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Within the passing of a single day: From Shooting on the Interstate to Baseball Practice Shooting

Judi McLeod image

By —— Bio and Archives June 15, 2017


Yesterday it was a hate-crazed, anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporter shooting and critically wounding House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise and injuring three others at a baseball practice.  The day before, at 4 p.m. EST, Tuesday it was a truck driver taking shots at a vehicle displaying an American flag and a ‘Make America Great Again’ flag.   American motorists take note: Shots were fired at a truck displaying a “Make America Great Again ‘ flag, Indianapolis state police report.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – State police are asking for assistance locating a vehicle that fired several shots at a truck on Interstate 465.   “Police say a white Chevrolet Malibu with Louisiana license plates pulled up alongside a blue 2001 Dodge pick-up truck around 4 p.m. Tuesday. The driver of the truck and a witness say a male passenger in the Malibu held a handgun out the window and fired several shots toward the Dodge.

“One of the bullets struck the pick-up, but the driver was not injured.   “Police say the Dodge was displaying an American flag, as well as a “Make America Great Again” flag in the bed of the truck.  “State Police ask anyone who may have witnessed this exchange to call the Indiana State Police at 317-899-8577.”

The corrosive hatred of the Barack Obama-led Resistance and the Progressives forced into the back seat in the 2016 election is unleashing more crazies on unsuspecting citizens.
Stay safe America.

Yucca Mountain: The Department of Energy Should Take Steps Now While Awaiting Funding

Katie Tubb
Katie Tubb   Policy Analyst


The President’s budget requests $120 million for the Department of Energy (DOE) “to restart licensing activities for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and initiate a robust interim storage program.” Yet Congress again provided no funding. The Trump Administration needs to move expeditiously on nuclear waste issues after eight years of delay under the Obama Administration. Even as Congress delays funding and works through draft legislation on nuclear waste management, there are some things the DOE can do now to prepare for completing the agreed upon process to review a license for Yucca Mountain.


1 – Taxpayers pay roughly $2 million per day as the DOE delays collection of nuclear waste from sites in thirty-four states.
2 – Unless Congress directs otherwise, the Trump Administration is required to continue the licensing review of a repository at Yucca Mountain.
3 – The DOE should reassemble teams at the DOE and the legal, national lab, and the management and operations contractor associated with the Yucca Mountain license.

The Circumstances

According to the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, as amended, Congress directed the DOE to begin collecting nuclear waste from defense and commercial nuclear power operations by 1998. Congress chose Yucca Mountain as the site for a deep geologic repository, should the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) grant the DOE a permit. Failure to do so has cost taxpayers over $6.1 billion in settlements to date, and is projected to cost tens of billions more.4

U.S. Department of Energy, Fiscal Year 2016 Agency Financial Report, p. 82, November 15, 2016, https://www.energy.gov/cfo/downloads/fy-2016-doe-agency-financial-report (accessed May 15, 2017).    After years of study and roughly $15 billion spent, the DOE applied for a license to the NRC in 2008 because the Yucca Mountain location “brings together the location, natural barriers, and design elements most likely to protect the health and safety of the public.”5

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “DOE’s License Application for a High-Level Waste Geologic Repository at Yucca Mountain,” June 14, 2016, https://www.nrc.gov/waste/hlw-disposal/yucca-lic-app.html (accessed May 15, 2017); Senator James M. Inhofe, “Yucca Mountain: The Most Studied Real Estate on the Planet,” Report to the Chairman, Committee on Environment and Public Works, U.S. Senate, March 2006, http://www.epw.senate.gov/repwhitepapers/YuccaMountainEPWReport.pdf (accessed May 15, 2017).

At the time, the DOE believed a repository could begin receiving waste by 2017 should the NRC approve a license.6   U.S. Department of Energy, “DOE Announces Yucca Mountain License Application Schedule,” June 19, 2006, https://energy.gov/articles/doe-announces-yucca-mountain-license-application-schedule (accessed May 15, 2017).Regardless of what happens with Yucca Mountain, the scientific community and global experience have supported deep geologic storage as critical to any waste management plan.
Unless Congress directs otherwise, the Trump Administration is required to continue the licensing review of a repository at Yucca Mountain.7   In August 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia required the NRC to continue the licensing review “unless and until Congress authoritatively says otherwise or there are no appropriated funds remaining.” Katie Tubb, “Court Kicks Yucca Mountain Review Back in Motion,” The Daily Signal, August 13, 2013, http://dailysignal.com/2013/08/13/court-kicks-yucca-mountain-review-back-in-motion/.




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