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The Political Insider
By Thomas | |
If you didn’t already know how out-of-touch the liberal media is from reality, now we have confirmation.  In the past two weeks, the media turned on a dime, pivoting away from “Russia, Russia, Russia” to “racism, racism, racism.”  After Charlottesville, the mainstream press smelled blood in the water, and went in for the kill. Without any pretense of journalistic integrity, the liberal elites of the largest news organizations wanted to use the tragic death of Heather Heyer to destroy President Donald Trump.
But guess what? Most Americans don’t really want the statues torn down. In fact, most Americans haven’t given those statues much thought at all. As Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal reports, public opinion does not match with the post-Charlottesville reporting:

The most surprising finding from the latest polling is how many Americans agree with Trump on the issue of Confederate statues. A PBS/NPR/Marist poll conducted after the Charlottesville protests found a whopping 62 percent of registered voters preferring to maintain Confederate memorials as a “historical symbol” over removing them “because they’re offensive to some people.” The issue united Republicans (86 percent approved maintaining them and only 6 percent disapproved), while dividing Democrats (47 percent approved removing them and 44 percent disapproved). Even a 44 percent plurality of African-Americans didn’t want to tear them down.

Trump, by correctly blaming both sides (racist extremists and Antifa), has improved his standing with the Republican base. In fact, 87% of Republicans agree with him on this issue. This is above the 80% of the GOP that approves of Trump’s job performance in general.   Now, after Charlottesville, Trump’s job performance has already improved with voters by 4% in Gallup, and is up 6% in just one month on Quinnipiac. Averages, across the board, show that Trump’s job performance ratings are increasing, and Charlottesville has not hurt him politically.
How did this happen? I think it’s reasonable to assume many Americans didn’t know who Antifa was until last week. Now, in front of millions, Trump explained they are violent leftists who are purposefully inflaming and agitating racial divisions. Trump is such a powerful and effective communicator, that he was able to convey this truthful message over the heads of the liberal media establishment.
Trump clearly understands the American people more than the political and media elites.


Donald Trump is winning…bigly

By R. Stephen Bowden
If you get your political updates through ordinary channels – MSM; local news; the major newspapers; and popular website newsies such as Yahoo, Facebook, and more recently Drudge – you most likely feel that America is imploding, all due to the chaos of the Trump administration.
The goal is to wear you down, if not wear you out, until you agree that Trump must go.
The stakes rise with each new Trump achievement, commensurate with the rising decibel level of those who express outrage at whatever he says.  That’s what happens when your cherished assumptions are disproven day after day.  It’s comical and also understandable.  No one likes to admit that he is wrong.  Or that they are wrong on a regular basis.  It’s embarrassing and humiliating – especially if you are touted as an expert journalist or commentator, at least by virtue of being on TV.
That’s why you hear little or nothing about:
  • the current NAFTA negotiations
  • Kim Jong-un blinking
  • China threatening a trade war and then blinking
  • the U.S. becoming a net energy exporter
  • our diminishing trade imbalance
  • the amazing rise to nearly 4% GDP growth in the 2017 third quarter
  • forecasters suggesting that GDP could grow to 5 or 6% annualized
  • a rise in manufacturing investments in the U.S.
  • more full-time jobs among the middle class
  • the Syrian crisis
  • the continuing fall of ISIS in the Middle East
  • Wall Street’s record highs as they turn to embrace Main Street
  • the public’s opposition to the destruction of historic statues and memorials
  • an abhorrence of radical and violent activists on all sides, most all of whom abide on the left fringe
  • Russian collusion
  • the Awan brothers
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • Hillary and the Clinton Foundation entities
  • the wall
  • immigration
  • et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Trump is winning – BIGLY.  It’s almost too easy.  He’s focused on results, period.  The rest is just distraction, much of it orchestrated by anti-Trumpers who insist that you really can get a different result if you repeat the same experiment enough times.  They still don’t get it because they don’t want to get it.  They have dug in their heels.  That’s why I find it funny.  Trump is playing them every step of the way.
The people who get it are the American workers – the ones who watch Dirty Jobs, follow Mike Rowe on Facebook, and are happy to find an extra two hundred dollars at the end of the month.  Soon enough, others will, too.  It just takes time.  Trump is making it happen before our very eyes.
R. Stephen Bowden blogs at the Steve Bowden Journal.

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