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At least 26 killed in Texas church shooting 11/05/17 02:06 PM EST

Dozens of people were killed when a man opened fire in a church on Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) confirmed in a press conference on Sunday that at least 26 people have been killed in what he described as the state’s largest mass shooting to date.
The gunman was also killed, though authorities said it was not clear if the suspect had killed himself or had been shot by law enforcement.
Multiple news outlets, including The Associated Press, have identified the shooter as Devin Kelley, though officials at the press conference declined to give the suspect’s name.
According to one law enforcement official at the briefing, the suspect was first seen at a gas station across the street from the First Baptist Church, about 40 miles outside San Antonio, at around 11:20 a.m. The suspect then drove over to the church, exited his vehicle and began shooting. He then entered the church, where he continued firing his weapon.
At some point, according to the official, a local resident grabbed his own rifle and engaged the shooter. The suspect then got into his vehicle and drove off. He was later found dead in his car, though it wasn’t clear if he had shot himself or if police had shot him.
The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are working with local law enforcement at the scene.
“I’m not sure we’ll know immediately why all of this happened or had to happen,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told CNN on Sunday. “It would not shock me if it takes more than a day or two, it may take weeks to unravel why this person decided to do this horrific thing.”
Paxton noted that Sunday’s shooting took place eight years to the day after 13 people were killed at Fort Hood.
Sutherland Springs is a rural town of less than 1,000 people. One woman, who works at a gas station across the street from the church, told ABC News she heard rapid gunfire that lasted about 15 seconds.
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told pool reporters that President Trump has been briefed on the shooting.
“The President has been briefed several times and is continuing to receive regular updates on the tragic shooting in TX,” Sanders said. “The President spoke with Gov. Abbott earlier this morning. We will keep you posted as we can share more details. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends and families affected. May God comfort them all in this time of tragedy.”
Trump, who’s currently in Asia for a 12-day, five-nation tour, tweeted not long after reports of the shooting. 
“May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan,” Trump wrote.

“Allahu akbar” “God is the Greatest”

Why the establishment media and public
officials keep mistranslating “Allahu akbar”

They can count on the ignorance of most of their readers, the tacit approval of Muslim leaders who want the real meaning of the phrase obscured, and the assurance that none of their peers will hold them accountable for this inaccuracy, because the truth would be “Islamophobic.”
“Why media, officials mistranslate ‘Allahu akbar,’” by Art Moore, WND, November 2, 2017:
As the horrific news broke Tuesday that the driver of a Home Depot rental truck in New York City had mowed over pedestrians and bike riders, “terrorism” naturally came to the minds of most Americans.
When reports began circulating that witnesses heard the perpetrator yell “Allahu akbar,” even law enforcement officials typically reluctant to apply the terrorism label to such incidents acknowledged they were looking at something more than a tragic accident.
“Allahu akbar” is an Arabic phrase that has become significant in this post-9/11 era, yet in the aftermath of the attack Tuesday in which eight people were killed and a dozen injured, official after official and news outlet after news outlet mistranslated it, insisting it means “God is great.”   An accurate translation – and even Google Translate affirms it – is “Allah is the greatest” or, literally, “Allah is greater,” as in the god Allah is greater than all other gods.   The interpretation is important, contends Islam expert Robert Spencer, because it makes clear that the threat Western Civilization faces is rooted in a historic dogma of global conquest.




 As Europe goes, so goes the U.S. The tactics used
there are coming here to the United States.

Does this scare you? Great it should!
This is very serious!
It is NOT conspiracy Theory it is FACT!

We showed a Strategic and Operational Training & Consulting video
on the Threat of the Global Islamic Movement a very powerful
training film called
Understanding The Threat of The global Islamic Movement in America

The DVD can be purchased at the link on bottom of page
for $19.99, this is one
every Family, Educator, Law enforcement,
County & State officials official should see.

Episode 1: What is going on? An Overview of the Jihadi Threat
Episode 2 is about to be released in a few weeks according to my
communications with Chris Gaubatz of UTT.

Published on Dec 20, 2016

UTT (UnderstandingtheThreat) President John Guandolo and UTT Vice President Chris Gaubatz discuss the threat from the Global Islamic Movement.

UTT was created to be a National Security organization to go after the global Islamic movement. This video is a compilation fromnumerous media appearances by Guandolo and Gaubatz.
John Guandolo is a former FBI Special Agent, combat veteran Marine, co-author of Sharia the Threat to America and author of Raising a Jihadi Generation. Chris Gaubatz went undercover inside Hamas in the United States doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2008 and during his work with CAIR retrieved over 12,000 documents from their headquarters in Washington, DC revealing CAIR is involved in criminal activity including fraud, and supports terrorist groups like Hamas and Al Qaeda.
On the Sean Hannity Show John Guandolo told listeners we are witnessing the rise of the Global Islamic Movement.
American leaders are dismissing a massive threat. The enemy seeks to overthrow governments and implement an Islamic State under sharia. On the Alan Colmes Show, Alan tried to tell the audience CAIR is a “moderate” organization but was rebuked because the evidence in the US v HLF trial (Dallas 2008) revealing CAIR was created by the US Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee which is Hamas in the United States.
On Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, John Guandolo told viewers FBI Director James Comey should be fired because the case against Hillary Clinton was not just about an email server. This case was about highly classified information being passed – intentionally or not – to foreign governments. In either case, the law was broken. Chris Gaubatz testified before Senator Ted Cruz’s committee in June 2016 and defined UTT’s mission and said “in order to defeat the global islamic movement, we must understand the enemy.”
When John Guandolo was on Fox News he said “There were clear markers laid down that this was coming” referring to the MB’s revolution in January 2011, which was a predictable event. On the Tomi Lahren show John Guandolo explained that the Islamic Threat has merged with the hard left marxist Movement in the United States and can be likened to an insurgency. Therefore, the problem must be solved at the local level by citizens and law enforcement.
On the Erick Stakelbeck Show John Guandolo reveals that the U.S. government has been significantly penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood jihadis. “Today we face a dangerous and imminent threat from the Global Islamic Movement which is waging total war against the West. A kinetic, economic, social, psychological, spiritual, and informational war.” Chris Gaubatz appeared on the Curt Schilling Show and discussed the Islamic Movement and the attempted bombing in Germany at a Christmas market by a 12 year old boy. Look to Europe.
As Europe goes, so goes the U.S. The tactics used there are coming here to the United States. The only way to guarantee paradise in Islam is through jihad and becoming a Martyr. That is the highest form of worship in Islam. The last few generations grew up without the caliphate on their mind. It seems like ancient history. But there is 1400 years of history to reflect on. This is nothing new from a historical perspective. On the Erick Stakelbeck show, John Guandolo discusses the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood outside Cairo, Egypt by Hassan al Banna, with the purpose of establishing a caliphate under sharia (Islamic Law).
Their strategy is to get our leaders to do their bidding for them. For the film produced by The Blaze, John Guandolo details the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the religious, political, media, and educational sectors of our society. “They will win the entire war if we don’t get off the mark and engage them where they are engaging us.”  In an insurgency the focus has to be at the local level. We have to weed these guys out of the community. “War planners must begin all analysis of the enemy with who the enemy says they are and why they are fighting.” All of our enemies state the are Muslims waging jihad in the cause of allah to establish an islamic state under sharia. Its time to put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs.
Go to Get your copy of “Raising A Jihadi Generation” today at See the evidence of the jihadi network in America by picking up your copy of the DVD at…

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