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Dr. Robert Jeffress: Pastor of First Baptist Church-Dallas….

Dr. Robert Jeffress:  Pastor of First Baptist Church-Dallas….
Published on Nov 15, 2015
Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, addresses the
Paris attacks and shares how Christians should respond.

The Highlands Tea Party Weekly Meeting December 1, 2015

A - We The People Highlands Cnty

 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
1000 Sebring Square
 December 1, 2015
Guest Speaker

 Brian Hass
Chief Assistant State Attorney 10th Judicial Circuit
Jerry Hill

Brian Haas is the Chief Assistant State Attorney for the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. In this position, Mr. Haas is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the State Attorney’s Office; which prosecutes all criminal cases in Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties. He is also the spokesperson for the office. Mr. Haas reports directly to State Attorney Jerry Hill.    Brian Haas grew up in Polk County and is a 1993 graduate of Bartow High School. He received his college degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine and his law degree from the University of Florida. Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Haas returned to Polk County and began his career as a prosecutor. He prosecuted crimes ranging from Misdemeanors to Capital Felonies. He was assigned to the Special Prosecution Division; where he prosecuted defendants who committed sexual crimes against children. After serving as a prosecutor for three years, Mr. Haas entered private practice. From 2003 to 2011, he handled civil cases and also served as city attorney for the city of Frostproof.     In 2011, Mr. Haas returned to the State Attorney’s Office and the Special Prosecution Division. In 2012, he became the Chief Assistant State Attorney. As a prosecutor, Mr. Haas has represented the state of Florida in many jury trials, including the prosecution of violent crimes.
 Holiday Dinners for Veterans Has delivered 93 dinners to the Veterans Service Center to date
Thanks to all the generous donors without you many Veterans and their families may have gone Hungry on Thanksgiving.
Our Collections are on going for Christmas we are already well on our way to the next 45 dinners.
Holiday meeting schedule for December: Meetings will be held 
December   1st, 8th, 15th,
No meetings starting December 22nd , 
Next scheduled Meeting January 5, 2016
Be sure to watch the Video By Pastor Dr robert Jeffress – A pastor who tells it as it is, very enlightening speech. It can be found on the front page of  our web site.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Invocation by Chaplin Larry Overfield, Alternate  Dale Pflug
Acknowledgement of First Time Visitors.
Monday November 30, 2015, Next Class
Larry Overfield  Presents   “America and the Bible”
Very Interesting topics and discussion, you should stop by and catch a session,
it is very interesting how the Bible and political arena  in the days of Jesus ties into
today’s  political theater.
Homers Smorgasbord
Time: 6:00 pm
December 8 – Dr. (Col) Richard Swier – Cyber Warfare
December 15 – Raymond McIntyre – Property Appraiser Highlands County – Zoning Easement Questions
January 12, 2016
– Melissa Yumas & Tim Elder – Wildlife Mitigation & Supervisor Florida Forest Service
January 19, 2016 –  Mordechai Kedar – Middle East & Islam
January 26, 2016 – Paul Blackman – Candidate for Highlands County sheriff

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Florida business gained national attention after terror attack

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Andy Hallinan of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, Florida, on his YouTube video declaring his store to be a "Muslim-free zone."
Andy Hallinan of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, Florida, on his YouTube video declaring his store to be a “Muslim-free zone.”

A lawsuit filed by a Muslim activist organization against a Florida firearms retailer who posted a “Muslim Free Zone” sign has been dismissed and the case ordered closed because the statement was protected by the First Amendment and the activists couldn’t show they were injured.  The decision was released by U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom in a case brought by a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations against Florida Gun Supply, which was defended by officials with the American Freedom Law Center.
AFLC Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi said, “This dismissal was yet another AFLC victory against CAIR and its jihadi lawfare against patriotic Americans across the country. This victory follows on the heels of a recent victory against CAIR in a Michigan federal court where CAIR’s subpoenas were quashed and CAIR’s nefarious client sanctioned for abusive practices.”
“ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam” is veteran investigative reporter Erick Stakelbeck’s story of the true motivations, inner workings and future plans the new caliphate
He continued, “CAIR was born from a jihadi terrorist conspiracy, and it has done little to distance itself from those bona fides. CAIR is on notice: if you attempt to use the courts to conduct your civilizational jihad, AFLC will be there to defend law-abiding, patriotic Americans and our nation’s national security. We will match and defeat your civilization jihad with our constitutional lawfare in every courtroom across the nation.”  CAIR Florida had filed the action against Florida Gun Supply in July after its owner declared in a YouTube video his retail store is a “Muslim Free Zone.”
Read On….

The Books of Julio Lara – His Personal Experiencing Marxism First Hand, Julio is now trying to educate America on what is coming if we do not turn things around.Julio saw Marxism creep into Cuba and Venezuela, he now see’s it happening in America, experience is a great teacher, America should learn from it.

Dear patriot, I need your help to continue teaching the Americans how to fight communism and socialism. That is why I have written four books with that purpose, and I need you spread the news to all your contacts so we can win the next election.

All the following of Lara’s books are based on his experience and knowledge of Marxism, to which he belonged, and then has dedicated his life since 1960 to combat that wrong and evil ideology. His books can help you to know how to defend yourself against Marxism brainwashing that today is using several different names, with the intent to subjugate the world. Julio’s writings represent his hard works to teach friends like you on how cruel and evil this ideology is. He thinks people with such knowledge can’t be manipulated and indoctrinated by the media that they control.

In American Apocalypse, Julio Lara exposes the sordid past and the evil ideology of communism and how it is creeping into American society. Lara uncovers the truth about the realBarack Obama and the rise of the New World Order (NWO). He reveals the factual histories of Adolph Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Apocalypsehas been named as one of the best first person authored books about the devastating price of allowing communism’s criminal immorality to take over America.

God, Satan, and Me is Lara’s true story that takes the reader into the mountains and jungles of Cuba to experience what it was like for a seventeen year old boy to be assigned to fight next to Che Guevara in Castro’s revolution. The communist government took over Cuba and even the ranch owned by the author’s father. Betrayed by those he had fought beside, Lara,  then a captain at 18-years, rebelled against Castro, and, during his worst days, was hunted, wounded and forced to flee for his life to South America.

Lara’s third book – The Manual. . . How to live in a Socialist Countryshows what changes one must make to survive   under socialism: a life far different from living in under the freedom of capitalism. The Manualexplains how a citizen (regardless of wealth or position) can deal with increasing regulations and shortages that are a basic part of a “classless” society. The author tells how he was forced to endure his years under socialism in Venezuela and Cuba. An unaware America could soon be transformed into that same ideology.

Lara’s latest book, The Manifesto . . . How to Save America, is aimed at those who still prefer America’s freedoms to the evils of socialism. The author tells how to destroy what Michael Medved has named as the “Poison Factory.” Manifesto lists rules, regulations, laws, and actions needed to fire up the determination of conservatives and Christians; especially the younger generation who will bear the cost of indecision. For over three decades Lara has been helped Americans understand how crucial is this last battle.

For more info click here or go to

FRC – GOP Hopefuls Hope to Break the ISIS

GOP Hopefuls Hope to Break the ISIS

While the rest of the West hunkers down to shore up their security plans, President Obama has been jet-setting to Asia to talk climate change. Well, the world is heating up all right — but it has nothing to do with greenhouse gas. Regardless, the president seems intent on minimizing the crisis that even his own party seems to recognize. On the hot seat over his plan to flood the U.S. with at least 10,000 Syrians (and who knows how many terrorists hiding among the refugees), the White House’s latest approach seems to be ignoring ISIS into submission.

More than once, reporters have pushed Obama on his almost passive attitude after the Paris attacks. Now, anxious to deflect the criticism, the president is insisting his plan for defeating ISIS is working. (He’ll have a tougher time convincing Americans of that — 83 percent of whom believe a “large-scale terrorist attack” in the U.S. is likely.) Still, the president insisted, “We cannot respond from fear.” We can, however, respond from wisdom and common sense, two things conspicuously absent from the White House’s open-door approach.    Read On….

Top Democrat: ISIS Threat Has ‘Gotten Worse’ Under Obama’s Policies

Top Democrat: ISIS Threat Has ‘Gotten Worse’ Under Obama’s Policies

I don’t think the approach is sufficient for the job,” said Feinstein, a top ranking Senate Democrat who serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “I’m concerned that we don’t have the time and we don’t have years. We need to be aggressive now.” … “What I’m saying is this has gone on too long now and it has not gotten better, it’s gotten worse,” [Feinstein said]. 
One key point she makes is that ISIS’ footprint is expanding to countries beyond Syria and Iraq; she cites TunisiaLibya, and Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.  She might have also added Afghanistan.  Obama’s former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is also criticizing the president’s hands-off approach, effectively calling for ground troops to beat back the terror army’s advance:
“I think the U.S. has to lead in this effort, because what we’ve learned a long time ago is that if the United States does not lead, nobody else will,” Panetta said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. Panetta also called on the U.S. to commit additional resources to the fight against the radical Islamic terrorist group. He said air strikes will not be enough to slow ISIS’s territorial expansion in Syria. “Look, air strikes are great, you know, we’re hitting some targets, but air strikes alone are not going to win here,” Panetta said. “We’ve got to take that territory away from them,” he added. “It’s been a year. They’re still in Mosul, they’re still in Ramadi, they’re still in Raqqa, those are areas we have to go after in order to be able to defeat ISIS, ultimately.”  Read On….

U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad


Published on Oct 27, 2015
Credit CNN
Tulsi Gabbard – a Democrat from Hawaii and member of the Armed Services Committee – demonstrates great knowledge and courage to go against the grain in the US and explain the Syria situation along with Russian and US roles the way it is.
Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Tulsi explains why the US allying with Islamist extremists to overthrow Syrian President Assad is an illegal, counterproductive war that will cause even more human misery in the region and help ISIS and other Islamist extremists take over all of Syria. Instead of once again being distracted by trying to get rid of a secular dictator, Tulsi explains, the US must stay out of counter productive wars and focus on defeating the Islamist extremists who have declared war on America.
Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, said the U.S. and Russia are on a collision course over Syria that could result in World War III if not de-escalated.
Wolf Blitzer asked her how that collision could be avoided. Her answer was as follows:

“Very simple. The U.S. and the CIA should stop this illegal and counter-productive war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad and should stay focused on fighting against who our enemy is, the Islamic extremist groups,” she said. “Because right now we’re seeing why this is counter-productive, by working towards that end, by working toward the overthrow of Assad we are not only strengthening our enemy, the Islamic extremists, who will walk in and take over all of the country Syria, right now they have about half of the country under their control, but it also puts us in that position of a potential direct head to head conflict with Russia which brings us to the brink of a potential larger conflict, a potential World War III situation.”

Gabbard is a member of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees and a combat veteran of the Iraq War.  She said the U.S. Syrian intervention is illegal because there has never been a vote by Congress to authorize the use of force to overthrow a sovereign government.  “So the American people have not had a chance to speak their voice, that hasn’t happened. Therefore it’s illegal,” she said.

Top Aide to Hillary Says Let the Refugees Come – Think about this; voting in many states, no ID required, 10,000 Syrian = 10,000 Democratic votes

Published on Nov 23, 2015
It’s a lovefest between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and the Syrian refugees in Greece we captured on undercover video hoping to get to Germany and US – possibly using fake passports. The Syrian refugees love Clinton and Clinton loves the refugees. So what could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

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