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Really Number 12? Would think more like 40th – This is a JOKE right? But then look at who did the Poll!

RIDICULOUS: Leftist Professors Rank Obama #12 President Of All Time

In C-Span’s Presidential Historians’ Survey, which is conducted every four years after the presidential election to rank the 43 men who have served as President of the United States, the leftist bent of the historians was again on full display.
The historians ranked FDR third after the obvious choices of Abraham Lincoln and Geroge Washington ranked first and second respectively. One wonders why FDR occupies that exalted position, which he has held in the last two surveys, since in his twelve-year reign his policies extended the Great Depression until the advent of World War II, but he was in charge during that historic war, so there are mitigating factors.
But the historians actually ranked the failed presidencies of JFK and Barack Obama very high on the list; JFK, was ranked #8; Obama, #12. Incredibly, JFK, who saw the Soviet Union only gain in power during his presidency, was ranked ahead of Ronald Reagan, who brought the Soviet Union to its knees, Reagan ranked #9.   Obama at #12, surpassed James Monroe, the only man who was so successful that in his second election he won virtually a unanimous vote in the Electoral College, only missing the vote of William Plumer, a former U.S. senator and New Hampshire governor who voted for Secretary of State John Quincy Adams.
According to CNN:
C-SPAN’s academic advisers asked 91 presidential historians to rate each president from one to 10 on presidential leadership: “Public Persuasion,” “Crisis Leadership,” “Economic Management,” “Moral Authority,” “International Relations,” “Administrative Skills,” “Relations with Congress,” “Vision/Setting An Agenda,” “Pursued Equal Justice for All,” and “Performance Within the Context of His Times.”
Well, then, how can there be any doubt about Obama’s high ranking? After all, his crisis leadership gave us Benghazi and the invasion of Ukraine, his economic management left the U.S. with a labor participation rate matching the lowest labor participation rate in almost 40 years; his moral authority gave us the duplicity behind the Iran nuclear deal; his international relations left the entire Middle east aflame and ISIS ascendant; his relations with Congress were so bad that Politicotitled a story, “Obama, GOP Congress near end of long, ugly relationship”; his vision led to a bitterly divided American society over race; and his idea of pursuing justice for all was tinted against police officers rather than those who vilified them.


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