April 2021


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From our friend…this needs to be said more…
Some people are born and grow up beautiful…some people are born and grow up very unattractive…Some people are born and grow up intellectually brilliant…others are born and grow struggling with school as they are simply “NOT VERY INTELLIGENT”…Some people grow up and can hit a 95mph fast ball into the centerfield bleachers ( not very many)…Others can run the 100 in under 9 seconds…long-jump 29ft (not many)…others cannot jump across a 10ft ditch…
BTW..the color of your skin has absolutely  NOTHING to do with any of the above…NADA…ZIPPO…and there is NO PRIVILEGE attached to any of the above based upon the color of one’s skin…It is all, 100% a factor of BIRTH and ability given at birth…
Some people are lucky in life..they win a $300 million lottery…all by chance…Black, Yellow..Pink…whatever color you chose…There was only one Albert Einstein..Jonas Salk..only one Ted Williams..Only one Wayne Gretsky (“THE GREAT ONE”)…is this white privilege…NO…it is what it is…the luck of the draw…
Is there Racism around this country..you bet there is…is there Anti-Semitism in this country…you better believe there is…But when school systems decide that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT is equal..that their talents are all equal…that all outcomes should be equal..That everyone gets a trophy…That is absurd and it flies in the face of SCIENCE…
We are simply NOT all created with the same talents…We are all born equal to enjoy the same opportunities ( at least in this country)…but at the end of the day…Einstein will win…Wilt Chamberlin will outscore his opponents…Tiger Woods, in his prime, will  beat just about anyone with a golf club in their hands…
We need to stop the effort to pre-determine “OUTCOMES”…If some kids are smarter than others..then they should be given every opportunity to take advantage of the gift they have been given, regardless if they are Asian Americans or simply White Americans..or Black…or any color or gender,,if should not matter….If some kids can run faster or jump higher…they to should also be given the opportunity to excel..and they should NOT BE HOMOGENIZED into mediocrity..
We need to stop everything that says…”equality is equity”…IT IS NOT THE NATURAL ORDER OF THE WORLD…At the end of the day..the world is NOT EQUAL…and trying to make it such leads to…RUSSIA…VENEZUELA..CHINA…you name it…Places where excellence is stamped out when it doesn’t conform to a norm…They are places where you need permission to excel…We are different in this country..
We are the greatest country in the history of mankind…at least over the last 500/1000 yrs…If you doubt that …let me remind you all of a few things…
If not for this country…most everyone in Europe would be speaking German and every Jew on the face of the earth would have died in ovens…Most of Asia would today be speaking Japanese…We defeated the Germans and Japan…and after we defeated and destroyed them, we provided the capital and  help  to make them into economic and social successes after horrible defeats..For the record, that  was the first time in the entire history of world ( very long time!) where the “VICTORS SAVED THE VANGUISHED” from oblivion..
Think about  that for a few minutes! .BTW…does anyone think China ( or any other country?) would be so benevolent in victory?. If not for this country, Polio would still be a scourge around the globe  (many of you do not even know what Polio is)…OH..and everything..and I mean everything that you enjoy in the digital world we live in today  found its origins in a place called BELL LABS…located in New Jersey…not in Russia..not in China..not any where else on the planet but right here in this country…
That is just some of it…The list is much too long. .We need to remember who we are…and the hate has to stop…If not for this country…the world would be a very different place and most of us would NOT LIKE WHAT IT WOULD BE…Just think..HITLER…STALIN…MAO…OH..and no cell phones…take your pick…Out memories are much too short…it is what happens when you DO NOT TEACH HISTORY…or you try and re-write the past…That all has to stop.NOW!

Our Anonymous writer spent 40 years in the news industry, and has written several books.

Floyd Stern, the signatory of these letters, is a close friend of this writer who has stated that
he prefers to remain anonymous and is currently retired from the News business.

Floyd Stern


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