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The Crisis of Fatherless Shooters

Emilie Kao  /  / 

In the wake of the Parkland massacre, the age-old question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” has a newfound relevance.   As another mass school shooting stuns Americans, it is time to talk about not just how to protect students from shooters, but also about what must happen so that fewer students become shooters in the first place.
It is crucial to talk about how more American children can grow up with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual security that comes from relationships where one is deeply cared for, connected, and known.
For what lies inside so many school shooters is a deep void of identity and relationship that they tragically seek to fill through nihilistic violence.   There is a sobering theme repeated over and over in the biographies of school shooters—the fatherlessness of a broken or never formed family.
Among the 25 most-cited school shooters since Columbine, 75 percent were reared in broken homes. Psychologist Dr. Peter Langman, a pre-eminent expert on school shooters, found that most came from incredibly broken homes of not just divorce and separation, but also infidelity, substance abuse, criminal behavior, domestic violence, and child abuse.
After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, scholar Brad Wilcox called attention to the work of criminologists Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi, which found the absence of fathers to be one of the “most powerful predictors of crimes .” He explained that fathers are role models for their sons who maintain authority and discipline, thereby helping them develop self-control and empathy toward others, key character traits lacking in violent youth.
The late rapper Tupac Shakur said, “I know for a fact that had I had a father, I’d have some discipline. I’d have more confidence. Your mother can’t calm you down the way a man can. You need a man to teach you how to be a man.” Shakur, who was murdered in 1996, started hanging out with gangs because he wanted to belong to a family.
In addition to structure and discipline, a boy’s relationship with his father can be a profound source of identity—or not. Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the “The Boy Crisis,” says that when a boy asks “Who am I?” the answer is that his identity is comprised of half his dad and half his mom. If he thinks his father has abandoned him, he fears he is not worthy. Boys who do not have a strong relationship with their fathers may lack a model of healthy masculinity. Many of the school shooters struggled with a sense of “damaged masculinity” and sought to become “ultramasculine.” Langman says that at the end of this spectrum  is “getting a gun to suddenly have power.”
In fact, the fathers of three of the most infamous school shooters were absent from their sons’ lives. The father of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, had not seen his son in two years and later told reporters he wished his son had never been born. The adoptive father of Nikolas Cruz died when Cruz was 5 years old. And the father of 6-year-old Dedrick Owens, the country’s youngest school shooter, was in jail when his son killed his first grade classmate. Dedrick Owens’ father has said that he suspects his son’s crime was a reaction to his absence.
Since the 1965 Moynihan report, the breakdown of the American family has been hotly debated. Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s finding that fatherlessness would lead to poorer outcomes for African-American children was published at a time when only 25 percent of African-American households were led by a single parent. Today, 24 percent of white non-Hispanic families are headed by a single parent and the rate has reached 66 percent among African-Americans. If we don’t reverse current trends on marriage, the number of fatherless children will only grow.
Ultimately, if we make fatherlessness and family breakdown a partisan issue, we all lose. Both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush promoted a National Fatherhood Initiative in their administrations. Because strong marriages promote strong bonds between fathers and their children, the Trump administration should emphasize both.
A good starting place would be to reduce the marriage penalties that have been built into our welfare system. A next step would be to elevate the contributions of ordinary men doing the extraordinary work of fathering. And if we directed 1 percent of the attention and media coverage we give to athletes, musicians, and movie stars toward fathers, perhaps more boys would grow up seeing them as role models. President Donald Trump, his Cabinet, Congress, and other leaders can also use their bully pulpits to lead in this direction.

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Wednesday: When a Dallas middle school put a call out for mentors in the community to support 50 students without father figures present at a Breakfast with Dads, 600 men showed up.

And the good news is that communities are devising creative ways to help make up for the absences of dads. One example is in Dallas, where Billy Earl Dade Middle School held its annual “Breakfast with Dads.” To ensure that all 150 male students who wanted a mentor would have one, an organizer put out a request on a Facebook page for 50 “volunteer fathers.” Nearly 600 men from all different walks of life and careers answered the call.
We cannot provide every fatherless boy with a dad, but we can start by respecting the unique role that fathers play in the lives of boys and encouraging more men to step into the lives of children who need a male role model.
To understand the brokenness of our children, Americans must take a deeper look at the brokenness of our families. We must do this together. We must be the keepers of all our country’s sons so that they can grow up to be one another’s. If we are going to prevent the next Parkland, we need to take seriously the need all our young boys and men have for a dad.


Standing Guard | In Today’s Democratic Party, Democrat Equals Socialist

by Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President – Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Standing Guard | In Today’s Democratic Party, Democrat Equals Socialist

What’s the difference between Democrats and Socialists?
It’s not a joke, nor is it a trick question. But it is a question even national Democratic Party leaders have a hard time answering. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, couldn’t answer it and, instead, said the more important difference was between Democrats and Republicans. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said it depended on how you define Democrats versus Socialists, and then he refused to define the two.
Even Hillary Clinton was stumped by the question, merely describing herself as a “progressive Democrat” and not a Socialist.  You would think these Democratic leaders would be able to answer the question. But they either can’t tell the difference, or they simply refuse to admit the hard truth.
There is no difference—not any longer. The Democratic Party has become the party of socialism and the growing emergence of hard, left-wing socialists ruling the party threatens every one of us and every thread of our firearm freedom. It didn’t used to be this way. But over the last few years, those great Democratic leaders have disappeared and those kinds of Democrats have been choked out of the Party—replaced by the most liberal candidates they can find … who can be defined only as rabid socialists.
They’ll roadblock everything the president tries to accomplish and, essentially, render his presidency ineffective …
These European-style socialists believe in a complete redistribution of wealth and government control of major components of the u.s. economy, such as our health care system. From socialized medicine, to higher taxes on most Americans to pay for more government welfare programs, to government-paid college tuition and more.   Make no mistake: If the socialists take power, all of our freedoms could be lost—especially our Second Amendment-protected freedom to keep and bear arms.
History proves it. Every time, in every nation in which the scourge of socialism rises to power, its citizens are repressed and their firearms are not just banned—they are taken.
Venezuela is the latest example, its resources stolen by the Socialist Party ruling class, while children starve on the streets and honest citizens are left defenseless in the wake of a national gun ban. Soviet Socialism, National Socialism, Maoist Communism—this evil, destructive, left-wing ideology is on the march right here in America … backed by all the George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer billions … and gleefully promoted by all the Huffington PostThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, Salon bloggers and liberal activists posing as journalists. All preying on a new generation of young Americans walking out of the classrooms of socialists who serve as professors of hatred of American capitalism and individual liberty.
The socialists of academia have turned our college campuses into anti-constitutional enclaves where “free speech” is zoned off and free market capitalism written off.
Even our judiciary is threatened by socialist judges who go so far as to ignore the law and legal precedent to fit their own agenda. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has become the favorite of any socialistic group looking for an opinion to advance its cause.   Make no mistake. These socialists hate Donald Trump—especially as the president has nominated conservative judges at a record pace.
Perhaps the only thing they hate more than President Trump is the National Rifle Association of America.
Their plan is simple. Dump billions of dollars into the 2018 elections and take over the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. The money is in the bank, the national media is behind them, and the socialist coup d’état is just one election away.  If successful, they’ll threaten our country with two years of impeachment nonsense. They’ll roadblock everything the president tries to accomplish and essentially render his presidency ineffective … and replace him with a screaming socialist in 2020.
And then they’ll come after us.  Our freedom and our nation face a dark, grave future.  But the socialists haven’t won, yet.
We can and we must stand up, reject their socialistic agenda, and join together to defeat them. It starts now with every one of us, and every freedom-loving American. The men and women of the NRA have proven to be the only group of patriots with the will and the strength to beat back the wave of socialism that is spreading across the country.
We must not—not ever—allow our U.S. Capitol to be flooded by socialism. We will rise. We will stand and fight. We will save and protect our freedom and our great America!

Trump pardons former Navy sailor imprisoned for taking photos on nuclear submarine, White House says


Kristian Saucier, the former U.S. Navy sailor who served a year behind bars for taking photos of classified areas in a nuclear submarine, has been pardoned, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday.
Saucier recently received a letter from the Department of Justice saying it was taking a new look at his request for a pardon. Although he was released from jail last year, he remained under house arrest.   Trump had denounced the government’s handling of Saucier’s case, calling it a political move and saying it contrasted with the velvet-gloved response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement of classified information through a private server.
 Saucier family.jpg“The president has pardoned Kristian Saucier, a Navy submariner,” Sanders said in a press briefing Friday afternoon. “Mr. Saucier was 22 years old at the time of his offenses and has served out his 12-months sentence. He has been recognized by his fellow service members for his dedication, skill and patriotic spirit.”
“While serving, he regularly mentored younger sailors and served as an instructor for new recruits. The sentencing judge found that Mr. Saucier’s offense stands in contrast to his commendable military service. The president is appreciative of Mr. Saucier’s service to the country.”
Saucier was in disbelief when he learned Friday that Trump had granted him a pardon, his wife, Sadie, told Fox News.
“It hasn’t set in, honestly,” she said. “I called him at work and told him, and all he could say was ‘What? What?’ I said: ‘Honey, we’re normal now. We can have a normal life, be a normal family.’ He doesn’t have to wear an ankle bracelet anymore.”   Saucier’s attorney praised Trump for doing what, in his words, the Obama administration had neglected to do.
“We’re so excited,” Ronald Daigle, the attorney, told Fox News. “This is going to change his life. He’ll be able to find employment, he’ll be able to carry on with his life. We can’t believe it.”   “We are so grateful for our president for this,” Daigle said. “We’ve been passed over by the previous administration, and this president took the time to look into this matter and made the right decision, in our view.”
Saucier, who served as a machinist’s mate aboard the USS Alexandria from 2007 to 2012, used his cellphone to photograph parts of the submarine’s nuclear propulsion system while it was docked at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, Conn.   Saucier, who has a 2-year-old daughter, began his sentence in October 2016 at the Federal Medical Center at Fort Devens, Mass. He was released a year later, though he was placed under house arrest.   He was convicted of unauthorized retention of national defense information, which is a felony, and received an “other-than-honorable” discharge from the Navy. He faced a possible 10 years in jail, his lawyers said.


REPORT: McCain Secretly Plotted to Have Trump Impeached by Confronting Him with Dossier

Arizona Sen. John McCain has become too liberal for his own good.  McCain has secretly been working with Democrats in their attempt to have President impeached.
This is outrageous!
McCain used the unverified Trump dossier, which he handed to the FBI, to ‘take down’ Trump and pressure him into resigning.
 Here’s the scoop…
From BizPac Review:

John McCain’s rivalry with President Trump nearly led to a confrontation intended to remove the New York billionaire from office.

In a detailed profile of dossier author Christopher Steele for the New Yorker, a former national security official said long-time McCain associate David J. Kramer hatched a plot whereby the Arizona Republican lawmaker would confront the president with the unverified document to pressure him to resign.  Kramer, a Russia expert and former State Department official, received the dossier directly from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.

Upon receiving the document, McCain in turn handed it over to FBI Director James Comey in December 2016, by which time the Bureau already had access to the dossier and had used it to obtain FISA surveillence warrants on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.  According to the New Yorker, Kramer intended to use the document to force President Trump to step down.

“After Kramer promised to share the document only with McCain, Steele arranged for Kramer to receive a copy in Washington. But a former national-security official who spoke with Kramer at the time told me that one of Kramer’s ideas was to have McCain confront Trump with the evidence, in the hope that Trump would resign. ‘He would tell Trump, “The Russians have got you,”‘ the former official told me.”

The New Yorker noted that a lawyer for Kramer denied the claim from the unnamed national security official, saying that his client never planned to have the president resign.

This is a MONSTER!
McCain needs to resign.

“The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been spending resources on firearms training at radical area mosques with attendees being taught how to protect themselves,” reported Canada Free Press, which uncovered an original report from WTVTin Tampa from 2015. “Broward County Deputy & CAIR FL employee Nezar Hamze found time to instruct mosque attendees to arm themselves against active shooters, but Sheriff opposes arming teachers,” pointed out terrorism analyst Kyle Shideler. “Why the double standard?”

Sheriff Israel’s Deputy Trained Mosque Members on How to Deal With Shooter

MARCH 2, 2018 AT 11:28AM

Encourage concealed handguns to protect Muslim mosques, but not American schools.  That’s the contradictory message that a Florida law enforcement agency is sending after a buried “Islamic protection” program came to light.
Sheriff Scott Israel and all of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office are under extreme scrutiny in the fallout of the Parkland, Florida school shooting… and now a piece of information from several years ago is raising even more questions about double standards and priorities.  As the infamous school tragedy unfolded two weeks ago, not one but four Broward County deputies stood outside the building and did nothing to stop seventeen murders from taking place inside. This appalling failure came after the sheriff’s office and the FBI failed to follow up on warnings from tipsters and threats from the suspect.
Excuses provided by the sheriff for this inaction have ranged from “we didn’t know” to “we were told to wait” — but while defending a school seemed to be a shockingly low priority, it turns out that the sheriff’s department took a very different tone when it came to protecting Islamic mosques.   “The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been spending resources on firearms training at radical area mosques with attendees being taught how to protect themselves,” reported Canada Free Press, which uncovered an original report from WTVTin Tampa from 2015.

Conservative Tribune Daily Email


Sheriff Scott Israel’s deputy a leader of Muslim Brotherhood linked group

Could it be that an associate of the Muslim Brotherhood is now a deputy under Sheriff Scott Israel?
John Cardillo from The Rebel reports:

Nezar Hamze, a Deputy in the Broward County Sherriff Department is a representative of CAIR Florida. CAIR is the Council of American Islamic Relations. CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial. It was a Hamas financing case that would result in the FBI ceasing its working relationship with CAIR.
This is a disturbing story. What brought Nezar Hamze to his position? Is it due to his political opinions on the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terrorists in general?  Is this an area in Florida, Broward County, where home-grown terrorists are being coddled?  Perhaps it is time to move on from ties to radical groups. Cardillo has even gone so far as to set up a petition to have the Sheriff fired:
Home-Grown Terrorism
The United States has a growing problem on its hands.
Ever since 9/11, a tremendous amount of focus is being placed on keeping our borders safe.  Donald Trump made it a cornerstone of his election strategy. However, what is often overlooked are the threats from inside the country.  The Chelsea bomber, the Orlando nightclub shooter and one of the Boston marathon bombers all ought to have been caught before they carried out their missions.
Authorities claim that their hands are tied by official guidelines that restrict how long they can leave a case open.  Courts clamp down on investigators if they can’t convince the court that there is evidence of any crime.  So, here is the problem.  If the FBI labels someone as a suspicious person but has no case against them, the suspect will drop off a watch list.  Then if the suspect flies to a well-known jihadi location, it won’t alert anyone from the FBI since they are not on a watch list.
Former CIA officer, Clare Lopez, said the following: “The problem is our FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement are not trained to recognize what a jihadi is, and what a jihadi looks like and sounds like and when to go on high alert because he’s about to go operational,” Lopez said.  In order to implement properly, we need to be willing to toss some of the political correctness out of the window and use some down-to-earth common sense. It will save lives.

Report: Parkland Shooter Did Not Use High-Capacity Magazines

Report: Parkland Shooter Did Not Use High-Capacity Magazines

 The gunman used only 10-round magazines.
The Parkland shooter did not use magazines larger than 10 rounds, but gun-reform lobbyists are calling on lawmakers to ban higher-capacity magazines after the Valentine’s Day tragedy.  The 19-year-old school shooter who killed 17 in Florida on Valentine’s Day had 150 rounds of ammunition in 10-round magazines. Larger ones would not fit in his bag, Florida state senator Lauren Book revealed.
His AR-15 reportedly jammed as he attempted to continue his killing spree inside his former school last month.

An official briefed on the shooting investigation tells @CBSMiami the carnage could have been far worse. Investigators believe self-confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz planned on using a vantage point on the third-floor stairwell on the west side of the building to shoot at students…

After his gun jammed, the shooter threw it away and successfully blended into a crowd of students trying to escape the building, according to three sources close to the investigation.1
Critics of high-capacity magazines have pointed to the shooting as an example of how they enable killing and ought to be banned, but the Parkland shooter used only smaller magazines.   Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) hinted at a CNN town hall last week that the weapon may have malfunctioned, saying “three or four people may be alive today” because of something that happened during the shooting. Rubio has reconsidered his stance on whether high-capacity magazines should remain legal after the shooting, even though they are not what the young gunman used.


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