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Archive for February 2nd, 2017

Rex Tillerson: ‘Hi, I’m The New Guy’

Rex Tillerson: ‘Hi, I’m The New Guy’

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Rex Tillerson delivered his first speech as Donald Trump’s secretary of state Thursday morning in Washington, D.C.The former Exxon CEO noted that before receiving the call from President Trump, he thought he’d “be entering retirement this spring after four decades of business experience.”  “[Tillerson’s wife] Renda [St. Claire] and I were ready to head off to the ranch and enjoy our grandchildren,” he continued. “But when I came back from my first meeting with President Trump and he asked me to do this, Renda said, ‘you didn’t know it but you’ve been in a 41-year training program for this job.’”

“So despite our own dreams, she said you’re supposed to do this,” Tillerson added. “Well, my first day is here, I’m on the job.”

“Hi, I’m the new guy.”



House votes to undo Obama-era gun control rule

The House on Thursday voted to undo an Obama-era rule that Republicans said wrongly blocked certain people from buying guns.
The rule, approved in the wake of the 2012 massacre of kindergartners in Newtown, Conn., expanded whose names must automatically be entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, thereby preventing them from buying a gun.   Under the rule, anyone with a mental disability receiving Social Security Administration benefits and requiring third-party assistance with their finances is barred from purchasing firearms.
The resolution of disapproval passed on Thursday 235-180. Under the Congressional Review Act, lawmakers can negate regulations if a joint resolution passes both chambers. However, it requires the president’s signature. While Obama was still president, Republicans needed a veto-proof majority to overturn any of his administration’s regulations.
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Neil Gorsuch: Who is he? Bio, facts, background and political views

Judge Neil Gorsuch, 49, is President Donald Trump’s choice to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated a year ago by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.
Gorsuch has the typical pedigree of a high court justice. He graduated from Columbia, Harvard and Oxford, clerked for two Supreme Court justices and did a stint at the Department of Justice.   He attended Harvard Law with former President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Obama’s former ethics czar, Norm Eisen, another classmate, tweeted: “Hearing rumors Trump’s likely Supreme Court pick is Neil Gorsuch, my (and President Obama’s!) 1991 Harvard Law classmate.If so, a great guy!”  Since 2006, he has served on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Colorado. He is an outdoorsman who fishes, hunts and skis. On the court, conservatives hope he will become the intellectual heir to Scalia, long the outspoken leader of the conservative bloc.
“The real appeal of Gorsuch nomination is he’s likely to be the most effective conservative nominee in terms of winning over Anthony Kennedy and forging conservative decisions on the court,” said Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center. “He’s unusual for his memorable writing style, the depth of his reading and his willingness to rethink constitutional principles from the ground up. Like Justice Scalia, he sometimes reaches results that favor liberals when he thinks the history or text of the Constitution or the law require it, especially in areas like criminal law or the rights of religious minorities, but unlike Scalia he’s less willing to defer to regulations and might be more willing to second-guess Trump’s regulatory decision.”
Gorsuch is a favorite of legal conservatives because he has sharply questioned a three-decade old legal precedent that many on the right believe has given too much power to the regulatory state. The landmark 1984 Supreme Court ruling involving the Chevron oil company held that courts should defer to federal agencies’ reasonable interpretations of ambiguous federal laws.   In a ruling last August in an immigration case, Gorsuch questioned the wisdom of that doctrine, arguing that the meaning of the law is for judges to decide, not federal bureaucrats.
“Where in all this does a court interpret the law and say what it is?” Gorsuch asked in an extended digression on the subject. “When does a court independently decide what the statute means and whether it has or has not vested a legal right in a person? Where Chevron applies that job seems to have gone extinct.”   Other rulings give conservatives confidence that Gorsuch is a strong supporter of religious freedom rights. Last September, he joined a dissent arguing that requirements for contraception coverage in Obamacare ran roughshod over the rights of religious non-profits.
Gorsuch also wrote a 2000 law journal article and a 2006 book arguing strongly against assisted-suicide laws. The practice of allowing the terminally ill to end their lives is now legal in six states and is on the verge of being legalized in Washington, D.C.  While Gorsuch has a longer Washington resume than other judges considered by Trump, his family’s experience in the city was a searing one.
Gorsuch’s mother, Anne Burford Gorsuch, ran the Environmental Protection Agency at the outset of the Reagan administration. She was forced to resign in 1983, facing a criminal investigation and a House contempt of Congress citation over records related to alleged political favoritism in toxic-waste cleanups. She maintained her innocence and was never charged.

Anti-Trump Demonstrations Prearranged Prepaid and Predictable

By —— Bio and Archives February 2, 2017

Just look at the hysterical reaction to President Trump’s long anticipated executive order to limit the admission of refugees from seven countries.
How do leaders in Muslim countries see it?  According to United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, “The vast majority of Muslims and Muslim countries have not been affected by this ban.  This is a temporary ban that will be reviewed within three months. It’s important to take these points into account.”

If it was about religion, why then were not most populous Muslim nations Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Egypt included?

For one thing except in the case of Syria, where a long civil war has made vetting all but impossible, this is a temporary ban of 120 days not a permanent or even an indefinite one.  A 90-day ban has been imposed on travel here from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.  Of the seven countries facing a 90-day ban, three are U.S.-designated state sponsors of terror, and the other four are war zones.  This is about national security not religion.
If it was about religion, why then were not most populous Muslim nations Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Egypt included?
These demonstrators, Schumer’s tears, and all the hate filled rhetoric has been waiting in the wings for the first opportunity to show its ugly head.  Our retired community organizer even chimed in with his two cents worth after gracefully keeping silent for a full eleven days.  His unsolicited remarks doing all they could to delegitimize President Trump and incite the protestors at the same time.
How spontaneous are all these demonstrations?  Make no mistake, there are many people who just show up.  Given the power of social media to motivate the couch potato revolutionaries to march in circles and hold signs someone else makes and supplies, it is no wonder anyone with funding and expertise can generate a flash mob.  Who organizes and pays the organizers?  That is the question.  Since the media cartel is the opposition we cannot expect them to reveal who the puppet masters are.  Luckily others have done the leg work and unearthed the evidence.

Protest provocateurs were recruited, trained and funded


Americans for Prosperity Applauds Right-to-Work Passage

Once governor signs bill into law Missouri
will become 28th right-to-work state

JEFFERSON CITY – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri (AFP-MO) today applauded the state legislature for passing right-to-work. The grassroots advocate for worker freedom has fought for right-to-work for years and was the lead proponent in 2015 when legislation was vetoed. AFP held multiple lawmakers accountable who opposed right-to-work that year and mobilized grassroots support for this year’s early session passage.
AFP-MO State Director Jeremy Cady provided the following statement:
“We applaud the lawmakers in both chambers who voted for right-to-work and stood up for all Missouri workers. Right-to-work guarantees a basic freedom – the freedom to work without mandatory union membership. No one should be fired from a job they love – in a place their skills are wanted – simply for refusing to pay a union. At long last workers in Missouri have been granted the basic freedom to work without fear of being fired for not paying a union.
“Voters sent a clear message last year when they rejected multiple candidates who opposed right-to-work and elected pro-worker freedom candidates like Governor Greitens. Today, lawmakers made good on a promise to stand up for worker freedom for all Missourians. Once Governor Greitens signs this bill into law our state will joins 27 others and show workers that they are welcome to offer their skills without being forced to pay a union.
“The data is clear that right-to-work states experience lower unemployment and greater job growth, population growth, and income growth. Between 2001 and 2011, right-to-work states added 1.7 million jobs, while forced union states lost over 2 million during the same time. From 1990 to 2011, right-to-work states experienced over 42 percent gain in total employment, compared to 19 percent for forced union states.”
Americans for Prosperity – Missouri has led the fight for worker freedom for many years. In 2015 the legislature passed right to work, but it was vetoed by the governor. In 2016 AFP held multiple lawmakers accountable for opposing right-to-work, including former Representatives Nick Haynes, Sheila Solon, and Anne Zerr. AFP volunteers placed over 15,000 calls to Missouri families over the past few years in support of right-to-work.
To read Jeremy’s op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, click HERE.
To read Jeremy’s testimony on the House’s Right to Work legislation, click HERE.
  • Between 2001 and 2011, right to work states added 1.7 million jobs, while forced union states lost over 2 million during the same time.
  • From 1990 to 2011, right to work states experienced over 42 percent gain in total employment, compared to 19 percent for forced union states.
  • Between 2003 and 2013, right-to-work states’ private sector employee compensation increased by 16 percent, nearly double the 8.7 percent average for forced union states over that time.
  • When adjusted for cost of living, workers in right to work states have 4.1 percent higher incomes, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan.
  • From 1990 to 2014, eight of the top ten states for job growth were right to work states. Nine of the bottom states for job growth were forced union states.
Americans for Prosperity (AFP) exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of the policies and goals of a free society at the local, state, and federal level, helping every American live their dream – especially the least fortunate. AFP has more than 3.2 million activists across the nation, a local infrastructure that includes 35 state chapters, and has received financial support from more than 100,000 Americans in all 50 states. For more information, visit www.AmericansForProsperity.org

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