fox News Channel) was apparently that this was the Gospel and must not be challenged.
The scalp of Judge Napolitano will forever be nailed to the wall of Fox News, setting an example of what happens when the establishment narrative about Russia and Trump is undermined. Napolitano was made into an example of what happens when the intelligence agencies are embarrassed.  We understand that journalists use intelligence officials as anonymous sources and therefore accommodate them. But when a commentator like Napolitano breaks the mold with information that embarrasses the intelligence community, he must be supported, not punished with a suspension. Otherwise, the notion of a free and independent press is a joke.
Meanwhile, an anchor for Fox News, gay activist Shepard Smith, makes a mockery of conservative values on a regular basis and continues to enjoy the blessings of the channel’s owners. This is what happens when a conservative channel takes its conservative base for granted and moves to the left in order to appear more acceptable to the rest of the media. Smith was actually designated to declare on the air that Napolitano’s report was incorrect. No details were offered on what investigations were done, if any, to question the sources behind his claims. One source came forward to validate what the judge had said.
His “return” was instructive and quite uncomfortable. Host Bill Hemmer offered a lame joke that Napolitano “had a few quiet days” and “likely needed them.” Napolitano said he stood by his report that the British played a role in the surveillance, “and the sources stand by it.”   Meanwhile, over at The Washington Post, CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius is still on the payroll of Jeff Bezos, the Amazon billionaire owner of the paper with CIA and NSA connections. Little is said or reported about this curious arrangement.
The Post is an example of the corporate marriage between the media and intelligence establishments. It has become a weapon in the arsenal of the Democratic Party and the Obama officials still ensconced in the intelligence agencies.      ACCURACY IN MEDIA – CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY>>>>>

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Think Media Reports Fake News

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans believe that both online news sources and traditional media outlets are guilty of publishing fake news.
The poll, released Wednesday by the Monmouth University Polling Institute, found that 80 percent of respondents thought that online news sites published fake news either regularly or occasionally. Traditional news outlets fared a little better, with 60 percent of those polled believing that they published fake news, either regularly or occasionally.
Republicans (79%) and Independents (66%) are more likely than Democrats (43%) to say that traditional outlets report fake news, but a majority of all three groups feel that online news sites intentionally publish fake news. Among news sources, respondents said that they trust ABC over Fox News (44% to 32%) or MSNBC (36% to 18%). Fox and MSNBC are tied (39% to 39%) when matched against each other. Republicans trust Fox (67%) more than MSNBC (10%), while Democrats trust MSNBC (67%) more than Fox (19%). Predictably, Republicans trust Fox (65%) over ABC (16%), but Democrats actually trust ABC (41%) over MSNBC (25%).
When it comes to Donald Trump, 81% of the public believe he has a worse relationship with the media than past presidents had. Only 4% say his relationship is better. A majority of those polled (58%) say that Trump’s image has been hurt by his contentious relationship with the media, but 32% say it has not affected his image either way. On the other hand, 51% say that the media’s image has been hurt by their relationship with Trump, with 39% saying it hasn’t changed at all.
Trump has upended the media landscape since taking office. That has created consternation among the liberal media, which have to get used to the idea that they are no longer the main source for news coming out of the White House.

Trump takes risk with Freedom Caucus attack

Trump takes risk with Freedom Caucus attack


Donald Trump famously bullied contestants on his “Apprentice” reality-TV show. He bullied his presidential opponents, “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary,” during the 2016 campaign.  After the far-right Freedom Caucus blocked his ObamaCare repeal bill, President Trump took to Twitter and threatened to back primary challengers to oust them in 2018.

But Trump’s usual bullying tactics don’t appear to have fazed the roughly three dozen members of the Freedom group.
For one, these archconservative rebels believe they’re standing on principle — and are unconcerned about losing their seats in Congress. They also represent some of the reddest districts in the country where the anti-establishment, ultraconservative group enjoys enormous popularity, making it hard to primary them from the right.  And the Freedom Caucus is getting air cover from outside conservative groups like Club for Growth and Heritage Action as well as influential conservative media personalities, from Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to Mark Levin.   “Now I don’t know who’s telling the White House to focus their anger on the Freedom Caucus, but I do think it’s misplaced,” Hannity, a close Trump ally, said on his Fox News show this week. “Because the Freedom Caucus … they want to make a deal, and they want the win for the president and the country.”   THE HILL – CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY>>>>>

John Nelson - jenkan04@gmail.com
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