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Week of August 2, 2015 – August 9, 2015
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  • SHARK-TANK – Sunblock Needed In Florida’s Ongoing Solar War – 08/04
    The ongoing “Solar War” between Consumers for Smart Solar and Floridians for Solar Choice continues to heat up the political pavement, as more and groups continue to take sides in this already-heated debate about whether Americans  should be able to sell their surplus solar energy.  Here is what we previously wrote about the “Solar War”:  Apparently, solar choice is an issue that transcends across ideological and political lines.  Those who support the expansion of solar choice in Florida believe that the end result of broadening the concept will lead to lower utility bills for consumers by allowing the free market to take hold in Florida, further reducing the need for more power to be produced by utility monopolies, which in turn would reflect in less demand for more power plants and put less stress on the grid.  How dare anyone try to allow the dreaded “free market” compete in Florida’s closed energy sector?  Isn’t a free market society something that all Tea Party and conservative types long for?
  • THE HILL – Obama rolls out historic climate rule: ‘We only get one planet‘ – 08/04
    An emotional Obama argued climate change already affects the “reality we’re living with every day,” adding that it would be “shameful” if the U.S. waited any longer to address its causes. “We only get one home. We only get one planet. There is no plan B,” he said at the White House. “I don’t want my grandkids to not be able to swim in Hawaii, or not to be able to climb a mountain and see a glacier, because we didn’t do something about it.”  The rule is the cornerstone of Obama’s climate agenda, and administration officials have called it a crucial step to build momentum toward an international climate agreement in Paris this December.  The Environmental Protection Agency regulation demands that power producers cut their carbon emissions 32 percent below what they were a decade ago by 2030, and is designed to encourage use of cleaner alternatives.  But Republicans and industry groups have vowed to fight the rule in Congress and the courts, arguing that it could kill jobs in coal-producing areas, drive up power bills and cause the electric grid to become unreliable.
  • DAILY SIGNAL – Why the Defund Planned Parenthood Vote Matters – 08/04
    Serious questions have been raised as to whether Planned Parenthood is selling tissue and body parts of unborn babies for profit. So serious that Congress is planning to hold investigations this fall.  But apparently not serious enough to get 60 members of the U.S. Senate to be willing to vote Monday to take taxpayer dollars away from the abortion giant and redirect them to other health clinics that don’t perform abortions.  There is some good news. The fact that there were 53 votes to defund Planned Parenthood Monday will be a very important number when Congress returns in September.  
    Here’s why.
    European political parties that support immigration reduction are gaining ground over concerns the European Union’s open-borders policies are costing jobs, USA Today reports. The voter backlash in one country, Switzerland, will force the government to implement reductions contrary to European Union (EU) policies.  On Feb. 9, Swiss voters backed an initiative to impose limits on immigration. Instead of specifying quota reductions, the measure gives the Swiss government three years to set new levels for workers from inside and outside the EU. The initiative violates the EU treaty agreement, which allows citizens of EU member states to work and get welfare benefits anywhere they want.
  • THE HILL – Obama doubles down on historic climate rule for power plants  –  o8/02
    The Obama administration on Sunday unveiled a tougher climate change rule for power plants, demanding that generators cut their carbon dioxide output 32 percent in the first ever limits on the pollutant.  The historic regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the main pillar of President Obama’s climate agenda. It is the biggest piece of his drive to create a legacy and go down in history as the first United States president to take comprehensive action against climate change by cutting emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.  Obama will hold an event Monday afternoon at the White House to announce the regulation, the White House said.  The EPA is asking states to formulate plans to reach specific carbon reduction goals assigned to them by 2030, from a 2005 starting point, adding up to a 32 percent reduction nationwide. If the states do not submit plans — as multiple conservative states have threatened — the EPA will write and impose its own strategies upon them.
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    1. 2.5 Million New Illegal Aliens Under Obama
    2. Fear of Islamic Extremism Surges in Muslim Countries Too
    3. Nearly Half of U.S. Moms in Their 20s Have Never Wed
    4. Growth of Manufacturing Jobs Greatest in Michigan
    5. French Rule Out Poisoning in Arafat’s Death
    6. Democrats Bigger Drinkers Than Republicans: Poll
    Trump: GOP challengers ‘viciously’ attacked me   “They attacked me first and I hit them back,” he said Sunday.
    Paul: Trump represents those with ‘vein of anger’   Paul had chalked up Trump’s support to a “temporary loss of sanity.”
    Paul: Defund Planned Parenthood, support community health centers   “I think most Americans don’t want their tax dollars going to this,” he said.
    Kasich on Trump: ‘Why would I talk about someone else?’   “I have enough to do to get my message out to people,” Kasich said.
    Christie ‘confident’ he’ll make debate stage   “We all need to take a deep breath,” he said about polls.
    Christie working on immigration plan   Christie said he is still deciding what to do with 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.
    Christie blasts Iran nuclear deal   The GOP presidential candidate also criticized President Obama’s record on the Middle East.
    Huckabee: ‘We got nothing’ from Iran deal   Huckabee sparked outrage for invoking the Holocaust in his criticism of the deal.
    Carson: ‘Black Lives Matter’ controversy is political correctness ‘going amuck’   Carson also discussed illegal immigration in an NBC interview.
    Santorum: GOP will treat Trump ‘fairly’   “Donald Trump, like every other candidate, will rise and fall,” said Santorum.
    RNC head: GOP has ‘meritocracy’ on debates   “Everyone is going to have an opportunity,” Priebus said. “I think it’s great.”
    GOP chairman: Third-party run would be ‘death wish’   “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that candidates ought to support on our side,” Priebus said.
    Heritage Action CEO: Conservatives ‘sick’ of the GOP   “Most Republican voters hate their party,” Michael Needham said.
    Sanders disagrees with Clinton on ‘many issues’   Sanders said he was surprised by Clinton’s reluctance to state a position on Keystone XL.
    Trump: Biden has ‘good chance’ against Hillary   “I think that the email scandal is going to be a devastating blow,” Trump said.
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