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A - We The People Highlands Cnty

 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
1000 Sebring Square
September 1, 2015

Dr. Bob Lovett

 Detrimental Effects of Many Prescription Medicines

Dr. Lovett is a Veterinarian from Hardee County.  He will speak on the detrimental effects of many prescription medicines. He has studied Holistic Medicine for many years and will share with you his own experience as a diabetic who has been able to actually eliminate the use of insulin. 
He has already been able to assist several of our tea party members with over-the-counter products to replace their own prescriptions with great success. 
We are convinced that you will find this to be a very interesting and informative meeting. 

Pledge of Allegiance
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 Chairman Notes & Comment:
Karen & I will be back for the September 8 th Tea Party Meeting.
9.12 Grassroots Summit Brought to you By FreedomWorks Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT)
Osceola Heritage Park – 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee, FL
Cost $20 for general seating, $50.00 for reserved upfront seating
Link for tickets:
Currently Karen and I are going,  will have room for one other passenger ( Ann Freeman, you can ride with us), Bob Gilmore is driving, contact him for possible ride, we should try to car pool if we have several people attending. Please let Bob Gilmore know if you plan to attend and how many are riding with you.
Together with Glenn Beck; GOP Presidential candidates; Congressmen Ted Yoho, Congressmen Ron DeSantis, Candidate for US Senate (currently Congressman Dist. 6),  Mark Meadows Mark Meadows, (U.S. Representative for the 11th District of North Carolina, Republican party). from the House Freedom Caucus and other members of Congress; former Wall Street Journal economist, Stephen Moore, and other political influencers, we will host a conversation on the state of our nation.   You’ll have an opportunity to network with other like-minded activists and strategize on the best ways to get out the vote and change hearts and minds on behalf of liberty. After that, you’ll hear directly from the GOP candidates running for president. Who are they? What do they value? How will they help us to fix our country? We’re inviting every major presidential candidate including Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Paul, Fiorina, Perry, Jindal, and more.
September 8Joaquin DeMoreta – Out of Control Government” His experiences along with others he is working with about government land grabs.
September 15 – Tom Trento – Tom has returned from Israel & will update us on the current state of affairs with the Israel & the  Muslim world
September 29Mikaela Nix – Growing up Black and Conservative 
October 20 – Brian Mast – Motivational Speaker – Double Amputee from Afghanistan.
1:30pm-3:30pm –
Caddyshack Bar and Grill,  3122 Gold View Rd,  Sebring, Fl 33875
Free Dinner at 3:30
RSVP:  Tina Altic  954-240-9999

Meet 8:00a.m. Jimmy the Greeks for Breakfast then hit the streets with your comrades.

RSVP: Contact Tina Altic -954-240-9999


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NO MUSLIM REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WITHOUT LOCAL OK – PETITION American is a Sovereign Nation, The UN does not tell AMERICA what to do!

NOTE:  Many of these refugees are Sunni Muslims; Sunni Muslims are what form the basis for ISIS, how do we know who is coming into this country?  Many are not being Vetted for their possible involvement with ISIS or Al Qaeda, the FBI said they do not have the resources to vet all of them.


No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK

This petition was published by Center for Security Policy on Aug 27, 20154

Governors/State legislators, we urge you to expeditiously attach a proviso such as the following to your state budget:

No state funds shall be expended to assist in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program unless the community targeted for resettlement approves.

DO YOUR JOB! Allow City and County Councils to decide if their budgets can support refugee resettlement and if their people want it!

No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK Petition | GoPetition


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  • THEHILL – Greens: Obama climate legacy at risk over Arctic drilling – 08/30
    President Obama will visit Alaska on Tuesday in the midst of a fight with environmental groups, who arguing he is putting his climate legacy is at risk by allowing Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic waters off the state’s northern coast.   Obama is going to Alaska to inspect the effects of climate change on one of the nation’s most vulnerable ecosystems. In the final quarter of his presidency, Obama intends to use the dramatic backdrop to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat global warming — an issue he’s looked to address through broad and controversial new regulations and international accords. It’s a legacy Obama has done much to burnish in his second term, but one green groups argue will be jeopardized by the new Alaska drilling. One group — Credo Action — has launched a website highlighting Obama’s trip, and warning it threatens to become his “Mission Accomplished” moment.      “President Obama is heading on a trip to Alaska to talk about climate change,” the group says on its website. “There is no clearer symbol of the self-defeating hypocrisy of his policies on energy and climate.”
  • NEWSMAX – Ben Carson Edging Closer to Trump in Iowa Poll08/30
    Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has emerged as a leading Republican presidential candidate in Iowa and is closing in on frontrunner Donald Trump in the state that hosts the first 2016 nomination balloting contest.   The latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows billionaire Trump with the support of 23 percent of likely Republican caucus participants, followed by Carson at 18 percent. When first and second choices are combined, Carson is tied with Trump.  Trump finds himself in a vastly better position than when the previous Iowa Poll was taken. He has become a credible presidential candidate to many likely Republican caucus-goers. The real estate mogul is rated favorably by 61 percent and unfavorably by 35 percent, an almost complete reversal since the Iowa Poll in May. He finds his highest ratings among those planning to attend the caucuses for the first time (69 percent) and limited-government Tea Party activists (73 percent). Just 29 percent say they could never vote for him, a number cut in half since May.
  • THEHILL – Court overturns ruling against NSA08/28
    A federal appeals court on Friday overturned a lower court ruling against the National Security Agency’s controversial collection methods.  The ruling from the three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reverses the lower court’s decision, which in December declared that the NSA’s bulk phone data collection was likely unconstitutional.  Earlier this summer, Congress voted to effectively end that program and replace it with a system in which the government obtains a court order and searches private companies’ records for a narrower set of information.  An opposing federal appeals court also declared the NSA program illegal this year, setting up a split with the D.C. Circuit. 
  • PATRIOT POST – Veto Fight Over Iran Deal? Too Risky, Hints Obama08/27
    Congress was always getting a bum deal when it agreed, thanks to the efforts of Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), to vote to disapprove the agreement with Iran instead of voting to approve it. That means Barack Obama needs only a third of Congress to back his foreign policy wheedling, instead of the usual two-thirds. Obama is only a handful of Democrat votes short from being able to block Congress’ attempt at rejection. But that political path may be too messy for Obama, because a high-profile veto fight may call into question the wisdom of the deal, both here and abroad. So he’s decided to circumvent the political process and lobby Senate Democrats to filibuster the Iran vote, Politico reports. “Is that where they really want to be?” Corker said in an interview. “Do they really want to vote to block consideration of … probably the biggest foreign policy endeavor?” The only significant group supporting this deal now is Democrats in Congress too partisan to oppose Obama. In response to a letter sent by 36 military officers supporting the deal, about 200 retired admirals and generals signed a letter to Congress saying, “The agreement will enable Iran to become far more dangerous, render the Mideast still more unstable and introduce new threats to American interests as well as our allies.” Despite the outcry from the military, bipartisan distrust and opposition from a majority of Congress and the American people, Obama may still get what he wants. Funny what you can do with a tireless minority.
  • CONSERVATIVEHQ – Has Glenn Beck Lost it Again? 08/27
    Glenn Beck says he would never vote for Donald Trump and that he’s a constitutionalist, not a Republican. Beck normally has a good ear for what’s going on in the conservative grassroots, but his near-endorsement of establishment spare prince Marco Rubio over country class message carrier Donald Trump shows a strange disconnect from the millions of constitutional conservatives who would run, not walk, from the Republican Party if a candidate like Rubio, Jeb Bush or John Kasich becomes the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee.
  • NEWSMAX – Report: Huma Abedin Email Includes Classified Intel From Three Agencies – 08/26
    There was one email found among those on Hillary Clinton’s server that was sent from her aide Huma Abedin that included classified information from three different federal agencies, Fox News is reporting.   That email is what caused the FBI to launch its investigation into Clinton’s server, Fox News learned. The email was sent in April 2011 and included classified intelligence from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).  This is a violation of an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in 2009, which defines rules for “classifying, safeguarding and declassifying national security information.” It specifically says that only the intelligence agency where the classified information was sent is able to declassify it.
  • THEBLAZE – Ted Cruz Says GOP Leaders Are Bluffing on Defunding Planned Parenthood — Here’s How He Wants to Prove It – 08/26
    With the threat of a government shutdown hanging over their heads, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) doesn’t trust Republican leaders who proclaim they want to defund Planned Parenthood.  So the Republican presidential hopeful called for backup Tuesday from more than 1,000 pastors and religious leaders and urged them to “preach from the pulpit” to garner public support for an amendment attached to November’s federal budget bill.   “We have a moment where we can stand together and act, and all we need is for our elected leaders to actually do what they said they would do,” Cruz said, according toHuffington Post. “They campaigned promising to defend the right to life. Now is the moment where we distinguish word from action.”  Senate Republicans already held a vote on Planned Parenthood that called for the termination of federal funds which the Democrats were able to block earlier this month. With an amendment attached to the budget, another government shutdown could occur — a move that would resonate throughout the 2016 election.
  • NEWSMAX – Does Secret Meeting Signal Biden-Warren Ticket?08/24
    Political pundits are abuzz with the possibility of a Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren 2016 ticket in the wake of an unannounced meeting between the two on Saturday.  Biden, 72, has told friends that if he does run for president, he will serve only one term, making an early announcement of his vice-presidential running-mate a strong possibility. If elected, he would be the oldest incoming president.  The vice president left his home in Delaware to meet with the Massachusetts senator at his official residence at the Naval Observatory for about two hours, CNN reported.  The two supposedly discussed only policy issues over lunch, but speculation is growing about whether Biden might be looking to tap Warren, her state’s senior Senator, as his running mate for next year’s election.  Many Democratic activists still would like to see her name somewhere on the ballot — as does at least one Biden confidant, The Boston Globe reported.
  • THEHILL – Fiorina supporters slam ‘ludicrous’ CNN debate methodology08/23
    A CNN spokesperson could not be reached for comment. Hughes said “the polls used should at least reflect the most recent attitudes of voters — to not do so is ludicrous.”Two separate CNN and Fox News polls released earlier this week showed Fiorina in the middle of the pack of the crowded field with 5 percent in each poll.  Fiorina lacked significant national name recognition and was hovering at about 1 percent in most polls before the first debate. Officially, Fiorina campaign spokeswoman Anna Epstein said that they “aren’t weighing in on this topic right now.”  “We’re in New Hampshire this week and Iowa next week,” she said, noting Fiorina’s aggressive campaign schedule in the early primary and caucus states. Hughes criticized the emphasis on national polling, saying that they “support returning control to those who vote in the early primary states.”
    WASHINGTON – Communist North Korea is threatening a military response to South Korea’s psychological warfare broadcasts across the Demilitarized Zone as the U.S. military conducts joint exercises with its ally.  A Defense Department source who requested anonymity told WND that preparations are being made to evacuate non-combat U.S. military personnel and other citizens from South Korea. About 28,500 American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are stationed in South Korea. The South Korean capital, Seoul, is less than 30 miles from the heavily fortified DMZ.  Pyongyang has given South Korea a deadline of Saturday at 5 p.m. local time (4 a.m. Eastern Time) to stop sending the messages via loudspeaker across the DMZ, warning of “surprise operations” along the border.  Tensions between the two countries on the Korean Peninsula escalated after a landmine went off Aug. 4 on the South Korean side of the DMZ, wounding two soldiers. North Korea has denied responsibility and refused South Korean demands for an apology.  In response, Seoul resumed cross-border broadcasts via loudspeaker for the first time in more than a decade. Pyongyang declared it regarded the broadcasts as a declaration of war
  • NEWSMAX – Report: Email by Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Triggered FBI Inquiry – 08/21
    Two emails containing classified information from two people in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle jump-started the FBI investigation into her use of a private email setup during her time as secretary of state, according to a new report.  Fox News reports that emails from Clinton adviser Huma Abedin and aide Jake Sullivan passed through Clinton’s private email server. The messages were about military intelligence information a year before the 2012 Benghazi attack, and about the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.  Fox News reports that it confirmed via the intelligence community inspector general the material in the emails was classified when it was sent.
  • NEWSMAX – Government Probe Into Clinton Emails Likely to Broaden – 08/21
    The Justice Department probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server has so far been limited to investigating whether classified information was leaked during her tenure as secretary of state, but the inquiry will likely widen as authorities take a look at how other former government officials may have been affected.  According to NPR, agents will begin questioning close associates of Clinton at the State Department and beyond.   “I think that the FBI will be moving with all deliberate speed to determine whether there were serious breaches of national security here,” Ron Hosko, the former head of the FBI’s criminal investigative division, told NPR.
  • THEHILL – Fiery Bush takes aim at Trump – 08/21
    Jeb Bush sought to go on offense against Donald Trump by hammering him Thursday for his rhetoric on immigration and by arguing that the real estate mogul is unelectable and not conservative.  Speaking to reporters after a town hall meeting Thursday in Keene, N.H., Bush defended the immigrant experience as quintessentially American and branded Trump’s language on the issue as divisive.  “We’re a diverse country, that’s a virtue, that’s a strength of our country, and I’m proud of the fact that my children have a Mexican-American mom as American as anybody else, loves this country as much as anybody else, believes in the shared values of this great country and my children are blessed to have that heritage,” Bush said.  Bush called the rhetoric on immigration that has dominated the GOP primary “bombastic” and “hurtful” to the immigrant population.
  • NEWSMAX – Hillary’s Emails Violated Policy: Federal Judge08/21
    Hillary Clinton violated federal policy by storing her work emails on a private server during her tenure as secretary of state, a federal judge said Thursday.  U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said Clinton’s use of a private server had made it more difficult for the State Department to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Politico reported. “We wouldn’t be here today if this employee had followed government policy,” Sullivan said during the Thursday hearing, in an apparent allusion to Clinton. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release that he “couldn’t agree more” with the judge’s statement, adding that “Today’s court hearing highlights the blatant disregard for federal records laws.”

Famous Presidential Lies Contest

Famous Presidential Lies Contest

Written by, To The Point News


  • We were attacked (in the Gulf of Tonkin )


  • I am not a crook

 GHW Bush:

  • Read my lips – No New Taxes


  • I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinski

 GW Bush:

  • Iraq has weapons of mass destruction


  • I will have the most transparent administration in history.
  • The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.
  • I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.
  • The IRS is not targeting anyone.
  • It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.
  • I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
  • You didn’t build that!
  • I will restore trust in Government.
  • The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.
  • The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk
  • It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.
  • Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.
  • We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.
  • I am not spying on American citizens.
  • Obama Care will be good for America .
  • You can keep your family doctor.
  • Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
  • If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.
  • It’s just like shopping at Amazon.
  • I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.
  • I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.
  • I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .
  • I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.
  • And, I have never lived with that uncle.  He finally admitted (12-05-2013) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.
  • If elected I promise not to renew the Patriot Act.
  • If elected I will end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan within the 1st 9 months of my term.
  • I will close Guantanamo within the first 6 months of my term. 
  • I will bridge the gap between black and white and between America and other countries.

And the biggest one of all:

  • “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America .”


I believe we have a winner


The anniversary of the U.S. war against the Islamic State passed with little notice. It was August 7 of last year that President Obama authorized the first airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, a campaign he expanded a month later to include targets in Syria. So far this month, the president has delivered remarks on the Voting Rights Act, his deal with Iran, the budget, and clean energy. ISIS? Not a peep.

Iran’s foreign ministry on Wednesday reiterated its support for Hamas and other anti-Israel terrorist groups and said that aiding those who “stand against the Zionist regime is a principle of Iran’s policy.”

A report from the U.N. agency tasked with inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities indicates that since May, the country may have built an extension to its Parchin military site believed to have housed nuclear arms testing.

A public interest law firm is threatening to bring lawsuits against more than 100 counties across the United States that appear to have more registered voters than living residents.

Hillary Clinton touted selling advanced biofuels to the Department of Defense as a way to boost the economy during a speech at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, on Wednesday.

Remember that time Hillary Clinton thought she would win the Democratic nomination and then become president only to be thwarted by a plucky upstart named Barack Obama?

I grew up with Michael Dirda. Not literally—he grew up in Lorain, Ohio, whereas I’m from the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. He is also 30 years older than I am, though in a coincidence, my father grew up in Lorain, a town that also produced Toni Morrison.

You’re unlikely to see an action-thriller this summer that is as intense as No Escape, a chilling examination of what happens to strangers in a strange land when the land turns into a hell-scape.


James Carville, the wily Democratic consultant who has been a close Clinton ally for more than two decades, is back on the trail to cover Hillary’s tracks.



The Daily Signal

‘Planned Parenthood Is Flailing’: Bobby Jindal Fights Back After Louisiana Sued for Terminating Medicaid Contract
Black Pastors Demand Smithsonian Remove Planned Parenthood Founder’s Bust
ACLU Files Lawsuit to Block School Choice for Nevada Children
Is the Fed Necessary?


Media: Blame the NRA

Media: Blame the NRA

Seeking something to blame for the shocking on-air pistol slaying of a Virginia TV reporter and her cameraman, Democrats and the media are fingering the National Rifle Association and the one-third of all Americans who own guns as the culprits.  Several news outlets Thursday editorialized on the hope the killings would revive a national push for gun control, though some conceded that the type of anti-gun initiatives called for even by Virginia’s Democratic governor wouldn’t have stopped the Wednesday morning killings. The Washington Post led the way, editorializing against the gun lobby and gun owners. A June study showed that one third of all Americans, or about 106 million, own guns.
“The dramatic shootings that make the news remind us that guns are not noble instruments of freedom; they are highly dangerous machines that have some legitimate uses and many illegitimate ones. Any rational government would carefully regulate them. Instead, our leaders have declined to fix obvious loopholes in background-check systems, refused to ban wholly unnecessary high-capacity magazines, thwarted efforts to study the effects of having a society saturated with firearms and generally cowered before the lobbying might of a political fringe,” the Post said.
It also lauded Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe for reacting to the shooting in his state by immediately calling for new gun control measures, even if they wouldn’t have done a thing to stop it.  “We certainly don’t know if the gun-control measures that Mr. McAuliffe or other would-be reformers favor would have prevented Wednesday’s deadly attack. But it doesn’t matter,” said the paper owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos whose website offers hundreds of gun accessories like speed loaders.
The Chicago Tribune hit gun owner’s “Dirty Harry envy” and the NRA’s belief that gun ownership can prevent gun crimes by criminals.  “In order to abide someone’s gun hobby, or their inner-Dirty-Harry envy or whatever it is, we must live in a world where guns abound,” said the Tribune. “That’s selfish. And it’s ridiculous. And it’s the heart of the NRA’s self-serving slogan.”
Hillary Clinton and the White House also indicated support for more gun control. And then there was liberal director Michael Moore with his idea: Take the money used to fund the military and give everybody a bodyguard.  The NRA had no comment on the media and political criticism of its efforts.


Congressional Budget Office Report Forecasts Unsustainable Debt

The economy is sluggish but growing and inflation remains low, painting a decidedly mixed picture for the federal government, the Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday, saying the fiscal situation is improving this year but will snap back by 2018 to swelling deficits and unsustainable debt.
The inflation rate is so low that Social Security beneficiaries probably won’t get a cost-of-living raise after this year, the CBO said. But tax revenue is up and spending has stayed pat, which is helping reduce the pool of red ink in the federal budget.
Combined, those numbers mean the government will run a deficit of $426 billion in fiscal year 2015, down about $60 billion from 2014 and marking the smallest deficit of President Obama’s tenure.

What is happening to our Military? Where are the Morals they used to instill in the Troops?

Obama Admin Allowing 12,000 Soldiers To Get Sex Operations

The Pentagon will be officially allowing open “transgender” soldiers in the military. It is believed that there are around 12,000 “transgender” soldiers. Imagine such a monstrosity! The Pentagon is even talking about giving sabbaticals for those who have gotten sex change operations. The permission to these “transgenders” to be open in the military will begin in May. According to the report:
The Pentagon’s ban on transgender troops would end May 27 under a draft timeline on repeal of the policy that affects about 12,000 troops, according to a document obtained by USA TODAY.
The memo, circulated last week
among top personnel and medical officials, lays out the road map for ending the policy and highlights some of the potential issues, including a pilot program that would provide leaves of absences for transgender troops being treated with hormones or having surgery.
Meanwhile, Army and the Air Force leaders know for sure of about 20 transgender troops in each service, according to a Defense Department official familiar with the issue who spoke on condition of anonymity because officials were not authorized to speak publicly. The condition of gender dysphoria disqualifies them from service under current policy, but a de facto moratorium on dismissals was enacted last month by Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

This is Big: Trump, Cruz to Hold Joint Event to Defeat Iran Deal

This is Big: Trump, Cruz to Hold Joint Event to Defeat Iran Deal

George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 8/28/2015

This is the Republican establishment’s worst nightmare. GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have announced they will headline a Capitol Hill rally against President Obama’s proposed nuclear weapons deal with Iran. 

What the Republican establishment and its U.S. Chamber of Commerce allies fear beyond anything else, including the election of Hillary Clinton as President, is that those voters who support Donald Trump and Ted Cruz can be welded into a cohesive grassroots populist conservative army committed to breaking the “Washington cartel.” 

And the Obama – Iran nuclear weapons deal is a classic example of the Washington cartel at work to undermine American national security in the pursuit of their self-enrichment and internationalist agenda. 

Americans outside the Beltway recognize the threat of the Obama – Iran nuclear weapons deal.  

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll released last week 56% of Americans now say they think Congress should reject the deal with Iran — up from 52% less than a month ago. 

And 6-in-10 Americans also disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Iran, according to the poll. 


Move Over, Megyn Kelly, America is Calling

Move Over, Megyn Kelly, America is Calling


By Judi McLeod — Bio and Archives  August 27, 2015
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With America the Beautiful crying out in death throes for rescue from its undeserved ‘Fundamental Transformation’, Fox News seems intent on making the 2016 presidential election all about—Fox News.

Move over, Megyn Kelly, America is calling.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to recognize a conspiracy, and as the Kelly File proved last night, it only takes a single television show.

One night after immigration opportunist/Univision ‘reporter’ Jorge Ramos broke the queue taking over the mic at Donald Trump’s Dubuque, Iowa event, Megyn Kelly gave him the floor on her Kelly File—the same way she gave DNC motor mouth Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rant time as her first guest after the mainly Fox-touted ‘Great Debate’. In short, Ramos who was given the bum’s rush from the Iowa event,  got to make a comeback on last night’s Kelly File.

“Kelly very knowingly asked him, “What is it like to be caught in the crosshairs of a billionaire presidential runner?” Ramos answered, “Well, you know exactly how it feels.” (, Aug.26, 2015)  In one fell swoop, all the attention went running back to Kelly.




Kerry signs UN Gun Ban Treaty Against Wishes of U.S. Senate

AUGUST 27, 2015

This cannot be good news for our 2nd Amendment rights.
Check it out:

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday signed a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, riling U.S. lawmakers who vow the Senate will not ratify the agreement. As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a “significant step” in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights.

“This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong,” he said. “This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.”  U.S. lawmakers, though, have long claimed the treaty could lead to new gun control measures. They note the U.S. Senate has final say on whether to approve the agreement


Obama Needs to be Impeached , He will Deny Medicaid to the Poor and Elderly to Make a Point About His Support of Killing Babies by Planned Parenthood. Obama Needs to GO Now!!!

OBAMA’S REVENGE: Kansas Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding, Obama Admin Responds With Knives Out (This is Outrageous)

In what is likely one of the most dangerous eye-opening views into how the federal government has gone rogue, the Obama administration is abusing its power to punish states that don’t fund the murder of babies and the sale of their body parts.

The elected legislature and Governor of Kansas recently passed a bill that pulls $300,000 in funding to Planned Parenthood. The funding isn’t cut, however, as the bill transferred the funding to other health clinics who provide women’s health services without the nastiness of Planned Parenthood’s evil deeds.

But for the Obama administration, this isn’t about women’s health. This is about keeping the killer machine of Planned Parenthood going via force of tax payer dollars. And if a state uses its right to choose services through other providers, the Obama admin will make sure there is hell to pay.

This is the price to pay if you don’t want your state residents paying for abortion and baby part selling.

Now, the Obama administration, in the wake of additional states cutting Planned Parenthood funding following the massive scandal, is going after one state that already cut tax-funding to the abortion company. According to an AP report: “The federal government reduced its Title X funding to the state by about the $370,000 annually in Title X money that two Planned Parenthood facilities in Wichita and Hays and an unaffiliated clinic in Dodge City had been receiving.”

This is outrageous. It’s blatant revenge aimed to punish Kansas and warn other states against similar moves.

Ironically, while the Kansas bill in no way limits access to health (It just changes which providers are funded), Obama’s move actually does.

While Kansas revoked taxpayer dollars for an abortion business, the Obama administration’s decision hurts women’s health and deprives them of legitimate medical and health care.

As AP reports, “Medical providers say that means low-income patients are finding it harder to access birth control, cancer screenings and other reproductive health care services.

“People have fewer places to go, and for those with limited means that may make utilizing those services even more difficult,” said J’Vonnah Maryman, director for public health at the Sedgwick County Health Department.

But again, Obama doesn’t care about health. His sole objective is the defense and protection of Planned Parenthood at all cost.

The fed no longer represents the will of the states. The fed is now rogue and working to oppose/punish states if they do not do as the fed says.

Very, very dangerous times.

08/24 – Lehman’s Gift To Jeb Bush For Funneling Pension Money: A $1.3 Million Consulting “Job”

Lehman’s Gift To Jeb Bush For Funneling Pension Money: A $1.3 Million Consulting “Job”

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,
At this point, it almost feels like kicking someone while he’s down. Jeb Bush can’t even stand up to Donald Trump, let alone his own growing series of scandals.
In the latest revelation from David Sirota and team at International Business Daily, we learn that:  For Florida taxpayers, the move by the administration of then-Gov. Jeb Bush to forge a relationship with Lehman Brothers would ultimately prove disastrous. Transactions in 2005 and 2006 put the Wall Street investment bank in charge of some $250 million worth of pension funds for Florida cops, teachers and firefighters. Lehman would capture more than $5 million in fees on these deals, while gaining additional contracts to manage another $1.2 billion of Florida’s money. Then, in the fall of 2008, Lehman collapsed into bankruptcy, leaving Florida facing up to $1 billion in losses.

But for Jeb Bush personally, his enduring relationship with Lehman would prove lucrative. In 2007, just as he left office, Bush secured a job as a Lehman consultant for $1.3 million a year, Bloomberg reported.  Next time, please just ride off into the sunset and paint landscapes with your brother.

Weeks after Bush took the Lehman job, the Florida State Board of Administration (SBA) — a three-member body that makes investment decisions about state pension funds and whose ranks had recently included one Jeb Bush — gave Lehman additional business: SBA purchased $842 million worth of separate investments in Lehman’s mortgage-backed securities. Over the course of one year from June 2007 to June 2008, the SBA would shift an additional $420 million of pension money into the same fund in which the state had begun investing under Bush.

In short, during Bush’s first year working for Lehman, his former colleagues in Tallahassee, the state capital, moved vast sums of Florida pension money into the doomed Wall Street investment bank, even as warnings about its financial troubles began to emerge.   “This is a breathtaking conflict of interest going on here,” said Craig Holman, governmental ethics lobbyist with Public Citizen, a good-government group. “This cost Florida very dearly, and it enriched Jeb Bush.”

Jeff Connaughton, author of the book “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins,” said the transactions illustrate a larger culture that dominates the politics of finance.

Florida originally began investing money in Lehman in 2005, while Bush was the highest profile member of the SBA, which oversees the $150 billion pension fund. The Bush-led SBA that year committed $176 million to Lehman; in 2006, as Florida moved another $87 million into the Lehman investment, the firm hired Jeb Bush’s cousin, George Herbert Walker, to run the firm’s investment management division.

The next year, Lehman offered the outgoing Florida governor the consulting job. Bush had worked briefly at a Texas-based bank after college, but he lacked significant Wall Street experience.  Fortunately for Jeb, being a crony doesn’t take any real skill.

Most of the investment losses that hit Florida starting in July 2007 were tied to the Lehman mortgage-backed securities bought the year Bush began his employment at the firm.

08/24 – Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s Alger Hiss?

Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s Alger Hiss?

George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 8/24/2015
Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are well documented and well known to Clinton and to other Washington insiders, such as Republican Senator John McCain, who defended Abedin in a speech on the Senate floor when five conservative Members of the House of Representatives called for the State Department Inspector General to look into Abedin’s fitness to hold a high level security clearance while she served as Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department.
Huma Hiss HillarySome observers have called the Clinton email scandal an unprecedented breach of national security. But now that it has been revealed that Huma Abedin is a central figure in the national security disaster wrought by the compromise of military and diplomatic intelligence sent and received through Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private email server, is there really no precedent for Abedin’s role in this disaster?
Actually there is, but it lies shrouded in the murk of the lies that the liberal media have constructed to obscure the truth about the penetration of the United States government by another anti-constitutional totalitarian political movement – world Communism.  Like Islam, totalitarian Communism posited the overthrow of American constitutional government and the subsequent substitution of a system that would regulate the minutest details of human existence.
And like Islam, totalitarian Communism had its active agents, “fellow travelers” and sympathizers who found their way into positions of power and influence in the United States government with the intention of undermining our constitutional system of government.  Among the most influential of those individuals whose Communist associations were revealed was Alger Hiss. Hiss held a variety of sensitive diplomatic posts during World War II and ultimately headed the San Francisco Conference that organized the United Nations. After the end of the war and the organization of the United Nations he became president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
In that capacity Hiss was a leading advocate of the United Nations and a major internationalist influence on the United States government and our policies toward the Soviet Union, an enemy state that had the goal of burying the United States, as Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once put it.  A goal we should point out that was not dissimilar to the goal expressed by various Islamist leaders from the late Al Qaida founder and leader Osama bin Laden, to our “partner” in the Iran nuclear weapons deal, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei. (See Khamenei’s latest comments about the political goals to be accomplished during this year’s Islamic “religious” pilgrimage to Mecca through this link.)
In 1948 Hiss was outed as a secret communist by Whittaker Chambers and accused of lying during his testimony to the House Un-American Affairs Committee. Hiss denied the charge and filed a libel suit against Chambers, but after Chambers produced a number of copies of State Department documents and said they were given to him by Hiss for transmission to the Soviet Union, perjury charges were brought against Hiss when he denied before a grand jury that he had committed espionage. The Hiss-Chambers affair would prove to be the watershed case* of the investigation of Communist influence in the United States government.
It is important to remember that Hiss was never convicted of espionage, he was convicted of lying about his communist associations, and of course he lost his libel suit against Chambers when he was shown to have transmitted U.S. government secrets outside of channels.


The Debate Over Birthright Citizenship, Explained in 90 Seconds

The Debate Over Birthright Citizenship, Explained in 90 Seconds

Over the last week, the debate over birthright citizenship has divided the 2016 Republican presidential field and put the spotlight back on immigration.

Birthright citizenship allows children born in the United States to be granted automatic citizenship, including those born to illegal immigrants. So what are some of the issues surrounding birthright citizenship, and how are those opposed looking to end it? The Daily Signal explains.

UPDATE: Several commenters have raised questions about the 1898 Supreme Court case, U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark. Professor Edward Erler addresses the case in “The Heritage Guide to the Constitution” and Heritage senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky said this about it in a Fox News op-ed:

Even in U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, the 1898 case most often cited by “birthright” supporters due to its overbroad language, the Court only held that a child born of lawful, permanent residents was a U.S. citizen. That is a far cry from saying that a child born of individuals who are here illegally must be considered a U.S. citizen.





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THIS IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT FOR A PRESIDENT? Intel, Military Officials Fire Back At Hillary’s Over-Classification Tweet

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses union members as she tours the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada August 18, 2015. (REUTERS/David Becker)

Former intelligence and military officials were swift to reply Friday to Hillary Clinton’s contention that government over-classification of materials are “the real problem,” not her use of an unsecured private email server to conduct official business during her four years as secretary of state.
“Our ridiculous classification rules” are “the real problem,” she tweeted this morning, quoting a former Justice Department official.
Senior military and intelligence officials immediately fired back.
“It’s not up to her to decide what level it’s classified at. It’s up to her to obey the law, and clearly she did not,” Lt. Col. Col James Williamson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Williamson entered Special Forces in 1988 and retired in 2012.  If someone doesn’t have the sense to recognize classified material, they shouldn’t be in such a sensitive position, much less the secretary of state,” Williamson said.   Similarly, Brig. Gen. Kenneth Berquist said “she jeopardized every piece of information that went across her private server line. This is a very good example of how her ‘inconvenience’ put us at risk in the United States.”
Berquist added that “this is hubris. This is an example where people say, ‘I don’t play by the rules.’”
Clinton originally argued during a March 10 news conference that she had one private domain name and server because it was “inconvenient” to carry two separate cell phones. Her comments were in response to the New York Times’ March 3 revelation about her use of a private email account.
Berquist is a former CIA intelligence officer who was hand-picked by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the first president of the Joint Special Operations University, which trains intermediate and senior commanders in special operations. He also served as special operations staff director for the U.S. Central Command during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
Berquist was among a group of military and intelligence officials calling in an Aug. 5 letter for John Kerry, Clinton’s successor at the State Department, to suspend her current security clearance, as TheDCNF reported earlier this week. “There needs to be an administrative action against Secretary Clinton,” Berquist told TheDCNF.
“First she was blaming Republicans,” noted Scott Taylor, president of the Special Operations Education Fund, which filed the letter to Kerry.
“Now she’s blaming the intelligence community for over-classyifying? She was the nation’s top diplomat,” Taylor said. “Any conversations she had about troop movements, drone strikes, foreign policy, our allies range from sensitive to Top Secret. That is the job that she signed up for.”  Fred Rustman, who was in the elite CIA Senior Intelligence Service and spent 24 years in the intelligence agency, said “the fact is that anyone who communicates classified material or stores classified material in an unsecure location is violating the rules of security. And obviously she did this.”  Rustman added that “when you parse all of this which she has, and say there weren’t any ‘classified’ documents, none of that amount to a hill of beans. As far as the intelligence community is concerned, they’re the guardians of secrets, and she was a Cabinet-level official.”
William Cowan, a retired Marine Corps colonel who was a founding member of a secret U.S. intelligence program called the Intelligence Support Activity that represents DELTA Force and Navy Seals, told TheDCNF that Clinton’s statements and behavior are “outrageous. It’s absolutely outrageous behavior and total disregard, not only for the law and the policies and procedures, but also for the safety and security of our nation.”
By using an unsecured private server, she took it upon herself to automatically declassify hundreds of materials, Cowan said.  “Did she unilaterally decide to declassify all these things? If that’s the case, then it’s even worse. It puts people’s lives in jeopardy. It puts American foreign policy and national security in jeopardy,” Cowan said.
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PARENTS HEADS UP! – Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents

Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents

Lawmakers and the Obama administration are plotting to unconstitutionally commandeer local schools and turn them into “full-service community schools” — government centers that will usurp vast new responsibilities over children that have traditionally been handled by parents and families. Under the plan, adopted in the Senate last month as part of a massive “education bill” solidifying federal control over children and schools, federally funded so-called community schools will “target” families and children for “services” covering their “academic, physical, social, emotional, health, mental health, and other needs.” If Congress and the Obama administration get their way, these full-service parent-replacement centers will soon be coming to a community near you, along with the swarms of government workers in charge of “home visitation” and “parenting education” under the program. In fact, even without legislation to authorize it, Obama’s education bureaucracy has already started using tax funds to create the “community schools” nationwide.
So what, exactly, is a community school? According to the legislation, it is a government-run elementary or secondary school that “participates in a community-based effort to coordinate and integrate educational, developmental, family, health, and other comprehensive services through community-based organizations and public and private partnerships.” These Orwellian schools will also provide “services” to students, families, and the community, including before and after school, during weekends, and even during the summer. A 2014 Federal Registernotice” by the federal Department of Education announcing lawless grants for community schools defines them in a similar way. In other words, children ensnared by “community” schools can spend virtually all of their time there and receive all of their “services” there — one step short of Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s recent pitch for government boarding schools that he said should have children 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
A broad array of government “services” should be provided by the “community” schools. The list of those, outlined in the Democrat-sponsored legislation, is bewildering. Among them: home visitation services by teachers and nurses; early childhood education; primary health and dental care; “mental health counseling services”; “nutrition services”; remedial education activities and enrichment activities, including expanded learning time; summer or after-school enrichment and learning experiences; programs that promote “family literacy”; programs under Head Start and Early Head Start; mentoring and other youth development programs, including peer mentoring and conflict mediation; parent leadership development activities; parenting education activities; child care services; community service and service-learning opportunities; developmentally appropriate physical education; job training, internship opportunities, and career counseling services; adult education, including instruction in English as a second language; juvenile crime prevention and rehabilitation programs; homeless prevention services; and undefined “other services.”



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