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No evidence? How about 72 terror convictions

Somali refugee Abdul Ali Artan, who went on a stabbing spree on the Ohio State University campus on Nov. 28, 2016, came to the U.S. from Somalia with his mother and six siblings as 'refugees.' (Photo: Twitter/The Lantern)Somali refugee Abdul Ali Artan, who went on a stabbing spree on the Ohio State University campus on Nov. 28, 2016, came to the U.S. from Somalia with his mother and six siblings as ‘refugees.’ (Photo: Twitter/The Lantern)
WASHINGTON – As WND reported more than a week ago, the federal judge from Seattle who issued a halt to President Trump’s executive order temporarily barring entry to the U.S. by travelers from seven nations because of concerns over potential terror threats erred badly when he said there had been no arrest of foreign nationals from those countries since 9/11.
A new report shows that at least 72 such individuals have indeed been convicted of terrorism-related offenses.
Later, a review by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal upheld the order by federal Judge James Robart saying there was “no evidence” any of those nations had produced a terror threat to the U.S.
The nations designated by Trump’s order are Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia – now known as the “Trump 7.” Each, indeed, has produced at least one individual convicted of terror-related charges, according to a report by a Senate committee in 2016, no longer publicly available but obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies.
In a courtroom exchange that took place Friday, Feb. 3, with Department of Justice lawyer Michelle Bennett, federal Judge James L. Robart, asked, “How many arrests have there been of foreign nationals from those seven countries since 9/11”?   “I don’t know the specific details of attacks or planned attacks,” said Bennett, who is from the Department of Justice’s Civil Division.

“The answer to that is none, as best I can tell,” said the judge.  (Check Chart!)convicted-terrorists_Trump7-2

A preliminary report published by WND a day later showed Robart was clearly wrong – travelers and immigrants from the seven countries have indeed been involved in the murders of Americans and other heinous crimes.

Read more at WND – Read On>>>>>


It is happening!

Nine Members of Trump’s Cabinet Identify as devout Christians. President-elect Donald Trump has now appointed nine members to the White House, each of whom profess publicly to be Christians. Is this a huge answer to prayer?

“For many years, we have prayed that God would raise up men and women of God to positions of leadership and influence in our country.

However, since the end of the George W. Bush administration, there have been previous few answers to that prayer,” writes author and pastor David Murray. “Who would have thought that Donald Trump might be the answer to that prayer?”

At the heart of these appointments is Vice-President Mike Pence who has previously said, “My Christian faith is at the heart of who I am” and “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

Then there is Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, who has previously tweeted “Christ’s sacrificial work provides an example for us all, and we join with the Psalmist in saying ‘You make known to me the path of life.’”

Then we’ve got Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who is Sunday school teacher at his family’s church) and Housing and Urban Development’s Dr. Ben Carson, who believes that God spoke clearly to him that Trump would be president.

Further to this, there is Education’s Betsy DeVos, a Christian committed to bringing God’s ‘Kingdom’ through schooling.

Then we have newly-announced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, EPA’s Scott Pruitt, CIA’s Mike Pompeo (whose family attends Eastminster Presbyterian Church), and Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley. They are all Christians!

The number of believers in the upper echelons of the Trump administration is quite incredible.

Please share this to encourage others.

Great Point for Walls and Gates

God had rules, and fortifications, to guard and protect a moral society from those unfit to enter.

It also reminds us of :

The Wall of Jerico was erected to keep out dangerous elements.
The American Western forts employed walls for protection.
The Native Americans set up tepees in a circle to protect against attack.

The American pioneers circled their wagons.
The Chinese built a famous wall to protect against dangerous outsiders.
The Israeli had to finally build their wall to help prevent terrorists from entering.
The Walls and protection within gated communities to protect against danger
The Americans & South Korean’s built a Wall (fence barrier) to keep out North Korea

Nation’s need walls barriers on their borders to keep out not just the bad,
but those who choose not to obey the immigration laws
A Nation has a right to know who enters their country 

Jared Taylor: “Why They Lie”

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, speaks at the organization’s 2016 conference about the lies that whites tell each other about race. He discusses the police cover-ups in Cologne, Germany, and across Britain, where police hid the truth about immigrant sex assaults. He describes how scientists openly express their willingness to suppress the truth about race differences in intelligence and points out that “the whole Black Lives Matter movement is a pack of lies.” This does not, however, stop white academics from writing about how police “hunt down and target blacks” as part of a “race war.”

Mr. Taylor reminds the audience of great battles their ancestors fought for their survival: Marathon, Poitiers, Vienna, the siege of Malta, Blood River. “You have the blood of heroes in your veins,” he says. “You know your duty. And I know you will do it.”

Stand with Judge Gorsuch today and let him know you support him.

The White House
A little over a week ago, the world was introduced to Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald J. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Ten days later, after multiple meetings with Senators, Republican and Democrat alike, the support for Judge Gorsuch is incredible.

Here are just some of the positive things Senators had to say after meeting with Judge Gorsuch:

*   “I would encourage all of my fellow Senators to meet with him, give him a fair shake. He deserves that.” –Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT)
*   “I know he has a stellar record from the standpoint of his pedigree, how he came up through his education process, everything about him.” –Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)
“   *I will push for a hearing and I will push for a vote.” –Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE)

  • Show Your SupportIn all, eight Democrat senators have stated publicly that Judge Gorsuch deserves a hearing and a vote. Judge Gorsuch is bringing Senators together on both sides of the aisle.
    There is no better choice to carry on Justice Antonin Scalia’s incredible legacy of protecting our freedoms.

    In the coming weeks, as Judge Gorsuch meets with more Senators and continues the nomination process, he will need our support.

    Stand with Judge Gorsuch today and let him know you support him.

    Support Judge Gorsuch





























9th Circuit progressive socialist “Black-Robed Bastards

This may be in the context of immigration, but it speaks to the broader point:
The writer, Brookings fellow and Lawfare editor-in-chief Benjamin Wittes, had noted the order skipped over a key part of the U.S. code on “inadmissible aliens” which Trump had publicly recited on Wednesday in defense of his immigration restrictions.
The statute reads in part: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
The claim is correct; this is the actual cite: (read it for yourself at the link!)

(f)Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.
The law makes clear that the President has essentially unquestionable authority to restrict entry of immigrants by mere proclamation for any amount of time he or she deems appropriate. There is no provision for that decision to be reviewable by a court; the only redress is political (via impeachment.)  The opinion claims that there is no such thing as “unreviewable” decisions when it comes to constitutionality.  That’s true but intentionally misleading.  The Congress and Constitution delegate certain powers to certain places.  A clear act beyond the delegated power is, of course, reviewable whether it is claimed to be or not.
But in this case the statute has been on the books for decades (the 1950s, to be exact) and has been used in this exact context by a huge number of previous Presidents — including Obama.  In fact when Obama suspended all immigration from Iraq he did so on this exact basis and with this exact statutory authority.  When Jimmy Carter suspended all immigration from Iran he did so on the same basis, with the same authority and did not have to, nor did he even attempt to show that the suspension was due to threats of terrorism.  In fact Carter’s suspension was a purely punitive act aimed at Iran for the actions some of their people took on their own soil.  Yes, those actions were aimed at the United States (the taking of hostages in our embassy) but they took place there, not here. Nonetheless that action was both lawful and constitutional.
The court didn’t even cite the statute that Trump used to issue his executive order.  It instead tried to use a section of the Immigration code that bears on numerical immigration targets which specifies that in that context you may not discriminate on a number of bases — nationality being one of them.  The problem is that Trump’s order doesn’t bear on that section of US Immigration Law at all; it instead relies on the lawful authority of the Executive to suspend immigration from any class of persons when it is, in the opinion of the Executive, in the national interest to do so.  The facts are that Obama took the same action against Iraqi immigrants for the same reason and that the same security concerns have continued to occur since, including a documented incident where two arrests were made early last year.
Folks, you may agree or disagree with the action Trump took.  This Ticker isn’t about that.   It’s about the willful, intentional and unconstitutional acts of the 9th Circuit that continue a long tradition in the US Court system of acting as if controlling law, including the Constitution, does not exist whenever it suits some particular group of people.
Any government body that does such a thing by accident must be called out.  If it was an accident then said body will immediately correct its mistake.
Any government body that does such a thing through evidenced intent must be disbanded and removed from power.  If it is not, when such a means exists (and it certainly does, as the Constitution gives the power to Congress to disband or reorganize any part of the court system; the only Constitutionally-required court is the Supreme Court) then all such co-conspiring components of the government have declared themselves illegitimate.   ~240 years ago our nation went to war over this exact issue and the extraction — otherwise called “theft” — that was taking place upon the citizens as a result.   Today we have the same thing going on but at an even larger scale and with far more injury than was the case 240 years ago.
We have, in this instance, a court that has stated a factual lie as the basis of its deliberation — that no “immigrant” from the named nations has been arrested or linked to terrorism.  That’s a damned and knowing lie; in point of fact there have been many such arrests and most of those arrested have either been convicted or are still awaiting trial.  In fact Obama suspended immigration from one of those nations for this exact reason after we caught immigrants” here plotting an attack.  The judges of the 9th Circus deliberately lied to both the public and arguing counsel prior to issuing their “decision”, and it was upon this lie that their decision was predicated.  As just one example of more than a dozen over the last two years two Iraqi-born individuals who came here as refugees were arrested last year.  I remind you that Iraq is one of the nations on the list.
Trump’s order for the purpose of evaluating the means by which those people got into the country and to take whatever corrective actions are necessary to prevent repeats is not only logical it’s legal under the authority delegated to him by Congress and expressed in US Code. That the 9th Circus deliberately ignored the clear text of that section of law because they didn’t like it and instead selected a section of law that does not bear on the issue is not “interpreting the law”, it is literally blacking out the sections of law they do not like, which is not within their Constitutional power — only Congress can do that through repealing said law.
It is this very same willful and intentional refusal to follow the law that has led to the issues with our health care system.  The law, which not only exists in statute it has been tested at the US Supreme Court says that monopolies and similar acts in restraint of trade are not only unlawful civilly in many cases they are criminal felonies.  This was tested in 1979 when insurance companies tried to claim an exemption under Mccarran-Ferguson, which is also law, and they lost.
That’s supposed to be the end of the discussion until and unless Congress passes something to change the state of said law.  Congress has not done so.
The courts, along with the Executive, however, have refused to enforce said law, just as they have done here with Trump’s order.  The result is that a $40,000 hospital bill comes with a more than $38,000 “discount” if you have a certain kind of “insurance.”  Such a pricing disparity is clear evidence of collusive intent to restrain trade and tie sales unlawfully, that is, to compel you to purchase something you do not want by threatening to bankrupt you if you don’t have it.
That’s illegal folks.
Either the law applies to everyone or it applies to nobody.  If the latter then there is no law that should be respected by anyone.  Do you want to live in such a nation?  You do, right here, right now, today.  You are being financially raped on a daily basis in exactly this fashion.  Those of you on the left cheering for the 9th Circuit order are cheering for your own financial rape, destruction and ultimately your own death at the very hands of those same people.
Health care is simply one aspect of this abuse — yet it is a very large one, spanning close to 20% of our entire economy.  There are others.  “Net neutrality” means that if you don’t want to buy Netflix service you still pay for it in your Internet service because Hastings managed to force carriers to pay the majority of his transport costs.  That’s nice if you want to use Netflix but if you don’t then it’s a tax leveled on you and given to the company!  That’s theft at literal gunpoint.
I can cite literally dozens of additional examples, all of which wind up screwing you.
And while there will be plenty of “I told you sos” if there is a terrorist incident originating from one of these rapefugees the fact of the matter is that the underlying issue is both far more grave and pervasive than whether a few nations have entry of their nationals into the US curtailed until we can verify that the credentials they have actually represent who they are.

The underlying issue is literally the difference between a Constitutional government and a firearm-toting mob that takes whatever it wants, including your life, whenever it wants.


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