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President Proxy Robert Mueller III

But horrid as Mueller really is, he’s only
‘President Proxy’. The real danger is with
whom he and the progressive/left plan to
replace Donald Trump after they cancel
the results of Election 2016

By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 3, 2018

President Proxy Robert Mueller III

No one in America ever cast a single vote for Robert Mueller III—but America got Mueller for president anyway.
If you don’t realize that Mueller is America’s 45th in all but name, you haven’t been paying attention.  The Special Counsel head honcho has been running the show ever since May 17, 2017, and was culmination of the Dirty Tricks Campaign of the Deep State from its inception.
Most important of all of the Mueller trajectory to power: President Donald Trump interviewed Robert Mueller as a potential replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey the day before the former FBI director was named special counsel.   Call Mueller the leader of the raving wolf pack out to get Trump,  5-star General of the Witch Hunt. Call Robert Mueller III indefatigable leader of America’s boldest coup d’etat in history.
You can count on the crazed Democrats calling Mueller in to lay a laurel wreath on his head when the metaphorically corpse of the man who wasn’t supposed to be elected president is put out on public display.  The saddest truth is that Robert Mueller III is, in reality, President by Proxy; serving office while Obama waits in the wings for the third term in office he would have pulled off had only his protégé Hillary Rodham Clinton won the election.
There’s a Big Game Plan afoot here and it’s as visible as the nose on your face.
When Mueller was brought forward, his mission was to keep President Donald Trump from having any of his policies made into law.
The wall is being blocked from funding. Immigration reform has never happened with illegals still flooding unprotected U.S. borders.  DACA has not ended.  The Senate is still blocking Trump’s nominations and the Deep State is weaponizing security clearances.  Mueller is roping everyone in to his ‘investigation’, and even after a full year and a half of no proof of Russia-Trump collusion,  is now reported to be entertaining subpoenaing the POTUS for questioning.
So who is really America’s 45th?


The coup to take over our government and country has arrived, folks. The FBI, DOJ and the “intelligence” agencies are in the process of shredding the US Constitution before our very eyes

Are Mueller, Rosenstein et al now Trying to Cover up their own Crimes?

By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 4, 2018

Are Mueller, Rosenstein et al now Trying to Cover up their own Crimes?

It is beginning to appear that free-wheeling ‘Special Counsel’ Robert Mueller and his leftist team of Clinton sycophant lawyers may have no evidence on, virtually, anyone connected with the Trump Team.  It is also becoming increasingly clear to many that Mueller’s intent is to so thoroughly destroy—financially, physically, emotionally—and intimidate anyone who helped now-President Trump achieve the presidency that no one will ever try to bring down the Stalinist Deep State government…that now rules we-the-peasants.
 Could Mueller and his malevolent marauders be banging down doors, picking the locks of private citizens to enter their homes and wake them up in the middle of the night to perform body searches with no evidence that they’ve done anything wrong?  In Paul Manafort’s case it appears that it’s true.  To refresh memories, Manafort’s home was broken into in by Mueller’s Marauders in the middle of the night.  Manafort and his wife are roughly awakened and pulled from their beds while agents perform a body search of his wife and all of Manafort’s files on business dealings were taken (aka “stolen”) from Manafort.  Note:  At the time and since then, Manafort has been told by the Mueller team that he is being charged with “involvement” with the Russians and a “Russian Billionaire.”  I had no idea that involvement with any Russian—let alone a Russian Billionaire was a crime.  If so, why do we have any of them living in this country?  In any event, Manafort has been ‘allowed’ to be under ‘house arrest’ and has to wear an “ankle bracelet” tracker.



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