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Dr. Richard Swier – CYBER WARFARE

Dr. Richard M. Swier, Ed. D., LTC, US Army (Ret.)
Richard holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems from the George Washington University, Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Dr. Swier is a 23-year Army veteran who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1990. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his years of service. Additionally, he was awarded two Bronze Stars with “V” for Heroism in ground combat, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. He is a graduate of the Field Artillery Officers Basic and Advanced Courses, and U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.
Richard was the Founder/CEO of Sarasota Online, a high technology company that was sold to Comcast Cable in 1996. He helped start Backsoft Corporation an enterprise software development company in 1997 whose clients included Coca-Cola, Anheuser- Busch, Hyundai Electronics, Volkswagen, Moen and Goodyear. Backsoft was sold in 2001.
Richard twice chaired the Sarasota Better Business Council, sat on the Board of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and served from 2000 to 2009 on the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.


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May she forever wave over the Land of The Free

    May she forever wave over the Land     of The Free



The Highlands Tea Party Weekly Meeting February 16, 2016

A - We The People Highlands Cnty9th Year


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
1000 Sebring Square
February 16, 2016

Guest Speakers
Robert Livingston
Military Service & Veterans Support

Feb. 23, 2016 – Bob Germain Court System Function in Highlands County
Mar.   1, 2016  Bob Anderson – Convention of the States
Mar.   8, 2016 – John Casey – Climate Change, TheTruth
Mar. 15, 2016 – Ted Huguenin – Candidate for County Commissioner, Dist. 5
Mar. 22, 2016 – Eric Golube – Blogger for TYGRR
Apr. 12, 2016 –  Rod Eccles – Most Conservative Incorrect Minority Speaker
Apr. 19, 2016 –  Dexter Sanders – Stand Up For God and America
Apr. 26, 2016 –  James Fansler – Candidate for Sheriff
May   3, 2016 –  Tonya Marshall – Candidate for County Commissioner, Dist. 1
                               Pep Hutchinson – Candidate for Supervisor of Schools
May 10, 2016 –  Brandon Ball – Candidate for Sheriff
                              James Brooks – Candidate for County Commissioner, Dist. 1
May 17, 2016 –  Bob Bean – Candidate for Sheriff
                              Brenda Longshore – Candidate for Supervisor of Schools
May 24, 2016 – James Sottil – Candidate for Sheriff
                              Ron Hadley – Candidate for County Commissioner, Dist. 3
May 31, 2016 –  Michael Rowan – Candidate for Sheriff
                              Ronald McMahon – Candidate for County Commissioner, Dist. 5
June  9, 2016 – Candido Garcia – Candidate for Sheriff


May she forever wave over the Land of The Free

May she forever wave over the Land of The Free



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News for Hillary Clinton: The FBI is Investigating Hillary’s Email Issues

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers Truth: FBI Investigating Clinton’s Email Issue

Judicial Watch is once again in the center of events this week in Washington. This week the FBI told a federal court in a Judicial Watch open records lawsuit that Hillary Clinton’s conduct is under investigation. This was the first formal confirmation by the FBI that Hillary Clinton is in its sights. Here’s my statement on the FBI letter to U.S. Department of State Principal Deputy Legal Adviser Marry McLeod concerning the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s and her staff’s use of non-“state.gov” email accounts:

The FBI letter is a significant development. The FBI confirms for the first time that Mrs. Clinton’s use of a “private” email server is a matter for law enforcement. Why did it take nearly a week for the Obama Justice Department to file this letter with the court? There’s now no getting around it: Hillary Clinton’s email use could have serious criminal consequences for her and other current and former administration officials.

The FBI letter reads as follows:

Dear Ms. McLeod:

I am writing to update my September 21, 2015, response to your letter dated September 2, 2015, regarding Judicial Watch v. Department of State, 13-cv-1363 (D.D.C.), and your request for information pursuant to the Court’s Order of August 20, 2015. At that time, I informed you that the FBI could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any on-going investigation. Since that time, in public statements and testimony, the Bureau has acknowledged generally that it is working on matters related to former Secretary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server. The FBI has not, however, publically acknowledged the specific focus, scope or potential targets of any such proceedings. Thus, while the FBI’s response to you has changed to some degree due to these intervening events, we remain unable to provide the requested information without adversely affecting on-going law enforcement efforts.    Read On>>>>>


Video: 1,400 American Workers Outraged as Company Informs Them It’s Sending Their Jobs to Mexico



As Mediaite reports: “A cell phone video taken at Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis shows the exact moment that the plant and union workers were told that the company had decided to shift production south of the border. ‘The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for longterm is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,’ says the company representative at the microphone.”
“Let’s quiet down,” the company representative says as the American workers of different races and ethnicities begin to shout out after being told that they will soon be out of a job.  Although the establishment media seems loath to report it, globalist trade deals and the off-shoring of American jobs have become a central focus of the 2016 race– as earlier this month President Obama’s signed what could arguably be one of the impactful trade agreements in modern history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The Economic Policy Institute has documented that “Between 1993 (before NAFTA took effect) and 2013, the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico and Canada increased from $17.0 billion to $177.2 billion, displacing more than 850,000 U.S. jobs.”
Donald Trump has made his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership a focal point of his campaign. To date, he is the only candidate to respond toSen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)’ candidate questionnaire, which addresses the critical issue of trade.
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) previously endorsed the TPP, although he now says he will not tell voters how he will vote on the deal until most of the primaries are over.
While Cruz now says he will not support the TPP “in its current form,” Cruz had previously supported Obama’s trade agenda. Cruz had even co-authored an op-ed with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the Wall Street Journal in favor of fast-tracking TPP. On May 22nd, Cruz voted for fast-tracking TPP, before he eventually reversed his support for fast-track, citing specific concerns about the deal’s provisions regarding immigration law and the export-import bank.     READ ON>>>>>

What Bill LIttle Loves about Donald Trump

Internet tax ban VICTORY – Thank You! States permanently Blocked from Taxing Internet access.


The Senate has voted 75 to 20 to permanently ban state and local governments from taxing Internet access.  You collectively sent over 31,000 letters supporting the bill and I cannot thank you enough.  President Obama is expected to sign it.
You can see how your senators voted by clicking here.  Of note, the same three Republicans who stalled this vote for months to hold it hostage to their desire to apply sales tax to online purchases actually voted no. They were Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, and Mike Rounds of South Dakota.  They voted, in effect, to allow state and local governments to slap taxes on your home and mobile Internet bills that would average 12 percent.  That’s something zero Republicans should support.
But even with their spiteful no votes and the seventeen Democrats who also voted no, the bill passed easily.  That’s a big deal in a town where it’s been very, very difficult to deliver any good news for taxpayers, and you helped make it possible.
And thanks for being part of American Commitment,

Baltimore Riot Explained – What Exactly do Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama Think Racism Is? Apparently They Have no Clue!

Baltimore Riot Explained

  baltimore meme 1
baltimore meme 3
 SO Happy that we got that cleared up!!


Intel chief: ‘We might use smart-home devices to spy on you’
James Clapper, director of national intelligence, is in charge of 16 federal agencies.
James Clapper, director of national intelligence, heads up 16 federal spy agencies.
The nation’s top intelligence officer admitted Tuesday that the government may use information transmitted to the Internet from your washing machine, your thermostat, your television, your refrigerator or your favorite video game against you.  Almost every home appliance and electronic gadget sold today is  outfitted with a computer chip, constantly feeding information about their owners back to utilities, manufacturers and other data networks.
James Clapper, director of national intelligence, in his annual assessment of threats given before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday, said the government considers this information fair game against people it suspects of terrorism or other crimes.  The so-called “Internet of things” is providing a bevy of personal information about Americans, many of whom are completely unaware of the dragnet they are tied into.
Smart meters, for instance, measure, in real time, a homeowner’s electricity usage, what appliance or device the usage is coming from, and feed that information to the local utility provider. Many televisions are capable of picking up sound and motion through  microphones and motion sensors. Laptop computers have built-in cameras – perfect for spying.   Does This Scare You, Read On>>>>>>

Update: Illegal Immigrant Housing in Northwest Florida

Representative Matt Gaetz (FL) on the Immigration problems in Florida and the Country

You may recall last month when the Obama administration announced plans to house detained illegal immigrants at military bases, possibly including Tyndall Air Force Base here in Northwest Florida.   Following that disturbing news, Sen. Gaetz and I immediately called for the decision to be reversed. Though our nation has a rich history of accepting immigrants, an active military base is no place to house un-vetted immigrants of any age.

I’m glad to report that we have received news that Tyndall AFB is no longer under consideration for housing any undocumented immigrants or refugees.  While this is announcement is relieving, we cannot take our focus off of the larger problems that illegal immigration poses to our state and nation. The federal government’s inaction has left the states no choice but to clean up their mess.

This year the Florida House has passed legislation cracking down on Sanctuary Cities and the local officials that allow them to exist. I’m personally sponsoring legislation prohibiting cash welfare payments to illegal immigrants. For more on what we’re doing to fight illegal immigration, check out this press conference outlining our plan.

Whether it’s holding the federal government accountable or taking on the issue in the legislature, I’m committed to doing everything I can to fight illegal immigration.


Matt Gaetz

Clinton Campaign in a heap of trouble, losing the youth and middle age, Women turning agianst Hillary

From the RPOF – Can Hillary Spin This?


In Case You Missed It
MSNBC: NH loss reveals underlying weaknesses of Clinton candidacy“   Bernie Sanders soundly defeated the former secretary of state Tuesday in New Hampshire, a state that in the past had salvaged the presidential dreams of both Hillary Clinton in 2008 and Bill Clinton in 1992. But not this time and not even close, as nearly every demographic group soundly rejected Clinton’s candidacy in favor of a 74-year-old socialist barely known to most Americans.”
Politico Magazine: How Much Trouble Is Hillary Clinton In?   “After eking out a narrow victory in Iowa, Hillary Clinton just got beaten soundly—losing New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders by what so far appears to be the biggest margin in a contested New Hampshire Democratic primary in decades.”
Reuters: In crucial vote, Hillary Clinton fails to rally women to her history-making bid   “Hillary Clinton made the prospect of her being elected the first woman U.S. president a centerpiece of her campaign, then lost a critical nominating contest to a 74-year-old man in part because women preferred him. NBC News exit polls showed Clinton, a former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady, won 44 percent of the women’s vote in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary to 55 percent for her Democratic Party rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.”
CNN: Young voters abandon Hillary Clinton for Bernie Sanders
“The overwhelming support for Sanders — a disheveled 74-year-old who has spent two decades in Congress — among younger voters is perhaps the biggest challenge confronting Clinton’s campaign in the Democratic nominating contest. It also underscores the problem with what Clinton represents: In a year that voters are craving authenticity and a break from the political norm above all else, her nearly three decades in the political limelight is a liability.”
The Hill: Clinton allies panic over message   “On the heels of a devastating loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, Clinton supporters having nightmares about a repeat of her 2008 primary loss say it’s time for a change. They say Clinton has to quickly find her way out of this messaging conundrum and provide voters with a reason why they should elect the former secretary of state and first lady to the Oval Office.”
WaPo Blog: Hillary Clinton sounded a lot like Bernie Sanders after losing to Bernie Sanders   “After getting blown away in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton in her address to supporters sounded a bit like the candidate who trounced her.”
Boston Herald: Atkins: Hillary Clinton loss is her fault   A year ago, everyone seemed to think that Hillary Clinton was on her way to a coronation. Clinton’s problem now is that she thought so, too. Last night’s win gives Bernie Sanders a strong push heading into Nevada, South Carolina and on to Super Tuesday. His momentum is a decisive defeat for Clinton’s campaign approach, which was to look past the primary and focus on the Republicans instead of Democratic primary voters. Now, she’s found herself embroiled in a primary battle that will be much longer and more financially and politically costly than she imagined.”
New York Times: After New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Her Footing   “Mr. Sanders won among nearly every demographic, including women, young voters and those who make less than $50,000 a year. In the end, the only demographic Mrs. Clinton held onto from 2008 was voters over the age of 65.”

ABC: Clinton Team Doing ‘Some Serious Soul-Searching’ After ‘Embarrassing’ Loss in NH   “Bernie Sanders is certainly celebrating this morning, while Hillary Clinton is waking up to that embarrassing upset,” Vega said. “Her team knew that she would lose here. They were hoping it would not be this bad.” Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, romped to a win by more than 20 points, cheerfully announcing a “yuge” turnout during his victory speech in his oft-imitated Brooklyn accent.

Wadi Gaitan

Steve Schmidt: Rubio Campaign Has ‘Effectively Collapsed’

Project2Steve Schmidt: Rubio Campaign Has ‘Effectively Collapsed’
Image: Steve Schmidt: Rubio Campaign Has 'Effectively Collapsed'

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016 08:26 AM


Cruz: Will Fox News Give Me the Coverage Rubio Got?


Cruz: Will Fox News Give Me the Coverage Rubio Got?

Ted Cruz, who came in third in New Hampshire’s primary Tuesday, wants to know if he’ll get the same Fox News coverage GOP presidential rival Marco Rubio got out of his third-place finish in Iowa, all while insisting he is the only candidate who can defeat front-runner Donald Trump.  
“I’m looking forward to wall-to-wall coverage from Fox News with the news that Rubio got,” the Texas senator told reporters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Wednesday, reports CNN’s “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan” program. “I’m sure that’s what we’ll see on every show on Fox today, the shockingly third-place finish of Iowa.”

But, he told reporters, “we won Iowa despite all of the predictions and we beat Donald Trump.”

 Further, he said, everyone said that a conservative could not compete in a moderate New England state like New Hampshire, but those predictions proved wrong.   Read On>>>>>


EXCLUSIVE: Liberals plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases — Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans

Click to Watch

EXCLUSIVE: Liberals plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases — Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans
February 08, 2016
Ezra Levant
Rebel Commander

The Canadian military has been ordered by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at military bases, according to documents obtained exclusively by The Rebel (click on link below)

Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for “religious support,” including the purchase of Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.

The plans also call for the construction of mosques or “worship centres,” using taxpayers dollars.

The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel “Access to Information” request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.

But the detailed Quebec budget plans also shed light on the sheer scale of the Trudeau government’s plans to set up refugee camp-style accommodations on seven Canadian Forces Bases across Quebec and Ontario.

The budget for Quebec alone totals more than $46 million for the first six months.

For a typical migrant family, that’s a $200,000/year subsidy — not including medicare or welfare.

It’s shocking that Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be ordered to abandon the coalition battle against ISIS and return to Canada to become waiters, chauffeurs and social workers for Muslim migrants, and that Canadian Forces Bases will be turned into squalid refugee camps.

It’s a disgrace that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for foreign migrants.

But for the DND’s budget to be diverted away from military purposes and towards buying Korans and building mosques for foreign migrants, is especially outrageous.

The Most Disturbing Aspect of the 2016 Election: CAIR – How Many undocumented Muslims will vote in 2016?


The Most Disturbing Aspect of the 2016 Election: CAIR

What has not been reported by mainstream media is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the 2016 election: encouraging Islamists to vote and engage in politics.  It should be noted first and foremost that Islam is not a religion and its totalitarian, political ideology is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution.
Earlier this year, on January 3, 2016, the Founder and Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad, encouraged attendants at a MAS-ICNA (Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America) conference to become involved in politics, vote, and establish political action committees. Watch hispresentation here.
Referring to his campaign, “MOBILIZING MUSLIMS,” Awad stressed that Muslim voters were critical to changing America. He declared:

“If pro-Muslim candidates win in this fall’s election, America will be a ‘very different country’. What American Muslims do and do not can determine not only the future of you here, but the future of America itself – the future relationship between America and the Muslim world.”  

Awad (CAIR)  hopes to register 1 million Muslim voters to vote in the 2016 election. He said:

“If you don’t like Islamophobia, if you don’t like what Donald Trump says, what Ben Carson said, get busy in 2016. Get busy in 2016, register to vote, and register other people to vote, if you don’t know how to do it, Google it. Turn your centers, Islamic centers, mosques into registration centers for voters, into polling stations during the election time. This is the time to tell our narrative and to show our presence.

“We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states. The swing votes, brothers and sisters you know them: Florida, Ohio. Do we have people from Florida here? Do we have people from Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania? These are predicted to be the seven swing states in 2016 presidential election. The number of Muslims in these states is growing.”

The problem with CAIR’s initiative is that no one who follows the Qur’an can honestly claim to follow the Constitution. The former, advocates for human rights abuses inherent to Islam, against which the Constitution prohibits.
Those who support Islamic ideology advocate that the following are legally permissible under Shari’a law:
  • Female genital mutilation (genitals being cut and sewn shut),
  • Honor killings (fathers or brothers kill their daughters/sisters),
  • Child marriage (girls under age 12 are married to adult men),
  • Slavery (girls are sold for “protection” by their parents and/or kidnapped and sold at slave bazaars),
  • Shari’a Councils (Imams marry girls – even for one hour– to men, then divorce them only to marry them to another man and divorce them again),
  • Wife abuse and domestic violence (husbands are instructed to beat their wives as a form of punishment); husbands are permitted to rape their wives,
  • Non-legal status for women who are considered property (a wife’s legal rights equate to only half of her husband’s),
  • Discrimination, punishment, and death for everyone based on sexual and religious orientation, especially if they will not “convert” to Islam.
    Read ON>>>>>

Experience Pushes Governors Out Of Presidential Contest

Washington Times logo

Experience Pushes Governors Out Of Presidential Contest

Stephen Moore
Posted with permission from The Washington Times
And why not? The governors were supposed to be the GOP’s talent pool.  If the nominee wasn’t going to be Jeb Bush, the former two term Florida CEO with a sterling job performance, voters would surely look to Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, the conservative warrior for financial sanity and labor reform, or the policy wizard Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.
If none of these candidates panned out, a second tier of popular and talented governors like Ohio’s John Kasich, Texan Rick Perry, and New Jersey’s Chris Christie stood in the ready position – as did former Arkansas gov. Mike Huckabee. Mr. Perry had an amazing story to tell: from 2007-13, while he was governor, the Lone Star State created more jobs than all the other 49 states. He was the only Republican or Democratic candidate who served in the military. What was not to like?
But like the blizzard snow in Washington, Mr. Perry and the rest of the state CEOs have melted away. Scott Walker – poof, gone. Mr. Jindal – bye bye. Mike Huckabee, adios amigos.  The three remaining wannabes, Mr. Bush, Mr. Kasich and Mr. Christie collected about as many votes combined in Iowa as surgeon Ben Carson – who finished in 4th place. They were nonentities even though Mr. Bush spent millions in the state. These three are the walking dead of the race and are all pinning their hopes on a win, place or show performance in New Hampshire. Only Mr. Kasich of Ohio appears to have a shot.
What happened? In a year when politicians are despised, their experience became a liability. Even their successes were dismissed. The more John Kasich boasted of how he balanced budgets in the 1990s and for five years as governor – extraordinarily impressive feats – the more conservatives concluded: he’s been around too long.  Read On>>>>>


Pro-Rubio radio star now mocks Marco ‘Robot’

Pro-Rubio radio star now mocks Marco ‘Robot’

Only days after an icon of America’s conservative movement, author and activist Phyllis Schlafly, blasted GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio for betraying his supporters, a talk-radio host in the senator’s home state of Florida is labeling him a “Stepford candidate.”
“Really what I think he is, besides being a pathological liar, is he’s like a Stepford candidate,” said Joyce Kaufman, whose station, WFTL in Fort Lauderdale, promotes her as “South Florida’s leading independent voice.”  In an interview with WND, Kaufman cited Rubio’s murky record on immigration. While he currently insists he opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, he defends his partnership with seven senators, including four Democrats, in the “Gang of Eight” plan that provided a path to citizenship.
“He’ll say whatever you need him to say,” she said. “… He doesn’t care if it’s the truth or not. He’s not going to follow through anyway.” Kaufman charged that establishment Republicans set up Rubio and are pushing his candidacy.
The Stepford reference is to the 1972 satirical thriller “The Stepford Wives,” in which a newcomer to a community suspects that the submissive housewives are robots. The term has come to be used in popular culture as a reference to someone who is controlled from behind the scenes.
Schlafly described Rubio as a plucky, appealing challenger for Florida’s open Senate seat when she first became aware of him some seven years ago.  “When Marco Rubio ran for the Senate in Florida, I think I was the first one to endorse him,” said Schlafly. “I made a trip down to Florida in 2009 just for the purpose of helping him.”
But Schlafly, an author and WND columnist, says she now is bitterly disappointed by Rubio’s performance in the Senate.  When Phyllis Schlafly speaks, conservatives listen. Check out what the pioneer of modern conservatism has to say in WND’s Superstore.
“Once he got elected, he betrayed us all,” she told WND. “He said he was against amnesty and against the establishment. And once he got in, right away, he became an agent of the establishment. And now, of course, he’s big for amnesty and letting all the illegal immigrants in. He betrayed us a number of times on that issue.”  Kaufman said her concern was the same.    Read On>>>>>

Obama wants to push our debt $23 Trillion – Really wants to put America in the tank before he leaves

Obama unveils $4.1T election-year budget proposal

President Obama on Tuesday unveiled the last budget of his presidency, a $4.1 trillion plan that reflects his desire to set the agenda for his final months in office and beyond.
The proposal, Obama’s costliest to date, includes a litany of long-shot progressive ideas that have little chance of becoming law in the Republican-controlled Congress. Leaders of the House and Senate budget panels have already said they will not even give the document a hearing.  Obama’s final budget is also a political document unveiled on the same day as the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary. The White House hopes it will fire up Democrats ahead of this fall’s pivotal elections.
But timing of the budget’s release means the budget could receive little attention, highlighting the difficulty Obama could have in breaking through in an election year.  “It’s easy to adopt the conventional wisdom that a president’s final budget will be ignored. I think the conventional wisdom is wrong,” a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.
The 182-page wish list includes long-time goals like cutting carbon pollution, universal preschool and criminal justice reform as well as billions in new investments in cyber security and clean energy.   It would also step up the policing of Wall Street, with $1.8 billion to double the budgets of market watchdogs in the Securities and Exchange Commission, and create new grants to entice the remaining 19 states to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  Read On>>>>>

Why the Freedom Caucus Wants to Declare War on ISIS

Daily Signal

Why the Freedom Caucus Wants to Declare War on ISIS

A Yezidi man reacts after he realized his home in Sinjar, Iraq was destroyed by ISIS.
(Photo: Sebastian Backhaus/ZUMA Press/Newscom)
Many members of the House Freedom Caucus want to declare war—no, not on their party leadership, but against Islamic State terrorists.  While Republicans in Congress have long ridiculed President Barack Obama’s military campaign against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, lawmakers have so far refused to authorize the use of force against the group, for political and practical reasons.
But as part of his bold, aggressive agenda for 2016, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is pushing for his members to consider a new Authorization of Military Force this year.  Authorizing the use of military force is supposed to be a simple exercise. Rather than delineating a specific strategy, an AUMF—as a war authorization is known—gives the basic legal authority for the U.S. military to use force against an enemy.  The president has argued that he already has the power to carry out his ISIS offensive under the existing 2001 AUMF permitting the targeting of groups connected to 9/11 attacks and the 2012 AUMF authorizing the Iraq war.  Obama has urged Congress to give him new authority, but there’s been bipartisan reluctance among lawmakers to do so.
That may be changing.  This month, Ryan enlisted his committee chairmen to gauge the commitment of members to proceed on an AUMF against ISIS. House leaders will find most of the Freedom Caucus’ 40 or so members supportive.
“It is our constitutional responsibility,” said Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., who is spearheading the Freedom Caucus’ push for an AUMF. “I believe that ISIS definitely poses a threat to everything I love and stand for, and I believe that if we are going to get serious about eradicating them, then we need an updated AUMF. And I think the clear majority of the Freedom Caucus believes we need to lead on this issue as well.”   Though the group is not prepared to take a formal vote as a group that—if 80 percent of members approved—would make their support of an AUMF an official position, interviews with The Daily Signal make clear how committed members are.
Read On>>>>>

Where Does Senator/Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Actually Stand on Immigration? Read on you may be suprised.

American Thinker

February 6, 2016
Eagle Forum vs. Marco Rubio
By Steve McCann

Marco Rubio, long the heartthrob of much of the so-called conservative media such as the National Review and Fox News, has now been thrust onto center stage as the last best hope of the establishment. His third-place showing in Iowa this past week was the subject of perhaps the most fawning coverage by the broadcast media in this election cycle. In some quarters, Rubio and his family were compared to the charismatic John F. Kennedy and his family in the days of “Camelot.” Further, nearly everywhere one turned, he was touted as nearly unbeatable versus Hillary Clinton.

Conveniently overlooked by these lovestruck sycophants is his checkered past in duping many into believing he was an honest and forthright conservative who just made a minor error in promoting amnesty when he first set foot in the Senate – despite running as an avowed anti-amnesty candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010. In a devastating analysis of his record since his election as senator, The Eagle Forum lays out in great detail who this man really is, as well as the lies and obfuscations in his determination to pass so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.” The summary of the study in part:

There is no single major distinguishing policy difference between Marco Rubio, John McCain or Lindsey Graham. They have the same trade policy, immigration policy and foreign policy. But on immigration most especially — the issue in which all four have invested the most — there is no daylight separating them.

The difference, then, is one of persona, not policy. And in the arena of immigration, this translates into a vital difference. The biggest change from McCain-Kennedy, which could not get out of the Senate, and the Gang of Eight — which was nursed along by conservative pundits despite being to the left of Kennedy’s bill — was the presence of Rubio. Rubio created the conditions necessary to produce a considerably more open borders bill: conservatives who were invested in the Rubio Brand provided no early pushback but accepted Kennedy’s old talking points, and Rubio gave red state Democrats the political space necessary to support it. This is how it got 68 votes in the Senate.

The stakes of course are raised considerably if Rubio is President or Vice President. Rubio would have a much, much better chance than Obama of getting an open borders bill through Congress — while Boehner could refuse to bring up Obama’s mass immigration/amnesty bill for vote in 2014, Ryan would never refuse Rubio’s bill. Rubio’s presence, as it did with the Gang of Eight, would create the cover for both certain Republicans and all Democrats to get behind a far more open borders plan. Given that nearly every House Democrat sponsored the Gang of Eight House version (including Pelosi and Gutierrez), Ryan would not need to gather that many additional votes (House GOP leaders might have refused Obama’s 2014 request for a vote but they would not refuse President Rubio’s).

All of which adds up to: there is likely no person in the United States of America in a better position to enact mass immigration legislation than a President Rubio — no one who could deliver more votes in both parties for open borders immigration. Senator Rubio is not Main Street’s Obama, he is Wall Street’s Obama: President Obama was a hardcore leftist running as centrist; Senator Rubio is a Wall Street globalist running as a tea party conservative.

Although lengthy and well-sourced, this is a must-read analysis. Marco Rubio, behind that smiling and cherubic façade, is a man who cannot be trusted. Not only has he been duplicitous regarding the immigration issue, perhaps the number-one factor driving this election, but he is willingly malleable in dealing with the Washington cartel. The fact that he is now the darling of the media and the political establishment is not a coincidence.


Is Our Florida Senator Lying To The People on Immigration?

Has Senator Rubio really Changed Since the Gang of 8, check out Senator Rubio’s Big Money Donors, all for open borders, Increased H-1B Visa,  Will we end up with Open Borders, Unlimited/Uncontrolled Muslim Immigration, Will American workers be displaced by his Immigration stand? These are serious questions you have to ask yourself & Senator Rubio.

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Phyllis Schlafly Issues Rubio Betrayal Memo

Conservative icon and grassroots heroine Phyllis Schlafly has released a new report extensively detailing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s efforts to deceive the American people in his determined pursuit to open the nation’s borders.

Schlafly’s 15-page report on Rubio’s “betrayal” provides hyperlinked sources to document Rubio’s “big con.”
Schlafly’s memo warns the American people that Rubio’s push to deliver globalist immigration policies for his donors is not finished. “There is likely no person in the United States of America in a better position to enact mass immigration legislation than a President Rubio — no one who could deliver more votes in both parties for open borders immigration,” the memo states. “Senator Rubio is not Main Street’s Obama, he is Wall Street’s Obama: President Obama was a hardcore leftist running as a centrist; Senator Rubio is a Wall Street globalist running as a tea party conservative.”
The report is broken up into more than a dozen subsections, including “LYING TO CONSERVATIVE MEDIA,” in which Schlafly details how Rubio made countless false promises to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, National Review, and others. “Rubio traded shamelessly on the affection and trust conservatives had placed in him,” the memo states. “His deceptions about his immigration bill rivaled and exceeded Obama’s claims about disastrous Obamacare.”
Although in recent months, many of National Review’s writers have sought to boost Rubio’s candidacy, the memo later notes that “National Review has never received an apology for being repeatedly lied to by Rubio.” The memo reports, “To this day, Rubio has not only never retracted one of his false statements — never admitted any wrongdoing — but never even apologized to those he deceived, and their millions of listeners. Instead, he is raising more money and telling the same lies all over again, as he continues his push for mass amnesty and mass immigration.”
Another subsection of the memo entitled “AMERICAN WORKERS CAN’T CUT IT”statesIn a for-attribution interview with Ryan Lizza, two senior Rubio staffers expressed frustration that they couldn’t get even more foreign workers crammed into the bill for their boss.  They explained:  ‘There are American workers who, for lack of a better term, can’t cut it.’  Rubio’s spokesman — now his campaign spokesman — also compared opponents of amnesty to slaveholders. More on that here.
The memo also documents the back-room deals involved in the bill. A subsection entitled,“IMMIGRATION-FOR-PROFIT” reports that Rubio’s lawyer, who wrote the bill, also enriched his clients through it.”  The “REFUGEES” subsection notes: “Rubio’s bill included language giving the President unprecedented power to expand refugee resettlement.   The “FIANCÉ VISAS” subsection points out that “Rubio’s bill opened the floodgates for fiancé visas — and fiancé children — an unprecedented security risk and another handout to the foreign immigration lobby.”

In a subsection titled, “DECEIVING LAW ENFORCEMENT,” the memo states:   Read On>>>>>

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