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President Elect Trump stated he would get out of the Paris Climate HOAX


The Trump Administration’s Conflicting Climate Signals

The changes the Trump administration is expected to make on environmental issues are ambiguous, to say the least. And that’s worrisome. In one sense, we’re seeing welcome results. According to The Washington Post, “EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt decided to replace half of the members on one of its key scientific review boards, while Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is ‘reviewing the charter and charge’ of more than 200 advisory boards, committees and other entities both within and outside his department.”  Contrary to what’s being reported, these moves are neither nefarious nor unforeseen. At the EPA, specifically, “All of the people being dismissed were at the end of serving at least one three-year term, although these terms are often renewed instead of terminated,” the Post explains, later adding, “Members of EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors had been informed twice — in January, before President Barack Obama left office, and then more recently by EPA career staff members — that they would be kept on for another term, adding to their confusion.” Talk about having unrealistic expectations!
Pruitt is shaking things up at the EPA — and that’s good. Moreover, the administration’s revisiting statist mandates like the Clean Power Plan is another promising sign that more needed relief is on the way. That being said, there are serious questions being raised about Barack Obama’s Paris climate accord.  For the record, last year Trump vowed, “We’re going to cancel the Paris climate agreement.” He also stated: “President Obama entered the United States into the Paris climate accords [sic] unilaterally and without the permission of Congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much our energy and how much we use right here in America. So foreign bureaucrats are going to be controlling what we’re using and what we’re doing on our land in our country. No way.”
He’s right. But whether a formal dismissal actually happens remains speculative. ABC News reports, “The White House has postponed a Tuesday meeting to discuss whether the United States should withdraw from the landmark international climate deal struck in Paris under the Obama administration. The White House said late Monday that the meeting would be rescheduled. This is the second time a meeting of top aides on the issue has been delayed.” Previous reports have indicated that a climate change rift exists between Trump officials, which help explain the delays. Ivanka Trump, anyone?  Numerous groups are imploring Trump to take the U.S. out of participation. They understand that the Paris accord isn’t just an economic bludgeon; it’s also a gross infringement on the Constitution. If the U.S. were to properly enter such an accord, it’s the Senate’s, not the president’s, duty to make it happen. If Trump backtracks on this issue, not only will the economy and Constitution suffer, but his voters won’t be very accepting of it, either.
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Trump administration plans religious liberty executive action

by Sarah Westwood |
Image result for trump signing EOsPresident Trump will sign an executive action on Thursday aimed at removing regulations that apply to religious organizations, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.  “It declares that it is a policy of the administration … to protect and vigorously promote religious liberty,” the senior administration official said. “It directs the IRS to exercise the maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden of the Johnson Amendment.”
The Johnson Amendment is a provision of the tax code that prevents nonprofit organizations, including churches and religious groups, from backing political candidates.  Trump has said he wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment to give religious organizations more free speech rights. His executive action on Thursday is also expected to offer “regulatory relief for religious objecters” to provisions of Obamacare, the official said.  Critics have questioned whether policies aimed at religious freedom could lead to discrimination against the gay community by giving non-religious businesses legal cover to withhold services from gay patrons.
But proponents have argued Obama-era laws discriminated against Christians by forcing them to participate in activities that violated their beliefs, such as providing wedding services for same-sex couples or buying health insurance plans that fund contraceptives.  “This EO isn’t about discrimination,” the senior administration official said. “We don’t have any plans to discriminate. We’re about not discriminating against religious organizations.”


100 reasons to celebrate Trump’s first 100 days

Andy Schlafly looks at parallel possibility: What if Hillary were sitting in Oval Office?

There are at least 100 reasons to like what President Trump has already achieved in his first 100 days.  For someone who is new to the “swamp” in D.C., Trump has accomplished far more than his counterparts down Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill.  For starters, Trump has issued 37 sensational executive orders, memoranda, and other directives.  His order requiring federal agencies to eliminate two regulations every time they issue a new one is a brilliant curtailment of the overbearing regulatory state.
His memorandum requiring a 30-day review of military readiness is splendid.  So is his memorandum instructing the Secretary of Defense to develop a plan within 30 days in order to defeat ISIS.   Liberals have sued to block several of President Trump’s finest initiatives, such as his Executive Orders limiting visas from Muslim-majority countries associated with terrorism.  Judicial supremacy has delayed several of these Executive Orders from going into effect, but the vast majority of Trump’s actions have already benefited our country.
Trump rescinded the inane action by the Obama Administration to open up girls’ restrooms and locker rooms in public schools to any and every boy who decides that he wants to be girl.  Trump also reinstated the “Mexico City policy” to stop spending federal taxpayer dollars to fund groups that advocate and refer for abortion in other countries.  Then there are President Trump’s 35 awesome nominations and appointments within the Executive Branch.  These include Trump’s Cabinet, which is probably the most conservative in American history.
There has also been the “Trump effect,” which is voluntary, beneficial behavior by others in recognition of the pro-American winds that Trump has sailed with into the White House.  This includes at least a half-dozen major companies deciding to keep jobs in the United States despite plans to move them offshore, the drop by 40% in illegal immigration during the first month of the Trump presidency, and the bull market on Wall Street.
Next are the half-dozen meetings Trump has held with leaders of other countries, such as his sit-down with Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, during which Trump bluntly told her that Germany needs to start paying its fair share of defense costs.  In addition was the performance by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a G20 meeting, where he held firm that we do not endorse the phony “free trade” deals any longer.  Then there have been the roughly dozen rallies and visits by Trump outside the Beltway of D.C. since he became president.  This included the unexpected recitation of the Lord’s Prayer to a massive crowd in Florida by the First Lady, Melania Trump.
Finally, for the 100th reason to celebrate Trump’s first 100 days, Trump’s use of Twitter as a president to go over the heads of the media and directly to the American people has taken power away from the media, much as Reagan successfully did a generation ago with television.  Trump’s recent announcement that he will hold a rally in struggling Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, rather than attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is icing on the cake.

Now let’s take a peek at what these first 100 days would look like if Donald Trump had not embarked on his unprecedented campaign for president, which means we would be stuck with Hillary.
Imitating the movie classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart, we look at what life would be like without Trump as president.  Hillary Clinton would have encouraged more places to become “sanctuary cities” to welcome illegal aliens and frustrate federal efforts to deport those who commit crimes.  She would have ended any hope for building a border wall to stem the flow of illegal aliens into our country.  Hillary would have spent more taxpayer dollars on abortion, especially in other countries.  She would have extended further the disastrous Obamacare.

Hillary would have eroded our American sovereignty and weakened the strength of our Armed Forces.  She would have embraced more of the phony “free trade” deals that have cost Americans millions of jobs, and the middle class would be suffering greater drops in real wages than they already are.  Hillary would be ignoring the working class while pandering to the globalist elite in D.C.  The media would be fawning over her regardless of what she said and did, while our Nation would be spiraling in decline.
Jimmy Stewart’s favorite movie role was that of George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when the depressed man was given a glimpse of how terrible life would have been for others without him.  Likewise, our Nation would be in a dire state without President Donald Trump and his first 100 days.
Source: Townhall

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