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From The Staff of the Highlands Tea Party

Sincere wishes of joy
for you and your family
The wishes of  a very
Merry Christmas, & Happy Hanukkah
with New Year’s inspirations
for a fantastic New Year
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See you all on January 6, 2015


The History of Christmas



In the Western world, the birthday of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354, replacing an earlier date of January 6th. The Christians had by then appropriated many pagan festivals and traditions of the season, that were practiced in many parts of the Middle East and Europe, as a means of stamping them out.

There were mid-winter festivals in ancient Babylon and Egypt, and Germanic fertility festivals also took place at this time. The birth of the ancient sun-god Attis in Phrygia was celebrated on December 25th, as was the birth of the Persian sun-god, Mithras. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to Saturn, the god of peace and plenty, that ran from the 17th to 24th of December. Public gathering places were decorated with flowers, gifts and candles were exchanged and the population, slaves and masters alike, celebrated the occasion with great enthusiasm.

In Scandinavia, a period of festivities known as Yule contributed another impetus to celebration, as opposed to spirituality. As Winter ended the growing season, the opportunity of enjoying the Summer’s bounty encouraged much feasting and merriment.

The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants, but particularly mistletoe and holly. These were important symbols of fertility and were used for decorating their homes and altars.

 New Christmas customs appeared in the Middle Ages. The most prominent contribution was the carol, which by the 14th century had become associated with the religious observance of the birth of Christ.

In Italy, a tradition developed for re-enacting the birth of Christ and the construction of scenes of the nativity. This is said to have been introduced by Saint Francis as part of his efforts to bring spiritual knowledge to the laity.

Saints Days have also contributed to our Christmas celebrations. A prominent figure in today’s Christmas is Saint Nicholas who for centuries has been honored on December 6th. He was one of the forerunners of Santa Claus.

Another popular ritual was the burning of the Yule Log, which is strongly embedded in the pagan worship of vegetation and fire, as well as being associated with magical and spiritual powers.

Celebrating Christmas has been controversial since its inception. Since numerous festivities found their roots in pagan practices, they were greatly frowned upon by conservatives within the Church. The feasting, gift-giving and frequent excesses presented a drastic contrast with the simplicity of the Nativity, and many people throughout the centuries and into the present, condemn such practices as being contrary to the true spirit of Christmas.

The earliest English reference to December 25th as Christmas Day did not come until 1043.


The History of Hanukkah

It’s the season of celebrations, and, for many people, Hanukkah is at hand. This traditional Jewish holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by millions around the world, and it’s a great way to teach your child about celebrations in other cultures. Here’s a guide to the light-filled festival of Hanukkah.

Like Christmas, Hanukkah celebrates and commemorates events which happened a long time ago in Jerusalem. Around 200 BCE, Jews in the land of Israel were under the rule of the Syrian king, but were still allowed to follow their own religious beliefs. However, a new king named Antiochus IV came to power. Antiochus forbade the Jews from practicing their religion, killed many of them, and desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem by placing an altar to the Greek god Zeus inside it.

Mattathias, a Jewish priest, objected to the cruel edicts of Antiochus, and along with his five sons Jochanan, Simeon, Eleazar, Jonathan, and Judah, he decided to fight back. Led by Judah (known as “The Hammer”), they led the Jewish people in a revolt, using clever strategy and guerrilla-style warfare to defeat Antiochus’ much larger army.

Flush with victory, the Jews returned to find their Temple dirty and desecrated, with pots of consecrated olive oil broken everywhere. Working together, they cleaned and rededicated the Temple (“Hanukkah” means “dedication” in Hebrew). They lit the holy fire in the Temple menorah (a many-branched candelabrum and symbol of Judaism). However, although the flame was supposed to burn continuously, they were dismayed to find that there was only enough oil to fuel the flame for one day! Miraculously, the oil lasted for eight full days, and gave the Jews time to properly prepare more oil. This is often referred to as the miracle of Hanukkah.

Since then, Jews the world over have celebrated this occasion by lighting the Hanukkah candles in a menorah over the course of eight days. Starting with one candle on the first night, and ending with eight on the eighth, the ceremony involves the saying or singing of a blessing while the candles are lit by the helper candle, or “shamash.” Traditionally, the illuminated menorah is placed in windows so that passerby may be reminded of the Hanukkah story.

Since the holiday is, in some way, a celebration of oil, the practice of eating food fried in oil, such as potato latkes and jelly donuts, is a major part of the holiday. Also included in the festivities is the traditional game of dreidel and the giving of “gelt,” or money, to children.

No matter what holidays you and your family celebrate, there’s always room for learning in the fun. So introduce your child to new customs and cultures this holiday season by frying up a few latkes, spinning the dreidel, or just talking and learning  about the meaning behind the holiday!


Merry Christmas


Updated 12/19/2014

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  • I Pledge to Boycott PetSmart this Christmas Until PetSmart acknowledges “Christmas” in its
    advertising, I will boycott the company this year, and do my Christmas
    shopping with companieswho do not offend me.

  • President Obama is assaulting the United States Constitution and the rule of law!
    Last week, he broke his oath of office by granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
    But we are already fighting to stop it.
    Will you help stop this radical and illegal crusade to
    “fundamentally transform America”?
    Sign the petition and say you will stop Obama’s illegal amnesty!
              Siogn Petition


The nomination vote already happened, but as soon as the new Congress is sworn in one of the first orders of business will be a confirmation vote for Speaker of the House. In order for Boehner to be confirmed, he must have an absolute majority of votes from House members casting a vote. Obviously Democrats will vote for Nancy Pelosi, and there is virtually no possibility of Pelosi gaining an absolute majority no matter what Republicans do. On the flip side, if 30 Republicans vote for someone
other than John Boehner, the House will move to a second round to select a Speaker.

Right now there is a movement brewing to encourage Republicans to step away from John Boehner’s grip on power in Congress. A lot of the
energy is being focused on Trey Gowdy, but it is unknown as to how many members are willing to vote against Boehner.

Siogn Petition

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Week of December 15 -December 21, 2014

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  • THE HILL – WH rejects North Korea offer of Sony probe 12/20
    The White House is rejecting North Korea’s offer for a joint investigation into allegations it was responsible for hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment.  “As the FBI made clear, we are confident the North Korean government is responsible for this destructive attack,” National Security Council spokesman Mark Stroh said, adding that if Pyongyang “wants to help, they can admit their culpability and compensate Sony for the damages this attack caused.”  “We stand by this conclusion.”  Earlier Saturday, an unidentified North Korean spokesperson told its state news agency that the government was not responsible for the hacking, which led to the release of thousands of Sony emails and business records.
  • THE DAILY SIGNAL – Two Pa. Legislators Indicted for Voter ID Bribes in a Case the State AG Refused to Prosecute - 12/19
    A grand jury convened by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has indicted two Democratic state legislators for accepting bribes in exchange for voting against a voter ID bill, among other legislative actions.  The grand jury findings also represent a withering rejection of the unjustifiable behavior of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who shut down the three-year investigation that caught state Democratic legislators on video and audio tapes taking bribes. Williams stepped in and successfully prosecuted the case.  As the grand jury reported, it had 26 recordings featuring Rep. Ronald G. Waters, who accepted nine cash payments from a confidential informant totaling $8,750. The grand jury had 24 recordings of Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown accepting five cash payments totaling $4,000. Waters agreed to vote against Pennsylvania House Bill 934, a voter ID bill, in exchange for $2,000. Brown also agreed to vote against House Bill 934 for the same amount.
  • THE HILL – Obama seeks to prolong power – 12/19
    To get the government-funding bill past the finish line, Obama sent his White House chief of staff to Capitol Hill to calm restive Democrats, and made last minute calls to allies such as Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the third-ranking Democratic leader in the House, to secure its passage.  Both the executive actions and negotiations with Republicans are a sign of things to come for a White House that seemed to be playing defense for most of 2013 and 2014. And the moves come after a disastrous midterm election that saw the GOP gain the Senate majority as well as seats in the House.  The election gives Republicans more power in Washington at a time when Obama’s influence over his own party weakened. Yet the White House is signaling with its actions that it is far from willing to give away the spotlight.
  • THE HILL – Obama picks new fight over Cuba 12/18
    President Obama has picked a new fight with Congress over the nation’s Cuba policy, enraging newly empowered Republicans already accusing the White House of executive overreach.  The stunning announcement – coming just weeks after another White House edict drastically reshaped U.S. immigration policy – has also raised spirits among Democrats, who are hoping the back-to-back power moves are a sign the president will be more exertive in the face of GOP opposition through the final two years of his lame-duck presidency.  “His actions,” said Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), “are smart, strategic and long-overdue.”  Coming after 18 months of secret talks between Washington and Havana, the new policies take long strides toward normalizing relations with Cuba more than 50 years after ties were cut with the arrival of the Communist Castro regime.  Under the deal – sealed by Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro – the United States will establish an embassy in Havana and ease long-held travel and trade restrictions. The agreement was reached only after Castro agreed to free Alan Gross, a U.S. contractor imprisoned in Cuba since 2009.
    The illegal and unilaterally move to normalize relations with the Communist tyranical regime of Cuba is being compared to treason throughout the country by Americans of Cuban descent.  The measures taken by the White House will prolong the military dictatorship and will enrich the Communist regime. will give oxygen to the worst dictatorship and the most bloodthirsty regime of the Americas. Recognizing Cuba diplomatically and lift the embargo to Cuba unconditionally will prolong the suffering of the Cuban people. Obama is responsible before history of having betrayed the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Cuban people. They betrayed the internal Cuban resistance and opponents of the Communist tyranical regime.
  • PATRIOT UPDATE – Feinstein and CIA Interrogations: Is the Senator a Traitor? - 12/15
    In the wake of the misguided release of her committee’s one-sided, politically motivated report on the CIA’s interrogation techniques, Senator Dianne Feinstein is being forced to defend her actions; as well she should. If Feinstein’s self-righteous posturing and obvious rationalizing appear strained, it is probably because there is no defense for what she did. In fact, it is entirely appropriate to ask if releasing her report makes Feinstein a traitor. People who knowingly and willingly act in ways that benefit America’s enemies are labeled traitors. It is no stretch to suggest that releasing a highly sensitive report that could and should have been handled confidentially will benefit the terrorist organizations that seek to destroy America.
  • RED STATE – Obama Orchestrating Regime Change in Israel12/15
    President Obama’s toxic foreign policy consists mainly of placating America’s adversaries and manipulating our friends (that and combatting the imminent threat of global warming with a one-sided American policy of economic seppuku). Now we are learning of Obama’s latest reach into what has always been the ken of agencies like the CIA: regime change. Only this isn’t to topple Communism in Central America or extremists in Tehran. It’s to overthrow Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in our middle-east ally Israel. Aaron Klein wrote in the Jerusalem Post,  The White House has singled out Netanyahu as standing in the way of Obama’s utopian vision for a new Middle East and Persian Gulf. What better way to bypass this obstacle than aiding in Netanyahu’s removal from office?
  • NEWSMAX – Rubio, Ros, Lehtinen banned from Nicaragua -12/15
    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has banned two American lawmakers from his country after they helped push through legislation last week to ban Venezuelan officials from the United States.  “It’s a badge of honor to be banned by a thug like Ortega. These authoritarian heads of state like Ortega, Maduro and the Castro brothers like to intimidate those who disagree with them and they use their power randomly and ruthlessly,” Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement.”I’m not worried about being banned in Nicaragua. What frightens me is the erosion of fundamental human rights throughout our hemisphere,” the South Florida congresswoman said. “I’m proud of the law that Marco, [Sen.] Bob Menendez and I wrote that penalizes human-rights violators in Venezuela and we’ll work to place violators on that list, ban or no ban.
  • NATIONAL REVIEW – New Data: It’s Still about Black-on-Black Crime – FBI Murder Stats Show Black Lives Do Matter – – 12/15
    Members of black communities who say black lives matter may want to look to reform their communities before blaming “racist” law enforcement. While police officers kill about 200 blacks per year, newly released FBI murder statistics for 2012 show that whites murdered 193 blacks, and blacks killed 431 whites. Most of the murderers killed those of their own race, with 2,614 whites killing fellow whites, and 2,412 blacks killing fellow blacks. The statistics are far from perfect, as the FBI combines Caucasian with Hispanic murder rates. Furthermore, there are many reported murders in which the race of the victim or perpetrator is unknown. As Heather MacDonald writes in National Review, “There are thousands of law-abiding inner-city blacks who live by bourgeois values and who need protection from criminals. Only the police are willing to provide that protection. Their mantra could be ‘black lives matter.'”
  • RESPONSE ACTIONNETWORK – Obamacare’s heavy toll on Senate Democrats -12/13
    With the crushing defeat of Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu in the state’s run-off election, it’s worth looking back at what happened to the Democrats who voted for Obamacare in 2010. Back then, they had a filibuster-proof 60 members. But in the years since, half of those Democrats are now out of office (link is external):  …many senators who voted for Obamacare lost re-election battles in which they were hit hard for their support for the law and other Democrats were forced to retire because they had no hope of getting re-elected given their support for the law. A total of 16 Senators who voted for Obamacare either failed to win reelection or declined to run for reelection and had their seats turned over to Republicans.  The rest either retired and saw their seats won by new Democrats, or died in office. But such rapid turnover in membership in such a short time tells us just how toxic Obamacare has been for Democrat incumbents.  They have only themselves to blame, of course. But we will also be watching very, very closely to see what the GOP does on Obamacare now that it has majorities in both the House and Senate. Voters have shown they are not afraid to toss an incumbent Democrat who voted for the law. Voters may be just as willing to send incumbent Republicans packing in 2016 if they do nothing to repeal it.
    A Collection of the headlines for the day all in one place Check it out
  • THE HILL – Senate approves $585B defense bill - 12/12
    The Senate on Friday passed a sweeping $585 billion defense policy bill that will pay for the Pentagon’s activities in fiscal 2015, and give President Obama authority to expand the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.The legislation passed 89-11, and now heads to Obama’s desk to be signed into law.  The bill’s road to passage was rocky after Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and others objected to language in it that designates 250,000 acres of new wilderness.  “Expanding the national park service is a disastrous idea,” Coburn said. “And the reason it is disastrous is our parks are falling apart.”
  • TOWNHALL – Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill - 12/11
    The White House issued a Statement of Administration Policy today in favor of the 1,600 omnibus spending bill that funds the entire federal government through September except for the Department of Homeland Security which is only funded through the end of February.  “The Administration appreciates the bipartisan effort to include full-year appropriations legislation for most Government functions that allows for planning and provides certainty, while making progress toward appropriately investing in economic growth and opportunity, and adequately funding national security requirements,” the statement reads in part. “However, the Administration objects to the inclusion of ideological and special interest riders in the House bill,” the statement continues.”
  • WND – Sheriff Joe ‘scrooged’ in battle with Obama - 12/11
    Obama administration attorneys are trying to throw a wrench into a legal effort by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to halt the president’s executive actions granting de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.Arpaio, represented by attorney Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch, wants a federal court in Washington, D.C., to issue an immediate preliminary injunction to halt the amnesty until a court can decide whether or not it is constitutional.  The timing is crucial, his complaint argues, because the government already is pouring resources into meeting the orders, and the offer of amnesty likely will draw a whole new flood of illegal aliens.  But Department of Justice attorneys Adam Kirschner and Brad Cohen argued to a federal court in Washington, D.C., that Christmas is coming, and they need a lot more time.
  • THE HILL – Warren, left fume over deal  - 12/10
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday sought to rally opposition to the $1.1 trillion government funding bill, spearheading a revolt on the left that has put her influence in the Democratic Party to the test. The Massachusetts liberal pleaded for House Democrats to withhold support for a government funding package due to a provision she said would change the Dodd-Frank financial reform law to let “Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money.” Her call gave voice to opposition among liberals to provisions tucked in the “cromnibus” deal that they argue would let big banks engage in the same risky trading that toppled the economy in 2008.With House Republican leaders acknowledging they’ll need Democratic support to get the legislation through, unified opposition from liberals could prove fatal. A vote on the House floor is set for Thursday.
    In addition to Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), who is getting set to have his committee mark up the President Barack Obama executive amnesty-backing omnibus spending package Speaker John Boehner introduced late Tuesday, there are eight additional Republicans on the committee who will officially enable the bill on Wednesday afternoon.  Those Republicans on the Rules Committee—who will provide the procedural cover Boehner needs to get the Obama executive amnesty backing bill onto the House floor—are: Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Rob Bishop (R-UT), Tom Cole (R-OK), Rob Woodall (R-GA), Richard Nugent (R-FL), Daniel Webster (R-FL), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Michael Burgess (R-TX). If any of them votes to advance the bill to the floor, they are in effect endorsing everything contained within the legislation—including the never-ending funding for Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.
  • NEWSMAX – Peter King: We’re Worried More About al-Qaida Lives Than American – 12/10 
    The Senate Intelligence Committee’s partisan “torture report” is a “disgrace” that is putting American lives at risk, Rep. Peter King of New York said Wednesday on Newsmax TV‘s “America’s Forum.”  “There are embassies on alert all over the world as a result of this report coming out, but secondly and maybe most importantly, the report is entirely misleading and wrong and it’s a slander among the good men and women of the CIA,” King said.  The report was solely the work of Democrats. Republicans bowed out early on when they concluded it was a partisan witch hunt intended to damage the Bush administration.
  • FREEBEACON – Congress Demands Obama Explain Rumored Sanctions Against Israel - 12/08
    White House, State Department reportedly met in secret to strategize about imposing sanctions on Israel.  Members of Congress are demanding that President Obama come clean about controversial reports that he is considering leveling sanctions on Israel, according to a letter sent Friday afternoon by lawmakers to the White House.  The Obama administration has found itself engulfed in controversy since reports emerged Thursday that the White House and State Department had met in secret to strategize about imposing sanctions on Israel for its continued building of houses in contested Jerusalem neighborhoods.
  • CONSERVATIVE HQ – Rep. Curt Clawson Nails The Bribery In The Defense Bill - 12/08
    We endorsed outsider Rep. Curt Clawson (FL-19) in the hard fought Special Election in which Republican establishment leaders threw everything but the kitchen sink at him to try to hand the nomination to their handpicked candidate state Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto.  Clawson has rarely disappointed us since he got to Congress (although he did get suckered on the Yoho immigration bill along with 215 other Republicans) and he was especially in line with our thinking on the recent National Defense Authorization Act.  In explaining his “NO” vote Clawson said he couldn’t support a program to extend the training and equipping of “moderate” Syrian Muslim fighters for two more years.


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Former NYPD Commissioner: Sharpton, De Blasio Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’

Former NYPD Commissioner: Sharpton, De Blasio Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’


Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Commissioner, weighed in on the horrific execution-style execution shooting Saturday of two police officers, saying that Communist Democrat Bill De Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) and professional race hustler Al Sharpton, “have blood on their hands.”
As TPNN’s Greg Campbell reported on Saturday regarding the brutal assassination.   New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy revealed that two officers who were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill were shot at close range as they sat in their squad car in Brooklyn.  The names of the two slain officers is not yet known.
They were attacked by a single gunman who approached the car at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues and opened fire before running down into the subway.“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source reported.
“De Blasio, Sharpton and all those who encouraged this anti-cop, racist mentality all have blood on their hands,” Bernard Kerik told Newsmax on Saturday. “They have blood on their hands.” he said.  The killer has been identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who bragged about desiring to kill cops, only hours before the ambush that took the lives of two still unidentified officers, who happened to be white. Brinsley was black.
Brinsley posted on Instagram, with a photo of a silver gun, “I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today. They Take 1 of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.”  “This May Be My Final Post…I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket,” he wrote in another post. Brinsley used the hashtags #ShootThePolice #RIPEricGarner and #RIPMikeBrown, indicating that the evil murders were racially charged.  Current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said about the murders, “They were simply assassinated.”
While there has been zero evidence to indicate that the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were racially motivated, both racial grievance profiteer Sharpton and communist NYC Mayor De Blasio have verbally stoked the fires of racial divide, in order to benefit personally, both politically and financially.  It looks like their words just backfired, and resulted in two innocent deaths.

Convince me this was not done by rebel a Black getting even for the Eric Garner situation -1 NYPD officer dead, 1 critically injured after shooting

One NYPD officer dead, 1 critically injured after shooting –  Execution style shooting

DEVELOPING: A New York City police officer was killed and a second officer was in critical condition Saturday after they were shot as they sat inside a patrol car.

The attack took place in Brooklyn at around 3 p.m., the New York Daily News reported. “The perp came out of the houses, walked up behind the car and lit them up,” a high-ranking police official told the Daily News.  An NYPD spokesman confirmed to Fox News that two officers were shot in the incident and were immediately moved to a nearby hospital. Police later told The Associated Press that one of the officers had been pronounced dead. The New York Post  reported that both officers were shot in the head at point-blank range.

“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source told The Post. The gunman just started “pumping bullets” into the patrol car, another source said. The suspect then fled to a nearby subway station before he was shot and killed. It was unclear whether the suspect was shot by police or committed suicide. The shooting comes at a time when police in New York and nationwide have been criticized by some over the circumstances surrounding the chokehold death of Eric Garner, a black man who was stopped by police for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes.


Another Article from NEWSMAX: 

An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon,just hours after posting Instagram messages suggesting the shootings would be retribution for the deaths of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown at the hands of police.

“They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, signing off with, “This May Be My Final Post.”

This nut had killed his girlfriend yesterday.



Published on Dec 20, 2014

Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai, has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues and civic groups (including radio and TV appearances). He offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of Islam is the number one threat to world peace today!

Avi served in the IDF from February 1972 until January 1973 as part of the IDF Spokesman for the Judea and Samaria Command under Lt.Col Rafael Horovitz.
His reserves duty includes artillery reserves 1973 to 1989 and then as an officer in the IDF Spokesman’s Office from 1989 to 2001.

From 1973 to 1986, Avi worked in different capacities in international commerce based in Jerusalem, followed by a year in real estate. In 1988, Avi worked three months under Dr. Eliyahu Ben Elissar for the Likud’s victorious election campaign. Avi was responsible for editing and translating the Likud election campaign plank in Hebrew, English and Spanish.
Check Avi Lipkin biography along with a list of books.videos at:

White House Says Courts have NO Power to Review Obama’s Decision-Making


Never before in the history of our nation have we been in the severe constitutional crisis as we face today. Thanks to liberal public education and even more liberal mainstream media, few Americans are aware of it or if they are they just don’t care.

Over the past six years, Obama has repeatedly taken it upon himself to decide what laws he would enforce and what ones he doesn’t want enforced. The first ones that come to mind are the Defense of Marriage Act and immigration laws.

Then there are other laws that Obama decided to alter and change on his own. This would include immigration laws and the Affordable Care Act to name just a few.
The drafters of the US Constitution purposefully wrote it to keep law making powers out of the hands of the President. Those powers were reserved for Congress who was supposed to do the will of the people, but we know that doesn’t happen anymore either.

The drafters of the US Constitution also established a federal judiciary to help protect the Constitution. Their duties were to make sure that no American citizens violated the Constitution, Bill of Rights or federal laws. They were also charged with making sure that the other two branches of the federal government, legislative and executive, operate within the confines of the Constitution and federal laws.
However, the White House is now saying that Barack Obama is not only above the law, above the Constitution, above Congress and now above the federal courts.

Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the Western District of Pennsylvania heard a case involving the delayed deportation of an illegal immigrant. In his ruling, Schwab stated that Obama has some discretion in how to enforce laws, which I strongly disagree with. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives enforcement discretion to anyone, especially the occupant of the White House.
Schwab went on to say:

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional.”
His ruling, although made in a single case, could be used as a precedent to argue against Obama’s memo that led DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to delay the deportation of up to 20 million illegal aliens.
However, what I found alarming in this case was that attorney’s for the Obama administration argued that judges have no power to review a president’s decision-making. If judges don’t have the power to review a president’s decisions and he has some discretion in how to enforce laws and he is allowed to make law without Congress; then that equates to a dictatorship and America is once again ruled by a greedy self-serving tyrant like we were over 240 years ago. Perhaps it’s time for another revolution to take our country back and re-establish a true constitutional government.


What Are the Implications of the Sony Hack? Two Heritage Experts Weigh In.

The U.S. government should increase sanctions against North Korea in response to the Sony hack, while Americans should work to improve their personal cybersecurity, two Heritage Foundation experts Steve Bucci and Bruce Klingner said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning.

In a report last year, Klingner explains how the U.S. can isolate North Korea’s regime:

Rather than being used in isolation, sanctions and engagement are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive strategy that engages all of the instruments of national power. Not fully utilizing any element of national power reduces the effectiveness of U.S. foreign policy.

Bucci and Klingner are leading experts on cybersecurity and North Korea, respectively, and are among the only ones in Washington offering ideas on how to act in response.

This morning’s interview wasn’t the first time Heritage has weighed in on the Sony hack and subsequent fallout. Our experts have done dozens of interviews on the topic because Heritage has the credibility and command of the facts that news producers and the American public desire.


December 18, 2014 by BWC
We will never forget the reaction of the American people and the world on Sept. 11th, 2001. The question that arose after Al Qaeda’s declaration of war against the United States was: “Where are the peaceful Muslims?” All we heard was silence. Were they in agreement with the attack or in fear of speaking up?. We, Legal Immigrants that love the United States of America must not be silent as they were.
hispanic peopleWe have to raise our voices loudly and say: “Congress, citizens of this United States of America, we disagree with this president’s illegal actions.” All countries on this planet have laws foreigners have to respect. Central Americans don’t move from country to country seeking better pastures without documentation. “I’ll move to Costa Rica tomorrow and see what I can get there, and if I don’t like it, I’ll go to El Salvador or Guatemala.” It is ridiculous. It doesn’t happen.
Obama is fulfilling the agenda he told us he had from the beginning: “I will transform America.” What he didn’t say is how it would be transformed. To disclose his intentions to bring America to destruction would have made it impossible for him to ascend to the presidency. So in his typical manner, and that of his administration, he presented himself as a savior, and allowed his followers to conclude that he had great plans for this nation.
Sadly, there are some that continue to believe in him because of their own personal pride and they won’t let the facts convince them. But many have changed their minds even though they had voted for him. There is hope. The proof is in what happened in the last election, on Nov. 4th, 2014.
The last six years have been horrifying and nightmarish. We, Legal Immigrants from everywhere in the world want to protest loudly what Obama is doing. The attracting, legalizing, and financing of 5 million plus illegals is an outright act of lawlessness and abuse of power. When other presidents exercised executive action it was done during times of war and diminutive in scope by comparison.
It was Obama that said: “Our laws are clear, only Congress has the power to enact laws and I must enforce them; I’m not the Emperor of the United States”. However, those people came here because of his luring them with promises of amnesty. It is obvious is that he is not looking out for the interests of the country and its people. If he were, his record would show it.
Has he done all he could to build the country up and bring it back to prosperity, reduce the debt, build up the army, not surrender this country’s sovereignty to the United Nations, stop the Federal Reserve from printing money? Has he allowed oil exploration to create jobs for Americans? Or, instead, spent the tax payer’s money like it grows on trees on lavish vacations for himself and his family, on playing golf, and on returning favors to his donors. On donating huge sums of money to Palestine, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East that hate us, and the list goes on.
LEGAL-HISPANICS-OPPOSE-AMNESTY I urge like-minded Legal Immigrants to join the move of protesting against the policies of this president. Call or e-mail your representatives in Congress. Legal Immigrants are not for amnesty and definitely not for giving preferential treatment to those who disobey the laws of our country.
We are for encouraging legal immigration, closing the border, and resolving the problem of illegal immigration in a reasonable way. One that does not inflict punishment on the Legal Immigrant, the natural born citizen, and their descendants for the crime of being lawful and productive citizens of this country.
An example of a punishment is in the hidden fact that because part of Obama’s executive action is the exemption to employers from buying Obamacare insurance for the “forgiven” illegal immigrant, employers can now replace legal immigrant, or natural born citizen, with an illegal immigrant and save $3,000.00 per employee. A way to grow quickly and destroy competition. Is this not discrimination against the legal citizens of the United States?
The Republican Congress should be strong and fight to keep this president and his administration from destroying the United States of America as we know it. He has already become a tyrant. Retreating, or compromising is not an option. May God continue to bless America.




December 17, 2014 by BWC

President Obama announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba today, including opening an embassy in Cuba.
“We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests,” Obama claimed, “And instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries.”
Specifically, the White House took three major steps today as part of their “New Course on Cuba”:
Initiating discussions to reestablish diplomatic relations, including a U.S. embassy in Havana, and a Cuban embassy in the United States.
A review, by the State Department, of Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Relaxing of regulations to facilitate the flow of travel, commerce, and information between the United States and Cuba.
In conjunction with the “new direction for U.S. policy,” the White House also announced the release of United States Agency for International Development subcontractor Alan Gross who had been imprisoned in Cuba since 2009. The White House insisted that Gross’s release was not related to the release of three Cuban spies held by the United States. Senior Administration Officials insisted that those three Cuban spies were traded for a “U.S. intelligence asset” that had been imprisoned in Cuba for 20 years.

Asked if the White House was planning on working with Congress to remove the embargo on Cuba, Senior Administration Officials stressed that was not the focus of today’s announcement.
“Again, we’re not focussed today on legislative action. We are focussed on what the president can do so he’s not sought to initiate any process with respect to the lifting of the embargo,” a Senior Administration Official said. “We’re not focused today on calling on Congress to take any particular action, we’re focussed on communicating this new direction for U.S. policy.”
Obama’s unilateral actions on Cuba today are just the latest in a series of unilateral actions he has taken without consent of Congress. Just last month Obama announced he would grant temporary amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States and he announced a deal to cut U.S. carbon emissions with China. His administration has also signaled he will not seek any input from Congress as Obama tries to broker a nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

Unless Republicans in Congress show they are willing to stop Obama’s actions through the appropriations process, Americans can expect many many more unilateral executive actions over the nest two years.

“Senators should also make clear that they will not allow the appointment of an ambassador to Cuba to proceed until there have been changes on the island,” The Heritage Foundation’s Michael Gonzales advises. “And look into the possibility of using policy riders in the upcoming Department of Homeland Security appropriations debate in February and the fiscal year 2016 appropriations process to deny the president funds for setting up relations.”

Political Humor – Political Reality

Obama and Boehner on pushing through the Omnibus billObama: Americans are just too stupid to realize that they are being invaded, I'm just smart enough to use that stupidity

Terry Trussell Faretta hearing 12/12/2014. … 2014 12 12~10 55 33~DIXIE~CR1 A.

Ingraham: ‘We Have Two Parties that Agree on Too Much’

Laura Ingraham Rips the Omnibus Spending Bill

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Onan Coca — 10 Comments
On Sunday Laura Ingraham was on ABC’s This Week where she tore into both party’s for their support of the omnibus spending bill.
“This [campaign finance] limit was busted in the “Cromnibus” spending bill. Everyone’s like, oh Ted Cruz is the problem… You know what the problem is, we have two parties that agree with each other on too many issues. They agree on open borders, they agree on amnesty, they agree on Common Core, and apparently, they agree that individuals should be able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars, now tenfold, I think, is the number, to the political parties.
I’m not in favor of anything that makes it easy for the incumbency in Washington D.C., and this bill makes it easier for the incumbents and the establishment in both parties to run amuck. Most of the people didn’t read this bill. And most of the people don’t know what is in this bill. How this is good for the people, ask me.”

MEGA VOTE 2015 Omnibus Appropriations

Recent Senate Votes
Fiscal 2015 Omnibus Appropriations – Motion to Concur – Vote Agreed to (56-40, 4 Not Voting)

The Senate voted to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill that would provide about $1 trillion in discretionary appropriations in fiscal 2015 for federal departments and agencies covered by the 12 unfinished fiscal 2015 spending bills, thus clearing the measure for the President’s signature.

Sen. Bill Nelson voted YES
Sen. Marco Rubio voted NO

Recent House Votes
Fiscal 2015 Omnibus Appropriations – Passage – Vote Passed (219-206, 10 Not Voting)

The House voted to concur in the Senate amendment to the bill with a House amendment that would provide about $1 trillion in discretionary appropriations in fiscal 2015 for federal departments and agencies covered by the 12 unfinished fiscal 2015 spending bills.

Rep. Tom Rooney voted YES
Rep. Vern Buchanan voted YES

Black Pastor: Liberalism Is ‘Cancerous And Devastating To The Black Family’

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Black Pastor: Liberalism Is ‘Cancerous And Devastating To The Black Family’


Charles Ogletree, a personal friend of Barack Obama and a left wing ideologue, recently told a national network audience that race relations are worse than when his grandfather lived.  Bishop E.W. Jackson, a charismatic conservative leader, says in this exclusive video interview that he finds it “ironic” that Ogletree, whom he knows as a Harvard Law classmate, feels so victimized when he is “making a six figure salary.”  Jackson calls it “preposterous” that people living in mansions, driving the best cars and eating the best meals would say race relations are worse now than it was for their grandfather. Calling this a “tragic, false message,” he believes it comes as “a result of a kind of spiritual blindness.”
Jackson, a Marine Corps veteran, was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia in 2013. He currently serves as Founder and President of STAND, and Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, VA. He is also a Senior Fellow at Family Research Council, where The Daily Caller filmed this interview  Jackson sees America as a gift with possibilities for all.  Yet, too many Americans, in Jackson’s opinion, come to believe “the lie” of indoctrination from those like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. “There have been many totalitarian leaders who have said that if you tell a lie long enough, and you make it big enough, eventually, people will start believing it.”
Dispelling the progressive mantra of “white privilege” that attaches achievement to melanin levels, Jackson calls it “ludicrous” to assume that the “children of black billionaires, black CEOS, our black president, or our black Attorney General are, automatically, in a worse position than the children born in white projects like in Boston.”  Noting the progressive notion that truth, facts and law matter less than manufactured narratives by the cultural elites, Jackson says, “If truth doesn’t matter, then the debate must end at the point of a gun, because might is what makes right. And that’s a very dangerous way for our country to go.”
Jackson sees a double standard when tea party protests are called extreme but looters and rioters are applauded. “If you [cultural elites] like what they stand for, you ignore the fact that they are rioting,” he states.



Breihtbart news


Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s final act as the most powerful person in the U.S. Senate chamber is one where he has relented to the Tea Party.
Reid’s Senate Democrats lost nine seats in the midterm elections—more than even the most generous prognosticators were expected—giving the GOP control over the U.S. Senate come January. And on Saturday evening, as his chamber readies the so-called “CRomnibus” spending bill for package, Reid has agreed to allow a vote on a measure from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on questioning the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.
“Forcing a vote on the constitutionality of Obama’s amnesty is important for two reasons,” Cruz said in a statement his office provided to Breitbart News. “First, since President Obama enacted his unilateral amnesty after the elections, Democrats have never been made to answer for it. Tonight, they will and they will show America whether they stand with a lawless President, who is defying the will of the voters or the millions of Americans who want a safe and legal immigration system.”
Cruz went on to detail more reasons why this fight was important.
“Second, it allows Republicans to also show they are committed to ending Obama’s amnesty once and for all in the next Congress,” Cruz said. “If we agree it is indeed unconstitutional, we have no business funding it when the GOP controls Congress last year. The Constitution matters, and we must defend it. That is why we have fought so hard to ensure this vote.”
Reid allowing this vote comes after he threw a fit on Friday when Cruz attempted to get a vote on the point of order measure and Sen. Mike Lee (R-TX) attempted to get an amendment into the cromnibus that would have blocked funding for Obama’s executive amnesty.
What happened on Friday night is a series of procedural tactics that Cruz and Lee engaged in with Reid. Cruz tried to force a constitutional point of order—which requires a 51-vote threshold—to challenge the constitutionality of Obama’s executive amnesty. Meanwhile, Lee was pushing an amendment to the cromnibus spending bill that just passed the House that would have blocked funding for Obama’s executive amnesty implementation.
Using parliamentary tricks, Reid blocked both Cruz’s and Lee’s measures, then sought unanimous consent to adjourn the Senate until Monday—at which time Senators would have been brought back in for passage for the cromnibus. But in consultation with Cruz, Lee objected to unanimous consent to adjourn the Senate until Monday unless Reid would allow a vote on the effort to block funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. Because Reid wouldn’t agree to allow the vote, he decided to keep Senators in Washington for the weekend.
Because Reid needed to, per Senate rules, fill the timeframe until senators can actually vote on cloture on the cromnibus bill—which they will do soon—Reid has been forcing through several nominees from the Obama administration. Some establishment Republicans like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), in an attempt to attack Cruz and Lee, claimed wrongly that Reid was never going to bring these nominees through the Senate during the lame duck session, but high-ranking Senate sources say Reid was always planning to confirm these nominees before Christmas.


Reid in final push to clear Obama nominees, close Congress

Reid in final push to clear Obama nominees, close Congress

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is making a final push to wrap up the 113th Congress and bring an end to eight years of Democratic control of the upper chamber.  Reid on Monday morning said that the year’s leftover work could be finished that same day, offering his colleagues a tempting carrot to cooperate and waive procedural hurdles so that they could close the session and leave for the holidays.
“We have some important stuff to do. We can complete everything we wanted to today,” he said on the Senate floor. “Everything is scheduled now for moving forward, we could finish it today.”  Before senators can head to the airport, they need to vote on 23 of President Obama’s nominees and pass a one-year extension of expired tax cuts. Another priority is the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, which provides a government safety net for insuring major development projects.
After working late on Saturday evening in a surprise weekend session forced by Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), senators are eager to get out of Washington as soon as possible. Reid warned that he is prepared to stretch the final days of the session late into the week or into the weekend if Republicans don’t agree to speed up votes. “We’re going to have to be here until we finish our work, whether that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday,” he said. “So everyone should understand you can’t be leaving.”  Reid threw Republicans a bone over the weekend by agreeing to pull Carolyn Colvin, Obama’s choice to head the Social Security Administration, from the agenda. Republicans argued she could not get a vote while an investigation into a troubled $300 million computer project at the agency remained open.
The Senate will begin voting at 5:30 pm Monday to end GOP filibusters stalling the batch of nominees, a time-intensive process if Republican senators refuse to yield back procedural time.  Reid must wait for eight hours to elapse after cloture is invoked on each executive branch nominee before holding a final confirmation vote. District court nominees are subject to two-hours of post-cloture debate before receiving a final vote.  The first of the nominations being considered are also some of the most controversial — Sarah Saldana to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security and Vivek Hallegere Murthy to be Surgeon General.
Daniel Santos, Obama’s pick to serve on the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, and Frank Rose, the nominee to serve as Assistant Secretary of State, also top the list.  It’s unclear how much time Republicans will be willing to yield back on all of the other nominations — they oppose most of them, but are motivated to get home to their families for the holidays. Democrats are hoping to reach a unanimous consent agreement to quickly clear several of the nominees.  Once nominees are dispatched, the Senate will move next to the tax extenders package, which is expected to pass easily, and TRIA, which could prove a heavier lift.
House Republicans sent over a TRIA extension that included language a provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Senate Democrats have made clear they will pass it only if Republicans agree to strip the Wall Street language.  House members left town Thursday night after passing the $1.1 trillion government-funding bill.

Political Humor – Funny how Humor can be so right

Senate passes $1.1T funding bill

Senate passes $1.1T funding bill

The Senate voted 56-40 late Saturday evening to pass a $1.1 trillion spending package that funds most of the government through next September.  The vote culminates a week of acrimonious sniping and sends the spending bill to President Obama’s desk for a signature.  The debate exposed divisions within the Democratic and Republican caucuses on both sides of the Capitol and sets the stage for what could be a year of internecine squabbling in 2015.
Twenty-one Senate Democrats voted against the bill while 24 Republicans voted for it, including every member of the Senate GOP leadership.

Democratic opponents included several senators rumored to have presidential ambitions such as Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Cory Booker (N.J.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.)  The package includes 11 appropriations bills that fund most of the government through Sept. 30 and a continuing resolution (CR) funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through Feb. 27.  It nearly died in the House this week after Warren, a rising star among her party’s liberal base, urged House Democrats to oppose it because of language repealing a key provision of the 2010 Wall Street Reform Act.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) needed dozens of Democratic votes after conservative Republicans revolted en masse because it does not block President Obama’s executive order on immigration and for other reasons.  Conservative freshman firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made a last-ditch attempt to bring down the bill Saturday night by raising a point-of-order objection. He argued it violated the Constitution by funding Obama’s immigration order.

But his effort gained little traction with Republican colleagues. Twenty of them voted against him, including Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Republican Whip John Cornyn, his fellow Texan. While the Senate roundly rejected Cruz’s objection by a vote of 22-74, it sets up a fight over immigration early next year.  House Republicans leaders chose the short-term bill for DHS to give conservatives another chance to defund the executive order at the end of February.

Cruz said he expects GOP leaders to wage a tougher fight once they gain control of the upper chamber.  “If we agree it is indeed unconstitutional, we have no business funding it when the GOP controls Congress next year,” he said in a statement before the vote on final passage. “The Constitution matters, and we must defend it.”


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