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Trump Breaks All-Time Record for Federal Appeals Judges as Senate Confirms James Ho to Fifth Circuit

Judge James

WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald Trump broke the all-time record on first-year judicial appointments to the federal appeals courts on Thursday, as the Senate confirmed James Ho to the U.S. Court of Appeals to the Fifth Circuit, a nominee notable as a racial minority who is outspoken on the importance of constitutional conservatism.
Senators voted 53-43 to confirm Ho of the Fifth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Democrats voted overwhelming against Ho, as they have done for all of President Trump’s nominees to the appeals courts.
Unlike some judicial nominees, Ho is assertive and unapologetic about his adherence to originalism—the judicial philosophy that the Constitution must always be interpreted according to the original public meaning of its words. When senators asked him if he was an originalist, instead of the verbal tap-dance many nominees do to avoid that hot-button term, he answered bluntly, “Yes, I am an originalist.”
Ho likewise trumpets his affiliation with the conservative Federalist Society, which is vilified daily in left-of-center circles. Rather than downplay that connection, when asked if he was connected to the organization, he answered, “I am proud to be a member of the Federalist Society. I have been a member since my earliest days in law school.”
“Being a member of the Society has not only made me a better lawyer,” he continued. “It has also touched my life in as profoundly deep and personal way as one could imagine: I first met my wife Allyson at a Federalist Society law school event.”



Rubio to vote ‘no’ on tax bill unless child tax credit is expanded: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has threatened to vote against the Republican tax bill, putting the legislation in danger of being delayed past Christmas.
Rubio has told Senate leaders that he will vote against the bill unless the child tax credit is made more generous to help lower-income workers who pay payroll taxes and not regular income taxes.  “Sen. Rubio has consistently communicated to the Senate tax negotiators that his vote on final passage would depend on whether the refundability of the Child Tax Credit was increased in a meaningful way,” said a spokesperson for Rubio.
Rubio told reporters at the Capitol that the current tax credit is insufficient.  “Right now it’s only $1,100. It needs to be higher than that,” Rubio said.
“I understand that this is a process of give and take, especially when there’s only a couple of us fighting for it,” he told reporters. “Given all the other changes they’ve made in the tax code leading into it, I can’t in good conscience support it unless we are able to increase the refundable portion of it.”  If Rubio votes against the bill, Republicans can only lose one other lawmaker if they hope to pass the final bill that emerges from a House-Senate conference.
Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the Senate-House conference, said negotiators are confident they’ll be able to bring Rubio back onboard.   “We’re still working with him and expect to satisfy his concerns,” Cornyn told reporters.
President Trump predicted Thursday that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will ultimately vote for the Republican tax plan.  “I think that Sen. Rubio will be there for sure,” Trump told reporters at the White House after a speech on deregulation.  The president called Rubio “a great guy” who has been “very supportive” of his agenda.
Jordan Fabian with the story:


Obstacles emerge as GOP races to tax finish
A revolt from two Republican senators concerned about the Child Tax Credit and the absence of two more Republican senators because of illness has injected fresh uncertainty into the GOP’s tax bill push.

The Senate was expected to vote first on the $1.5 trillion tax package, but that is now in doubt as GOP leaders aren’t absolutely sure they’ll have enough votes early next week to pass it.

Read the full story here




The Hill Net Neutrality

FCC ENDS NET NEUTRALITY RULES: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday voted to repeal its landmark net neutrality protections, capping off a months-long campaign by the agency’s Republicans to deregulate the broadband industry.  The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines to scrap its 2015 Open Internet Order as Democratic lawmakers and dozens of activists protested outside.
In a dramatic moment, the meeting was abruptly evacuated in the middle of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s remarks ahead of the vote.
Reporters and attendees were forced to exit the hearing room and leave their belongings as police brought in K-9 units to sweep the room. Attendees were allowed to re-enter the room within 15 minutes of the evacuation.   The FCC declined to comment on the reasons for the evacuation.
Democrats, consumer groups and tech companies have been rallying for months to try to stop the repeal plan, arguing that the rules are essential for preventing companies like Comcast and Verizon from abusing their powers as internet gatekeepers.   “As a result of today’s misguided action, our broadband providers will get extraordinary new power from this agency,” said Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat on the commission who voted against the repeal.
“They will have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content. They will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with whom they have pay-for-play arrangements and the right to consign all others to a slow and bumpy road,” Rosenworcel said.   Despite the outcry surrounding his repeal proposal, Pai was unwavering in his opposition to the 2015 rules. Since his time as a minority commissioner under the Obama administration, Pai has argued the FCC overstepped when it imposed the restrictions.   “Following today’s vote, Americans will still be able to access the websites they want to visit. They will still be able to enjoy the services they want to enjoy,” Pai said during Thursday’s open meeting. “There will still be cops on the beat guarding a free and open internet. This is the way things were prior to 2015, and this is the way they will be once again.”
Read more here.


Five issues that could derail a spending deal
Congress punted its funding fight for another two weeks, setting up a contentious spending showdown just days before Christmas.

Lawmakers passed a stopgap bill on Thursday to avoid a shutdown and keep the government’s lights on through Dec. 22. But members acknowledge that the real budget brawl — and the threat of a shutdown — will come later this month.
Read the full story here


Welcome to Overnight Regulations, your daily rundown of news from the federal agencies, Capitol Hill and the courts. It’s Thursday evening here in Washington where Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced he is resigning over sexual harassment allegations.
Read about that here.


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told House lawmakers Thursday the agency will replace former President Obama’s climate change rule for power plants.  As Timothy Cama reports, Pruitt said at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing that EPA will be introducing a replacement rule for the Clean Power Plan.  Pruitt had previously only committed to considering a replacement for the rule, which called for a 32 percent reduction in the power sector’s carbon emissions.  Business groups opposed to the Obama rule have been pushing Pruitt to write a replacement to shield companies and the federal government from future litigation on climate and fulfill the EPA’s obligation to regulate power plants’ carbon dioxide.
Find the story here.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s deputy director isn’t giving up her fight for control of the watchdog agency. As Sylvan Lane reports, Leandra English asked the District Court for the District of Columbia Wednesday night to block President Trump from naming Office of Budget and Management Director Mick Mulvaney to the interim role. The request is English’s latest maneuver in the fight for control of the agency. English originally sued Mulvaney and the president, claiming the Dodd-Frank Act made her the rightful acting director, but her lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.
Read the story here

Obama’s Illegal DACA Program Must Be Shut Down. – A MUST READ FOR ALL

Obama’s Illegal DACA Program Must Be Shut Down.

By Charles Benninghoff

Image of Illegal Aliens Demand Full US Citizenship and complain that white supremacy is murdering them.

Illegal Aliens Demand Full US Citizenship and complain that white supremacy is murdering them.

Las Vegas, NV – This article explores the highly-controversial, unconstitutional and illegal exercise of executive order by Barack Obama in 2012 now called either DACA or the Dream Act.
SUMMARY:  RINO Republicans in Congress now call for action on giving broad amnesty rights and virtually all 34 of them come from states that have been invaded by illegal aliens.
What is DACA and why is it so highly contested?
DACA is an acronym for a 2012 unconstitutional power grab by Barak Obama made by him for the purpose of adding substantial numbers of illegal aliens who overwhelmingly vote Democrat as virtually all individuals who were covered by the DACA come from socialist countries like Mexico.
DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
There are many, many problems with DACA not the least of which is that the continuation of DACA will be disastrous for America.
The Hill reports that President Trump rescinded the Obama-era program in September, giving Congress six months to act before the existing known 690,000 beneficiaries lost their benefits and face the risk of deportation.
Dan Newhouse R-WA insists there is an urgent need to enact a DACA-like program as in October, 2017 some 22,000 illegal aliens resident in the United States were ordered to return to their country of origin.  These 22,000 failed to make a simple filing with the government to get a Trump-approved 2-year extension to existing DACA status and thereby will be returned to their true home.  But, somehow this failure by the illegal aliens is turned by the globalists into an indictment against America, somehow becoming a charge of inhumanity in what is, indeed, the most humane country in the world.
On the other side of the aisle, the vast importance of keeping nearly 700,000 illegal aliens in the US can be seen by threats coming from large numbers of Democrat members of Congress who threaten a complete federal government shutdown because the globalists in the Democrat party know their ideology will never again ascend to control without the corrupting force of the illegal alien invasion.
But, here is the depth of the problem for America: with 34 RINOs from states that have already been overtaken by aliens on board and all 193 Democrats demanding a solution in December, the idea of a DACA fix has majority support in the lower chamber.
Business Insider reports that a common response in the House is, “There is no crisis…” and Congressional leadership are relying on a March deadline for action, a deadline provided by President Trump.
To highlight how the illegal invasion is impacting RINO Republicans elected to office, we have Congressman Jeff Denham R-CA who stated, “For thousands of DACA recipients across the nation, including 17,000 in my home state, every day without a legislative solution brings more uncertainty about their future.”   Denham, who represents a district in Central California resides in an area so thoroughly invaded by Mexicans, tourists comment after having visited the area that they thought for sure they just left the squalor of Mexico behind so the threat to the continued holding of power by politicians like Denham is directly related to California’s Motor-Voter laws that allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses and only a drivers license is required in California to vote in federal elections – a crime under federal law yet a criminal statute not extremely enforced by Obama hold-overs in the DOJ, the FBI or the Federal Elections Commission – is like after Obama, our American borders simply were washed down the drain as an effluence no longer desired by globalist Democrats who see the destruction of American borders as the key to their regaining power.
But, DACA is NOT what the Democrats and RINO Republicans say it is!
The Heritage Foundation writing yesterday reported, “Democrats portray the DACA program as only benefitting those who were a few years old when they came to the U.S. illegally, leaving them unable to speak their native language and ignorant of their countries’ cultural norms. Therefore, the reasoning goes, it would be a hardship to return them to the countries where they were born…” and it is common knowledge that Obama himself gave this rationale when he unilaterally ordered the creation of the DACA program.
What have been the results of DACA since 2012?  Have the supposed individuals brought here as children and learned only English thereby not allowing them to return to their home country actually accomplished anything or even integrated into America in any way?
Again, we turn to the Heritage Foundation which reports
  • Thousands of DACA “children” have been convicted of felonies yet not expelled.
  • Even if evidence that an illegal alien might have committed multiple crimes (such as membership in violent gangs like MS13) is clearly shown, the alien would still be eligible for DACA unless Homeland Security referred the violation to state or federal prosecutors and the alien was convicted.
  • Even after conviction of a felony, the globalists running our law enforcement agencies like the FBI would not purge the criminal.
  • Over 24 percent of the DACA-eligible population fall into the functionally illiterate category and another 46 percent have only ‘basic’ English ability.”  Thus, there would be zero problems for at least 50% of the DACA folks to reintegrate into the culture of their home country as, in reality, they have never left it except to hunker down for America’s amazing welfare benefits including monthly payments, medical, housing, and retirement payments all from funds paid by America’s hard-working native population.
  • Any congressional amnesty bill providing citizenship for DACA beneficiaries could significantly increase the number of illegal aliens who will benefit unless Congress amends the sponsorship rules under federal immigration law. Providing lawful status to millions of so-called “Dreamers” will allow their extended families of those aliens to profit from illegal conduct.
  • The U.S. accepts about a million legal immigrants every year. According to a recent study, of the 33 million legal immigrants admitted over the last 35 years, about 61 percent were chain migration immigrants – meaning once the alien gets here, then here comes the entire extended family because, in practice, every alien ultimately succeeds in bringing in another 3-4 alleged family members.
My belief is that all of these individuals must be sent back home.  In cases proven to concern those who speak only English, then that is a great skill that can be utilized in tourist industry, commercial and manufacturing and so forth.  It is not a detriment, it is an asset the DACA got for free.  I myself have learned Spanish without formal education.  A person immersed in a Spanish-speaking community can pick up this simple language in a few weeks in order to be functional.  The United States can pay these individuals a monthly stipend for a set period – say 18 or 24 months – via universally accessible Western Union or American Express type money licensed transmitters without significant cost to taxpayers other than the stipend itself.
It is time to end the corruption of our Constitution by Obama.  DACA is an illegal and unconstitutional exercise of dictatorial power by Barack Obama and must not be allowed to continue to further corrupt our nation’s resources, resources already creating an estimated $1 trillion deficit in 2018.


Trump rips Dems a day ahead of key White House meeting

President Trump on Wednesday ripped into Democratic congressional leaders one day before a critical White House meeting, claiming the party is looking to shut down the government with its demands on immigration.

“It could happen,” Trump told reporters at the White House when asked about the chances of a shutdown. “The Democrats are really looking at something that is very dangerous to our country. They are looking at shutting down.”

Trump took aim at threats from some Democrats to vote against a year-end spending deal unless Congress shields from deportation young immigrants in the U.S. illegally.

Read the full story here


Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital and Orders U.S. Embassy to Move

Video by Associated Press

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy and setting in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City.  “It is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” said Mr. Trump, speaking from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, saying that past approaches to the conflict, like delaying that recognition, had not moved the peace process forward.
“This is a long overdue step to advance the peace process and to work towards a lasting agreement,” he added.
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Mr. Trump’s remarks will be the most closely scrutinized of his presidency on the Middle East, where he has vowed to broker the “ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians but has yet to find a breakthrough to end the conflict. The president’s recognition of Jerusalem isolates the United States on one of the world’s most sensitive diplomatic issues.  It has drawn a storm of criticism from Arab and European leaders, which swelled on Tuesday night after the White House confirmed Mr. Trump’s plans. Pope Francis and the Chinese foreign ministry joined the chorus of voices warning that the move could unleash a wave of violence across the region.



White House Daily Briefing direct from the White House

Sent: Monday, December 04, 2017 12:37 PM
Subject: White House OPA Daily Briefing 12.4

Good afternoon, please see below for today’s daily briefing.

Today: The President’s Daily Schedule

This morning, President Donald J. Trump departed the White House for Joint Base Andrews, en route to Salt Lake City, UT.  The President will then arrive in Salt Lake City, UT, meet with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Leaders, and tour The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Welfare Square.  In the afternoon, the President will give remarks at the Utah State Capitol.  The President will then depart Salt Lake City, UT for Washington, D.C., en route to the White House.

 Today: 3 Articles to Read

Republicans push for final version of tax cut bill to meet year-end goal

Congressional Republicans say they are pressing forward after the Senate passed its $1.4 trillion tax cut bill late last week and that its differences with the House version shouldn’t create major roadblocks in the process as they look to send a bill to President Trump’s desk before year’s end.

November jobs report highlights economic news

After a couple of months of hurricane -related volatility, this week’s report on November payrolls could provide the first largely untainted reading of the labor market since summer. A relatively light week of economic news also features data on the service sector and consumer credit.

Dow soars 230 points higher to record as Street cheers Senate passing tax bill

U.S. stocks traded sharply higher on Monday as investor sentiment was boosted the Senate narrowly passing a major tax bill over the weekend.

Today: 3 Things to Know

The road ahead for tax reform

  • After a busy week of discussions and compromise, Senate Republicans backed up a major promise to the American people by passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act early Saturday morning.
  • The bill now advances to a congressional conference committee, which will reconcile any differences between the Senate’s version and similar legislation passed by the House last month. This process—an indispensable component of American democracy—will ensure that all voices are heard and that the final product sent to President Donald J. Trump later this month is the bill’s strongest version yet.
  • The President applauds the Senate for its work and looks forward to signing this momentous tax cut into law in time for Christmas.
  • Click here to read the full statement on the Senate vote.

What President Trump will tell Utah today

  • President Trump is traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, today to deliver an important message at the State Capitol. In April, the President ordered an extensive review of all large federal land expansions made since 1996 under the Antiquities Act—a 1906 law intended to safeguard national monuments that’s become a pretext for massive federal land grabs.
  • That report will be released this week. When the President goes to Utah today, he will lay out his proclamation to modify the boundaries for both the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante national monuments, explaining how certain past abuses of the Antiquities Act have harmed local communities.
  • It’s an important decision worth illuminating clearly. Here’s what the President’s proclamation does:
  • Corrects past federal overreach
  • Protects objects of national significance and prioritizes public access
  • Facilitates infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • Ensures tribal cultural use
  • Protects hunting and fishing rights
  • Here’s what it doesn’t do:
  • Sell public lands wholesale
  • Close or shrink national parks
  • Drill for oil in national parks
  • Leave tribal artifacts or fossils unprotected

Watch the President’s speech live at 3:30 p.m. EST today.


December update on the President’s nominations

  • On Friday, President Trump sent 12 nominations to the Senate for approval, including Jeffrey DeWit of Arizona to be chief financial officer of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, James Williams of Utah to be chief financial officer of the Department of Labor, and Mark Schneider of the District of Columbia to be director of the Institute of Education Science at the Department of Labor.
  • Last week, President Trump nominated respected monetary economist Marvin Goodfriend of Pennsylvania to become a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
  • View the full list of nominations here.



Special counsel to charge Flynn with false statements

Special counsel Robert Mueller has charged President Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn with “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador, Mueller’s office announced Friday morning. A plea hearing has been scheduled for 10:30 on Friday morning.

Read the full story here


Top GOP senators say they have the votes to pass tax bill

Top Republicans said on Friday that they have the votes to pass their tax plan after two key holdouts came on board.  “I believe so,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters, asked if they had the votes needed to pass the legislation.  Pressed if that means GOP leadership has the 50 votes needed to let Vice President Pence break a tie, he added “yes.”

Read the full story here




November 27, 2017

Permission to republish original op-eds and cartoons granted.

Click on link for story

The GOP tax bill is better than you think, but it still might result in a ‘Read my lips’ moment
In Pennsylvania, 1.6 million taxpayers took $11.3 billion in state and local tax deductions and $8.2 billion in real estate tax deductions. There, 56,000 upper income individuals could be seeing a tax hike in a state where Trump only won by 44,000 votes.

The Trump administration is taking on the opioid crisis
2015 was the worst year for overdose deaths in US history, until 2016 happened. Now, unless the federal government takes decisive action, 2017 will be even worse. The opioid epidemic has left both rural and urban America paralyzed. After decades of overprescribing, opioid deaths last year alone account for more lost lives than the entire Vietnam War. The Trump Administration’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis is leading the way toward critical reforms throughout government to save American lives.

David William: Special counsel Robert Mueller stands on reputation that belies a record including fumbles
“At 73, Mueller has a record that shows a man of fallible judgment who can be slow to alter his chosen course. At times, he has intimidated or provoked resentment among subordinates. And his tenacious yet linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest U.S. terrorism investigation since 9/11.”

Hill News Alert

The Hill’s Whip List: Where Republicans stand on Senate tax bill

Senators are aiming for a vote this week on a Republican tax reform plan.   The bill would temporarily cut individual tax rates and slash the corporate rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. It also includes a controversial provision to repeal ObamaCare’s individual mandate.
If all Senate Democrats vote against the bill, Republicans can only afford two defections in the upper chamber, allowing Vice President Mike Pence to break a tie.

Here is a look at how the votes are stacking up.

Read The Hill’s Whip List here

One Sick Senator, He was a Male Adult Knew Exactly What He Was Doing Was Wrong To Start With No Excuses! Step Down!

Franken on groping allegations: ‘This will not happen again’

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) told reporters Monday that he will work to regain people’s trust in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct and vowed, “this will not happen again going forward.”  “I know I’m going to have to be much more conscious in these circumstances, much more careful, much more sensitive, and that this will not happen again going forward,” Franken told reporters.  “Again, it’s going to take a long time for me to regain people’s trust, but I hope that starting work today I can do that,” he added.

Read the full story here


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