July 2021


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CS Bennett – My Favorite Sayings

My Favorite Sayings 

By CS Bennett

 For this edition, I am including several of my popular common sense sayings, freshly picked from my Garden of Wisdom, to share with you… CS Bennett
 “Liberals seemed more concerned about illegal alien children bundled up in a cold ICE cage that never existed during the Trump era, but rather the Obama era, than they seemed about the innocent and vulnerable unborn child safely bundled up in its mother’s womb until one of their pro-abortion doctors get their hands on them. Think about that for a moment…” CS Bennett
 “The trap a relativist sometimes falls into, is in believing that he, or she, is the center of the universe, and that all decisions made by them are only relevant to them, to the exclusion of all others. This is narcissism at its worse. Like a pebble dropped into still waters, the resulting ripples will always extend well beyond one’s own universe. So, be mindful to send out positive waves, not negative ones. And be mindful to view the whole picture, not just your favorite part of it…” CS Bennett
 “Odd, that when we grounded our teenagers for two weeks, for disobeying our rules, which were in place for their own well-being, the response was often grumbling, rebellion, and verbal expressions of ire and discontentment, and nonstop questions of why? My, how times have changed. As wise young adults now, most of them appeared, without hesitation, to readily comply when government grounded them well over a year, for their own COVID well-being, of course, and there was no grumbling, no rebellion, no ire, no discontentment, and most of all, they did not question it one bit. Go Figure…” CS Bennett
 “Unfortunately, the message of Blacks returning to their historical roots of love and devotion for God and Country, and a commitment to family, has been supplanted in our democratic-controlled urban areas by a philosophy of government dependency, a profound distrust of God and country, and a belief in something called social justice. This is a wilderness some of them may be forever lost in, if we lovers of freedom, and liberty, do not make an attempt to clear a path for them out of this quagmire -”CS Bennett
 “The democrats are fleeing from their historical leaders, distancing themselves from their Confederate generals, and demolishing any statue paying homage to their southern, but often racist, heritage. Soon, these same heroes will be stricken completely from the history books. Why? I believe democrats want to distance themselves from their shameful and racist past, so that they can one day say, ‘No, that wasn’t our party, and certainly not our history. Okay! So, you disagree. Well, where is your proof, and where is it written that our party did those ungodly things.’ That’s what I think this is all about…” CS Bennett
 “The left, when denied their way, go out and loot, steal, and commit fraud. The right, when things do not go their way, look downward to kneel and upward to pray. Which is the greater power, and the greater good, I ask?” CS Bennett
 “There is nothing more enlightening to the ear than to hear truth; nothing more profound to the mind than pure enlightenment…” CS Bennett
“Never, never, trust the obvious… Always remember that general consensus is never a replacement for empirical insight, especially those with an inquisitive mind in their quest for truth…” CS Bennett
 “The sum take away of the American experiment, and the American spirit, is fairly easy to explain. It can be viewed in the following scientific term… Societal DNA. At the core of the American people lies a fundamental desire, longing, and demand, for liberty and freedom of choice, and nothing less will do… Yes, it’s that simple, and sure-nuff worth dying for…” CS Bennett
 “Knowing that freedom of choice is at the core of most American’s view on life, and is the fundamental drive within their DNA, those who deem themselves self-appointed elites, and those elected into office under false pretense, cannot have this. So, they go about enacting restrictive regulatory policies, freedom killing mandates, and harsh monetary penalties, to break our will, in their effort to control us… Nothing less will satisfy their lust for power and total control over others… More insidious, there is no Constitutional law they will not hesitate to break in achieving their goal. Our side must draw a line in the sand…” CS Bennett
 “Compromising for self-serving purposes is distasteful and lacking in integrity and honesty… My advice: fight for what you believe in like there’s no tomorrow, and let that fight be a just cause…” CS Bennett
 “When wisdom and knowledge breeze by you, reach out and grab hold. Always take the opportunity to expand your knowledge base and grow in wisdom” CS Bennett
 “Experience shows that when you blindly give a stranger your trust, your loyalty, and your unbridled passion, without knowing the first thing about them, or their motives, and you do it simply based on some loosely shared ethnic, cultural, racial, or sexual identity, or cause, you have just exposed one of your major weaknesses, and one that men and women of dubious character will take advantage of. Don’t think that the corrupted politicians you are so quick to place on a pedestal don’t know this…” CS Bennett
 “We are, at times, contradictions of what we portray ourselves to be…There lies the mystery in all humanity…” CS Bennett
 “If lawmakers were all in agreement of doing what is in the best interest of the people, and for the survival of this republic, then we would not have to concern ourselves with reaching across the aisle. Now, would we…” CS Bennett
 “There is strength in numbers and a special magic and resolve in unity. It is something one cannot find going it alone.” CS Bennett
 “When it comes to Covid-19, I would argue that the government, the CDC, and Dr. Fauci, who is heavily invested in keeping COVID-19 a priority issue, have made a commitment to this crisis that goes way beyond common sense and empirical scientific fact…” CS Bennett













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