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Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional seat Karen Handel speaks at an election night watch party in Roswell, Ga., Tuesday, April 18, 2017. (AP Photo/David Goldman) ** FILE **

Dear Friend:

Today, more than ever, we need to come together for one goal, help President Trump to have the right people around him. The opposition is strong and play dirty. It is our job as US Citizens to get involved and make sure they don’t succeed.

The last poll shows Democrat Jon Ossoff leads Republican Karen Handel 47%-45%

We need to be proactive and act when we can. The election for Georgia Congressional District 6 is very close. We are running against a Democratic machine with an unlimited budget and we need your contribution to compete.

Help Karen Handel win to keep Atlanta from falling into the Liberals hands. Chip in $25, $50, $100 or more Today.

Karen Handel served the people of Georgia as the Secretary of State and is Pro Life, Pro Second Amendment and Pro School Choice but most of all, Karen Handel is Pro Trump and that is why we need her in Washington.  How much Fake News can Atlanta take?  Fake Jon Ossoff can not even vote in this election yet Karen Handel is forced to campaign against a person with no Accomplishments.  BlakPac does the best job explaining that Jon Ossoff is an empty suit. We make it clear to everyone, Black and White, that he says he is a documentary filmmaker but can barely work a camera. Tyler Perry is a filmmaker with many movies and television shows to his credit. Jon Ossoff experience as a filmmaker is FAKE.

We need to match  and outperform the opponent on resources so we are asking for the largest donation you can to make sure no vote goes unchallenged for Karen Handel.

Only BlakPac has the messaging and the experience to reach and educate minorities to vote Republican. We have done it before when we launched the largest minority engagement program in history to elect Donald. J. Trump. But we need today more resources to succeed.

Let’s help President Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!

God Bless You!


Sen. Elbert Guillory

BlakPac Spokesperson

The Koch brothers launch campaign to pass President Trump’s tax cuts

WASHINGTON — In a major jolt of support for President Trump, the powerful political network overseen by conservative billionaire Charles Koch is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign to drive Trump’s tax plan through Congress.
Koch, who viewed Trump’s candidacy warily, now is racing to build public and congressional support for plans to overhaul the tax code. Trump’s one-page tax blueprint, released last month, includes plans to slash the corporate tax rate, reduce taxes for high-income earners and abolish the federal estate tax.
The group plans to throw “the full weight of the network” behind the campaign with the goal of passing a tax overhaul this year, said James Davis, a top official in Koch’s Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce. Davis would not disclose a specific dollar amount but said the effort would include advertising and mobilizing grassroots activists.
The campaign is expected to last into the fall.
The chaos and controversy engulfing Trump’s White House threatens to imperil his legislative agenda on everything from taxes to a plan to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. But network officials see a window to push the tax plan this year, well in advance of the midterm elections that could risk Republican control of Congress.
“If you don’t do it now, it becomes increasingly difficult,” Davis said.
The network ranks among the most influential players in conservative politics with operations in 36 states and its own grassroots arm and for-profit data and marketing branches. In all, about 550 ultra-wealthy donors help finance the constellation of political and nonprofit groups associated with Koch and his brother David Koch.
Those groups plan to spend $300 million to $400 million on policy and political campaigns ahead on the 2018 elections.
Although Koch opposes Trump’s travel bans and questions the president’s skepticism of free-trade policies, the head of one the country’s largest industrial conglomerates has praised Trump for several actions since taking office, including his move to dismantle “unnecessary” federal regulations.


Bernie Sanders in Jan. 2017: Comey Should be Fired…
Bernie Sanders in May 2017: Trump’s Firing of Comey
a Threat to Rule of Law

Feel the Bern!

In January 2017 Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders called for James Comey to be fired or step down.  This was at the same
time the FBI was conducting an investigation on his wife, Jane Sanders, for falsified loan documents while she served
as the president of Burlington College.
On Thursday Bernie Sanders said President Trump’s firing of James Comey a “threat to the rule of law.”

First place to Look; The Clinton campaign, one more mysterious death of person closely involved with the Clinton’s, Makes one wonder doesn’t it?

Anyone see any retraction by the DNC or Clinton Campaign, of the claim that the Russians were passing the information to WikiLeaks now that this information has been found on Seth Rich’s laptop?
Webmaster Comment

4 Unanswered Questions Surrounding Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich

Reports that Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich was a source for WikiLeaks before his murder leaves us with even more unanswered questions surrounding the case.
1. If Rich was murdered in a robbery gone wrong, why was his wallet, watch, and phone left behind?
2. Why haven’t the DNC offered a reward for information related to his murder?
3. Why are the left-wing and mainstream media ignoring the case?
4. Will the Democrats still push that Russia hacked the DNC?

BREiTBART – For The Answers To These QuestionsS, Click Here>>>>>



Reporters Fire Back at Hillary Over Campaign Media Criticism

Image: Reporters Fire Back at Hillary Over Campaign Media Criticism

Hillary Clinton (AP Photo/John Raoux)  By Solange Reyner
 Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:21 PM

We The People Say Asses! Two in The Headline Picture.

Donkeys or asses? Democrats bray but won’t payThe DNC's rebuttal to these allegations is revealing, coming as Democrats try to rebuild after 2016 with a semblance of unity. (AP Photo/Matt York

Attorneys for the Democratic National Committee defended their party from accusations of fraud late last month in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom.
Bernie Sanders supporters are suing on behalf of a potentially immense class of donors and party members, and claim that the DNC charter requires the chairman to “exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the presidential candidates and campaigns.”
The plaintiffs accuse former Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of failing in this by rigging the contest for Hillary Clinton. In sabotaging Sanders in the primaries, they say, the DNC and its leader defrauded Sanders’ donors and violated a fiduciary duty to them and to all registered members of the Democratic Party.
The DNC’s rebuttal to these allegations is revealing, coming as Democrats try to rebuild after 2016 with a semblance of unity. Both the new DNC chairman, Tom Perez, and the “unity reform commission” working on changes to the presidential primary process, are trying to restore confidence to the party’s left wing that it will be treated evenhandedly in future.
But nobody shared the memo on this with the DNC’s lawyers. According to a court transcription, DNC attorney Bruce Spiva responded to the allegations in this lawsuit by arguing that party rules are voluntary guidelines, not legally binding, and that party officials could just as easily choose their nominee in a smoke-filled room.



Senate Conservatives Fund

Displaying Fellow Conservative:

Our founder, former Senator Jim DeMint, was removed as president of The Heritage Foundation yesterday. We believe this decision was a mistake and we’re proud to stand with conservatives across the country in supporting Jim DeMint.

Jim DeMint has been one of the most trusted voices in the conservative movement and he helped lay the political groundwork that enabled Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton last year.

When news broke last week that DeMint was being pushed out, President Trump was quick to praise him, citing his “amazing” work in winning the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Likewise, over 40 conservative members of the House and Senate signed a letter this week applauding DeMint for being a “leading advocate for America at its best.” You can read their letter here and read more about DeMint’s record at Heritage here.

Jim DeMint was pushed out by a small group of insiders who put their own ambition above the interests of conservatives. They succeeded with the help of DeMint’s predecessor, Ed Feulner, who has close ties to the GOP establishment and even endorsed Mitch McConnell over conservative Matt Bevin in the 2014 Senate primary.

We want the best for Heritage. There are many principled analysts and staff who work there and we hope the organization remains an effective voice for conservative ideas for years to come.

But we stand firmly with Jim DeMint and hope you will too. We thank him for his service and look forward to watching him find new ways to advance the principles of freedom that make this country great.


Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Fund
@KenCuccinelli / @SCF





Sean Hannity to Receive 2017 TALKERS Freedom of Speech Award

Image: Sean Hannity to Receive 2017 TALKERS Freedom of Speech AwardFox News host Sean Hannity tapes a segment of his show at the White
House in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 24, 2017. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)
Monday, 27 Mar 2017 04:03 PM
Sean Hannity, Premiere Networks radio host and Fox News Channel talk show host, will be the recipient of the 2017 TALKERS Freedom of Speech Award.
The award, officially called The Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech, is the “longest-running and most prestigious honor” given each year to someone in the broadcast community, according to   The site announced Monday that Hannity would receive the award in New York City on June 2.
TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison said the award was “a non-partisan honor presented to a person in the industry who sets a meaningful example of the First Amendment in action, either by having taken a high-profile, risky stand on a controversial issue or working on an exceptional level to make that opportunity available to others.”



Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is calling his staff in for a meeting as rumors of his departure kick up.
Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is calling his staff in for a meeting as rumors of his departure kick up. | Getty

Sean Hannity calls staff meeting

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is calling a staff-wide meeting for everyone who works on his television show, according to people close to his show.
The meeting comes as speculation is swirling around Hannity’s future at the network following the resignation of his longtime friend and former producer Bill Shine, who was named a co-president of Fox News last summer with the departure of longtime network chief Roger Ailes.  Staff-wide meetings for Hannity are unusual and one person close to his show expressed surprise because “Hannity doesn’t do meetings.”
It’s not clear whether Hannity will say anything meaningful about his future with the network at the meeting or whether it will be more of an opportunity to encourage his staff while the network goes through big changes. Hannity is widely liked and appreciated for such gestures, Fox insiders say.

politico – click here to read on>>>>>

AMERICAN THINKER – The Jacobins of the Democratic Party

April 28, 2017

The Jacobins of the Democratic Party

David Prentice

“Education turns students into citizens[.] … [I]t teaches them to run the country before it is their turn.” Richard Dreyfus

Richard Dreyfus and Tucker Carlson: Six minutes with two real American thinkers

How about six minutes with a real American thinker?  Refreshing and crystalline, patriotic and commonsensical is the description of these six minutes of Richard Dreyfus with Tucker Carlson. Take a look:    The first issue Dreyfus touches on in the video is not necessarily the most important, but a reminder to us all.  He explains that to understand the federal judge’s ruling on the sanctuary city executive order requires one to first read it.  Upon doing so, one is reminded that Congress, not the executive, controls the purse strings, thus the judge’s contention.
Secondly, he moves to the issue of the importance of dissenting opinions and the need for a “battle of ideas” on university campuses.
But Dreyfus continues to a greater issue.  With a touch of John Locke and a dash of Thomas Jefferson, Dreyfus points to shortfalls in our school system regarding the teaching of civics.  Dreyfus notes, à la Locke’s tabula rasa, that we are not born with an understanding of the Ten Commandments, and neither are we born with the knowledge of the Preamble to the Constitution.  Both must be taught.
We have seen the Fox News Jesse Watters interviews of people who should know certain civics basics but don’t.  Dreyfus emphasizes that this is a dangerous condition.  He notes that if we do not know who we are and what we stand for, the common fabric that binds us dissolves.
  • “The Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be central, and that political parties must be peripheral. “
  • “Civics has not been taught in the American public school system since 1970.”
  • “The Constitution is why we have been admired … it gives us our national identity.”
  • “Education turns students into citizens[.] … [I]t teaches them to run the country before it is their turn.”
  • “Our national promises are opportunity, rise by merit, mobility and freedom.”
  • “The Preamble to the Constitution is the mandate of the Country.”
Wonderful points, and eloquently presented by Mr. Dreyfus.  I would suggest delving even deeper into the main issue’s cause.  Why was civics ever dropped by the school systems?  Was that the watershed moment, when our school system took a hard turn to the left?
I hold with all that Dreyfus presents, but I suggest we must first discover why national history and civics is ignored by the education system.  When we uncover the forces that perpetuate what Mr. Dreyfus wishes to correct, we can begin the process.

Democrats are the party of negativity, name callers, anarchists, race baiters, globalist, rich and famous, etc. Does anybody see a problem here?

Sanders: Dem Party falling apart,
despite ‘Unity’ tour

After headlining the recently concluded Democratic “Unity” tour, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) declared that the losing party of the 2016 presidential election is still failing.  The former presidential candidate insists that Democrats have embraced a losing strategy for too long – as it continues to implode.
“I think what is clear to anyone who looks at where the Democratic Party today is that the model of the Democratic Party is failing,” Sanders told CBS’s John Dickerson on Face The Nation. “We have a Republican president who ran as a candidate as the most unpopular candidate in [the] modern history of this country. Republicans control the House, the Senate, two-thirds of governor’s chairs, and in the last eight years, they have picked up 900 legislative seats.”
Dems need an about-face
The self-proclaimed socialist politician said major changes must take place before Democrats see another surge at the ballot box.  “Clearly, the Democratic Party has got to change,” Sander continued. “And, in my view, what it has got to become is a grassroots party – a party which makes decisions from the bottom on up, a party which is more dependent on small donations than large donations, a party, John, that speaks to the pain of the working class in this country.”  Sanders’ comments came after the Democrats’ Unity tour turned into more of a display of disunity, as Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez was booed numerous times by those attending the event.
After losing the Democratic Primary last year to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders has been one of the party’s biggest critics.  “Donald Trump did not win the election — the Democrats lost the election!” Sanders exclaimed at an event in Miami last week, according to Townhall. “That means rebuilding the Democratic Party, making it a grassroots party – a party from the bottom on up!”


The Left-Wing Takeover of Fox News – The goes Fair and Balanced, a new CNN clone.


When Bill O’Reilly left Fox News he declared, “I am very confident the truth will come out and when it does I don’t know if you are going to be surprised, but I think you are going to be shaken as I am.” Some observers think he was referring not to the sexual harassment allegations against him, but to behind-the-scenes maneuvers by one of Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James, and his very liberal wife, Kathryn. Her bio says, “Between 2007-2011, Ms. Murdoch served as Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where she also managed CCI ‘s partnership with Microsoft in the development of a global greenhouse gas emissions tracking software.”
In short, she is a globalist insider who sees the green hysteria as a viable way to control people and their lifestyles.
We warned back in 2007 in our column, “Rupert Murdoch Picks Liberal Son as Successor,” that James Murdoch was maneuvering to take control of Fox News. We also noted that James Murdoch “buys into global warming hysteria,” and that his liberal philosophy on environmental and other matters “could become the party line” of the Fox News Channel.   It turns out that his wife is more of an environmental zealot than he is.
Accuracy in Media had attended the annual meeting of the Fox News parent company, raising concern about James Murdoch’s increasing influence in the company and his attacks on conservative groups, such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). He wrote an article for the Guardian attacking CEI for dispensing “inaccurate propaganda” about the global warming issue.    Of course, many conservatives regard the theory of man-made global warming as a hoax and a means by which government at many levels hopes to control, regulate and tax the use of natural resources.


13 rules Obama created to restrict your freedoms have been struck down by Trump!

13 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Government Regulations in His First 100 Days

“We’re excited about what we’re doing so far. We’ve done more than that’s ever been done in the history of Congress with the CRA,” Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told The Daily Signal in an interview, referring to the law called the Congressional Review Act.
The Congressional Review Act, the tool Trump and lawmakers are using to undo these regulations, allows Congress to repeal executive branch regulations in a certain window of time.
“Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress is given 60 legislative days to disapprove a rule and receive the president’s signature, after which the rule goes into effect,” Paul Larkin, a senior legal research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, wrote in a February report. The 60 days begins after Congress is notified that a rule has been finalized.


We DO Not Have Illegal Voting in America!

Hundreds of Illegal Voters Uncovered in North Carolina in 2016

Investigation finds cases of felon and non-citizen voting, double voting, voter impersonation in 2016 election

Getty Images

Hundreds of illegal voters participated in the 2016 general election in North Carolina, according to a new report.
The post-election audit report, released by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), an independent and bipartisan agency that oversees elections in the state, found hundreds of illegal votes, including votes cast by felons and non-citizens, double voting, voter impersonation, and irregularities that affected mail-in absentee ballots.
The audit uncovered 441 cases where suspected active felons voted during the 2016 elections.
“In late January 2017, NCSBE sent letters to suspected felon voters identified through data audits, notifying recipients that they may have illegally voted and their registrations would be canceled in 30 days unless they objected in writing and presented evidence that they are not active felons,” the report states.
“Currently, 441 files of suspected felon voters remain open after an initial screening and contacts or attempted contacts with the voters.”  Investigators have referred 16 “substantiated cases” of felon voting to district attorneys to date. The remaining 425 cases are expected to be referred when the investigation is complete.  A separate investigation using state and federal databases identified non-citizens suspected of voting in the election. The NCSBE said 41 voters acknowledged they were not U.S. citizens after receiving a letter from the board of elections. The non-citizen voters came from 28 different countries.
An additional 61 voters did not respond to NCSBE’s letter. Investigations into these cases are ongoing.

FreeBeacon – CLICK HERE TO READ ON>>>>>



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