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It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 330 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.
If the tax code is unfair – it’s because they want it unfair.
If the budget is in the red –  it’s because they want it in the red.
If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan –  it’s because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan…
There are no insoluble government problems.
Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.
Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.
Those 545 people and they alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.
They and they alone should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses. Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees… We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!
Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.
What you do with this article now that you have read it… is up to you
This might be funny if it weren’t so true
Be sure to read all the way to the end
Tax his land
Tax his bed
Tax the table at which he’s fed
Tax his tractor
Tax his mule
Tax his work
Tax his pay
He works for peanuts anyway!
Tax his cow
Tax his goat
Tax his pants
Tax his coat
Tax his ties
Tax his shirt
Tax his work
Tax his dirt
Tax his tobacco
Tax him if he tries to think
Tax his cigars
Tax his beers
If he cries Tax his tears
Tax his car
Tax his gas
Tax all he has
Then let him know
That you won’t be done
Till he has no dough
When he screams and hollers
Then tax him some more
Tax his coffin
Tax his grave
Tax the sod in
Which he’s laid
Put these words
Upon his tomb,
Taxes drove me to my doom…
When he’s gone
Do not relax,
It’s time to apply the inheritance tax
Accounts Receivable Tax
Trading Permit Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Excise Taxes
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (0.4475/gal)
Gross Receipts Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Personal Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service Charge Tax
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Sales Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Fed Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State, and Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Utility Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
What in the heck happened? Can you spell ‘politicians?’
I hope this goes around THE USA at least 545 times!!! YOU can help it get there!!!
Now, more than ever, it’s time to throw the bums out!  All of them


THE Definition of Hypocrisy

Remember in 2011 when tens of thousands of Democrats surged on the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison and physically occupied it for more than two weeks? We were told, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Remember in 2016 when Obama was President and hundreds of BLM blocked interstate highways and violently accosted police (even killing several)? We were told, “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.”

Remember in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings when a mob of Democrats stormed the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, and pounded their fists in rage on the door. We were told, “It’s understandable.”

Remember this summer’s riots in major cities across the country when groups of Democrats marched in the streets, set buildings on fire, looted businesses, assaulted and even killed bystanders and police? We were told, “These are mostly peaceful protests.”

Remember when Democrats seized several blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Seattle, declaring it an autonomous zone? Remember the guns and deaths and utter destruction? We were told, “It’s a block party atmosphere.”

Remember when a crazed mob gathered after the Republican National Convention and attacked Rand Paul, a sitting U.S. Senator? We were told, “No justice, no peace.”

Remember how police were told to stand down, governors refused to call in the national guard, and Democrats paid bail for violent protesters who were arrested? We were told, “This is the only way oppressed people can be heard.”

Biden supporters begin to experience voter’s remorse

Biden supporters begin to experience voter’s remorse after his job-killing start as president

President Biden signed executive orders this week that impact thousands of jobs across the nation. Nothing brings that home more than personal experience as one Twitter user named Kristin pointed out in a post with a friend. The friend’s husband may now lose his job and blames his wife for voting for Biden. The wife doesn’t understand and asked Kristin if he could really lose his job. Kristin tweeted “So it begins…”
Kristin provided background via Twitter: “I’m gonna explain how this happened. She and I are friends from like 15 years ago. Only communicate casually, but she’s asked me political questions in the past cause she knows I’m really into politics. Jeremy is her husband (I’ve never met him). They live out west, SD I think.”
The following is the exchange on Twitter:
The friend has no idea what she did by voting for Biden or the consequences it will have – she simply hated Trump and that was all that mattered… until now: “Jeremy just called and yelled at me. He said everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. He’s blaming me for voting for Biden. You know I hated the way Trump acted. Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?”

(Source: Fox News)

Kristin responded to her friend with a bitter pill to swallow: “Ok, first I’m sorry Jeremy is more than likely losing his job. Without the pipeline and fracking Biden just destroyed the oil industry which will domino into MANY other industries in America and we will be paying foreign countries for oil again so it’s about to get really expensive. This is just flat out common sense. I’m gonna be honest with you though, YOU voted for this. I didn’t and neither did Jeremy, but we will be suffering. I’m so sick of the “Trump is mean” bs, the man built a great economy but your hurt feelings got in the way of you researching the truth. You let Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper lie to you every damn night into some unicorn utopia of complete GARBAGE. I do have some good news for you, you now get to pick your pronouns on the WH website, so maybe after choosing your correct pronouns you can ask Biden how you are gonna put food on your table. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that Apple will soon release Biden/Harris iTunes playlist cause that will keep you warm at night. I always knew that people would regret voting for Biden, I didn’t think it’d be Day 1. Biden probably won’t hurt your feelings as much as Trump but he will take your husband’s job. Think on this.”
The Biden administration shutting down the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline could and most likely will end thousands of American construction jobs. Those are union jobs for the most part. It has begun already as one company just put 1,000 employees on notice that they will be laid off over Biden’s Executive Order. By stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, the Biden administration also killed more than 10,000 union jobs expected to be created throughout the pipeline’s development, as well as tens of thousands of additional jobs related to the project.
Canada is furious over all of this and it is not helping our relations with our neighbors to the north. Not to mention that this definitely means we will no longer be energy independent as we were under Trump. Gas prices have already jumped 12 cents in New York and California. That will spread across all the states and once again Americans will find themselves wondering if they will have enough heat to get through the winter as Biden clamps down on energy production in the name of the environment.
The Heritage Foundation’s Nick Loris estimates that if the United States were to meet the targets contained in the Paris Climate Agreement, which Biden also just reentered, the average American family of four would, over two decades, pay $30,000 more in higher energy costs. That is about as much as many people pay for a new car.
He also estimates the U.S. economy will have 400,000 fewer jobs, about half of which are related to manufacturing.
Loris projects the total gross domestic product lost by attempting to hit the Paris targets would be greater than $2.5 trillion. Again, that’s just to meet the Paris goals, not the Biden administration’s much more ambitious target of having the entire U.S. electric grid be 100% carbon dioxide-neutral by 203

“Release Them All, Immediately”

Saturday January 23, 2021 12:21 PM

Every single illegal alien in ICE and Border Patrol detention who is not suspected of committing a felony or violent crime is being released this weekend. Any “non-violent” illegal alien that Border Patrol catches moving forward will be immediately released as well.
Joe Biden promised to halt all deportations for 100 days after taking office, and he is doing just that.
Border Patrol and ICE received a memo from the White House this week with a simple message: “Release them all, immediately.”
There is chaos right now in the southern border states. Thousands of illegal aliens are just being released into society and the illegals caught crossing the border are just being waved in…


Biden’s 47 years of accomplishments

Joe Biden’s Political Career. By year.
1973 Biden enters politics…
1977 ***Biden fights to keep schools segregated because in his own words, “allowing blacks to integrate would create a racial jungle”… fact check me....
1983 **BIDEN TAXES Social Security 
1988 Ran for president but had to end his campaign after getting busted for plagiarism…
1990 Hang on almost there…
1993 **BIDEN TAXES Social Security = AGAIN
1994 ***Biden writes the “Stop and Frisk” law which is what blacks blame for “systemic racism” today. This law took millions of black men from their homes and transplanted them into prison. Way to go Joe. This was Biden’s biggest accomplishment in 47 years of elected office. Factcheck me…it’s true.
1997 Almost, not yet…
2008 Calls Obama the first “articulate” and “clean” mainstream African-American

Where to Find a Principled Right-Wing Party

Where to Find a Principled Right-Wing Party

During the Cold War, Soviet propagandists mocked the American political system by pointing out that its two major parties are the same.  According to Marx’s understanding of societal and economic processes, if the means of production did not belong to the proletariat and neither party called for their outright expropriation, then both parties are representatives of capital.  Apparently, communists were partly right, but for another reason.  Both parties are the same because they slowly and gradually moved American society away from the ideals of economic and individual freedom toward the condition of unprecedented wealth redistribution and collectivization of consciousness.  Democrats were leaders in that process, and Republicans were tacit supporters or at least spineless politicians who could not effectively stop the leftist agenda.
We started talking about socialism because Democrats felt that nothing and nobody could stop them anymore, and they began to broadcast their intentions openly.  However, in reality, socialism has been silently infiltrating our society for a long time, since the first half of the 20th century.  The primary reason it has been happening is that Americans lack a principled, major right-wing party, putting a brake on the negative trend.  Don’t be confused: Republicans are to the right of Democrats, but that doesn’t make them the right wing.
The two-party system is a political anachronism.  The system worked well when the majority of society was not involved in the political process and political leaders were statesmen.  In current conditions, politicians are mediocre functionaries, and at the same time, more and more people are involved in politics, which has led to the expansion of the political spectrum, which a bipartisan system can now no longer cover.  The left can only complain about the speed of socialization of society, but in principle, leftists agree with the gradient of its development and feel good in the Democratic Party.  The right is generally not represented by anyone.
Purely right-wing ideas were absorbed by the Republican Party, where they were muted and eventually died.  It is long overdue to free right-wing views from the shackles of the Republican Party and allow them to develop freely and be represented within the framework of an independent organization.  There has always been a demand for such a party, but the traditional two-party system has been a significant obstacle in its organization in practice.  In every election, people are forced to choose the lesser evil.  This is a completely abnormal situation that runs counter to the democratic order and damages mostly the right-wing adherents.
Which ideas are right-wing?  First, rightists’ views contradict the principles of the socialists.  If socialists encroach on private property rights, restrict individual freedom, and welcome forced redistribution of wealth, then the right wing is against all this.  The right wing firmly defends private property and individualism and restricts compulsory wealth redistribution.  Second, the right wing allows dissident thoughts to be heard, which cannot be said about the left.  Third, the right wing has nothing to do with racism and nationalism.  Unfortunately, they simply could not effectively defend themselves from the left’s defamatory labels.
The problems listed above — the attitude toward private property, the degree of individual freedom, the scale of the redistribution of wealth — have been the main topics for discussion from ancient times to the present day.  These questions are relevant and currently confront American society.  Amazingly, the answer to those problems from both major parties is almost identical.  Both sides are irresponsible squanderers and redistributors of wealth, who are trying to solve all issues by involving the state in the economy and in all other spheres of life.
Thus, we observe a blatant dichotomy between the right-wing ideas and the ruling elites’ practical politics, no matter which — Democratic or Republican.  This has become most clearly seen for many Americans right now.  The Trump presidency has many historic achievements.  However, the most important result of his tenure was the exposure of the rottenness, duplicity, and hypocrisy of the American political elite.  He tore the masks from the faces of hideous hypocrites, sacrificing himself and his family.  These sacrifices will be in vain if the MAGA movement is not organized under the flags of the new party.  After all, it is already clear that MAGA in the GOP framework is a road to nowhere.
Some people hope that the GOP could be hijacked by “true republicans” and reformed.  They could not be more wrong, as historical analysis shows that such attempts were made before, and all of them failed.  At any given time, the GOP has “mavericks” who go “across the aisle” and are ready to stab you in the back.  The GOP cannot be transformed since it is firmly established in the Washington swamp, and any innovative ideas will be drowned in the quagmire.  Others warn that a Republican split will bring Democrats to power forever, so it should not be allowed.  But who does not benefit from the creation of a strong right-wing party?
The Republican establishment does not want this for obvious reasons.  But Democrats will not benefit from the split, either.  Democrats understand that they are going to face fierce opposition to their ideas that they have never experienced from the GOP side.  They know that the right-wing ideas will be explicitly broadcasted and discussed publicly and will not be muted by the GOP elites and ridiculed as they were before.  The real beneficiary will be the American people, or at least that part of it that can vote for a party that reflects its members’ philosophy.
And now about the fear that the Democrats will usurp power forever: Most plausibly, the split would lead to Democrats winning the next presidential election.  But this is not a reason to oppose the creation of a new right-wing party.  All previous projects for creating a third party have failed because they were aimed at short-term goals — to win the presidency.  But it is necessary to play for long-term goals — namely, to engage in party-building and the propagation of the right-wing ideas, along with preparing candidates for local elections and elections to the House and Senate.
Winning the presidency should not be an end in itself.  The main thing is not to let the Republicans lead and stifle the MAGA movement, as was done with the Tea Party.  MAGA must find another home.  Since there are so many MAGA-supporters, I do not rule out successful midterm elections for what could be called the MAGA Party.
In order to effectively fight creeping socialism, a robust organization is needed, based on genuine rightist ideas and consisting of people who love economic and individual freedom, who believe in the American Constitution and American exceptionalism.  The phobia concerning the split does not stand up to scrutiny since we are talking about ongoing and protracted battles and not about immediate results.
The U.S. has been drifting toward socialism for at least three generations; the road back will be lengthy, too.  Back to American roots.
Follow the author on the Telegram channel https://t.me/Gindlerica.
Image: ReubenGBrewer via PixabayPixabay License.

The True Legacy of Donald Trump

The True Legacy of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a difficult man to understand, to say the least. He says controversial things, is a stranger to political correctness and yet his actions steer towards patriotism and conservatism.
Truthfully, as conservatives, we reject and abhor the cult of the individual. We believe in the sanctity of life, in the paramount freedoms of thought, speech and religion and in the purity and sacredness of family, country, tradition and history. Quite often, conservatives are left alone in defense of these values.  Many times they feel bullied, excluded, unwanted guests in their own countries by the media, the left, the so-called woke mobs and even right-wing politicians, who desperately seek inclusion in elite circles.
In this context, most conservatives see Donald Trump as the protector and champion of these beliefs. They rise to the defense of someone who finally stood up for them. Without understanding the deep chasm between the common people and the elites, it is impossible to comprehend the rise of Donald Trump and the devotion of his supporters around the globe. Yet, the establishment refuses to grasp this reality. They detest those who are not obedient. Hence, Donald Trump did not divide Americans. He was a defense mechanism of the common people in an environment of deep divisions and cultural conflicts.
In a rarity in national politics, President Trump does not leave a legacy merely to his own people, but to the entire world. On a planet where everyone does their best to mingle, hide their differences, erase their personalities, and forget about individuality, Donald Trump reminded us that our uniqueness, our identity, our nation, our community and most importantly our history and family are what make us special, giving hope that every individual can determine his own destiny. He urged everyone to reject dependence on government, unleash the potential within and live, think, and act freely. If an individual knows where he comes from, his strengths and advantages, he can go far. That takes away the power from the politicians and special interests and gives it to the individual. That is why Donald Trump is today the most attacked person on Earth.
President Trump gave the example of putting the nation first. His doctrine holds that if one cannot care about his family, community, and country, then he cannot help his neighbor – a logical assumption. Thus, Trump’s advice was for each country to look inwards first, strengthen itself, help increase the prosperity of its people and then cooperate with the other nations in rising to the challenges of our century. America First he said on more than one occasion, does not mean America alone.
For nations that suffered under communist regimes, where the individual was destroyed, the Trump model is of vital importance. In Albania — the country where I come from — the communist dictator and his co-criminals tried, and in many cases succeeded, in deforming the historical, cultural, and individual memory of the people, in an endeavor to create soulless men, part of the herd, incapable of reacting to corruption.
Donald Trump, through his sometimes harsh rhetoric and necessary political incorrectness, warned precisely against this. He rose as a mechanism of defense for the common people against cancel culture, mob rule, high taxes, the revision of history, collectivism, socialism and a globalism that leads to the annihilation of the individual, of the family and of small communities and businesses. He inspired millions in Europe and the U.S. to follow his lead. These modern conservatives reject violence, including endless wars and dangerous radical mobs, pursue supply-side economic policies, advocate for stronger national defense, and encourage freedom of thought, religion, and life. Having won the moral and logical arguments, they seek to stand up in front of an ever-aggressive and totalitarian left.
Trump exposed the left’s violent actions and hypocritical rhetoric. Since the day after his inauguration, members of the Democratic Party pushed for impeachment and harassment of Trump officials. Members of the Obama administration used illegal warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and pursued a witch-hunt using the now-discredited Steele dossier. The media in the U.S. and Europe showed how partisan and dishonest it is. The Establishment and the Media worked together to undermine the 45th President and remove him from office, through a farce impeachment, riots, looting, and murders by the Antifa and BLM mobs throughout the 2020 summer, and a disgraceful coverage of the election, all because he had threatened their power and influence.
Post-November reports showed that the media’s and Big Tech’s interference had influenced the outcome of the election. The hypocrisy reached new highs when the President and the Republicans in Congress raised doubts about the honesty and transparency of the electoral process. The same people who spent four years of parroting the lies of Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 elections, the same politicians who endorsed the objection of electoral votes in 2001, 2005, and 2016, now branded as traitors anyone who dared speak of the same issues. Donald Trump did not defeat the Swamp. Yet, he exposed its rot for everyone to see.
Trump’s legacy includes standing up to China, pushing other world leaders to form a coalition against the Asian dragon’s attempt for world domination. His decoupling goal is a painful but necessary policy. The Chinese Communist Party does not deal in good faith, does not hold up its end of agreements, mistreats its own people and is responsible for stealing around 70% of software from the U.S., at a cost estimated to be $600 billion.
Moreover, according to the U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, “Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically.” The West was wholly unprepared regarding China’s expansionary goals. Yet Trump, through his rhetoric and actions, was the only world leader to do something about it. Four years after his election, we live in a totally changed world, one in which the Chinese threat is viewed entirely differently.
In addition, he is the first U.S. president in more than three decades who has not started a new war. His foreign policy accomplishments include peace agreements in the Middle East between Israel and Arab countries, most notably the United Arab Emirates. He moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, something every president before him had promised. Trump eradicated the Islamic State and authorized the assassination of terrorists such as ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani. Trump has placed sanctions on communist regimes and vowed that the U.S. will never become a socialist country, becoming the first President since Reagan to actively denounce the scourge of communism.  Today, the world is a safer place thanks to President Trump.
Furthermore, Donald Trump has proved that supply-side, capitalistic policies work, providing a blueprint for every nation to follow, by restoring American economic superiority. He cut taxes for individuals and businesses. Both consumer and business confidence reached record highs. Because of the President’s policies, in 2019, the median household income grew by 6.8%, which, as the Wall Street Journal noted, is the largest annual increase on record. America gained seven million new jobs — more than three times government experts’ projections. Middle-class family income increased nearly $6,000 — more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration. Median household incomes rose most among Hispanics (7.1%), blacks (7.9%), Asians (10.6%) and foreign-born workers (8.5%). For whites, the increase was 5.7%, while for native-born Americans 6.2%. Overall, poverty rates during the first term fell to a 17-year low.
Lastly, through his judicial appointments, President Trump has strengthened the fundamentals on which the United States is built on: equality under the law, equality of opportunities, safety, and freedom of expression.
According to an October 2020 Gallup poll, 56% of Americans said they were better off compared to four years ago, showing that America is stronger. This helps the entire world because a stronger U.S. means a stronger West. It is in the interest of every freedom lover in the world that the balance of power remains in the West in front of Russian, Chinese and Iranian aggression.
Conservatives around the world should be proud of these achievements. Donald Trump’s four years in office are the perfect model of how to build up a nation and lead it to prosperity. Not every President can make a lasting influence in the world. Donald Trump’s triumphant doctrine will be his true legacy in the history books.
Image: Gage Skidmore

Now it’s time to shake it off and re-engage -We need to take America back, what Biden does can be repaired.

Now We’ve Got Them Right Where We Want Them

Like many Americans, I’ve been in a funk since last November.  Now it’s time to shake it off and re-engage.  George Washington presided over a series of lost battles and tactical retreats during the American revolution.  But each battle (regardless of outcome) weakened the enemy, and led to eventual freedom from monarchical rule.  The ruling class has taken an election, but they’ve substantially weakened their position in doing so.  It’s time to take stock of our relative positions and move on.
So, what is the left’s position now?  They lost seats in Congress.  Even more significant, they lost power in state governments.  These are the same state bodies that are going to reapportion congressional districts this year.  They’ve exposed their true nature to all Americans.  Through their actions over the last year, they’ve revealed themselves to be petty, vindictive, dishonest autocrats.  It is not an attractive look.  They’ve also exposed all of their covert operators.   The media, tech oligarchs, and faceless bureaucrats have taken sides — and now we know it.  Much of their power came from secrecy, which they no longer have.  All of this was sacrificed to drag a demented, racist has-been across the finish line.  President Asterisk enters office in the weakest position of any president in recent history.  We’re not at the dawn of the left’s ascendancy.  They have peaked.  They’re spent.  I’m sure they’re not done fighting, but their strategic position is not something to envy.  It’s doubtful they can retain power.
However, what conservatives have is quite formidable.  We have over 75 million followers.  That number is our floor, not our ceiling.  Our ranks are growing every day.  The more our ruling class attempts to suppress us, the faster our movement will grow.  Remember when the left used to warn us, “Don’t mistreat terrorists.  They’ll use it as a recruiting tool.”  They were right, and it applies here too.
Republicans control a majority of state governments now.  Republicans control 32 upper chambers (versus 18 for Democrats) and 30 lower chambers (versus 19 for Democrats and one TBD in Alaska).  Republicans are in the driver’s seat for reapportionment.  They’ve been on the receiving end of gerrymandering for a long time.  Now it’s their turn.  In addition, state and local governments stand as a bulwark against tyranny.  My home of Star, Idaho recently declared itself a 2nd amendment sanctuary, as many other communities across the country have.  Sheriffs are beginning to step forward and assert that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.  Our state and local governments have the ability to push back, and many are beginning to do so.
Finally, and most importantly, we have the truth on our side.  We know the election was compromised.  We know the left is trying to impose socialism on us.  We know socialism never works.  We know we are not a racist country and we can no longer be subdued with name calling.
Many on our side are arguing that the left institutionalized election fraud and we’ll never be able to win an election again.  That is simply not true.  Elections are controlled by the states, and Republicans control the majority of states.  Out of 50 states, the vote was compromised in perhaps six of them.  Fraud was only able to tip the election because it was close.  As Hugh Hewitt used to say on his radio show, “If the election isn’t not close, they can’t steal it.”
Some argue that now that the Democrats have all of the levers of power, they’ll use the military to subdue us.  I’m sure a few Democrats have given that some thought and realized the notion is nonsense.  Putting aside the optics of another Kent State massacre, it simply wouldn’t work.  Soldiers are not robots.  They are us.  Some would follow their orders, but many would not.  So no, military suppression of the citizenry is not an option.
The use of the military for propaganda purposes is an option.  The left will try to use it to intimidate us, but it’s all a bluff.  The Democrats moved five divisions of soldiers into Washington D.C. for the inauguration.  Let me ask this — does putting on a Kim Jong-un style coronation telegraph confidence or fear?  The fact is, our ruling class knows that they’ve overplayed their hand, and they are terrified.  But beyond a bluff, they’ve got nothing else.  If they want to retain power, they have to do it through politics.
Here’s what they have to work with.  They have a propaganda ministry that sacrificed the last shred of credibility they had in the last election.  The legacy media approval rating is bouncing around somewhere between that of Congress and used-car salesmen.  They have big-tech oligarchs that went out on a limb and then sawed it off.  Google, Facebook, and Twitter are now facing legal challenges from state and foreign governments (bet they didn’t see that coming).  They’ve got educational institutions which have been politically indoctrinating our children for generations.  But COVID-19 lockdowns and remote learning exposed many parents to the reality of what’s been going on in classrooms.  It was both eye opening and disturbing.  The Democrats have a tenuous grip on political power, and are likely to lose it in the mid-term election.  Finally, the left has only minority support from the citizenry.
All we need to do, is keep up the pressure.  We need to vote nationally and work locally.  Speak over the propaganda by talking to friends and neighbors.  Take over school boards.  Deprogram our children by talking to them.  Engage in local politics.  Elect local officials based on a constitutional litmus test.  As General George (Washington or Patton — take your pick) would say, “Okay boys.  We’ve got’em outnumbered, exposed, and scared — Engage!”
John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.
Image: Med

Impeachment Filed Against Biden

The Epoch Times

Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Then-Georgia Republican House candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene at a press conference in Dallas, Georgia on Oct. 15, 2020. (Dustin Chambers/Getty Images)

January 21, 2021 Updated: January 22, 2021
Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Jan. 21 announced she has introduced articles of impeachment against the new president, Joe Biden.
The articles of impeachment concern Biden’s alleged actions involving a “quid pro quo” deal in Ukraine and alleged abuse of power “by allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to siphon off cash from America’s greatest enemies Russia and China,” Greene’s office announced in a statement just a day after Biden was sworn in as the 46th U.S. president.
The move comes less than a month into Greene’s first term in Congress. Democrats control both the House and Senate, so it is unlikely that the attempt to impeach Biden, a Democrat, will succeed.
“President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency,” Greene said in a statement. “His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies.”
She added, “President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding. President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached.”
The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Epoch Times.
joe biden and hunter bidenFormer Vice President Joe Biden (L) and his son Hunter Biden at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington on Jan. 30, 2010. (Nick Wass/AP Photo)
At an event in 2018, Biden said that in 2016 he had threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless then-President Petro Poroshenko fired Viktor Shokin. Shokin at the time was investigating Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine for which Hunter was a board member from 2014 to at least 2018.
Biden in 2016 was responsible for overseeing anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.
“I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,” Biden recounted at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018. “Well, son of a [expletive], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”
Hunter Biden has said he consulted for Burisma but critics have suggested he was not doing actual work in return for his substantial income—an allegation he denies.
Biden previously denied using his influence to get Shokin fired to prevent him from investigating Hunter’s involvement. Biden claimed that the reason that Shokin was fired was because Shokin was inept.
In direct contrast to Biden’s claims, Shokin said in a sworn affidavit obtained by investigative reporter John Solomon that he was told that he was fired in March 2016 because Biden wasn’t pleased with the investigations into Burisma.
Greene alleges that Joe Biden abused his power as the country’s vice president by allowing his son “to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept various benefits—including financial compensation—from foreign nationals in exchange for certain favors.”
“During his father’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden built many business relationships with foreign nationals and received millions of dollars from foreign sources, seemingly in exchange for access to his father. The financial transactions which Hunter engaged in illustrates serious counterintelligence and extortion concerns relating to Hunter Biden and his family,” Greene’s office said.
“President Biden gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of government. Through blatant nepotism, he enabled his son to influence foreign policy and financially benefit as a result of his role as Vice President.
“He supported his son engaging in collusion with Chinese Communist party-linked officials. He allowed his son to trade appointments with his father and other high-ranking administration officials in exchange for financial compensation. He permitted his son to take money from Russian oligarchs, including Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow,” it continued.
The New York Post last year obtained emails and messages from a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, allegedly showing that he had tried to arrange a meeting between himself, his father, and a top executive at Burisma. Both Bidens have denied that a meeting took place, with Joe Biden saying that the story by the outlet was “another smear campaign.”
Other emails obtained by the outlet allegedly show that Hunter Biden was engaged in deals involving a Chinese energy giant with ties to the Chinese military–the now-bankrupt Chinese oil giant CEFC China Energy.
Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, announced during a press conference in Nashville in October 2020 that Hunter and his associates brought him into a deal with CEFC China Energy in 2017.
A federal appeals court in New York in late December 2020 upheld the bribery conviction of Patrick Ho, a Chinese businessman and the former head a think tank funded by CEFC China Energy.
Hunter is currently under federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware over his taxes. The details and nature of the investigation have not been publicly disclosed. The office said it couldn’t comment on ongoing investigations.
Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), a friend and adviser to Biden, said in December 2020 that Joe Biden will not interfere in the investigation. The then-president elect said that he was “confident” his son did nothing wrong, and later said that accusations against Hunter Biden are “foul play.”
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National Guard troops gave their response to Democrat insults

Democrats are ambivalent about the military, something clear from their approach to the inauguration.  The Democrats summoned 26,000 National Guard troops to D.C., purportedly to protect Joe Biden from rioters.  They then accused those same troops of being potentially dangerous white supremacists.  Many of the troops responded — not by being dangerous, because they’re patriotic, constitutionally guided Americans, but by apparently turning their backs on Joe Biden.

National Guard Troops turn their backs.

Sure, some have argued that the backward-facing troops were providing operational security, protecting the president from attacks from beyond as his motorcade drove by.  But a look at the video shows that only some units have some troops facing Biden and others looking backward.  Many units show that all troops gave their backs to Biden — not a good look for a president’s first day in office.
Beginning with the Vietnam War, the Democrats’ basic principle has been to dislike the military.  For example, as recently as 2009, Obama vividly described American troops as a people who are busy “air-raiding villages and killing civilians.”
While he was in the White House, Obama worked hard to reshape the military into a more Democrat-friendly organization.  At the officer level, the administration purged the old guard, making way for a horde of college-educated, hard-left politicians in uniform.  At the rank-and-file level, the administration worked its social justice wiles on the troops.
The most visible and extreme example of the new social justice policies happened with the LGBTQ+ policies.  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” gave way to openly homosexual troops, which gave way to drag queens in the Navy.  This was taking Churchill’s remark about the Navy being the home to “rum, buggery, and the lash” to a whole new level.
The Obama administration also welcomed so-called “transgender” people into the military.  These are people with severe body dysmorphia who believe themselves to be the opposite of their genetic sex.  They are tragic people, and the statistics show that they are emotionally unstable.
Even in transgender-friendly Sweden, and even after cosmetic surgery that makes their bodies comport somewhat more with their self-image, they have inordinately high suicide rates.  The smart money is on keeping these damaged people away from military life.
Because of the problems associated with the so-called “transgender” phenomenon, Trump reinstated the ban on allowing them to serve.  This decision, incidentally, saved taxpayers from being forced to pay for “sex change” surgery for “transgender” troops.  Biden, however, has promised to reverse the Trump ban and reinstate in our military people who have inordinately high rates of suicide and other mental instability.
It turns out that leftists also like the military, not as a force against America’s foreign enemies, but as a force against Americans.  That’s why the Democrats, working with their allies in the Pentagon, placed 26,000 National Guard troops in D.C. as part of Biden’s decidedly weird inauguration.  Instead of crowds of excited Americans, Biden would take the oath of office behind massive fences, surrounded by phalanxes of National Guard troops.
Democrats were still worried.  While the officer corps is strongly allied with the Democrats, the troops still lean conservative.  Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) said what all the Democrats were thinking:

I was reading about this on my Twitter account, I guess, and people were reminding people of Anwar Sadat and Indira Gandhi who were killed by their own people. I was thinking, the guard is 90 some odd percent, I believe, male.

Only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You have got to figure that the guard, which is predominantly more conservative and I see that on my social media, and we know it, they are probably 25 percent of the people that are there protecting us who voted for Biden.

The other 75 percent are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something. And there were military people and police who took oath to defend the Constitution and to protect and defend who didn’t do it who were in the insurrection. So it does concern me. But the vetting at the last minute —

The FBI — another Democrat institution — therefore investigated the National Guard troops for ideological purity.  It’s reasonable to believe that those who passed the test were nevertheless offended that their loyalty to American norms was being questioned.  Many of them revealed that sentiment by turning their backs on the Biden motorcade, in much the same way that the New York Police Department earlier turned their backs on New York’s cop-hating mayor, Bill de Blasio:
Here’s a word of advice to the Biden administration: if you’re relying on armed American troops to protect you, not from foreign enemies, but from the American public, treat them well.  It’s really tacky to question their loyalty.
Image: National Guard troops turn their backs on Biden.  YouTube screen grab.


Speech By Comrade Chi Haotian
Vice-Chairman Of China’s
Military Commission
December, 2005

The following is the actual text of a speech delivered in December, 2005 by Comrade Chi Haotian ­the Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission to top officers and generals. Keep in mind that China has for many years advocated deceitful and covert warfare against its enemies. This is their Modus Operandi. There should be little question that a “Bird Flu” Pandemic would deeply excite them. (Don’t forget how they have poisoned thousands of American pets and knowingly placed lead paints on toddler’s toys.)
“Comrades, I’m very excited today, because the large-scale online survey sina.com that was done for us showed that our next generation is quite promising and our Party’s cause will be carried on. In answering the question, “Will you shoot at women, children and prisoners of war,” more than 80 per cent of the respondents answered in the affirmative, exceeding by far our expectations.
 Today I’d like to focus on why we asked sina.com to conduct this online survey among our people. My speech today is a sequel to my speech last time, during which I started with a discussion of the issue of the three islands [Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands and the Spratley Islands — Ott] and mentioned that 20 years of the idyllic theme of ‘peace and development’ had come to an end, and concluded that modernization under the saber is the only option for China’s next phase. I also mentioned we have a vital stake overseas.
The central issue of this survey appears to be whether one should shoot at women, children and prisoners of war, but its real significance goes far beyond that. Ostensibly, our intention is mainly to figure out what the Chinese people’s attitude towards war is: If these future soldiers do not hesitate to kill even noncombatants, they’ll naturally be doubly ready and ruthless in killing combatants.
Therefore, the responses to the survey questions may reflect the general attitude people have towards war.. We wanted to know: If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries; will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?
The fact is, our ‘development’ refers to the great revitalization of the Chinese nation, which, of course, is not limited to the land we have now but also includes the whole world. As everybody knows, according to the views propagated by the Western scholars, humanity as a whole originated from one single mother in Africa.

Really I have never heard of the philosophy?

Therefore no race can claim racial superiority. However, according to the research conducted by most Chinese scholars, the Chinese are different from other races on earth. We did not originate in Africa. Instead, we originated independently in the land of China.
Therefore, we can rightfully assert that we are the product of cultural roots of more than a million years, civilization and progress of more than ten thousand years, an ancient nation of five thousand years, and a single Chinese entity of two thousand years. This is the Chinese nation that calls itself ‘descendants of Yan and Huang.’
During our long history, our people have disseminated throughout the Americas and the regions along the Pacific Rim, and they became Indians in the Americas and the East Asian ethnic groups in the South Pacific. We all know that on account of our national superiority, during the thriving and prosperous Tang Dynasty our civilization was at the peak of the world.
We were the centre of the world civilization, and no other civilization in the world was comparable to ours. Later on, because of our complacency, narrow-mindedness, and the self-enclosure of our own country, we were surpassed by Western civilization, and the centre of the world shifted to the West.
In reviewing history, one may ask: Will the centre of the world civilization shift back to China? Actually, Comrade Liu Huaqing made similar points in early 1980’s Based on an historical analysis, he pointed out that the centre of world civilization is shifting. It shifted from the East to Western Europe and later to the United States; now it is shifting back to the East.
Therefore, if we refer to the 19th Century as the British Century and the 20th century as the American Century, then the 21st Century will be the Chinese Century! (Wild applause fills the auditorium.)
Our Chinese people are wiser than the Germans because, fundamentally, our race is superior to theirs. As a result, we have a longer history, more people, and larger land area. On this basis, our ancestors left us with the two most essential heritages, which are atheism and great unity.
It was Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, who gave us these heritages. These two heritages determined that we have a stronger ability to survive than the West. That is why the Chinese race has been able to prosper for so long.
We are destined ‘not to be buried by either heaven or earth’ no matter how severe the natural, man-made, and national disasters.
This is our advantage. Take response to war as an example.
 The reason that the United States remains today is that it has never seen war on its mainland. Once its enemies aim at the mainland, the enemies would have already reached Washington before its congress finishes debating and authorizes the president to declare war.
But for us, we don’t waste time on these trivial things. Maybe you have now come to understand why we recently decided to further promulgate atheism.
If we let theology from the West into China and empty us from the inside, if we let all Chinese people listen to God and follow God, who will obediently listen to us and follow us?
If the common people don’t believe Comrade Hu Jintao is a qualified leader, begin to question his authority, and want to monitor him, if the religious followers in our society question why we are leading God in churches, can our Party continue to rule China??
The first pressing issue facing us is living space. This is the biggest focus of the revitalization of the Chinese race. In my last speech, I said that the fight over basic living resources (including land and ocean) is the source of the vast majority of wars in history.This may change in the information age, but not fundamentally. Our per capita resources are much less than those of Germany’s back then. In addition, economic development in the last twenty-plus years had a negative impact, and climates are rapidly changing for the worse.

Our resources are in very short supply. The environment is severely polluted, especially that of soil, water, and air. Not only our ability to sustain and develop our race, but even its survival is gravely threatened, to a degree much greater than faced Germany back then

Anybody who has been to Western countries knows that their living space is much better than ours. They have forests alongside the highways, while we hardly have any trees by our streets. Their sky is often blue with white clouds, while our sky is covered with a layer of dark haze. Their tap water is clean enough for drinking, while even our ground water is so polluted that it can’t be drunk without filtering. They have few people in the streets, and two or three people can occupy a small residential building; in contrast our streets are always crawling with people, and several people have to share one room.
Many years ago, there was a book titled Yellow Catastrophes. It said that, due to our following the American style of consumption, our limited resources would no longer support the population and society would collapse once our population reaches 1.3 billion. Now our population has already exceeded this limit, and we are now relying on imports to sustain our nation. It’s not that we haven’t paid attention to this issue. The Ministry of Land Resources is specialized in this issue. But we must understand that the term ‘living space’ (lebenstraum) is too closely related to Nazi Germany.
The reason we don’t want to discuss this too openly is to avoid the West’s association of us with Nazi Germany, which could in turn reinforce the view that China is a threat. Therefore, in our emphasis on He Xin’s new theory, ‘Human Rights are just living rights’ we only talk about ‘living’ but not ‘space’ so as to avoid using the term ‘living space.’
From the perspective of history, the reason that China is faced with the issue of living space is because Western countries have developed ahead of Eastern countries. Western countries established colonies all around the world, therefore giving themselves an advantage on the issue of living space. To solve this problem, we must lead the Chinese people outside of China, so that they can develop outside of China.
Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan and some other countries! Second, even if we could snatch some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.
Therefore, solving the ‘issue of America’ is the key to solving all other issues. First, this makes it possible for us to have many people migrate there and even establish another China under the same leadership of the CCP.
America was originally discovered by the ancestors of the yellow race, but Columbus gave credit to the White race. We the descendants of the Chinese nation are ENTITLED to the possession of the land!
It is historical destiny that China and United States will come into unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path and fight. In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.
Of course, right now it is not the time to openly break up with them yet. Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology. We still need America. Therefore, we must do everything we can to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country.
Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.

Does COVID-19 Coronaviruses come to mind here?

There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio weapons have been invented one after another. Of course we have not been idle; in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden.

When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focused instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country. Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die. If the Chinese people are strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place.
According to the computations of the author of Yellow Peril, more than half of the Chinese will die, and that figure would be more than 800 million people! Just after the liberation, our yellow land supported nearly 500 million people, while today the official figure of the population is more than 1.3 billion. This yellow land has reached the limit of its capacity. One day, who know how soon it will come, the great collapse will occur any time and more than half of the population will have to go.
It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths, But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party.

Now you know the reason why they did not warn us of teh COVID-10 Coronavirus release, and Biden wants to open relations with them??

The last problem I want to talk about is of firmly seizing the preparations for military battle. The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved.
 Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites. Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of the new society. Therefore war is the midwife for the birth of China’s century.”This is scary, they definitely plan to destroy us one way or another




2,000 National Guard Troops in DC Sworn In as Special Deputy US Marshals

January 18, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2021
About 2,000 National Guard troops were sworn in as U.S. Marshals before Inauguration Day, the U.S. Marshals Service said.
Chief Lamont Ruffin from D.C. District Court swore in the 2,000 National Guard troops as special deputy U.S. Marshals prior to the presidential inauguration, according to the federal law enforcement agency’s Twitter page.
The “deputation gives the guardsmen temporary, limited, law enforcement authority pertaining specifically to the safety and protection of the inauguration and related events,” the U.S. Marshals said in a caption on its Flickr page, showing the Guard troops being deputized at night.
The U.S. Marshals Service didn’t immediately respond to a request from The Epoch Times about the duties of the new special deputies.
Last week, officials confirmed that as many as 25,000 National Guard members were being deployed to the District of Columbia for Inauguration Day.
A statement from the Army to news outlets said the increase in Guard troops would support the “federal law enforcement mission and security preparations” during the inauguration, and it would be led by the U.S. Secret Service.
“Our National Guard soldiers and airmen are set around the city to protect our nation’s Capital,” National Guard Bureau Chief Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson said in the statement.
Last week, the FBI sent out bulletins for the possibility of violence in connection with events on Jan. 20. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump called on Americans not to break the law.
“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking, and NO vandalism of any kind,” Trump said. “That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”
The National Park Service has closed the Washington Monument to tours and Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked visitors to avoid the city.
In Washington, the perimeter of a fence surrounding the Capitol was pushed out to encompass the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. Roads and other access points were closed, and some businesses said they would shut.
At least 21 states have activated their National Guard troops, respectively, in capital cities. States where National Guard troops have been activated include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin, according to a tally from The Associated Press.

Reuters contributed to this report.


Biden to send Congress plan giving legal
status to 11M illegal immigrants on first
day of presidency: Report

Four people who have been briefed on the plan say Biden plans to announce the legislation on his first day in office, according to the Associated Press.
“This really does represent a historic shift from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda that recognizes that all of the undocumented immigrants that are currently in the United States should be placed on a path to citizenship,” Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said about the plan, which she was briefed on.
Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, confirmed Saturday that Biden would send an immigration bill to Congress “on his first day in office” but did not elaborate on what was in the plan.
Biden is also expected to sign a variety of executive orders on his first day in office, some of which will be related to rolling back President Trump’s immigration policies.
Immigration advocates and organizations have been openly lobbying Biden to provide legal status to the millions of people currently in the country illegally.
“Undocumented immigrants are demanding a path to permanent legalization, dignity and respect for all immigrants living in cities and communities across this country,” Movimiento Cosecha, the pro-open borders arm of the liberal nonprofit organization Action Network, said in a statement this week. “But also those in detention centers, sanctuaries, at the border and even those that have already been ripped apart from their families through deportation.”

Senate Majprity Leader McConnell statemen on Impeachment

Twitter from Majority Leader McConnell

President Trump: It’s been a great honor to rebuild our military

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:24 AM PT – Friday, January 15, 2021

The Commander-in-Chief recently took a moment to reflect on the impact his leadership has had on the men and women in the armed forces. In a statement Thursday, President Trump began by highlighting perhaps his greatest accomplishment.
The administration’s withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan marked the end of the longest war in American history. As of this week, only about 2,500 troops remain in the country, which is the lowest number since 2001 when U.S. forces ousted the Taliban and established an interim government.
Eighteen years later in September of 2019, the President’s administration brokered the first successful peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban with the historic Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan. It was signed and finalized the following February.
The draw-down marked a promise President Trump made throughout his entire campaign.
“We’re really not acting as soldiers, we’re acting as police, and we’re not sent over there to be policemen, but we were there 19 years,” he stated. “Yeah, I think that’s enough…we want to bring our soldiers back home.”
The President also addressed the advancements the U.S. military has made over the last four years, including investing $2.5 trillion in strengthening all branches of the military. This also included the newly minted U.S. Space Force.
“It’s imperative that we invest the resources and the personnel and the technology to defend our nation, and defend our values in the outer reaches of space,” stated Vice President Mike Pence. “In fact, the United States, as you’ve heard, already, faces emerging threats in space from countries like China and Russia, and those threats are only growing.”

In this photo released by the U.S. Air Force, Capt. Ryan Vickers stands for a photo to display his new service tapes after taking his oath of office to transfer from the U.S. Air Force to the U.S. Space Force at Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020. (Staff Sgt. Kayla White/U.S. Air Force via AP)

The addition of the Space Force to the Department of Defense marked a new frontier, allowing the U.S. to prioritize what could be the next big threat in warfare — cyber attacks.
The military also increased funding for the research and development of new weapons by 50 percent over the course of the President’s first term. While some areas of the armed forces were forging new paths, however, the President didn’t overlook re-enforcing the arsenals that earned America the title of global superpower.
As tensions between America and foreign adversaries like Russia and China heat up, the measures President Trump has taken to ensure America is properly defended, no matter the conflict, will serve to secure the blessings of liberty and posterity to Americans. This is exactly what the Constitution promises.

MORE NEWS: New evidence shows potential election links to China and Pakistan

WHO (World Health Organization) REFUSES TO ADMIT IT FAILURES

One year later, the World Health Organization still hasn’t addressed its failures

One year ago today, the World Health Organization lied to the world about the coronavirus. Some 2 million deaths later, the organization still hasn’t learned much from its failures.
On Jan. 14, 2020, the WHO uncritically parroted Chinese propaganda as the world watched China’s coronavirus outbreak with some concern. In the tweet, which still has not been deleted, the WHO says that “Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the coronavirus.
Doctors in Wuhan, China, had evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus as early as the first week of December 2019. The WHO still praised China’s response to the virus as its leaders privately complained about the Chinese Communist Party’s lack of transparency. China blocked outside health experts and covered up the spread of the virus, all while declaring that other countries brought the virus to China.
Poetically, the WHO has finally landed in Wuhan exactly one year later to search for the origin of the virus. Still, the Chinese government is trying to stand in the way. The WHO isn’t likely to do anything that would ruffle the feathers of the CCP. Under the leadership of Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO willfully ignored the warnings about the virus from Taiwan, which the organization refuses to recognize out of reverence for China.
One year out from its mistake, the WHO has learned nothing. Neither has President-elect Joe Biden, who has vowed to rejoin the WHO on the first day of his presidency with no conditions attached. The United States has given the WHO $3.5 billion in taxpayer dollars since 2010, only to receive more criticism from Tedros for implementing travel restrictions on China than China did for covering up the pandemic.
While plenty of U.S. politicians made terrible decisions during this crisis, the blame for the outbreak still lies at the feet of the Chinese government. The WHO was an accessory to the CCP’s cover-up, and it isn’t going to improve any time soon with Tedros at the helm.


Leaked Video Reveals Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Internal Discussions Before Trump Ban

(Web Master – JEN) Pay Close attention to his comments in red  he is advocating restricting Free Speech a First Amendment violation.

BY ISABEL VAN BRUGEN January 15, 2021 Updated: January 15, 2021
Investigative journalism nonprofit Project Veritas on Thursday released a leaked video that appears to show Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s internal discussions before President Donald Trump’s account was banned on the social media platform following the breach of the U.S. Capitol building.
“You should always feel free to express yourself in whatever format manifestation feels right,” Dorsey said in the clip, purportedly secretly filmed by a Twitter “insider whistleblower.”
“We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and it’s going to go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey added. “And we have to expect that and we have to be ready for that.”
“So, the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to real-world violence. But also, we need to think much longer-term around how these dynamics play out over time. I don’t believe this is going away anytime soon,” Dorsey told staff in the clip.
Project Veritas suggested in a Twitter post that the video leak is evidence of “censorship gone wild.”
Twitter permanently banned Trump from its platform on Jan. 8, two days after a mob broke into the U.S. Capitol during a joint session of Congress convened to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. The company alleged that Trump had incited the violence.
The move was met with criticism from world leaders, including the president of France and chancellor of Germany. Trump accused Twitter of colluding with the Democrats. Facebook and YouTube have also removed Trump’s accounts.
In the leaked video that has accumulated over two million views in a few hours, Dorsey suggested he may be planning to enforce “much bigger” actions than the ban of Trump on the platform, making reference to a company purge of QAnon linked accounts.
A large number of pro-Trump accounts have recently been deleted by Twitter.


“You know, the U.S. is extremely divided. Our platform is showing that every single day,” Dorsey said. “And our role is to protect the integrity of that conversation and do what we can to make sure that no one is being harmed based off that. And that is our focus.”  DOES HE THINK HE’S THE PROTECTOR OF THE CONSTITUTION NOW?
James O’Keefe, founder of the journalism watchdog group, said Thursday that further leaks from the social media giant are coming from other whistleblowers.
“Stay tuned. They may be private companies, but they have more power than all three branches of government,” O’Keefe told viewers.
Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by The Epoch Times.
The clip’s release follows a statement from Dorsey on Jan. 13 in which he acknowledged that the company’s decision to remove Trump was divisive and set a dangerous precedent.
“Having to take these actions fragment [sic] the public conversation. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And sets a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation,” Dorsey wrote on Twitter.
“I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban [Trump] from Twitter, or how we got here. After a clear warning we’d take this action, we made a decision with the best information we had based on threats to physical safety both on and off Twitter. Was this correct?” Dorsey continued.
“I believe this was the right decision for Twitter. We faced an extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety. Offline harm as a result of online speech is demonstrably real, and what drives our policy and enforcement above all.”
Ivan Pentchoukov contributed to this report.


Florida considers divesting state funds from investments in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Please encourage the Florida Cabinet to vote yes to divest from investments in leftist censorship corporations. Hopefully, other states will follow.

Click here to send your email to encourage certain members of the Florida Cabinet to vote to divest its taxpayer funds from investment in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Floridapolitics.com published an article titled Randy Fine wants state divested from tech giants after Donald Trump’s purge from social media – Fine argues the companies are selectively enforcing their rules to disfavor conservatives

Republican Rep. Randy Fine is calling on the state to look into its investments with major tech companies and withdraw that money after President Donald Trump was kicked off several social media platforms following last week’s Capitol attack.  In a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis, Fine argues Trump and his supporters are being unfairly targeted.  The letter specifically asks the Governor to “order the immediate divestment of any Florida-held equity and debt” in Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter.  “They may get to decide who they do business with. So do we,” Fine said.  “No matter what one thinks about President Trump, he remains the duly-elected President of the United States until noon on Jan. 20. If the President of the United States can be silenced by these companies, then so can anyone.”

It appears Fine has some back up from Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, a fellow Republican in the Cabinet.  In response to Fine’s proposal, Patronis said, “We should consider getting this on the next Cabinet agenda. Big-tech coordinated to shut down conservative accounts but still allows [Venezuelan leader] Nicolás Maduro to spread lies.”  

Fine referenced other controversial world leaders from China, Iran and elsewhere that remain active on Twitter despite outrageous and violent statements of their own.  “It is clear that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in one-sided viewpoint discrimination targeting conservatives,” Fine wrote.   “These companies allow actual terrorists around the world to use their platforms to target America, Americans, and our allies, without as much as a peep. And it is not disputed that Amazon, Apple, and Google are actively working to eliminate any alternative outlets where conservatives can speak freely.”

Parler, an alternative to Twitter promoted by several conservative voices, has for now essentially been kicked off the internet after Apple and Google blocked the app from its app stores and Amazon revoked hosting services, leaving the app completely offline. Those companies cited numerous calls for violence before Wednesday’s attack that had gone unregulated.

Big tech is deplatforming, delisting, demonetizing and censoring thousands of conservative patriots across America.  These companies’ censorship will likely get much worse with the change in political leadership in Washington.   It is encouraging to see the third largest state in America consider divesting its taxpayer funds from investment in corporations that treat a large number of Americans with great disdain by depriving them of their liberties to speak freely.

Please encourage certain Florida Cabinet members to vote yes to divest State of Florida investments in leftist censorship corporations.  Hopefully, other states will follow.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage certain members of the Florida Cabinet to vote to divest its taxpayer funds from investment in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to encourage certain members of the Florida Cabinet to vote to divest its taxpayer funds from investment in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Contact information:

Florida Cabinet

Governor Ron DeSantis
Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis

Ashley Moody
Attorney General
Richard Martin, Chief of Staff

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Gen. McInerny – We Got Pelosi’s Laptop

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